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Spoiler 'Sweet, Savage Family' Jeong Joon-ho, charismatic boss outdoor house vs doting husband at home

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Spoiler 'Sweet, Savage Family' Jeong Joon-ho, charismatic boss outdoor house vs doting husband at home

Actor Jeong Joon-ho brought laughter with his two other sides. at the November 18th episode of MBC"s new Wednesday & Thursday drama, "Sweet, Savage Famiy", Yoon Tae-soo (Jeong Joon-ho) showed off his unforeseen appeals.

Yoon Tae-soo used to be charismatic when having finished his obligations for his boss Baek Man-bok (Kim Eung-soo).

However, when he got here home, he became a doting husband for his wife Eun-ok (Moon Jeong-hee). The unexpected appeals with the 2 alternative aspects captivated the hearts of drama fans.

Drama "Sweet, Savage Famiy" is a comedy circle of relatives drama depicting the lifestyles of a household head, who lives two the different lives as a chairman of a robust crook undertaking and an unnoticed husband and a dad inside of home.

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Kim Seong-eun with her pro soccer player husband Jung Jo-gook shares a daily happy moment

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Kim Seong-eun with her pro soccer player husband Jung Jo-gook shares a daily happy moment

Actress Kim Seong-eun has revealed a glimpse of her happy daily life with her husband Jung Jo-gook, pro soccer player with FC Seoul.

On June 7th, Kim Seong-eun posted a photo on her personal Instagram along with a short caption, "A day in May. A happy moment. I wanted to remember. I love you".

In the shared photo, Kim Seong-eun wears a bright smile on her face while she is preparing flowers. Jung Jo-gook on the other side is looking at her happily.

Kim Seong-eun and Jung Jo-gook were married in December 2009 with a son, Tae-ha.

Sunye shows off her happy family

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Sunye shows off her happy family

Recently, Wonder Girls leader Sunye was seen with her husband James Park and her 1-year-old daughter Eunyoo on James Park"s facebook, drawing a lot of attention.

In the photo, the couple are smiling and looking happily at their cute baby. They look like they are at the church praying.

Sunye tied the knot with Korean-Canadian missionary James Park in January 2013 and gave birth to a baby girl in the same year. The family is now living in Canada.

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"Roommate 2" show their bond with happy family photos

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SBS" "Roommate" unveiled family photos for season 2!

With all of their busy schedules, it"s rare to see the entire cast get together in the share house so this is a treat for the viewers of "Roommate"! The fun photos show Girls" Generation"s Sunny, g.o.d"s Park Joon Hyung, GOT7"s Jackson, 5urprise"s Seo Kang Jun, Park Min Woo, Lee Dong Wook, Jo Se Ho, After School"s Nana, KARA"s Youngji, Bae Jong Ok, Otani Ryohei, and Lee Kuk Ju looking as happy as can be posing around different parts of their luxurious share home.

"Roommate" also updated viewers on their dog Oi (Cucumber), who was previously seen going to see the vet for stomach issues, tweeting, "Did you enjoy the broadcast today? Oi is very healthy now!^_^ Don"t worry

YG Family is one big happy family at Singapore Press Conference

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YG Family is one big happy family at Singapore Press Conference

Artistes from YG Entertainment made a huge wave last weekend in Singapore as they arrived for their YG Family Power Tour. Organized by Samsung, the press conference was held at Resorts World Convention Centre on September 12. Despite having arrived just a few hours before the press conference itself, the artistes mesmerized everyone present with good looks and humour. The attendees were Epik High, Big Bang, 2NE1 and newly-debuted group WINNER.

Big Bangs youngest maknae Seungri was involved in a car accident just a day before the press conference and was not present, the members assured media and fans that he is recovering well and under observation.

Despite a member missing, the rest of Big Bang and YG Family appeared to be in a good mood and were goofing around with one another. It was a selca-fest as the artistes played around and made use of the Samsung Galaxy phones to take photos during the press conference.

A particular highlight was when T.O.P asked 2NE1 Sandara to re-enact a crying scene to showcase her acting abilities. To which Dara teasingly responded, “I would like to try a kissing scene instead. But I’ll try that next time.” But thats not all. Having accidentally mentioned the name of Epik Highs Mithra Jin, it led to requests by her labelmates to re-enact the kiss scene right there and then, leaving Dara in an embarrassed fix.

It was a family love fest as the members huddled together for a group photo during the photcall and executed a myriad of poses with their Samsung phones. Stay tuned to for more photos!

