Netizens are alarmed by T.O.P’s past Instagram post linking to drug scandal

Netizens are alarmed by T.O.P’s past Instagram post linking to drug scandal

With Big Bang member T.O.P under fire for his marijuana scandal, netizens are busy digging up pieces of evidence leading up to his case.

According to prosecutors, T.O.P had spent October 9-14 last year smoking marijuana in a total of four occasions with idol trainee A at his house in Yongsan, Seoul. He is accused of smoking ground up marijuana twice and smoking a liquefied form twice. He had originally denied all accusations, but has now admitted to the dry marijuana usage but denied the liquid usage.

Netizens noticed that the idol star had previously posted an artwork by Swiss artist Urs Fischer on his Instagram page of a giant eyeball on October 11. The photo had originally seemed like any other artwork at first. But netizens are referring it to his recent scandal as perhaps representing what happens when one uses the drug.

But what’s causing much frenzy among netizens is not necessarily the artwork itself but the reflection of a woman’s silhouette in the black pupil upon close examination. As circumstances are circumstances, many believe it was taken by the trainee who admitted to smoking marijuana with T.O.P.

Seeing this, netizens commented in much shock and disappointment and said, “Was this the same day? This is truly disappointing and pathetic,” “This is going way overboard. Did he even consider the thoughts of his fans? I trusted him for the past decade; I am so hurt with feelings of betrayal,” and “I hope that he sincerely repents from the bottom of his heart and vow to never commit such an act again.”

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