Netizens are saying that Hara is a Sulli-wannabe

Netizens are saying that Hara is a Sulli-wannabe

Is Hara a Sulli-wannabe? Some netizens think so. 

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On July 10, Hara shared a selca of her and a Sphynx cat on Instagram. 

A post shared by 구하라 (@koohara__) on Jul 9, 2017 at 8:03pm PDT

The selca immediately reminded netizens of Sulli. Comments stated, “Now she even copies the cat lol”, “I see Sulli in this..”, “She copies Sulli so much.”

This is not the first time Hara has been accused of ”copying” Sulli. Netizens have been talking about Hara’s Sulli-wannabe acts since the start of her ‘bizarre” Instagram posts. 

Hara and Sulli are known to be close. Some believe the two friends just tend to have a similar taste in art, hobbies, etc. Meanwhile, some just think Hara is copying Sulli’s controversial social media posts in order to gain attention. 

”Sulli copycat”, ”Becoming like Sulli”, ”Sulli’s friend. Sulli’s cat”, commented netizens. 

What’s your comment on Hara’s ”Sulli-wannabe” acts? 

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