NCT announce their official fandom name!

NCT announce their official fandom name!

NCT has decided on their official fandom name!

Back in February, SM Entertainment asked fans to send in suggestions for NCT’s official fandom name. The group finally made the decision and shared the exciting news during their latest Naver ‘V’ live broadcast.

The long-awaited official fandom name is revealed to be NCTzen — basically meaning all the fans are citizens of NCT (which can also sound like N City). 

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So there you go! Fans of NCT, you guys are now officially NCTzens! 

Fans: *omgs they’re gonna announce our fandom name*

NCT: *The fandom name is NCTKAJKJFJS!

Fans: *what*#NCTzen

— #CHERRYBOMB 텐 (@mrs_chittaphon) June 12, 2017

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