Nam Ji Hyun brings charming innocence to ‘The Star’

Nam Ji Hyun brings charming innocence to ‘The Star’

Actress Nam Ji Hyun landed in ‘The Star’ with her pure, innocent charms!

In the photos, the actress dons a tulle dress patterned with elegant floral stitching, giving off an angelic aura. The look is topped off with a natural eye makeup look and tousled wavy hair. Nam Ji Hyun is all about femininity in a baby pink romper, with sheer sleeves perfect for the summer time. She ends the photoshoot with a ponytail, a striped shirt with a ruffle lace neckline, and a white skirt.

Nam Ji Hyun began her career acting as a child, and stated in regard to her progression as an actress, “Acting is something I cannot just throw away, even if I find a new career; I think it’ll be very hard for me to find a job that gives me as much happiness and sense of responsibility as acting does.”

Check out her lovely photoshoot in the pictures below!

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