'Time Slip: Ryeo' Lee Joon-ki wears wig to turn into into flower prince

'Time Slip: Ryeo' Lee Joon-ki wears wig to turn into into flower prince

"Time Slip: Ryeo" Lee Joon-ki reworked into a excellent looking prince.

Lee Joon-ki posted a photo of himself on his non-public Instagram on March 31st with a brief caption announcing "So professional".

In the printed photo, Lee Joon-ki dressed in the gown to movie his upcoming drama, "Time Slip: Ryeo" is having his hair styling done earlier than the filing begins.

Lee Joon-ki looks a little disturbing amongst his lips closed tightly. The wig loosely wear his head looks awkward and cute.

"Time Slip: Ryeo" is a myth romance length drama, which is produced in line with 100% pre-filming system. The drama is slated for the 2nd onepart of his year. Lee Joon-ki will play Wang So, the fourth prince of Goryeo King Taejo Wang Gun


'Time Slip: Ryeo' has unveiled Lee Joon-ki and IU's snowy box still cuts

'Time Slip: Ryeo' has unveiled Lee Joon-ki and IU's snowy box still cuts

"Time Slip: Ryeo" leading actor and actress Lee Joon-ki and IU reworked into Goryeo Prince Wang So and a tenderwoman in Goryeo in additionthe cruel girl in the 21st century, Hae-soo respectively in the primary still cuts released.

One of the maximum highly expected dramas for the 2d onepart of this year, "Time Slip: Ryeo" is garnering heated attention thank you to its vibrant lineup adding Lee Joon-ki, IU, the princes: Kang Ha-neul -Hong Jong-hyeon -Baekhyun -Nam Joo-hyeok -Ji Soo Kim San-ho Yoon Seong-woo, and the princesses: Kang Han-na and Seohyun.

"Time Slip: Ryeo" is produced in reaction to pre-production machinevia 100% and is these days discussing the airtime for the momenthalf of of this year.


"Time Slip: Ryeo" Lee Joon-ki and IU's global ritual

Director Kim Kyoo-tae, creator Jo Yoon-yeong and the workforce and solid of "Time Slip: Ryeo" were at a ritual for the myth romance drama "Time Slip: Ryeo" at the 11th.

Pictures display Kim Kyoo-tae, Jo Yoon-yeong, workers members, Lee Joon-ki and IU in additionfolks from NBC Universal and YG Entertainment at the ritual.

After a recital of a prayer wishing for the maximum productive of fitness of the workers and cast, every personadding staff on the filming team, the lighting fixtures team, martial arts team, and production team took turns giving their be offering to the spirits.

Lee Joon-ki who takes on the role of Tae Jo's fourth prince Wang So, said, "I wish no person gets harm in the process. As I'min the midst ofall of the cast, I canbe certain you get along neatly alongside everyone". IU, who plays Hae-soo, a 21st century lady who time slips to the Koryeo times, said, "I will do my best".

Jo Min-ki who takes on the role of Tae Jo, the king and father of 4excellenttaking a look sons, "I hope this drama cooperates with all my sons, seniors and juniors, directors, manufacturers and staff. I just hope no person gets disregarded or hurt".

Director Kim Kyoo-tae said, "I wish "Time Slip: Ryeo" will lend a handeverybody here".

Stills prove a pig head with the Korean Won, Eastern Yen, US Bucksor even British Pounds. The NBC Universal body of workers were at the ritual and also wantedthe simplest for "Time Slip: Ryeo".

"Time Slip: Ryeo" staff and cast are expected to turnwonderful teamwork to make this pre-produced drama successful.

Meanwhile, "Time Slip: Ryeo" starring IU and Lee Joon-ki in the lead also stars Kang Ha-neul, Kim San-ho, Hong Jong-hyeon, Yoon Seon-woo, Baek Hyeon, Nam Joo-hyeok, Ji Soo, Kang Han-na, Seohyun and more.


"Time Slip: Ryeo" Lee Joon-ki fights with Jang Hyeok

Lee Joon-ki is fighting Jang Hyeok in the drama "Time Slip: Ryeo".

Lee Joon-ki takes at the role of Wang So, the fourth emperor of the Koryeo. Wang So is often referred to as the 'Wolf Dog'.

Jang Hyeok also played Wang So in the former MBC drama "Shine or Cross Crazy". The 2 dramas are based totally in the early Koryo times, all through the time when Wang So was oncea true character.

The two dramas are of course, fictional. "Shine or Go Crazy" became about the romance between Wang So and Princess Sin Yool, the ultimate princess whilst in "Time Slip: Ryeo", Wang So falls in love with a 21st century woman. Hae-soo is a girl from the Koryeo times who is going into the frame of this woman.

However, Wang So was a genuinepersona so there are similarities between the two Wang Sos. Wang So from "Shine or Go Crazy" was described as the 'cursed emperor' as he was foreseen to turn the Koryeo into a blood bath. He struggles by myself every bit he tries to conceal that he's a prince. In "Time Slip: Ryeo", Wang So also assists in keeping himself hidden in the back of a mask.

