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Global We Got Married EP 10 Making Film: Taecyeon Is An “Ahjumma Killer,” Gui Gui Gifts Taecyeon’s Manager Taiwanese Suncakes

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Global We Got Married EP 10 Making Film: Taecyeon, Gui GuiIn "Global We Got Married" Episode 10 "making film," the videos released on the show's official Youtube website showed behind-the-scenes footage of Taecyeon and Gui Gui filming for episode 10 of "Global We Got Married."

While filming for the scenes where Gui Gui and Taecyeon had to prepare for the housewarming party, Gui Gui apparently gifted Taecyeon's manager delicious suncake pastries from Taiwan. Gui Gui wanted to thank Taecyeon's manager for buying slippers for her during their honeymoon in Jeju Island.

While decorating their home in preparation for their housewarming party, Gui Gui, nicknamed the "game addict," was playing around with Taecyeon as the two tried to blow up balloons with helium. Gui Gui proposed that the loser of "rock, papers, scissors" should suffer the punishment of having a balloon popped right next to their ear.

As Gui Gui tried to show off how to pop balloons with her bare hands, she shocked the entire room full of filming staff. She ended up hurting her hands, but she laughed it off saying, "Ok, finished..."

While Taecyeon and Gui Gui travelled to Guri market to buy ingredients to cook for their housewarming party, Gui Gui noticed that a lot of older, middle-aged women liked Taecyeon and said that he was handsome.

Gui Gui exclaimed to the camera, "He's an 'ahjumma killer,'" meaning that Taecyeon is extremely popular among ahjummas (middle-aged women).

MBLAQ's G.O also showed his support for the TaecGui couple. As G.O finished helping Taecyeon and Gui Gui with the food preparation, he said to the camera, "Taecyeon and Gui Gui, I hope you two will live happily for a long time. I'm always on your side. Fighting!"

Did you enjoy watching the TaecGui couple in episode 10 of Global We Got Married?

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Hongki and Fujii Mina head to Japan to film ‘We Got Married: Global Edition?

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Hongki and Fujii Mina head to Japan to film ‘We Got Married: Global Edition?

Hongki and Fujii Mina recently departed for Japan to film We Got Married: Global Edition.

The first episode of the series had already aired, and MBC Every1 uploaded a compact version on the official YouTube channel of the program.

During their first meeting, Fujii Mina impressed Hongki with her fluent Korean. Perhaps Hongki can impress Fujii Mina with his Japanese in her native country?

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'Masquerade' well-received in global film industry

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'Masquerade' well-received in global film industry

The Korean film "Masquerade" released on September 13 is a smash hit in Korea (photo courtesy of CJ Entertainment).

The Korean film "Masquerade" is in full gallop. In addition to having secured the top spot ever since its release on September 13, the movie also hit the eight-million-viewership mark in its third week. At this point, the question arises: why is the film so appealing to moviegoers?

One of the basic factors is the skeletal plot based on historical facts combined with the director's use of imagination. A phrase written in Joseon Wangjosillok (Annals of the Joseon Dynasty, National Treasure No. 151) in 1615, the eighth year of King Gwanghaegun's reign -- "Do not record something we should hide" -- provided the inspiration that someone other than the king could possibly play the role for him during his absence.

The plot revolves around Korean history in the year 1615 when the nation falls into disorder and is under political turmoildue todomestic power struggles. Gripped with panic and fear of assassination, King Gwanghaegun is getting more violent and aggressive with each passing day. In order to avoid assassination, the king directs the chief royal secretary to find him a double to fill in for him. Haseon, a beggar who has a surprisingly similar appearance with the king and a smooth tongue and a talent for copying the king's way of speaking, is selected and taken to the palace ignorant of the reason. One day, the king is poisoned as feared and Haseon takes the throne pretending to be king while Gwanghaegun recovers in secret. Things get complicated when Haseon begins to voice his own opinions and people start to notice the sudden changes in the king's behavior. The affection and appreciation that the fake king shows towards even thelowest ofservants touches the people, and also the audiences.

The plot of the Korean film "Masquerade" combines true historical eventsthat took place during the Joseon Kingdom with some imaginative twists(photo courtesy of CJ Entertainment).

Director Choo Chang-min attributed the film's success to the restrained slapstick comedy, showcased by top star Lee Byeong-Heon who has always had an elegant image. Choo emphasized that it was hard to find such a versatile actor who could successfully play two ambivalent roles (king and beggar) simultaneously in one scene. On film, seeing Haseon behave like the king making awkward mistakes drives the drama and immerses the audience in his acting.

