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MBC Drama "Queen's Flower" Episode 4 Preview

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MBC Drama

Let’s check! Korean Drama "Queen's Flower" Episode 4 will air on MBC at 21:45 on March 21st. Can’t wait!

MBC Drama "Queen's Flower" Episode 1 Preview

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MBC Drama

Let’s check! Korean Drama "Queen's Flower" Episode 1 will air on MBC at 21:45 on March 14th. Can’t wait!

Youths Over Flower episode 7 Recap and Screenshots

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Youths Over Flower episode 7 Recap and Screenshots

Javabeans: The first episode of a trip that travels to Laos is started with a clip of Peru trip, which is labeled the last night of “the old youths”.  It is not rubbing enough to call Sang, Juck, and Hee- yoel “youths” in the first place.

Girlfriday: Na PD is so eager to start the trip. Hee- yeol and Juck said that they can suffers from a heat stroke or something else if they had been sent to Laos.

Javabeans: I love when they say:”If we’d been dragged along totally defenseless, man, I would not really been ticked off.”

They have heard the story of Yoo Yeon- soek, Sohin Ho- joon, and Baro as the cast of Laos, and knows the experiences of our boys in this country.

Youths Over Flower episode 7 Screenshots

Girlfriday: In case you haven’t seen the drama, let’s get the performance of character introduction for each of the boys…..Now I am sinking in love with Chilbongie all over again.

Javabeans: I really want Jung Woo can take part in with us, but his schedule is so busy and can not make it. After seeing the brief montage teasing what adventures are in store, we all know that this trip has the tiniest allowance of all the trips, and the worst hidden camera.

Girlfriday: After the “old youths” returns from the trip, we start off.  The staff prepares for us a dressing room with many hidden cameras placed in every corner. After a short time, we are received a short clip from NA PD which was filmed from 2 months ago calling the boy’s agents to explain, “They might be kidnapped and they’ll be shocked. In fact, it’s just very hilarious.

Javabeans: Baro’s agency president becomes the essential concern. “You mean that I can’t tell Barp?” Ho- joon manager is much nicer; he smiles and says gently that “He has to suffer a little”. After that, Na PD goes to make sure that Yeon- seol thinks she is going to England for a photo shoot, then cackles In glee, saying, “Did he like that, huh?”

Youths Over Flower episode 7 Screenshots

Girlfriday: haha, it’s make him so dizzy. Finally, the D- day comes and Na PD keeps waiting until the boys finally start to trickle in for their “photo shoot”.

Ho- joon is the first person arriving at the destination, and his manager has a quick interview about him, which show his simple- mined part. The interview also reveals that he never ever left the country before.

Javabeans:  It is so dumb. Don’t toady Mr. Manager, who laughs that Ho- joon truly believed that we need a passport to go to Jeju until only a few months ago.

I just think we will have chance to see his dumbness over this trip, so we couldn't call him a total moron.

Youths Over Flower episode 7 Screenshots

Javabeans: Well, there is a caption calling for a “Dummy Battle”, therefore, he won’t be alone and even can make friend with someone there. I love these guys who young hot rising stars, but are not so image- concerned that they can’t be made fun of. Ho- joon still believes that he is here to shoot for tvN. He goes over his lines: “Number one channel- OCN!” His manager screams aloud: “You are at tvN!”

When the staff’s hidden camera setup does not work, and one of these camera in hallway is thrown into the trash by a cleaning lady.  The next person to arrive is Baro, and his manager talks that Baro is a nice guy, but then he starts to worry that he can’t be filmed without makeup.

Javabeans: Ho- joon is always fixated on food, and this cracks me up. Every moment when Baro comes in the door, he all says “Hi! Do you have food?” And then Yeon- seol arrives, and he’s all, “Hi, do you have food? Is that all?”

Girlfriday: I love the moment when Yeon Seok comes up with a sunglasses and Baro immediately tries them.  At that time, he looks like Yeon- seok little brother. Barp’s manager believes that his idol is well- behaved and pristine that he does not use personal cell phone. Cut to: Baro taking selcas on his own phone the minutes he’s alone.

Youths Over Flower episode 7 Screenshots

javabeans: Ho-joon asks if Baro has any more work scheduled for the day, and Baro says he has a CF tomorrow morning—it’s an ice cream CF for Binggeure (thanks to his character from Answer Me)… or so he believes, because that’s the story Na PD provided his agency president, who says that Baro is super excited and nervous to be doing his first solo CF, which he thinks will be in California. HA! And also, aw.

girlfriday: Dude, you wonder why these boys aren’t shooting more food CFs for Haitai and Binggeure brands. It’s a shame the idea isn’t real.

javabeans: Ho-joon wonders why he got no Haitai offers, ha. Then when Yeon-seok comes back he’s all handsy with Baro, and Ho-joon complains, “Have some interest in me too!” He says how he called Yeon-seok on his birthday after getting drunk late at night, because Dohee was the only cast member to call him to wish happy birthday, and the guys are all, “How’d she know your birthday?” Ho-joon: “It’s on the internet! You just search it and it comes up!” Baro: “Why would I search you on the internet?”

Youths Over Flower episode 7 Screenshots

girlfriday: Ho-joon says he calls Yeon-seok more than anyone else when he’s drunk, mostly because he answers. Though he admits, “When I’m drunk I think of you most.” Hee.

javabeans: Then it’s time for the fake commercial shoot, and the staff has really gone all-out planning the decoy. We’ve mentioned this before, of how this is Na PD’s genius—he isn’t some lazy mastermind who will fill in the blanks later, he’s the guy who will put all his effort into planning the decoys as though they’re real, with full concepts and storyboards.

girlfriday: Yes, as if he’s really planning Binggeure ice cream CFs and tvN commercials. What he’ll actually do, of course, is use this stuff for the opening credit cartoons.

Youths Over Flower episode 7 Screenshots

javabeans: I love this emerging dynamic/narrative of Yeon-seok and Baro being super cutesy buddies, and Ho-joon being the whiny jealous third wheel who’s always trying to get them to like him more.

girlfriday: They are SO HANDSY. I love it!

javabeans: The dancing is adorable. So adorable. Omg adorable.

girlfriday: I want the dancing to be the whole episode.

Youths Over Flower episode 7 Screenshots

javabeans: I’m going to cut it and clip it and refer to it on any days I feel bad.

girlfriday: I need to find a way to make it play on my TV every morning when I wake up, like an alarm, but happy. So then the commercial is done, and the boys get ushered into the dressing room and the staffer runs over to get Na PD and head writer Lee Woo-jung (also of the Answer Me series).

javabeans: I’m dying, the way Na PD shuffles into the room pretending he’s just tagging along to say hi. Baro is so excited about his fictional ice cream CF that he tells the writer, “My first one! Alone!” and Na PD captions his own fake-surprised reaction as “shameless.”

girlfriday: God, I can’t wait for the day that somebody (likely Seo-jinnie) stages an elaborate hidden camera prank on Na PD.

