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Watch: EXO Contributors Are Adorable Beagles

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Watch: EXO Participants Are Adorable Beaglesleejojoba November 27, 2015 0 LINE it!Watch: EXO Members Are Adorable Beagles EXO displayed their adorable charm via Naver V App’s “EXO The 1st Live” on November 27.

The members were all dressed in informalgarments in front of the camera. They still grabbed fans’ attention dressed very easily contrasting with their standard fancy degree outfits.

As if proving their explosive popularity, the heavy web traffic brought down the V App server several times. EXO members maintained their cool in front of the camera regardless of the machine instability. The members were ceaselessly shown chatting, teasing every other, and guffawing together.

They also celebrated Chanyeol’s birthday. All of a sudden, the lighting in the practice session room became off and a cake gave the impression alongside a glad birthday song in the air. One of the crucial members even put the camera up on the topic of Chanyeol’s face stunning him whilst he used to becreating a wish sooner than blowing out the candles.

EXO members spread out some their plans to be in contact with the lovers more repeatedly specially with their comeback and throughout the 5 App. Suho even mentioned having broadcast diningpresentations in the future.

This first live V App broadcast becomelower than 30 mins long. Yet IT was long ample to blow their own horns their beagle charm. How can someoneno longer love EXO especially after seeing them in such relaxed state in want ofto attach to their fans?

EXO is slated to liberate a iciness special album “Sing For You” on December 10. On the similar day, they are going tospeak about their new album at thedisplay “EXO Comeback Stage Sing For You” on Naver’s V App.

Check out the clip of “EXO The 1st Live” here.

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Watch Live:

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Watch Live: Song gist 11.28.15: 9MUSES, April, B.A.P and More!kokoberry November 27, 2015 0 LINE it!Watch Live: Music Core 11.28.15: 9MUSES, April, B.A.P and More!

♬ Hot♡3- B.A.P 『Young, Wild Free』- VIXX 『Chained up』- Dynamic Duo 『Jam』

♬ Sound♡HOLIC- Two times 『Like OOH-AHH』

♬ Super♡Rookie- UP10TION 『Catch me!』

♬ Heart♡Attack- Brown Eyed Ladies 『Brave New World』- Search engine marketing In Young 『Shout it out』- 9MUSES 『Sleepless Night』- Lush 『Why dont you lay off』- APRIL 『Muah!』- Street Boyz 『Show Me Bang Bang』

♬ Sweet♡Sound- LEE HONG KI 『INSENSIBLE』- Noel 『In the End』- Navi 『Dont pass over you』- Huh Gak 『Along the Days』- Park Si Hwan 『Monster』

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Watch: All New “Music Core” With New MCs, New Format, and Performances

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Watch: All New “Music Core” With New MCs, New Format, and Performances This episode of MBC’s “Music Core” marks many adjustments adding their new MCs in addition taking away their score system. Today’s display began with Brown Eyed Ladies pretending to be the recent MCs which resulted in a distinct functionality of “Me Gustas Tu” by skill of new MCs Kim Sae Ron and Kim Min Jae.

Both MCs showed off their making a song and dancing abilities impressively. Watch below!

In position of a ranking system, the music prove hopes to point of interest on several artists. First, reputation used to be given to rookie workforce Snuper as they were selected as a “Rising Star.” They conducted “Shall We Dance.”

“Music Core” also has a “Chart Up” artist of the week, opting for an artist this is doing smartly on music charts. This week’s “Chart Up” artist is VIXX with their song “Chained Up.”

In addition, the show will now be featuring the “Hot 3″ of the week. the primary “Hot 3″ artist to accomplish became two times singing “Like OOH AHH.”

The next “Hot 3″ artist is B.A.P! They accomplished “Take You There” and “Young, Wild & Free.”

The remaining “Hot 3″ artist was Dynamic Duo acting “Jam.”

The complete list of artists performing today contains B.A.P, Dynamic Duo, TWICE, VIXX, Snuper, Brown Eyed Girls, search engine optimization In Young, Tahiti, MADTOWN, M.A.P 6, WANNA.B, Lee Hong Ki, Navi, Gavy NJ, The Legend, and LU:KUS.

Watch the opposite performances below:

Brown Eyed ladies – “Brave New World”

Do you favor the new “Music Core” format?

Watch Live: “Music Core” 11.21.15: B.A.P, Lee Hong Ki, VIXX, and More

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Watch Live: “Music Core” 11.21.15: B.A.P, Lee Hong Ki, VIXX, and More

♬ New♡MC- Kim Sae Ron & Kim Min Jae 『Me Gustas Tu』

♬ Hot♡3- B.A.P 『Young, Wild & Free』,『Take you there』- Dynamic Duo 『Jam』- two times 『Like OOH-AHH』

♬ Sound♡HOLIC- VIXX 『Chained up』

♬ Super♡Rookie- Snuper 『Shall We Dance』

♬ Heart♡Attack- Brown Eyed women 『Brave New World』- Search engine marketing In-young 『Shout it out』- TAHITI 『Skip』- MADTWON 『OMGT』- M.A.P 6 『Storm』- WANNA.B 『Hands Up』

♬ Sweet♡Sound- LEE HONG KI 『INSENSIBLE』- Navi 『Don’t pass over you』- Gavy NJ 『Hello』- The Legend 『NAIL』- LU:KUS 『Beautiful』

Watch: Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and Tiffany blow their own horns Their Vehicle Karaoke Talents

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Watch: Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and Tiffany sing their own praises Their Car Karaoke Talents Here’s your ’90s flashback for the day: Girls’ Generation participants Sooyoung and Tiffany channeling their inside Spice Girls!

