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Which B.A.P Teaser Sets Your Heart Aflutter?

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Which B.A.P Teaser Sets Your Heart Aflutter?

(Photo : B.A.P Official Facebook) Two days stand between us and the return of TS Entertainment"s beloved six-member boy group, B.A.P.

As the group prepares for this long-awaited and highly anticipated comeback, they"d taken it upon themselves to tease their fans mercilessly by releasing a string of concept teasers videos and photographs, an album highlight video and a teaser for their upcoming "Young, Wild and Free" music video.

With each member of the group taking the spotlight in their own teaser video, it"s easy for those with a definite B.A.P bias to pick their favorite. But what about those who may be new to the group, or perhaps have, up to now, been unable to settle on a favorite member? To help those who may still be struggling to find the answer to the ever-popular "Who"s your bias?" question, it only makes sense to take a look at the following teasers and see if we can"t come up with an answer to that darn question.

First up, the group"s leader and main rapper, Yongguk:

Second, the group"s sub-vocalist and main dancer, Jongup:

Up next is the group"s lead vocalist, Youngjae:

The group"s lead dancer, lead rapper and maknae, Zelo, is next:

Next up is the group"s vocalist and rapper, Himchan:

Wrapping things up is the group"s main vocalist, Daehyun:

Now that you"ve had a chance to take a look at the individual teasers, it"s time to see this group as a whole, so that you have a better idea of how each of these incredibly dynamic (and dare we say gorgeous) pieces work together as a whole. Behold, the teaser for "Young, Wild and Free" (aka, the death of BABYs the world over).

If this combination of teaser wasn"t lethal enough, there"s an entire highlight medley of B.A.P"s upcoming EP, Matrix. One listen to this and your heart"s sure to stop. (BABYs, you have been warned!)

So now that you"ve had a chance to enjoy all of this teasing, the question remains, which member of B.A.P has set your heart aflutter? Let us know by voting in the poll below!

Heart B sings 'A Song For You' in new MV

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Heart B sings 'A Song For You' in new MV

Vocal ballad staff Middle B has completely happy their fanatics with a new MV for "A Song For You." It"s an overly sweet, soothing music that might have you swaying from aspect to side with your eyes closed.

The lovely track showcases every member"s robust matches rife with emotions. The MV presentations them gazing a woman in silence.

It"s an ideal song for the bleak yet romantic autumn weather, so concentrate above!

6 Heart-Pounding Moments From “Sassy Cross Go”

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6 Heart-Pounding Moments From “Sassy Go Go” It’s the vintage K-drama setup in “Sassy Go Go,” with the prickly yet completely adorable lead actor, Lee Won Geun (in the role of Kim Yeol), and the similarly cute heartthrob this is Ji Soo (playing Ha Joon). Both care deeply for our heroine Jung Eun Ji (Yeon Doo), even supposing one at all times unearths himself in the background, not able to make a stream on his easiest friend’s crush. It’s classic, but it gets you each time. Ships are abound.

In honor of those two captains with killer smiles, here are six of the maximum heart-pounding moments from “Sassy Go Go.” Cue squeals.

When Yeon Doo and Yeol wake up close and personal. And remain that way.. no less than till they get photographed by potential of a peeping tom (Episode 1).

When Ha Joon patches himself up. Though he wishes sooner or later desires assist from Yeol (Episode 1).

When Yeol is asked if he's dating anyone. Yeol: “There is a woman I would like to kiss.” Yeon Doo blushes like crazy, and Yeol is oh, so glad to look it (Episode 4).

When Yeol and Yeon Doo lose their inhibitions. The students, invited to the cheerleading teacher’s house, stumble upon some wine, which they — by some means — think is grape juice. Yeon Doo and Yeol go out to get some brand new air… and… (Episode 5).

When Ha Joon races to discover a lacking Yeon Doo. Ha Joon looks relieved to have discovered Yeon Doo, and a little heartbroken when Yeon Doo comes to him crying, but he supplies her a large hug anyway (Episode 8).

But he looks so pleased here (Episode 9)!

Yeol in any case confesses. But then Ha Joon makes an appearance… (Episode 9).

What do you think? Which moments from “Sassy Go Go” in point of fact were given your heart racing?

Catch up on the most recent episode here, and make certain to catch the finale, which airs tonight!

Eugene Reunites With S.E.S For Cheerful Green Heart Pictorial

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(Photo : Green Heart ) First generation K-pop group, S.E.S, reunited for a gorgeous photo shoot on behalf of the charitable event, Green Heart Bazaar. The now-defunct act appeared in their first pictorial, in many years, for the upcoming event that will be held on November 7.