Another factor that director Choo considered important was the background setting that features the classical and dignified images of Korean palaces. Choo had alwaysfelt thatfilmsset duringthe JoseonKingdomcould do more tocapture theeloquent visuals of the Joseon king'squarters and thus, for this film,came to build the largest palace setting to date. The majestic and grand-scale palace, coupled with the music created by a 60-musician orchestra, heightens the film's ambience and overwhelms the audiences.

The film "Masquerade" depicts the dreadful fate of queens during the Joseon Kingdom (photo courtesy of CJ Entertainment).

The depictions of traditional life in the palace add to the fun of watching the movie,allowing domestic and international audiences to look at the past anew. The king's power and charismatic authority are highlighted throughout the film starting from the first scene of the king sitting in the comfort of his own sofa with court ladies busy getting him ready,trimming his nails and doing his hair to dressing up formally. It is also interesting to see the court ladies in the king's room while the king is defecating and then getting a royal physician to smell and taste it in order to check the state of the king's health.

The queen who boasts a graceful and beautiful figure but seems to live a hard life in the palace also proves interesting to watch. The movie depicts the dreadful fate of queens of Joseon Kingdom who were always treated well but nontheless restricted in their behaviors and forced to present a classic example. Once becoming queen, they were unable to leave the palace and were jealous of a large number of rivals, the court ladies.

"Masquerade" has been well-received in the global film industry too. Since the movie premiered in LA in September, a series of rave reviews have followed from critics and spectators and the movie has been introduced on several media outlets startingwith the September 30 edition of the LA Times' Sunday Calendar, which dedicated the front page to the movie featuring a full-page interview with Lee Byeong-Heon. LA Weekly's critic Christine Bravo also praised the movie: "The movie is like a captivating jewel".

"Masquerade" is currently showing in theaters nationwide. For the convenience of foreign viewers, an English-subtitled version is being shown at CGV Yongsan and a Japanese version at Apgujeong CGV. More detailed information is available at the official website of CGV.

Jeonju film festival puts indie films before global blockbusters

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Jeonju film festival puts indie films before global blockbusters

'We wanted to focus on interacting with indie film fans and providing films that they have been wanting to see but couldn't access in Korea'. - Jinna Lee, festival manager

Jeonju, a city best known for its bibimbap (mixed vegetables and rice), will be abuzz for a different reason starting Thursday, with indie film fans, directors and stars visiting for the 13th Jeonju International Film Festival.

Steadily growing in scale and recognition alongside bigger rivals including the Busan International Film Festival, online tickets for more than 70 screenings have already sold out, though some can still be purchased at the event.

This year, the Jeonju festival will feature 184 films from 42 countries. Among this selection of films, there are 36 world premieres, one international premiere and 47 Asian premieres. However, organizers say that as a smaller event catering to a relatively specialized indie fan base, their goals go beyond featuring more world premieres, which is often how film festivals gain influence.

"This year's theme is 'Sympathize and Change'. Under this theme, we wanted to focus on interacting with indie film fans and providing films that they have been wanting to see but couldn't access in Korea", said Jinna Lee, the programming team manager at JIFF. "Having a lot of world premieres is not the end-all for quality of a festival. Especially for a smaller festival like JIFF, it is often more important to pay attention to great films that may not have gained attention at other festivals".

A scene from "Sister", the opening film of this year's Jeonju International Film Festival. Provided by the festival

The opening film this year is "Sister", the second feature film by French-Swiss director Ursula Meier that is a coming-of-age story of a brother and sister who live in a poor valley near a beautiful ski resort in the Alps.

As a partially competitive film festival, JIFF has three competition sections: the international competition with 10 feature-length films in the running; the Korean film competition with 13 films; and the Korean short film competition with 17 shorts. The international competition features films by first- or second-time directors from around the world. Since last year, this competition has included Korean films, as the organizers say that the quality of Korean indie films has risen vastly in recent years so that they can now compete at an international level.

"This year, we selected 'Padak', the debut animation film by Korean director Lee Dae-hee, for the international competition section. Korean indie films have been really strong since a couple of years ago", Lee said.

First-place winners of the competitive sections will get a prize of $15,000 - $10,000 from Woosuk University and an additional $5,000 from the festival.

Another movie selected for the international competition is "Ex Press", directed by Filipino Jet B. Leyco, a lyrical film centering on a dream about trains and the sinister events surrounding it. The Korean film competition includes "Comedy", about an ex-comedian who struggles to find work, and "Early Spring, Gyeongju", about a divorcee who leaves Seoul for Gyeongju, where her mother lives.