Youths Over Flower episode 7 Screenshots

javabeans: Na PD is actually really great at acting natural as he brings up the topic of wanting to do a Youths travel show right after Answer Me, but that their management said they were all too busy. Ho-joon pouts, “You didn’t ask me, did you?”

girlfriday: Na PD very naturally asks them about where they’ve traveled and gets them all to agree to do a trip with him sometime in the future, and as soon as they all nod, he reaches for his bag….

javabeans: Aw, I love Ho-joon, who seems kinda sensitive and tender-hearted—unlike the other two boys, he hasn’t traveled, he hasn’t gone abroad ever, he doesn’t get asked to do photo shoots or CFs, and he wants to do this Na PD trip really bad, you can tell. He even says, “If my agency says no, then please just do something [to make them agree]…”

girlfriday: Na PD freaks out for a moment when Yeon-seok mentions Laos, wondering if he knows they’re up to something. But he’s just telling Baro about how he wanted to go there while he was in Cambodia but never made it.

Youths Over Flower episode 7 Screenshots

javabeans: So then Na PD sets things in motion, taking out a stack of passports and saying matter-of-factly, “Then let’s do this as quickly as possible…” The boys are flabbergasted when he hands them their passports, but they don’t get it yet, and Na PD hands out their etickets next. Baro is overjoyed to realize that the trip will be real, but the ball hasn’t dropped yet. He wonders, “When are we going? Where?”

girlfriday: They’re staring right at the tickets but still, it doesn’t dawn on them what’s happening. Baro is just endlessly chipper about going, while Yeon-seok keeps re-reading the ticket going, “July 7… that’s today…”

javabeans: I’m cracking up here because Na PD totally has to prod them (I guess they’re still innocent little lambs, compared to his usual crowd of suspicious victims)—he has to ask them what time the ticket says, and what time it is now, and how much time they have left (two and a half hours).

Youths Over Flower episode 7 Screenshots

girlfriday: And even after Yeon-seok and Baro have been reacting in shock, Ho-joon looks up and is all, “So, what’s happening?”

javabeans: Aha, Baro’s the first to get the inkling, “Wait! Was that tvN commercial a fake?!” Poor Ho-joon, who looks completely lost, like something out of a cartoon. He calls his president and is flummoxed, saying, “B-but, I have to shoot a drama…” Yeon-seok: “I’m sure they arranged that, dummy!”

girlfriday: Na PD asks Ho-joon if his drama scene count didn’t suddenly go down recently, and he nods, still confused. Na PD: “I asked them to do that.”

javabeans: Omg, it’s hysterical how Baro laughs at Yeon-seok when he realizes he isn’t doing a shoot in England, but then is crushed when he hears his ice cream CF is also a fake.

Youths Over Flower episode 7 Screenshots

 girlfriday: He looks like someone killed his puppy.

javabeans: Na PD has to honest-to-goodness connect the dots for them, saying that he’s planned the decoys three months in advance and that everyone around them already knows.

girlfriday: Yeon-seok and Baro are so excited that they’re jumping around, despite the shock that all the CFs were faked. Ho-joon looks like Na PD literally blew his mind, and even as they walk out the door to hurry to the airport, he looks like his soul has escaped his body. We rewind to the dressing room before they shot their fake commercial, and the boys are all sighing about how they wish they could go on a trip and just play: “…maybe next year?”

Youths Over Flower episode 7 Screenshots

javabeans: In the car ride to the airport, Na PD hands over their allowance, which looks impressive because it’s just these huge stacks of bills. But then they search the conversion rate… and it’s gonna be terrible, isn’t it? I feel like Na PD gave them the equivalent of a backpack of pennies. Cutely, we see that Yeon-seok’s manager tries to sneak a wallet into his bag, but Na PD takes it out and hands it back. Party pooper.

girlfriday: Yeon-seok looks like he’s near tears from the stress (after having lied to Na PD that he had no wallet), and they hilariously have to exchange some money back into won just to buy some food at the airport. Their beggar monikers are going to be literal, aren’t they?

javabeans: Yeon-seok takes charge of the money counting, insisting they need to know how much they have before they can spend any of it. It’s this hilariously arduous task, where Yeon-seok is trying to count and convert mentally while Baro is just confused and Ho-joon is pestering for cigarette money (Yeon-seok: “No! We have to save money! Just quit!”).

girlfriday: Ha, why is this money counting so funny? I feel like they’ll never know how much they have. Baro has to be taught how to even count, and then he finishes a stack only to cry, “I forgot how many!”

javabeans: I think their allowance might be something like 5 million kip, which is like 600 bucks, but don’t quote me. And then Yeon-seok thinks to ask, “Hey, what’s the name of this program we’re doing?”

girlfriday: Lol, what a thing, to be kidnapped and sent abroad not knowing the name of the show.

javabeans: Ho-joon is adorable. In his seat, he finds everything about the plane shiny and interesting, and when Yeon-seok tells him he’s putting his cell phone in airplane mode, he says blankly, “Air… plane… mode?” Then the plane takes off and the second he sees the drink cart, his eyes bulge in excitement. Omg, I know he was Haitai on the show but he’s like Samcheonpo in real life.

girlfriday: I’m already feeling Yeon-seok’s stress, because he’s the only one worried about where they’ll sleep and how they’ll scrimp and save from their measly allowance.

Youths Over Flower episode 7 Screenshots

javabeans: I know! Ho-joon wants to stay in nice hotels and do all that traveling like he sees in the movies, saying, “But.. it’s my first trip anywhere!” I can see how Yeon-seok became the Mommy Youth.

girlfriday: He sees how excitedly Ho-joon eats his dinner, and laughs when he finds out it’s his first meal ever on a plane. Man, you’re right, he’s actually Samcheonpo in real life. It’s his first time doing everything, and he’s adorably trying to act cool about it.

javabeans: Except Yeon-seok is all, “Director! Guess what!” And Ho-joon’s all, “Why you gotta say it so loud?” We speed through to their arrival in the Laos airport, where the only luggage they’re carrying is an airport shopping bag full of instant noodles. You know how the first Youths cast was scored by their own music? I can see that this one’s gonna be allAnswer Me references.

girlfriday: Yeah pretty much. It’s like no time has passed at all. Yeon-seok sits up front and directs the cabbie to the guesthouse they chose (because it’s the cheapest available), though they never called ahead to book a room.

javabeans: Ack! Have they never seen this show? (Though even if they had, I don’t think it has sunk in yet that they’d be the luggage boys.) It’s already midnight and the neighborhood is dark and scary-looking when they arrive, but at least there’s a dorm-style room open.

girlfriday: I seriously wonder if Baro and Ho-joon would even make it through two days if Yeon-seok wasn’t with them.

javabeans: Dude, Baro would smile happily in the wake of being robbed, and Ho-joon wouldn’t even realize he’d been robbed.

girlfriday: Right? I worry for them. Anyway, Yeon-seok carefully counts out the cash for the three beds, and the show points out how different it is for the youths who just pay for whatever hostel room they might get, while the older youths had to shop around and ask about breakfast and check the condition of the bathrooms.

