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Enjoy the Old and New K-Pop with Mad Clown, Jay Park, Lee Seung Gi and More

preview nextview 1/6 preview nextview With more and more artistsmaking their anticipated comebacks, the K-pop charts have been getting filled with songs that we must listen to.

And some of the artists making their returns have been those who got their names out more than a decade ago.

So play through the playlist featuring some of the old and new K-pops in celebration of these amazing artists who never seem to quit dreaming their dreams!

1. Mad Clown- - Without You (Feat. Hyolyn)

Following Madly in Love featuring SISTAR’s Soyou in his single album last year, which topped the music charts for weeks, Mad Clown is back with a new title featuring yet another SISTAR member, Hyolyn.

He didn’t let the fans down in this heart-wrenching song about a couple suffering from a break-up, in this perfect harmony between Mad Clown’s straightforward rapping full of emotions and Hyolyn’s sentimental vocals

2AM Lead Vocalist Jo Kwon To Play Drag Queen In Seoul Production Of ‘Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert’

(Photo : Newsen)(Photo : album cover for cast recording of "Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert.")

2AM lead vocalist Jo Kwon will get a chance to show his dramatic range this summer with a lead role in a Seoul production of the popular musical "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert."

Jo will reportedly play the part of a homosexual drag queen in the production, which opens at the LG Arts Center in the Gangnam District in July.

According to a representative for the singer from 2AM"s record label JYP Entertainment, despite the risqué nature of the role, Jo jumped at a chance to star in the musical, based on Australian director Stephan Elliott"s 1994 cult film classic, "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert."

"It"s a gay role," Jo"s rep told eNEWS on Wednesday.

"He could feel a bit burdened by that fact, but because the role is quite unique and the production itself has a lot of good feedback, he decided to appear in it

EXO fans fainted at the comeback showcase on April 15

It appears fans really did swoon at the sight of handsome boys (or perhaps the crowded nature of the event) as a couple of girls were spotted getting carried out of EXO”s comeback showcase on April 15 in Jamsil Stadium.

The girls appeared to have fainted, so they were carried out of the crowd most likely to get fresh air and medical examinations. The fans are hopefully doing better now, but make sure everyone takes care of themselves foremost when you”re at a crowded concert or event!

Also, stay tuned for the release of EXO”s highly anticipated mini-album, “Overdose.”

WINNER, Big Bang Cover 2NE1 At YG Family Concert !

(Photo : Twitter)

There"s a lot of love for 2NE1 right now, and no one shows it more than members of the YG Family!

During the recent YG Family concert in Osaka on April 12 and 13, 2NE1 appeared alongside Big Bang, WINNER, Lee Hi, Team B, and Epik High.

Not only that, WINNER did a rendition of their famous cover of the 2NE1 track "Missing You."

Check it out:

Can you hear the Blackjacks and YG fans singing along?

In addition, Big Bang also did a powerful and provocative cover of "I Love You." They even replicated the choreography to great laughs.

What do you think of these 2NE1 covers? How do they compare to the original?

2NE1, during the YG Family Concert, 2NE1 performed their signature hits like "I am the Best," "Crush," and "Can"t Nobody

Akdong Musician’s MV for ‘Melted’ is out!

Akdong Musician has now released the MV for second title track, “Melted.”

Sadly, the lovable siblings do not appear in this one, but the MV is no less poignant and moving as it shows the interaction between a young boy and the people around him.

He captures their suffering in pictures, exploring the cold nature of life and people but the brief moments of warmth that can melt it away.


Tip: ayra

Imagine you have a role in an idol group!

Which role would you play in an idol group? 


You”ve proven yourself to be the rightful leader of the group for your responsible and hardworking nature, making sure that things get done promptly and accepting punishment for when you fail.You are the oil that makes the group work smoothly like a machine, watching over everything with a keen hawk”s eye and also being there for your group when they need comfort and advice.You are the mother hen who protects the members, but also likes to tease them and maybe abuse your power just a little bit.Mak POP QUIZ: Which role would you play in an idol group? RapperPossibly the most artistic member of the group, you have multiple creative outlets, whether you express yourself through writing lyrics, composing songs, or rapping.On the quiet side, you don”t really have to speak as you have a unique charisma that does all the talking for you

Hyun Bin shows his humble charm during recent guerilla date

Hyun Bin was next up on guerilla date and made fans love him even more by displaying his humble nature.

“Entertainment Relay” had a guerilla date with Hyun Bin for his upcoming film “The King”s Wrath” and the reporter asked on behalf of fangirls about his “angry back muscles” which has been receiving attention. Hyun Bin updated us on the condition of his muscles“Time has passed and they became a lot more humble [in appearance].” When asked, “Who is the prettiest actress you”ve worked with?”, Hyun Bin answered, “I think Han Ji Min is the prettiest”, giving a shout out to his “The King”s Wrath” co-star.


Hyun Bin also opened up about why he cried during his discharge back in December 2012, “They weren”t tears of joy that I got discharged

Yeo Jin Goo terminates his contract with ‘Kwon Bob’ + Kim Soo Hyun also denies to star in the film

Kim Soo Hyun has rejected the role for upcoming movie “Kwon Bob (Martial Arts)” following controversy about the production company”s sudden termination of their contract with Yeo Jin Goo for the role in question.

Yeo Jin Goo’s agency rep revealed that the actor’s contract had been suddenly nullified by the movie’s production company: ”We were notified of the cancellation of our contract by the movie production company reps… Before he is an actor, Yeo Jin Hoo is a minor and a student. We hope that he doesn’t get hurt by this.”

The sudden contract cancellation led to backlash by netizens and it was revealed that the movie production company reps offered the role in question to Kim Soo Hyun, who rejected the casting offer due to the sensitive nature of the situation.

Key East Entertainment‘s CEO Yang Geun Hwan told Star News on the 11th, “Kim Soo Hyun has decided not to star in ‘Kwon Bob’… Prior to the release of the article on the 10th, we were not aware of the inside story involving the specifics of the contract for ‘Kwon Bob

“Glorious Days” reveals Jung In Shik’s photos on the filming set

(Photo : SBS)

SBS new weekend drama “Glorious Day” (script Moon Hee Jung, director Hong Sung Chang) released pictures of Jung Man Shik in the filming set.

On “Glorious Day” which will be broadcast on April 19th for the first time, Jung Man Shik plays the role of divorcee Kang Hyun Bin and will be showing a character that is 180 degree different than before. He is a skilled dentish that runs a small private hospital and laughs well and is good hearted as his transformation to Kang Hyun Bin will bring warm laughter and move viewers.

Viewers are attracted to his appearance on the filming set that the production company released as he is wearing a black hat and bundled up in his jumper with a sharp look, making a suspicious face. He doesn”t say any lines or express any gesture but is captivating the audience with his emotionless face

Yeo Jin Goo to star alongside Lee Min Ki in the film “Shoot My Heart”

Popular child actor Yeo Jin Goo is all grown up and making a name for himself. His newest role will be playing a boy with a suicidal mother in the film “Shoot My Heart.”

The film is based on the literary price-winning 2009 book “Shoot My Heart” by author Jung Yoo Jung. Yeo Jin Goo plays one of two young men in a mental hospital. He has developed a phobia about scissors which relates to the guilt he feels over his mother”s suicide attempt.

Lee Min Ki will play his fellow inmate, the heir Seung Min. Lee Min Ki”s character does not actually have any psychiatric problems but his family had him committed so they could steal his inheritance. The friendship between the two young men helps them become more confident. This newfound confidence leads them to escape the asylum.

In the film both characters are meant to be 25