On November 20, Sooyoung shared a video to her Instagram of her and Tiffany belting out the Spice Girls’ vintage “Wannabe” in the car, probably on their way to a schedule. Hilariously, Tiffany could also be making a song with a mouth filled with her lunch.

Soon after, Tiffany posted some other video on Instagram of the two singing Wonder Girls‘ “Nobody.”

The foolish video is a smart reminder of ways celebrities are standard other folks like the remainder of us, as Tiffany and Sooyoung may just effortlessly pass off as two pals on a avenue trip.

You can take a glance at the video below!

A video posted via Sooyoung Choi (@hotsootuff) on Nov 19, 2015 at 9:53pm PST

radio lip syncing pt.2 @hotsootuff

Watch: Daebak From “The go back of Superman” Being Totally Adorable

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Watch: Daebak From “The Return of Superman” Being Certainly Adorable The peaceful, absolutely adorable Daebak from “The Return of Superman,” showed off his cuteness once back in a new, short video clip.

On November 17, Lee Soo Jin, wife of football player Lee Dong Gook, uploaded a video on her Instagram with the caption, “Daebak getting hit via the wind.”

In the video, Daebak is noticed smiling and fidgeting in someone’s fingers as she or he blows air into Daebak’s face, making him ticklish.

Although the clip is short, Daebak’s adorable and absolutely loveable facial expressions and small movements stuck the hearts of many viewers.

You can watch him on “The Return of Superman” which airs each and every Sunday at 4:50 p.m. KST in addition watch more adorable clips of him at the display below!

WATCH: TVXQ’s Changmin stocks Special Video of Himself Shaving His Head in Preparation for Enlistment

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WATCH: TVXQ’s Changmin Shares Special Video of Himself Shaving His Head in Preparation for Enlistment TVXQ‘s Changmin, who is enlisting to the army to start his fundamental education to serve as a section of the police force today, acknowledged good-bye to his enthusiasts in taste by way of posting up a unique video.

In the video that used to be posted on TVXQ’s reliable internet page on November 18, Changmin takes an electric hair clipper in hand and shaves off his own head. perhaps he’s feeling a little awkward, because he laughs for the camera in the route of it. He looks cheerful and satisfied more than being unhappy or upset, which puts the hearts of fans more at ease as well.

The captions after he’s carried out shaving his head read, “Don’t go!” and then Changmin sends a quick message of his own, saying, “I’ll be back~♡.”

Netizens who watched the video made comments including, “He’s good-looking even after he’s shaved his head,” “So good-looking, be back safely!” and “Will 2017 ever come???”

Meanwhile, Changmin enlisted into the army without any special occasions on November 19 and should start his common practising to serve as component of the police force today.

Choi Siwon Asks Fanatics to Watch for Him whilst he's in the Army

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Choi Siwon Asks Fans to Wait For Him While He Is in the Army Though Choi Siwon is fending off to the army soon, he asked his fans if they would wait for him while he serves the country.

On November 18, Choi Siwon posted an image of himself on Instagram in conjunction with the caption,”Will you wait for me? #piagetpossession.” The caption turns out to be him asking fans if they are going to wait for him all over his two year absence while in the military. In the picture, he is maintaining a ring around his index finger, as though he is calling the query with a promise ring. the hoop itself is from the ownership series of the jewellery emblem Piaget for which he is a spokesmodel for.

Meanwhile, Choi Siwon may be heading into the army on November 19. He and TVXQ’s Changmin plan to cross into without a large fuss or any other special events.

Watch: “Reply 1988″ kid Actress Kim Seol thank you Fanatics Adorably

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Watch: “Reply 1988″ baby Actress Kim Seol Thanks Fans Adorably Child actress Kim Seol plays the role of Sun Woo’s (played by capacity of Go Kyung Pyo) sister Jin Joo in “Reply 1988.”

On November 16, a clip of her thanking fans for their overwhelming love in opposition to “Reply 1988” used to be posted on her Instagram account, which is administered by her parents.

“Hi. here's Jin Joo. Thank you for loving ‘Reply 1988,’” she says in the video. At the finish of the clip, she even winks at the camera with an adorable expression.

A video posted by 김겸, 김설 (@kimkyeom_kimseol) on Nov 15, 2015 at 10:28pm PST

This video is particularly special in the sense that this is the primary time fans listen Jin Joo’s candy voice because she has simplest cried in the drama. Fans have not begun to hear her communicate in the drama.

Meanwhile, tvN’s “Reply 1988” is attaining new heights each and every episode, with a ratings of 8.3 % for its newest episode. The show’s repute seems to be more and more growing.

Watch: Choi Siwon Meets the Real-Life Ten

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Watch: Choi Siwon Meets the Real-Life Ten Super Junior member and actor Choi Siwon these days wrapped up his role as Kim Shin Hyuk in the MBC drama “She Was once Pretty.”

Hilariously, Siwon met Ten — also a personality from “She Become Pretty” — in real life, and posted a video of the come upon to his Instagram. However, it’s no longer the writer Ten he meets, yet Choi Siwon’s junior in the company, a member of the SMROOKIES team.

“Wow you — you’re actually handsome! What’s your name?” Siwon asks. The rookie replies, “It’s Ten.” Siwon greets Ten with a handshake, and walks off muttering “Ten?” to himself with a cock of his head, leaving the deficient kid status there taking a look embarrassed.

Check out the awkward come upon below!

A video posted by way of SIWON CHOI (@siwon1987) on Nov 15, 2015 at 10:19pm PST