Actress Kim Sae Ron talks about her school, family, and her thoughts on Won Bin on "Happy Together"

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Actress Kim Sae Ron talks about her school, family, and her thoughts on Won Bin on

On the September 18th airing of KBS 2TV"s "Happy Together 3", "Generational Female Actresses" actress Geum Bora, Park Joo Mee, Jeon Hye Bin, Oh Yeon Seo, and Kim Sae Ron guested to talk about their experiences being a part of the industry in each generation. 

As the youngest guest to appear, Kim Sae Ron revealed that she started her acting career when she was just 8 years old. She said, "I started acting when I was 8 years old. When I filmed "The Man From Nowhere", I was 11 years old.

In addition, Kim Sae Ron was asked about Won Bin, and she revealed, "He doesn"t really talk, but he does make jokes. But then again, I don"t know if I should laugh or not.

When asked about her school, she answered, "I don"t really get to go to school often, so when I do, it feels like the first day of school every time. I get really nervous before opening the door. But It"s fun when I do go.

The actress impressed the MCs as well as fellow guest members with her dancing skills as she adorably moved to the beat of Girl"s Day"s "Darling". The MCs fervently clapped along to her dance and shouted, "Sugar pop! Lollipop!" to the song.

Lastly, the young actress" younger sisters made a special surprise appearance through a video that they made in support of their hardworking eldest sister. Kim Sae Ron"s second youngest sister Kim Ah Ron said, "We are always rooting for you. Keep up the good work. Fighting."

Her youngest sister also commented, "When I see my sister act, it"s really fun and interesting. There was a time when she had faced something unfair, she locked her door and cried. That made me sad." 

"What"s With This Family" cast to appear on "Happy Together 3"

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The cast of KBS 2TV weekend drama "What"s With This Family" will be spending more time with each other outside of the drama set as they are reported to be guests on an upcoming episode of "Happy Together 3"!

According to KBS, Kim Hyun Joo, Son Dam Bi, ZE:A"s Hyungsik, 5urprise"s Seo Kang Jun, Nam Ji Hyun, and Yoon Park are scheduled to attend filming for "Happy Together 3" in Yeouido, Seoul on the 20th. The cast have been acting out hilarious scenes for their drama so they"re expected to share funny episodes that happened on set.

The episode is reported to air later this month or early next month, so keep an eye out for it, especially if you love this weekend drama!

Sunny unveils her childhood and family photos on "Happy Together 3"

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Sunny unveils her childhood and family photos on

KBS" "Happy Together 3" broadcast a "Tall and Short" special episode featuring Girls" Generation"s Sunny, Choi Hong Man, volleyball coach Kim Se Jin, announcer Do Kyung Wan, former pro-gamer Hong Jin Ho and comedian Hwang Hyun Hee on August 28th.

During the show, Sunny unveiled her childhood photos when she was 2 years old as well as a family portrait which attracted a lot of attention from many people.

Upon seeing the photos, Park Mi Seon commented,"It looks like a wealthy family". Sunny then said,"There"s a reason why we took the picture why sitting. My family is called as big people but actually we"re all small and a little fat"

Nam Bora Has a Big and Happy Family

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Nam Bora Has a Big and Happy Family On June 29, actress Nam Bora uploaded a picture of her and her family to her personal Instagram account.

“A family meal—15 people together makes for a big meeting! This is a goodbye party for my younger brother who is going to start his military service. It’s not easy for us all to meet together like this, but fortunately today everyone was able to make time,” she wrote. “To be honest reality hasn’t sunk in yet… but when I see his shaved head and uniform, and when he leaves our home, I should believe that he is really going, right?” She wrote of her brother. “I want to go visit him in the military together with my family but because of my schedule it’s impossible. Huuu.. so sad. He’s the first in our family to go to the army.. ah I’m so nervous. He’ll do well, right? I’m worried.. But today we ate well and had a good time.”

In the picture, one can see Nam Bora with her eight brothers and five sisters gathered together at a restaurant. One only has to glance at the photo to see how close they are.

Netizens commented “What a nice family,” “Her family must give her emotional strength,” “I just saw her brother on TV a few days ago and he’s already already going to the army!”, and “Return to us safely.”

Lyn shares with fans how happy she is with her soon-to-be-husband Lee Soo

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Lyn shares with fans how happy she is with her soon-to-be-husband Lee Soo

Lyn held her solo concert “HOME” on May 17th and shared with her fans how happy she is currently.

She revealed that she even wondered if it was okay to be this happy because she is so happy these days.

As Lee Soo came to show his support for her concert this day, Lyn also took the time to brag about him saying he was an amazing singer and that he was also very thoughtful and caring.

Lyn and Lee Soo will be holding their wedding ceremony at a hotel in Yeoido on September 19th after 3 years of dating.