Nayeon Catches Mina Checking Her Out

Nayeon Catches Mina Checking Her Out

At Pocari Sweats 30th Anniversary event, TWICEs Mina and Nayeon were caught giving each other a hard time. Mina jokingly pretended to check Nayeon out and was met with a hilarious response.

While chatting Mina decided to very conspicuously check Nayeon out which was met with one of Nayeons funniest reactions yet.

Nayeon clearly wasnt having any of it and dished a bit of teasing back.

The two joke masters make a great pair as they are able to take what they dish out.

Its no secret that all the members of TWICE have really strong bonds with each other, and Nayeon and Mina are no exceptions.

The two of them often tease each other but its always out of love, and their interaction during the Pocari Sweat event is just the latest in a series of inside jokes and silly pranks between Nayeon and Mina.