Youths Over Flower episode 7 Recap

javabeans: It actually turns out better than expected, because they get to use the six-person room and it has its own bathroom, and it’s only six dollars per person. In interview, Yeon-seok says that he’s quite pleased with the trip so far and he loves his teammates, and it feels like he’s just backpacking with his buddies. The PD prods, “Even though you’re doing everything on your own? Even though Ho-joon isn’t doing anything at all?” Yeon-seok has to pause and laugh-swears in response.

girlfriday: When Baro stops every five minutes to take a selca, he really seems like a little kid.

javabeans: Wait, is that text exchange for real? Baro uploads a pic of himself in the room, and Kim Sung-kyun (Samcheonpo) texts back, “Are you in the hospital?” Jung Woo (Garbage) jokes, “Are you in prison?” and Go Ara adds, “The prison at the hospital.”

girlfriday: Jung Woo: “I’m a little jealous.” Awww, I wish they could’ve all come along. Baro interviews that he’s just so happy to be here and it’s only now starting to sink in a little. The PD asks if the hyungs seem okay and if they aren’t going to fight, and he nods: “I think they’re going to, pretty soon.”

javabeans: The hyungs seem happy enough tonight, and when Ho-joon lies down, Yeon-seok ends up lying down next to him while reading the guide book. (PD’s caption: There are so many beds! Why must you smoosh together there!) And then they cuddle. Well there’s your answer, PD.

girlfriday: Aaaaah, there’s so much snuggling. Lol, the caption: “It’s Okay, It’s Friendship.”

javabeans: Ho-joon interviews that when he first came to Seoul, Yeon-seok was the first friend he made, which is why he may be so attached to him. Aw, Yeon-seok is his mama duck.

Youths Over Flower episode 7 Recap

girlfriday: Man, they’re actually real-life Answer Me boys. They both came up to Seoul from their hometowns and felt like lonely outcasts, and were both struggling actors who each vowed to try for at least ten years before giving up.

javabeans: And it was nearly at the ten-year mark that they both got Answer Me, which explains why they were so close behind the scenes, since they were already friends. (And Ho-joon had shot his first movie years ago with Jung Woo, too.)

girlfriday: Okay, I’m sorry, I forgot what we were talking about because the shirts start to come off. Why does Baro shower with the door open?

javabeans: Yeon-seok showers next, and Ho-joon actually knocks on the door: “Let’s shower together.” Yeon-seok: “Stay out there!” Ho-joon says that there was nothing to shower with—no soap, no shampoo—so the others just washed with water, but he saw toothpaste and used that as soap. I don’t even know if I find that genius or gross, haha.

girlfriday: A little of both. Yeon-seok goes right back to studying his guidebook (still in his underwear, mind you) and then we get a montage of him basically being the group’s tour guide. Ho-joon says it looked like Yeon-seok was studying for exams, while he took one glance, saw that Yeon-seok was on it, and closed the book forever.

javabeans: Every group’s gotta have that one devoted guide! Yeon-seok says that he wants to show the other guys (who haven’t done this kind of travel before) how fun it is so they can go again with their friends, so it’s like he feels extra pressure to make sure they enjoy it. Although I don’t think he has to try very hard, because Baro’s every other word is “Fun! It’s fun! This is so fun!

Youths Over Flower episode 7 Recap

girlfriday: Yeon-seok tells them they have to wake up super early, and already the other boys are like, “But I was gonna sleep in till noon…” They manage to make it out by morning, and wander until they find a marketplace, mostly because they’re wearing dress shoes and can’t walk much more.

javabeans: They pick out some cheap sandals and manage to score a discount. Then it’s on to clothes,and I love that they beeline for the cheesiest flower-print things out there but are all happy about it.

girlfriday: It really does only take a few dollars to dress them from head to toe, in swim trunks, T-shirts, hats, and slippers.

javabeans: …if you have no criteria for an end result other than “clothed,” that is.

Youths Over Flower episode 7 Recap

girlfriday: I have a feeling they’ll be spending most of the trip unclothed. By now they’re hungry, so they start looking for street food. Yeon-seok says he pretty much eats anything, while we see clips of Ho-joon being much pickier and always wanting to just eat ramyun instead. Yeon-seok really does spend the trip feeding them by hand like a mommy, and it looks like Ho-joon will eventually adapt. For now though, he seems mighty skeptical of new foods.

javabeans: He reminds me of my dad, who just wants rice okay? Rice and kimchi and soup and normal Korean food, why is that so hard in a foreign country, why.

girlfriday: He basically doesn’t eat breakfast, while the other two scarf down dumplings and noodles happily. Baro just eats whatever without much concern, and he seems most interested in the selca pole, taking it out as soon as he’s done and trying to get the hyungs to pose with him.

javabeans: Anytime Baro is selca-ing, he seems like such a baby compared to the hyungs. Yeon-seok suggests going toward the center of the city to see things, but Ho-joon is tired and a little out of sorts. It hasn’t taken him long to be disillusioned, and when Yeon-seok says he looks like a traveler now with his backpack, he says, “But this isn’t the kind of trip I wanted.”