One of the highlights of the film festival has always been the "Midnight Obsession" screenings with back-to-back showings of films starting from late in the evening. The first night will include screenings of two music documentaries: "George Harrison: Living in the Material World" by Martin Scorsese and "Marley", by director Kevin McDonald, about the life of the legendary Jamaican singer.

There will also be screenings of new Korean and international films as a part of the Cinemascape section. Besides three feature films by Japanese filmmaker Tomita Katsuya, Cinemascape includes "Glorious Accidents", an Argentinian film which tells nine different stories regarding personal transformation and death, "Remembrance of MB", a political documentary by Kim Jae-hwan which reflects on the years of the Lee Myung-bak administration, and "The Color Wheel" by Alex Ross Perry, about an aspiring news anchor's road trip with her younger brother.

There will also be events focusing on filmmakers' careers, including one for Japanese filmmaker Uchida Tomu that will screen seven of his movies including "Sweat" and "The Police Officer", and one for Korean director Lee Jang-ho, with screenings of films "Eoudong", "Good Windy Day" and "The Man with Three Coffins".

*For more information about the festival, visit or call (02) 2285-0562.

Korean netizens BASH global fanatics for appearing make stronger in opposition to BTS?

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Korean netizens BASH global  fanatics for appearing  make stronger  in opposition to BTS?

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterKorean netizens have shown their annoyance in opposition toglobal ARMYs for spamming about BTS on an unrelated post.

Both 15Baek Yerin and BTS released their mini-album releases, FRANK and The Most lovely Moment In Existence Pt.2 respectively,  on November 30th.

Showing improve for Baek Yerin was once DAY6s Jae, who could also becontrolledby way ofthe similar label as she, JYP Entertainment. At theliberate date, he posts a screen capture of her namemusicAround the Universe gambling on MelOn and comments, No words necessary.

While some of his Twitter fans showed excitement for his public aid for the 15 member, the bulk of responses to the usual tweet were of ARMYs asking Jae to observe BTS newly release music video, Run.

While it isnt necessarily taboo for Jae to turn support for every other artist from some other agency, Korean netizens have shown their distaste for the overseaslovers flooding a Baek Yerin support post about BTS.

Find out what Netizens had to mention roughlythis text below!

This is just aa section of the comments. Maximum of them are about BTS and there are slightly any mentions of Baek Yerin.

This is what Jaehyung replied amongst after 

BTS fans asked Jaehyung what he would feel like if he were given his face punched by BTS.

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented on the original article from our Korean source. The under comments are the most neatly liked comments at the time of this article being published.

How may just they even consider a state of affairs where BTS will hit Day-6 Member in ther face??? thank god he dealt well with it.I feel embarrassed.ㅠㅠㅠ this is why we think international fans are hopeless..i would rather they didnt stand our boys..Everywhere you cross International fans are the problemSeriously marring the fandoms nameᆢ International fansSTOPDay 6 fans got so bored stiff and made this lol Source: Instiz

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Fan Friday: The Global B1A4 Anniversary Fan Project

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Fan Friday: The Global B1A4 Anniversary Fan Project

Fan Friday: The Global B1A4 Anniversary Fan Task knims March 6, 2015 0 This weeks Fan Friday is a focus on an ongoing fan project created to congratulate B1A4 on their 4th anniversary.

After hearing about all of thewonderful projects that Korean fanatics make for anniversaries and birthdays, one fan determined that in position oflooking to navigate the arena of Daum cafes and exclusive fan pages to discover an anniversary project to join, shed rather create one herself. Heidi, a committed BANA in the US, sought after to do anything exceptional for the 4th anniversary of her final bias group.

Being an avid song lover, she conceptstrikingin combination an normal song for B1A4, sung by capability of fans everywhere in the world, would be either special and noteworthy for B1A4. Achieving out to a couple of of her fellow B1A4 fans, it turns out that everybodyused to beoverjoyed by the idea, her fellow BANA Monica aiding write the song, and soon her project becamenow not but a one-woman show.

Today just 2 months after the initial concept the project is in complete swing with more than 40 foreign fan clubs taking part and entries coming in from over 70 countries. Participants can now checklist themselves singing, movie themselves dancing to the song, and leave a personal message for the participants to be integrated in an reputableebook all of which could be hand-delivered to WM Entertainment next month. With all the passionate participation, a new B1A4 fan group has also been created BANA International United to deal withlong run international occasions for B1A4.

Would you favorto take part in the project? All of the information is at the projects website (available in multiple languages!) and comprises links to the song, a dance instructional video if youd love topublish a video of dancing, links to submit audio, video, and written messages to B1A4.  You too canlend a handenhancethe trouble by shopping a commemorative book and DVD of the project!