Jang Hyeok is a fermented historic drama actor with revel in in quite so much of dramas. Lee Joon-ki also starred in a historical film that made him the superstar that he is today. He also starred in different historical dramas.

"Time Slip: Ryeo" Wang Wook and Wang Yo, played by capacity of Kang Ha-neul and Hong Jong-hyeon, were played by Im Joo-hwan and Ryoo Seung-soo in "Shine or Go Crazy".

"Time Slip: Ryeo" is in reaction to a Chinese fashioned which made a giant hit in China. "Time Slip: Ryeo" relies on fact in history with some added modern day imagination. Pre-production of the drama is these days in discussion.


From Lee Joon-ki to Seohyun in

From Lee Joon-ki to Seohyun in "Time Slip: Ryeo"

Seohyun from Girls' Generation and actor Lee Joon-ki are starring in the recent drama "Time Slip: Ryeo".

Kang Han-na also made it to the forged and she's taking at the role of Hwang-bo Yeon-hwa, the princess of Goryeo whilst Seo-hyeon is Woo-hee, the final princess.

Hwang-bo Yeon-hwa is the ancient day alpha lady who was once born between Queen Hwang Bo and Tae-jo. She's sensible and has political intelligence. She is a kingmaker and liable for bringing her circle of relatives back up.

The production corporate says Kang Han-na and Seo-hyeon have otherfemale beauties. They are recently engaged in inspecting their characters to fully be engrossed in them.

"Time Slip: Ryeo" is a historic fantasy-romance drama, starring Lee Joon-ki, IU, Kang Ha-neul, Hong Jong-hyeon, Baekhyun, Nam Joo-hyeok, Ji Soo and more.


GFriend And The Rewarding of Slip Ups

GFriend And The Rewarding of Slip Ups

20150727_seoulbeats_gfriend GFriend And The Rewarding of Slip Ups Written by Gaya On September 24, 2015 Once upon a time, I wrote an article about the unplanned events that occur during live performances; from the fun side games of rock paper scissors, to the handling of annoying microphone troubles, to the time DMTNs Daniel got punched in the face (accidentally, mind you).

When K-pop seeks absolute perfection by choreographing each turn and wink in a routine, and idols practice incessantly to perform without even a hair out of place, these spontaneous and unexpected events are a novelty in otherwise predictable live performances. They are witnessed, giffed in every which way, and even go down in fanlore as events worth rememberingor at least a look-up on YouTube.

But, none of these prior events have blown up the way G-Friends slippery performance of Me Gustas Tu at the outdoor Hyundai Eco-driving Concert held by SBS Radio a fortnight ago. In the middle of a downpour (and a collection of moths), the ladies of G-Friend had to perform on a slick stage. As expected, members did slip as they performed their energetic routine. What wasnt as expected, and what made this incident go viral, was how severe the falls were, and how often they happened.

It was at the point where minor slips through which the members managed to stay upright werent counted, with many concentrating instead on the tumbles that brought the girlsSinB and Yuju in particularto the ground multiple times. By the end of it all, leader Sowon was thoroughly pissed and couldnt get the group off stage fast enough. And fair enough: in these situations, there is always the threat of injury that needs to be considered against the desire to give a good performance.

Though, is any proper consideration given in this situation? After all, so many idols have performed in similar conditions; whats one more group? Especially when said group is a rookie from a new, small agency that debuted this year and is only on its second single. So, even if there were misgivings about performing on part of the idol, they would not be acted on; the show goes on. As for the organisers You know theyre not giving this kind of thing a first, let alone second, thought. There have been so many instances of poor safety and management at K-pop concerts that it has become a hallmark of Korean event organisation.

In fact, you can tell that there is an imbalance when you look at the fact that I talk about G-Friend displaying professionalism instead of the organisers. At the very start of the video, you can see a staffer in a rain poncho quickly exiting the stage. If you have the time to protect yourself from the rain, why not also spend some of that time on clearing the stage of puddles? Or delaying proceedings until the rain stopped? Or put into place some kind of contingency plan that the organisers had already organised because thinking ahead and preparing for different eventualities, like bad weather, is something event organisers are meant to do? Instead, a member is left to try and kick the water away before she kneels down in her start position.

So, G-Friend takes to an increasingly wet stage for a wild performance And the internet goes beserk. To date, the publications that have covered this incident include big names like Billboard, The Daily Mail, Time, The Mirror and Mashable, among others. But the question is: why? I wrote a whole article on instances like this because I am all about that sweet, sweet schadenfreude; and these publications are no different.

Sure, with headlines like This Video of a K-Pop Singer Falling 8 Times in 1 Song Will Inspire You to Keep Going No Matter What, we may think that G-Friend is being used as a feel-good story about perseverance; but the focus is still on the actual, yknow, falling. We are invited to watch these young girls take tumble after tumble, and then read a sentence on how Yuju deserves a raise mixed in with the usual Introduction to K-pop. Considering how articles with positive headlines generally get read more than those with a negative slant, this is not surprising; its the same schadenfreude, but wrapped in a layer of feel-good emotion.