Youths Over Flower episode 7 Recap

girlfriday: I like the way Yeon-seok needles him, “You’re not mad, are you? It’s the first day!”

javabeans: I like that he says it out loud, because then it doesn’t get a chance to build up or anything and they can laugh it off.

girlfriday: Yeah he’s clearly a little pissy, but being direct keeps it from becoming a thing. These guys are really funny. They pass by huge touristy monuments all, “We saw that, okay, we saw it. Let’s go play! Where’s the water?”

javabeans: Things get a little tense when Yeon-seok (who’s the most interested in seeing the tourist highlights) takes them to see a fountain, only it’s not running and Ho-joon is all, “You brought us here to see that?” Aw, Baro tries to break the mood by saying that they’ll end up in Vang Vieng where they can spend more money and enjoy the water-related attractions, so this is fine.

girlfriday: Clearly Baro tries really hard to always lighten the mood, because Yeon-seok and Ho-joon are the same age and thus tend more towards direct confrontation and annoyed banter.

javabeans: We get a montage of clips from later, where it’s Yeon-seok and Ho-joon bickering and Baro jumping in, “Don’t fight.” Every time, it’s bicker-bicker-don’t-fight. It’s cute.

girlfriday: Baro says even their emotional reactions to weather are totally opposite (one has the better mood in the rain, the other’s mood is better in sunshine): “I would like it if it rained with sunshine.” Ha, poor peacekeeper little bro.

javabeans: When they arrive to take a bus to Vang Vieng, they have an hour to wait so they decide to eat lunch. Ho-joon declines so the other two go off together, but you can see it’s bothering Yeon-seok since he knows Ho-joon didn’t eat before either. So he runs out to buy a bunch of fruit at a stand, and Ho-joon interviews that he was super touched at the gesture.

Youths Over Flower episode 7 Recap

girlfriday: Aw, who cares if they fight, if they always make up like this?

javabeans: How funny is it that Ho-joon’s mood totally lifts as they feed each other mango, and then on the bus, they start getting annoyed again over the cramped bus space? (Yeon-seok’s shoulder starts creeping into Ho-joon’s space, and Ho-joon tries to push back in annoyance.)

girlfriday: Their bickering is so adorable.

javabeans: Yeon-seok gets out at a stop wanting to buy ice cream, but it’s expensive and he’s not sure he wants to spend the money.

Youths Over Flower episode 7 Recap

girlfriday: I love how just two seconds ago, he refrained from using the toilet because he had to pay to get in, only to now lick his chops at ice cream.

javabeans: Just then, a couple of producers stroll right up and start pulling out ice cream bars like it’s nothing, and you see this look in his eye, like this betrayed feeling of How can you be so casual with your money while making me suffer? So after staring for a long while, he just grabs one from their pile, thanks them, and runs off cackling. Then he feeds his boys, laughing, “Hurry, eat, I stole it!”

girlfriday: Ha, they scarf it down in about two bites each, as if trying to get rid of evidence. If they’re already resorting to thievery on their first day, who knows what it’ll lead to.

Youths Over Flower episode 7 Recap and Screenshots

'Flower Grandpas Investigation Unit' talks about 'porn' in first episode trailer

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'Flower Grandpas Investigation Unit' talks about 'porn' in first episode trailer

tvN's upcoming comedy drama 'Flower Grandpas Investigation Unit' releases another preview of its first episode depicting a very hilarious scene.

This time, the four main characters are at work interrogating a man. Lee Sun Jae provides wit when he turned red finding out that the man has 100TB of 'porn' at home creating a silly scenario among the other cast Byun Hee Bong, Jang Gwang, and Super Junior Heechul. Seems like their 'teamwork' is really good.

Are you excited to watch this drama? Flower Grandpas Investigation Unit' premieres on May 2 at 9:50PM KST. Watch the preview below for the mean time:

King Flower Episode 13 Recap And Screenshot

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King Flower Episode 13 Recap And Screenshot

This is the episode where I have sadly come to the conclusion that both leading ladies in King Flower are morons. If Du Liang Yen had a man like Terry in her life, forget wanting to experience adventure, she ought to live like the bubble girl for fear of ever dying and thereby losing him. And dont even get me started on Jin Da Hua, a girl with a heart of gold but the brain of a rabbit. Shes content with her little fantasy world of marrying Lin Guan Jun, so much so that she fails at every measure of thinking critically and behaving rationally. If all she can think about is him, then why bother insisting (her choice) on staying with Terry to finish out the year long contract. The man has tried to ship her off many times, she needs to hurry back to her little store at the little market and marry her Guan Jun and let Terry move on. The poor man is stuck in emotional and mental limbo and I so want to reach into the screen and give him a hug every single time he shows up onscreen. I worried this drama was trying to turn him evil, and it may still do so but so far I like Terry rising up to Guan Juns antagonistic attitude.

Hilariously this episodes attempt at trying to redeem Guan Jun failed miserably and only made me loathe him more with his me-first attitude towards everything. Hes like an 8-year old boy in the body of a 32-year old, and how that even qualifies as a hero worth rooting for might just be the greatest mystery of the 2013 TW-drama season so far. Terry continues to have so much screen time random people checking out an episode would think he was the leading man without a doubt, and root for him to speak his mind to Guan Jun and Da Hua. Shes also starting to grate on me with her dimness, which was cute initially because I thought her extravagant adventure would smarten her up. So far shes shown no mental growth and the lack of office politics at Sheng Da is really dragging down this drama. What happened to Terrys career on the line over the botched land auction? What happened to Da Hua learning Liang Yens job and maybe acquiring skills beyond selling items at a corner market and cleaning up Lin Guan Juns mess? This episode showed that the writer is probably at a loss for how to proceed since the drama has turned out very differently then it was initially marketed as, so the questions remainsstay true to the course or walk a different path to see what the journey holds?

Terry sits in his office brooding. His face lights up the moment he hears Da Hua knocking on his door. Chris Wus acting is just magnificent in how quickly that smile is contained as he adjusts his relief and happiness at seeing her after the cat is now out of the bag with her family.

Da Hua comes in and thanks him for letting her spend the night with her family, and apologizes for letting slip. Terry smiles and says that cant be helped now and asks her to make sure her family keeps the secret. Da Hua promises they will.

Johnson knocks and walks in ready to test the waters with Terry. He points out that Terry made the promise to buy the E22 land and now its gone. Johnson claims that hes ready to take over and be a better leader for the company. Terry asks Johnson not to be so impatient, he has another week until the Board Meeting and his time is up. He expertly maneuvers Johnson to handle the protesting citizens at the other construction site in the meantime.

Its pretty cute how Da Hua pointedly stares at Johnson like he has the plague the entire time hes there. After Johnson leaves, Da Hua gives Terry a thumbs up.

Guan Jun and Da Li to buy a truck from the dealer to start their own delivery business. You know, having Guan Jun turn into a hardworking industrious man (after lazing away most of his prime gambling and fighting at the market) is one important step in rehabilitating his character. But this method is fundamentally flawed because he got the money to start his own business by backstabbing Terry and working for the shady man who was responsible for the family debt in the first place. Like, what? Guan Juns money is ill-gotten gains as far as Im concerned and anything flowing from it is all built on Terrys pain and suffering. That is not cool and a totally douchey thing to do.

Guan Jun names his truck Da Hua #1 and he and Da Li drive over to Ah Xis and she hires them to do her flower shop deliveries from now on. Yawn.

