Netizen Leaks Alleged Photos of BTS Comeback Concept

Netizen Leaks Alleged Photos of BTS Comeback Concept

Fans of BTS might be either really happy or really angry with the netizen who leaked possible photos of the boy’s comeback concept set for this September. A netizen has put together some clues that may have revealed their concept and posted it online.

It started when Jin uploaded a photo of some flowers with the caption ‘Smeraldo.’ Although the flower doesn’t exist, the fan found ablog uploaded similar photos of the ‘smeraldo.’ It was also labeled under BTS as well.

Further investigation revealed that the blog’s source code reveals ‘Seokjin Flower’ for ‘Smeraldo,’ which happens to be Jin’s real name. The fan further investigated and found some more coincidental clues regarding the post and their concept.

The user discovered a flower shop that is apparently the only store to sell the non-existent smeraldoflower and features what looks like Jin’s handwriting in the photos. This flower shop is planning to open in September, which coincides withBTS’ planned comeback as well. The blog was also opened on the same day that BTS revealed their new logo. Coincidence? We think not.

The clues don’t end there – the ‘foundation day’ of the ‘Smeraldo Academy’ is also onRap Monster‘s birthday on September 12. It’s also the 4th anniversary of the ‘Smeraldo Acadamy’, and BTS is also 4 years old this year. The attending member so far is named‘Inbloom BTS’. The blog continues to upload posts that coincide with facts regarding BTS such as a giveaway with 7 winners on August 15th, which matches their 7 members, and fans speculated that is the date teasers will be released.

What do you think of these crazy clues matching this netizen’s claims? Perhaps it is all coincidence or they are one heck of a detective!