Meanwhile, we international K-pop fans work ourselves into a mild frenzy because mainstream media is paying attention to K-pop. And the Korean media, likely embarrassed by the international attention towards this mishap, was quick to denounce the organiser and the system.

One of the opinions expressed is that a more senior group like SNSD or Kara would not have been subjected to these conditions. I guess SNSDs run-in with smoke inhalation at last months DMZ Peace Concert doesnt count; nor any of the other times SNSD, Kara and other senior idols have been subject to harsh conditions. Or, say, every other SMTown concert. Lets also not forget the Hallyu Dream Festival that happened this weekend, and how top group Sistar suffered just as much rookies Oh My Girl and DIA did, if not more so. The only real advantage more senior idols may have is experience, which could give them a better idea of how to deal with crappy situations like these; and even then, it doesnt seem to help much.

Fact is, the video above is more of an anomaly than anythingwere more likely to see news reports about fans getting outraged over such things than hearing members of the media itself expressing that outrage. It can be said that the only reason its happening is because of G-Friends plight went viral and effectively embarrassed the local media into saying something. Otherwise, who cares? These same broadcasters who are dumping on SBS today are likely going to hold a concert with similarly shoddy conditions that idols have to perform in; so they certainly dont. All thats left are the fans, any members of the general public who care enough to be upset, the idols and their loved ones.

Even then, there is still something to sweeten the deal. Generally, the idol is praised for their hard work, perseverance and general lack of complaining; but in G-Friends case, there are a lot more apparently positive outcomes. The South Korean government gets K-popthe industry theyve been funding for yearsinto the global spotlight and thus worth their investment; fans see their favesand K-popbecome the topic of discussion and see the chance to convert more innocents to idol worship; and the G-Friend themselves gained some much needed attention in an overcrowded market.

It can even be said that the viral success of this live performance is what led to G-Friends recent nomination as Best South Korean Act for this years MTV EMAsthe same category that led to Big Bangs win at the 2012 awards. Among a rather youthful category (2011 debutante B1A4 is the most senior nominee) G-Friend is the only girl group nominated. Whether their notoriety will carry the group further, and closer to the awards ceremony in Milan, remains to be seen. But will the pain and risk to personal safety be worth it for G-Friend?

If an idol and their group becomes famous for a monumental slip up on stage, then so be it; accidents happen, and unexpected and novel incidents, including falls on stage, make performances less predictable, and thus more exciting for the viewer. But that shouldnt be used as justification for the poor conditions presented by concert and event organisers. And they should not become the norm: with the lacking management of adverse weather and other occurrences at many events, including Korean-organised ones, remaining the same, it becomes more and more likely an idol is going to slip, fall and/or be injured in some way. And if that kind of eventuality becomes de rigeur That would be a much scarier thing than someone who really enjoys a good prat fall.

(Asian Junkie, The Chosunilbo, Dispatch, Nate, The New Yorker, Time Magazine, TV Daily, YouTube[1][2][3][4]. Images via: Newsen, YouTube, HIM Magazine)


Girls Generations Sunny Apologizes to SONE for Tongue Slip For the duration of Award Speech

Girls Generations Sunny Apologizes to SONE for Tongue Slip For the duration of Award Speech

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Apologizes to SONE for Tongue Slip Right through Award Speech Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny submit an adorable apology for her tongue slip during a recent award speech.

On the August 29 broadcast of MBC‘s “Music Core,” Girls’ Generation snagged the primary position win with “Lion Heart.” Sunny starts the speech, and after thanking the staff, she says, “And you who are at all times cheering us on – Soonsoo! Thank you.” She temporarily realizes her mistake and corrects herself, “I mean, SONE!” whilst the individuals laugh at her.

Afterwards, Sunny submit a pouty apology video on her non-public Instagram, in which she seems like she is ready to burst into tears as she expresses, “SONE, I love you.”


GFRIEND Yuju's shoe slip incident

GFRIEND Yuju's shoe slip incident

GFRIEND"s Yuju is praised for her professionalism on stage!

Theladies performed their newest hit song Me Gustas Tu onTune Bank aired on 7th August. The functionality wenttotally well till 0.16 as Yujuby chance slipped off her shoe.

Without any doubt she threw it to theaspect of the level and continued to accomplish bare-footed, take a look at the videobeneath for more:



Roman-era Big Bang vs. Joseon-era Running Man cast on time slip battle

Roman-era Big Bang vs. Joseon-era Running Man cast on time slip battle

This week"s "Running Man" concept with much anticipated guest Big Bang, is now revealed.

According to the program, Big Bang are battling against Running Man members in a time slip race where they can go back to the past to complete missions in limited time.

Thus, we see Big Bang travel back to Roman-era wearing Spartan costumes while Running Man members (except Jong kook) are taken back to Joseon Dynasty. It is said that the two teams are going to play thrilling race and create tension in order to change their fate.

Meanwhile, Big Bang"s episode on Running Man airs on Sunday at 6:10PM. Don"t miss it!