Terry and Da Hua go visit President Du at the hospital and the man is recovering nicely albeit still weak. He still cant handle any stress and brings up how seeing Liang Yen married soon will make him feel at peace. Da Hua looks visibly uncomfortable at the discussion of marriage while Terry tries to stall by saying he was planning to wait until President Du got all better.

President Du gets angry and reminds Terry he promised to prepare the wedding! He hasnt even seen the wedding pictures yet so what is with the feet dragging. Cheng Hong pulls Terry aside and reminds him that President Du cannot suffer any shock right now. Terry goes back and promises to take wedding pictures with Liang Yen.

Terry and Da Hua walks into a wedding picture studio and Da Hua is very unhappy. Terry asks her to please do it for President Du. Da Huas attitude is at odds with her knowing that President Du is one sick old dude and specifically asked for wedding pictures, and still she is all cagey about doing it. She claims hes just like a good friends dad and she wants to make him happy, so treat this like the job you are supposed to do, girl.

Da Hua changes into a strapless v-neck wedding dress and Terry stares at how beautiful and alike Liang Yen she looks.

Terry walks up to her and remembers at his engagement party with Liang Yen, he promised to do everything in his power to keep that smile on her face. He takes Da Huas hand and stares at her, but Da Hua grows increasingly agitated and she shakes his hand off and walks away. You know, I totally respect Da Huas right to feel unhappy, but Terry has tried to send her away MANY times and she is the one insisting shell stay and finish up her role as fake Liang Yen. Either do it right or dont do it at all, this half-assing it annoys me.

Terry walks over to Da Hua in the waiting room and sits down, apologizing for putting her through this. Da Hua apologizes to him, she knows this is a job and she doesnt know why it bothers her so much. Probably because shes always imagined wearing a wedding dress and getting married to Guan Jun.

Terry tells her she doesnt need to go through with this, hell call it off. Da Hua says no, she will go through with it and take those wedding pictures. Since she agreed to come back to finish the contract, she will do her best and finish what Liang Yen needs to do. Terry smiles and says thank you. Girl, this staying for a year makes NO SENSE to me. Either you are staying to be Liang Yen forever, or you better leave now because shit is coming out eventually anyway. Narratively we need these two together, but good gracious it makes Da Hua seemed so hare-brained. Can Qin Mo reappear to give her a brain transplant as well. This thing is probably not ending the way I want it unless Liang Yen miraculously resurrects or Da Hua get possessed by her dead spirit.

Terry and Da Hua pose for wedding pictures. The photographer tells them to get closer and they both awkwardly try. This is sad narratively, because even when they are awkward Da Hua still has more chemistry with Terry than with Guan Jun.

Terry can tell Da Hua is getting worn down by it and asks for a break. He gives her some water and assures her this is almost over soon. The assistants swoon over how wonderful he is to her. You know, I never ever got the sense that Terry is so considerate and good to her because shes pretending to be Liang Yen or looks like Liang Yen. He is good to her because she is Da Hua and she is good to him. He sees her for who she is inside, and its the part where she looks like Liang Yen that keeps him at bay. That and also Liang Yen just died. Gotta keep reminding myself that. Terry takes Da Huas hand to point out that these pictures are for President Du so she needs to try her best to convey a sense of happiness.

The photographer asks for one last set of pictures that require the bride to kiss the groom. Terry and Da Hua are startled and he is about to ask the photographer to change the request when Da Hua says shell do it.

Of all the places in Taipei, Guan Jun arrives to deliver flowers to this photo studio. He walks in just as Da Hua is puckering up to kiss Terry on the cheek.

Terry notices him and purposely pulls Da Hua in so that her puckered lips connect with his cheek. I actually appreciate Terry showing his competitive and calculating side in that moment with Guan Jun, who has so far been the worlds most annoying human being to Terry since the moment he had the misfortune of colliding with his truck on the street in episode 1. Its like hitting two birds with one stonethe kiss picture is taken and Lin Guan Jun gets a taste of some jealousy medicine.

Da Hua turns around and notices Guan Jun standing there. She calls out to him but Terry stops her from walking away, reminding her as Liang Yen that she needs to finish these pictures. Guan Jun puts the flowers down and storms out.

As Guan Jun is driving home, hes fuming about what he saw and wonders if something is going on between Da Hua and Terry. He is so distracted he almost runs over a pedestrian and has to brake at the last moment. Seriously? This tool runs a delivery service? He operates a vehicle on the streets? And I am supposed to like him as a character? Screenwriter EPIC FAIL.

Da Hua finishes the wedding pictures and runs off to find Guan Jun to explain. Cheng Hong wants to take her but Terry stops him, saying hell accompany her. After he leaves, Cheng Hong is shocked at the behavior of the Managing Director in being so considerate of Da Hua and wonders if hes fallen for her.

Guan Jun goes home and Hu Xiao Fei is there waiting for him. She offers him cake but he dismisses her. She follows him around so he sticks his face in her face and asks what she sees in him? Yeah, please tell me, too. Xiao Fei wonders why she needs a reason, she just likes him. He says they have no future together but she begs to differ. She knows hes opened a delivery service so starting tomorrow she can ride with him, do his books, and work hard together to build a business.

Hes shocked and she thinks he doesnt like it so she offers to work at the store and wait for him everyday. She keeps wondering what she can do for him and he says whatever to shut her up. Xiao Fei is so happy that hes agreed that she leans in to kiss him. He looks surprised but doesnt push her away or get closer.

Da Hua and Terry walk up right at that moment and see this kiss. Da Hua is stricken and Terry holds her hand and says they should go home.

Terry is brewing coffee for Da Hua and shes going on and on about what she just saw. Terry asks why she didnt just ask Lin Guan Jun then and there to explain? Da Hua claims she was so shocked she didnt know what to do. Da Hua remembers Xiao Fei staking a claim on Guan Jun before and she mutters about that girl constantly bothering Guan Jun.

Terry says constantly? Da Hua explains that shes been by the store many times looking for him. Terry brews his coffee and points out that Guan Jun and Xiao Fei isnt a new thing then according to what Da Hua just said. Da Hua insists Xiao Fei snatched a kiss but Terry points out that Guan Jun didnt push Xiao Fei away.

Da Hua says Guan Jun was shocked too, yes, it must be a misunderstanding. Terry looks at Da Hua and smiles and says sure, whatever she says must be what happened. Terry placates her by agreeing that it was all a misunderstanding. Terry pours her a cup of coffee and smiles at how distracted she is. She takes a sip and burns her tongue and he tells her to be careful. Terry says that he can tell Xiao Fei likes Guan Jun a lot, and now it makes sense to him why Guan Jun helped her dad snatch the land auction from them. Da Hua looks distressed to hear this.

