Namgoong Min Confirms Casting For Upcoming SBS Drama

Namgoong Min Confirms Casting For Upcoming SBS Drama

Namgoong Min has been casted for the upcoming SBS drama Fabrication (working title).

Fabrication will tell the story of reporters who uncover the absurdities in a corrupt society. Namgoong Min will be playing the role of a troublemaker who becomes a reporter in order to seek revenge for his brothers unwarranted death. His brother, who was also a reporter, was killed while trying to uncover a big corruption scandal.

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Namgoong Mins agency stated, Due to the success of Chief Kim, Namgoong Min spent a lot of time contemplating his next project. Fabrication will show a more serious and charismatic side to Namgoong Min, which is very different from his previous role. The agency also reported that Namgoong Min has already started to study the character and will go into filming this coming May.

Fabrication will premiere in July 2017 as a follow-up to the upcoming SBS drama My Sassy Girl.