Netizens are stunned by Jeon So Mi’s German doppelganger

Netizens are stunned by Jeon So Mi’s German doppelganger

Netizens found Jeon So Mi’s doppelganger and the resemblance is jaw dropping.

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A German Korean school student Eileen recently appeared on YTN News for an interview. Many viewers noticed that she looks very similar to the former IOI member and it has become a hot topic of discussion on online communities.

Netizens are greatly shocked by their strong resemblance, commenting, “I was like how similar could they be.. but then this is undeniable. It’s like they copy and pasted the face. She looks like a more mature version of So Mi”, “I think So Mi will look like that in 2-3 years…”, “Crazy.”

A netizen who claims she used to dance with Eileen at a dance school, shared more photos of Eileen on an online community after receiving permission. The netizen claims that Eileen is prettier in person and she really looks a lot like Jeon So Mi.

Do you see the resemblance?

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