Da Hua talks to her stuffed animal and says Guan Jun would never betray her. Terry stares at her and doesnt seem to agree, so he finally smiles and changes the subject and asks if the coffee tastes good. Da Hua confesses it tastes hot which makes him laugh at her.

Terry walks downstairs the next morning only to see Da Hua already up and waiting for him. She thanks him for his advice last night, she will find Guan Jun and ask directly what happened to clear up the misunderstanding.

Terry suggests she have breakfast first before leaving but Da Hua is in a rush and even declines a ride from Cheng Hong and says shell take a cab. After she leaves, Terry murmurs to himself asking if she is really in that much of a hurry.

Da Hua goes to the store and sees her mom and asks for Guan Jun. Mom reveals hes in a bad mood and hiding in his room. I ask againthis immature fool is really a main character? Guan Jun walks out asking for his shirt and Mom says its out back hanging to dry. Guan Jun avoids Da Hua and goes to get it himself.

Da Hua follows him out back and hes in a pissy mood towards her still. Da Hua candidly explains that she took wedding pictures yesterday to make President Du happy and it was all part of her job. Da Hua reveals she was very upset yesterday taking those pictures because she imagined since she was young that she would wear a wedding dress to marry him. That placates Guan Jun.

Guan Jun tells her to be careful, he thinks Ouyang Tai is behaving oddly so she needs to keep her distance from him. Da Hua says she will and then turns the subject around and asks if he has something to tell her? Guan Jun actually has the gall to respond with a question, wondering what he needs to tell her about? KOALA RAGE. He has a double standard now? She cant kiss another guy but he can get kissed by another girl. I cant even. Da Hua says she saw Xiao Feis kiss yesterday and Guan Jun claims he doesnt like her and she kissed him and he was caught off guard.

Da Hua says that cant happen again so Guan Jun vows to keep his distance from Xiao Fei. That makes Da Hua happy and they make up. They agree to be honest with each other because the more misunderstandings between them, the more likely their relationship will fail. Da Hua asks how he was at the studio yesterday and Guan Jun explains his new delivery business. He tells her that he named the first truck Da Hua #1 and there will be more Da Hua trucks in the future.

Da Huas no-good dad is playing cards at the park with his chums. Hu Jing Biao and his lackeys walk past and ridicules him. Da Huas dad says his luck is about to change, his daughter Da Hua is about to marry a rich man but its a secret he cant reveal. Hu Jing Biao laughs at him for this delusion since his daughter is so ugly.

Xiao Fei goes to the store to bring a present for Jin Mom and butter her up. Ah Xi is there and not happy to see that, and Jin Mom is uncomfortable with it as well. Xiao Fei reveals that she will have her dad order that all deliveries for their company be done through Guan Juns new business from now on. Mom says that she hopes Guan Jun will marry Da Hua in the future, wanting to dissuade Xiao Fei. She claims that Guan Jun is also interested in her so he ought to decide who he wants to be with.

Guan Jun calls Terry out for a mano-a-mano chat, and he sits there rolling his eyes as Terry asks him what he wants to talk about. Is there a drama rule that I cant bitch slap a male character, because Lin Guan Jun needs some serious bitch slapping with the way hes behaving.

Guan Jun says he can tell Terry is acting weird around Da Hua and asks if hes treating her as Liang Yens substitute. Terry changes the subject and asks why Guan Jun cares, is he really that insecure about his relationship with Da Hua? Is he worried Da Hua wont return to him?

Guan Jun doesnt answer and claims he trusts Da Hua, no matter how nice Terry is to her, she wont fall for him. Terry smiles and asks if Guan Jun is that confident? He says to put aside the questions about his feelings for Da Hua, the way he sees it as a bystander, Guan Jun is not the right guy for her.

What has Guan Jun ever done that is admirable or commendable? OH HELLS YEAH. That is what Ive been screaming about this entire drama. How has this guy done anything that would merit him being considered a solid dude? Terry lists the crappy things Lin Guan Jun has done since he met him. He tried to extort money from Terry after the accident, then came to work for Terry at the company only to quit shortly thereafter. He then went to help the very thugs who hurt his family so that be can stick it to Terry at the land auction, and from there got a nice money payout.

Terry heard Guan Jun bought a truck and has started a delivery company. He can barely feed himself, how does he think to support Da Hua? Guan Jun tells Terry not to look down on people, hes not as rich as Terry now but doesnt mean he wont be one day. Terry asks how long? Ten years, twenty years? Terry can see Guan Juns futurehell toil for decades until his body gives out while Da Hua spends her whole life inside that little store. She deserves more than that, she is better than that.

Guan Jun says that happiness cannot be bought with money, so even if Terry can give Da Hua better it doesnt mean that is what Da Hua wants. Terry smiles and thanks Guan Jun for the reminder, he actually knows that and is keenly aware of it. Terry ends the conversation and gets up to leave, but not before wishing Guan Jun well with his new business venture.

Guan Jun goes back to the store and Jin Mom is upset that Xiao Fei seems to think she has a future with Guan Jun. He goes out to end things with her.

Guan Jun tells Xiao Fei that he likes Da Hua and feelings cannot be forced. Xiao Fei is so upset since this is the first time shes ever did so much for another person, and she moves to slap Guan Jun but cant bring herself to do it.

Xiao Fei goes home and cries to her daddy about Guan Jun rejecting her. Xiao Fei blames her dads lackeys for being violent thugs and making her such a persona non grata. Her dad orders the lackeys to be more civilized from now on. Her dad promises to get her what she wants, and he also agrees Lin Guan Jun is a good talent to have. Hes reserved the Managing Director position at his company for Lin Guan Jun, and one of his lackeys does not look pleased to hear this.

Da Hua and Terry come home after work only to find Guan Jun waiting outside in his new truck. Cheng Hong hilariously mutters about why Lin Guan Jun keeps randomly showing up these days. You and me both, Cheng Hong, you and me both. Guan Jun gets out and puts his arms possessively around Da Hua, who looks slightly uncomfortable, and announces that Da Hua is off work now so hes taking her out on a date. I totally forgive all of Terrys previous little possessive gestures with Da Hua in front of Guan Jun, this is clearly a guy battle between them on equal footing.

Guan Jun and Da Hua get into the truck and shes so happy to see hes put a picture of them on the dashboard. They happily leave on their date (with Guan Jun throwing a victorious glance out the window), with Terry staring at them as they drive off. Dude, can you find another chick to makeover as Liang Yen. Im starting to believe Jin Da Hua isnt good enough for you to waste your consideration on.