On October 23, the Korean outlet Dispatch released photos from their charity pictorial, which depict the beloved K-pop stars with small dogs and in friendly poses.The images were initially posted by Bada (Sea), through her Instagram account.

S.E.S reunited for a good cause. (Photo : Green Heart ) S.E.S debuted with SM Entertainment in 1997, as the female equivalent of the 90"s powerhouse group, H.O.T.The trio yielded several hits, including "I"m Your Girl," which has been covered by several subsequent girl groups including Girls" Generation.

S.E.S paved the way for other acts like Baby V.OX. Eugene emerged as one of the preeminent acting idols of the early aughts, through her roles in K-Dramas such as "Save the Last Dance for Me."

The group broke up in 2002, as Eugene transitioned from a music career to acting.

In April 2015, she gave birth to her first child, before preparing for her return to television.

Eugene currently portrays Lee Jin Ae in the hit KBS weekend drama, "All About My Mom." The family series serves as one of the highest performing series for KBS in 2015, with ratings skyrocketing from its premiere 14.9 percent, to a high 28.3 percent.

The Green Heart Bazaar will be held on November 7 at the Pangyo Hyundai Department Store in Gyeonggi-do.

Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor at KDramaStars. She is also a contributing music writer at KpopStarz, MTVIggyand other publications. When she is not listening to "Rhythm Ta," she can be found on Twitter. (@retrogirladdy).

Sweet Sorrow are 'Hiding My Heart' in new MV

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Sweet Sorrow are 'Hiding My Heart' in new MV

Sweet Sorrow has dropped their next MV, a piano-laden music that emphasizes their soothing vocals as violins come into the refrain to extra sharpen the emotion in the back of their singing.

The MV for "Hiding My Heart" is simple, having the individuals silhouetted with a warm sparkling background with a tree as the center.

The song is certainly value listening to, so test it out above!

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Watch out for a 'heart attack' from Seolhyun's 'Buckaroo' CF!

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Watch out for a 'heart attack' from Seolhyun's 'Buckaroo' CF!

Whoa, AOA"s Seolhyun is a threat to us all because her looks are fatal. continue with caution as you take a glance at her new ad crusade for the fall and wintry weather line of "Buckaroo" jeans!

She starts off by way of shooting a deathly seductive glance at the camera sooner than proceeding to sing their own praises her glamorous frame line - all in slow motion. regardless of the look, be it boyfriend pants or the trending distressed style, she pulls off each and every appearance with self-assured ease.

Check out the clip above, and you"re welcome!

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Wax says it 'Doesn't Feel Like My Heart' in MV teaser

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Wax says it 'Doesn't Feel Like My Heart' in MV teaser

Get able for veteran singer Wax to come with "Doesn"t Feel Like My Heart"!  

The MV teaser for the sorrowful ballad has just been dropped, her wailing voice depicting the emotions of anger and sadness after the loss of love.  The MV displays a satisfied courting juxtaposed with an disillusioned artist, raising hobby for the whole MV, which must divulge more about the story.

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Son Yeon Jae dances to Girls' Generation's Lion Heart

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Son Yeon Jae dances to Girls' Generation's Lion Heart

Korean Rhythmic Gymnast Athlete Son Yeon Jae impresses lovers once back with her amazing dance ability.

Check out her dance quilt for Lion Middle below:

Singer Wax to make her comeback with 'Doesn't Feel Like My Heart'

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Singer Wax to make her comeback with 'Doesn't Feel Like My Heart'

Legendary singer Wax is making her comeback in the tune industry with her new virtual unmarried "Doesn"t Feel Like My Heart" (literal title)!

Wax"s firm released a striking teaser symbol of Wax mendacity on a bed having a look contemplative with a muscular, shirtless guy in the background!

"Doesn"t Feel Like My Heart" is the paintings of Yoon Gun, Tenjo, and Tasco, and it's going to be released on October 8! This new song marks a year and two months since her final album.

Stay tuned for more details!

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Girls' Generation's 'Lion Heart' MV surpasses 20 million views!

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Girls' Generation's 'Lion Heart' MV surpasses 20 million views!

It"s an irony to mention that Girls" Generation"s "Lion Heart" promotions were a hit! Their tremendous popular song video "Lion Heart" has just went beyond the 20 million view count milestone!

They controlled to be successful in this milestone in a little over a month, and we"re certain everybody will agree their summer promotions this year were one in their very best yet.

But there"s more! Girls" Generation"s 2012 PV "All My Love Is For You" has also these days passed 20 million views!

Congratulations to Girls" Generation and SONEs!

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