If you arent a B1A4 fan I am hoping this main project inspires you to create or sign up for more international fan projects for your favourite group/singer/actor! International fans may not have the luxurious of going to each music program/concert/fan-meeting yetwe will be in a position to still make our biases feel special and enjoyed by fans across the globe via concerted efforts to enroll in hands and create authentic projects! Pass us!

* Project admins pictured at top include: US BANA, Any place amongst B1A4, B1A4 Peru, Shall we Fly B1A4 Brazil, Aviate B1A4, Lets Fly B1A4 Argentina, B1A4 Australia, MYB1A4, FlyB1A4, B1A4 BANA Turkey, B1A4 Chile, B1A4 Hong Kong, B1A4 Facts, Official B1A4, B1A4 Hungry, B1A4 Philippines, BANAs NZ, B1ADDICT Chile, B1A4 Turkey Team, BANA Bolivia,  B1A4 Thailand, B1A4 Couple and Candlelight*SANDEULHK. 

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BTS Speak about Sold Out Concerts and Reflect on Global Tour

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BTS Speak about Sold Out Concerts and Reflect on Global Tour

BTS Speak about Sold Out Concerts and Reflect on InternationalExcursion an0ya November 27, 2015 0 The lads of BTS have shared their mind on sold out concerts and passionate overseas fans.

Ahead of maintaining their solo concert 2015 BTS Reside in Seoul on November 27, the participants sat down for a press conventionto speak about their contemporary activities.

When asked about their concert promoting out instantly after the tickets went on sale, Rap Monster replied, I used to be very surprised. Our old concert used to be sold out as well, and Im glad that we keep having sold out concerts, especially as we gradually go on to greater venues.

This is all thank you to our passionate and loving fans, the leader expressed his gratitude to the teams fanclub ARMY, and promised to position on a phenomenaldisplay that evening.

Regarding their 11-month world tour, the members said they were maximuminspiredvia the habit of their international fans. Our in a foreign country tour become a long journey. It was an incredibly touching experience, and were were amazed when international fanatics would sing along to all of our songs.

Meanwhile, BTS is determined to return with their fourth mini album on November 30, and their comeback degree has been scheduled for the 2015 MAMA. They are going tohang two more concerts in Seoul on November 28 and 29.

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Lee Seung Gi Talks About Getting ready for His Upcoming Film

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Lee Seung Gi Talks About Getting ready for His Upcoming Film

--> Lee Seung Gi has graced the canopy of the biannual Cosmo Men issue.

Lee Seung Gi, who has been forged along Shim Eun Kyung in the impending film Marital Harmony, stated "These days I′m busy filming until dawn."

In the film, Lee Seung Gi plays the nature SEO Do Yoon, a proficient matchmaker, and the even spent time to diviners to find out about his character.

He also said that his playful side, observed on type displays like New adventure to the West and Nunas Over Flowers, is captured in the film, heightening anticipation for the film slated for unlock next year.

Meanwhile, Marital Harmony, Lee Seung Gi′s first giant screen ancient piece, is the 2d one installment in a trilogy, following The Face Reader.

Lee Seung Gi′s spread and interview will also be discovered in the December factor of Cosmo Men.

Photo credit: Cosmopolitan

Upcoming Korean film 'Trick'

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Upcoming Korean film 'Trick'

Added the impending Korean film "Trick""s page to HanCinema database"Trick" (2016)Directed by capability of Lee Chang-yeolWith Lee Jeong-jin, Kim Tae-hoon, Kang Ye-won,...Crank in : 2015/12/07SynopsisSeok-jin (Lee Jeong-jin) was once once a celeb manufacturer for his exclusive document on junk foods; however, the report turns out to be false and the food brands finally finish up as no longer guilty, so Seok-jin gets fired as a producer. Years later, he's reinstated as a producer in the art branch and is available a secret deal by the appointed director of the broadcasting station. The be offering turned into to movie a diary of Do-joon (Kim Tae-hoon) and his wife Yeong-ae (Kang Ye-won) who simplest had 6 months to reside and if the documentary hit a top selection of percentage, Seok-jin would get the location of head of department. When the documentary is released, Do-joon and Yeong-ae pass the hearts of the entire nation. However, Do-joon gets increasingly unwell and soon he refuses to film anymore so Seok-jin is at the verge of having to cancel the show. In the end, he comes to a decision to film Do-joon on his death bed for the sake of his display and supplies Yeong-ae an offer she can"t refuse...Release date in Korea : 2016