King Flower Episode 15 Recap And Screenshot

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King Flower Episode 15 Recap And Screenshot

If Terry and Da Hua are telling each other fighting in episode 15 of the increasingly bipolar but still totally addicting King Flower, then who am I to refuse to believe. I believe with my whole heart that SETTV will grow brains, heart, and a pair of balls and steer a drama that has taken on a life of its own towards the realistic and satisfying ending almost everyone wants. Terry has come clean to President Du now, who is down one precious daughter. Let Da Hua take Liang Yens place both with Terry and be a surrogate daughter to poor old dad. At this this dad is nice, rich, and responsible. Unlike Da Huas real dad, who someone said ought to be shanked. Hahahaha, so true, and so violent. But still so true. For my recapping duties I watched the entire episode, and I kid you not every scene not involving Terry put me to sleep. It was like a narcoleptic trigger and I had to rouse myself to write down what happened.

Guan Jun apparently took intelligence and maturity pills from the last episode to this one, having suddenly become a savvy businessman and great negotiator for complex real estate transactions. He also seems to have cut it with the intense antagonism towards Terry, though he still sneers too much for me to handle. Da Hua is less bumbling or clueless, and her heart is in the right place but still her actions end up accidentally undermining Terry. Ive discovered that Terry really is a true gentleman and a real decent human being. He never talks badly about Guan Jun to Da Hua, and he always looks at the situation and not the person. I have mad love and respect for him, and honestly the drama offing Liang Yen is a travesty unless its going to replace her with Da Hua. I dont even care that shes the heroine and gets to pick her manshe picks Terry or else shes dead to me. Yup, Im done with being considerate and patient, this girl needs to wise up and see the man who stares at her with so much affection in his eyes I just want to yank her out of that screen and crawl in there myself and soak up all those stares. Mmmm, delicious.

The Jin ladies find out that their no-good family patriarch gambled again and this time lost an even bigger sum of money. Even selling their little store isnt enough to repay the debt.

Guan Jun comes home with Dad and announces that the debt is taken care ofhe will be working for Hu Jing Biao going forward in his legitimate real estate investment company. Its a good opportunity for his career advancement as well.

He can tell Mom isnt happy and claims he will not take this offer if she doesnt want him to. She knows the family has no choice so reluctantly agrees. Guan Jun reveals that Hu Jing Biao will resign his Chairman position of the Marketplace Commission and promises not to interfere with this local market anymore.

Guan Jun sits with Da Li later that night, with Da Li pissed at their Dad for constantly ruining their kids lives. Guan Jun points out that without Mom and Dad taking him in as a child, he would have starved to death on the street long ago. Guan Jun missed an opportunity to shoulder the burden of this family and this time he wont leave it to Da Hua to deal with anymore.

Da Hua comes out with drinks and is sad Guan Jun is giving up his delivery service dreams. Guan Jun is okay with it, claiming that as long as he works hard, he can succeed in any profession. Operative word is work hard, Lin Guan Jun.

Da Hua thinks perhaps its all meant to be and this is their fate. Like when they family was in a debt crisis, suddenly Terry showed up and helped them overcome it. Guan Jun sneers that it was all for Terrys selfish reasons. Da Hua doesnt agree and says Terry only wanted her to pretend to be Liang Yen until she could recover, who knew she would die.

Da Hua says that because their family took Guan Jun in years ago, that is how he is able to help repay this debt now for their Dad. It was all fated to be, so as long as he remains loyal and works hard, he can succeed anywhere. The three of them toast to that goal.

The Lun Chuan Real Estate Investment Company officially opens for business and Hu Jing Biao throws a huge party in the neighborhood. Everyone congratulates Guan Jun on becoming the Managing Director of this new company.

Hu Jing Biao officially resigns his Chairman position of the Marketplace Commission and selects Da Huas mom to be the new Chairman. He vows to go legit saying that investing in real estate will pay even greater dividends than his previous shady businesses. He puts Xiao Fei next to Guan Jun and the whole group takes a picture to commemorate the occasion.

Terry is in his office working and Da Hua comes in to ask how things are going with acquiring the E22 land deal. Terry reveals that the new Managing Director of the Lun Chuan Real Estate Company is coming by to discuss selling it.

Cheng Hong announces the Managing Director and Terry welcomes him in only to stop in shock to see Lin Guan Jun. That would be my expression too anytime I see that guy show up. The two men cordially shake hands and then sit down to talk business.

Terry offers to buy the land at NT500 million over the price the company bid for it, knowing the company must be scrambling to come up with the astronomical sum to pay the bid. Da Hua speaks up and suggests this is a great win-win for both sides. Guan Jun cuts to the chase and opens the sale price at NT10 billion point blank, that is his lowest price.

Da Huas eyes widen while Cheng Hong angrily speaks up and accuses Guan Jun of being an extortionist. Guan Jun says this is the final price and Terry can think about it. Terry looks floored and says nothing.

Afterwards Da Hua asks Guan Jun why insist on such a ridiculous price to make it difficult for Terry? Is it because of her? Guan Jun says its his job to get the best price for his company and its purely work related that he needs to start with such a high price.

Da Hua accepts his reason but says the result is more woe for Terry. Shes afraid his sleazy cousin Johnson will use this to push Terry aside and take over. Guan Jun says every family has their problems and they cant help Terry on this one. Da Hua says Terry helped their family, so if Guan Jun can help him, she wants him to.

Terry is brooding in his room and can I say this man broods beautifully. Da Hua comes in with hot tea and apologizes for Guan Jun making his life difficult.

Terry smiles and holds her hand before guiding her to sit down. He asks why shes apologizing for something Lin Guan Jun did? Da Hua explains that Guan Jun was just doing his job, and to her surprise Terry says he knows that. If he was in Lin Guan Juns shoes, he would have started with an even higher price than what Guan Jun asked for.

A business deal is all about negotiation, one wants to sell and one wants to buy. Guan Jun wants to force Terry to buy, but he has the choice of saying no. Da Hua points out the Board Meeting is coming up and hes going to be forced to step down. Terry fist bumps his own chest and assures Da Hua that hes not that easy to defeat.

Terry asks Da Hua if she remembers the night she got drunk and promised him that she would always have his back? Da Hua sorta remembers. Terry brings up that she asked him that night if being a Managing Director was a very heavy burden to bear. Hell answer her question nowyes, its a very heavy burden, and hes very tired by it. Son tired. So perhaps this is fate, and its time he let down that burden of being the Managing Director.

Especially right now, when he has to lie to the man who handed his beloved daughter to him for safekeeping. The guilt and sadness is eating away at him. Da Hua worriedly asks if hes planning to come clean to President Du about Liang Yen? Terry shrugs with a smile and says maybe. He ushers Da Hua out to go to bed.

Terry goes to his desk and takes the picture of Liang Yen and him and puts it in his drawer. He voiceovers that the day has finally comeeverything started with him and now he needs to end it. He closes the drawer containing his picture with Liang Yen, and it feels like emotionally hes saying goodbye to her.

Da Hua washes her face (yet another Clarisonic PPL) and thinks to herself that she cant let Terry come clean to President Du since its too devastating. Terry washes his face (this time a Biotherm Homme PPL) and wonders to himself if after he comes clean to President Du, will Da Hua still stay beside him? He looks so emotionally worn down, poor baby.

Guan Jun and Da Li come home and Mom returns from her first day as Chairman of the Marketplace Commission. Mom says everyone at the market is so thankful to Guan Jun for being catalyst for their nemesis Hu Jing Biao to turn to legal businesses and stay out of the marketplace. Mom asks Guan Jun to work hard, but he needs to always take care of Da Hua and never let her be in a bind. Guan Jun thinks back to Da Hua being upset about Terrys situation. Guan Jun nods and says he understands.

Terry and Da Hua are being driven to work and Da Hua can tell Terrys got a lot on his mind. She tells him to cheer up and then adorably gives him a fighting rally cry. Cheng Hong peeks at them from the front seat and smiles. Hes such a sweet supportive subordinate to Terry.

Terry suddenly tells Cheng Hong to turn the car around and take them to Lun Chuan Real Estate Company right now. Da Hua smiles at him and he smiles back. Lordy they are so perfect together.

When Cheng Hong does a u-turn, Da Hua and Terry slide into each other in the backseat and laugh. Why give us such sweetness, writer-nim, if you are only going to take it all away so cruelly? She gives him another fighting and he reciprocates.

Xiao Fei has turned into the perfect OL (office lady) and is sweeping and doing work to impress Guan Jun.

Terry and Da Hua arrive and sit down to talk. Terry ups his offer price another NT 1 billion but Guan Jun isnt interested. But then Guan Jun offers to co-develop the land together as a 50/50 joint venture.

Terry and Da Hua smiles and Terry goes through the list of why this would be beneficial to both parties. Guan Jun speaks up directly to Director Du and says this is great for their two companies to work together. Terry agrees to quickly write up a joint venture contract and leaves with Da Hua. He offers his hand to Guan Jun first and the two men shake. Da Hua notices that Xiao Fei is still very close to Guan Jun.

Da Hua and Terry go pick up President Du who is leaving the hospital and tell him about the successful E22 land development joint venture. President Du is happy work is going well and urges them to quickly get married then. He can tell they are hemming and hawing and wonders why? He wonders if there is a problem with the happy couple? Kai Le knows the truth and glares at Da Hua, but she steps forward to urge the President to get some rest.

Guan Jun meets with Hu Jing Biao who is pleased with the way he handled the deal and looks forward to working with the top dog in the construction business that is Sheng Da. He happily tells his daughter Xiao Fei that people wont be talking about her behind her back anymore now that her dad is legit.

Hu Jing Biao tells Guan Jun to take the afternoon off and go out with Xiao Fei. Guan Jun declines and Hu Jing Biao knows he insists on being with that Jin Da Hua. He offers him adviceif Guan Jun stops being so stubborn, both him and Jin Da Hua can find better partners each. OH YOU SPEAKETH THE TRUTH, YOU HORRIBLE MAN!

Da Hua hangs out with Guan Jun, showing him her card file that he gave her showing there are 180 days left before she goes home. If she can help Terry pass this obstacle, then she can hang out with the family more. Guan Jun thinks his career will have taken off by the time she comes home. Guan Jun says he helped Terry this time also for himself, he doesnt want to owe him.

Da Hua and Guan Jun go to the E22 land and picture living in one of the units in the buildings to be built here. As they are goofing off, President Du drives by and spots her. He gets out of the car and walks over to ask what is going on? Ruh ruh.

Terry is at home when the doorbell rings and he opens it to see President Du. They sit down to talk and the President immediately brings up seeing Liang Yen very close with another man, the Managing Director of Lun Chaun Real Estate Company. Terry tries to explain it away but the President doesnt buy it, hes worried that his daughter is cheating on Terry and he wont stand for it.

Terry sits in silence for a moment before making his decision. He tells President Du that the girl he saw today is not Liang Yen. He shows President Du pictures of him and Liang Yen on the mountain. Liang Yen begged to go and Terry took her. But Liang Yen got in an accident and fell off a cliff. Terry got his doctor friend Qin Mo to bring rescuers who saved Liang Yen. She was taken to the hospital immediately for treatment.

Because of Terrys cowardice, he didnt dare to tell President Du. And turns out Liang Yen couldnt be saved, but his friend Qin Mo didnt tell Terry because he didnt want Terry to break down. It wasnt until Liang Yen was critical that Terry was called and learned how serious her condition was. He went to the hospital to say his final goodbyes.

President Du refuses to believe it. Terry tells President Du to think about how weird this Liang Yen has been acting, why she is so hesitant with him and also reluctant to get married? This secret has been in his heart for too long, he lied to President Du and to everyone. Liang Yen is already dead.

President Du thinks back to all the recent interactions with Liang Yen and realizes that Terry is telling the truth. He asks Terry who this current Liang Yen is? Terry says her name is Jin Da Hua and shes the daughter of a small grocery store owner. He was the one who brought her here to be Liang Yen.

He looks absolutely stricken and cries out for his daughter Liang Yen. Terry gets down on his knees and apologizes to President Du.

Terry says it was all his fault. He didnt take good care of Liang Yen, its all his fault. President Du cries and slaps him hard across the face. Terry takes the slap and looks completely devastated. President Du cries that he gave his most precious Liang Yen to Terry, and he didnt take care of her and let her.

Oh wow, what a killer ending to an episode. To help calm our nerves down, have some stills from the preview for episode 16. Yup, absolutely perfect together.

Flower Boy Next Door Episode 8 Recap And Screenshot

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Flower Boy Next Door Episode 8 Recap And Screenshot

I love this drama. I love this drama so damn much! Flower Boy Next Door is that perfect slice of cake that I just want to savor and hoard. It’s exactly what I crave right now to bring the magic back to drama watching. Yes, it could falter or even collapse in the second half, but for now I enjoy the loveliness so far without fretting about the unknown. The three leads in Dok Mi, Enrique, and Jin Rok have completely won me over. I care about them, above and beyond any romantic entanglements or revelations. I watch at how Dok Mi blithely leaves her apartment now, whether it’s to run errands or even do things she doesn’t like such as following Jin Rok to pick up Do Hwi. This is the same girl that a few weeks ago would only cracked open her door an inch to grab her milk carton. Oh what an Enrique can do to shake up her orderly world.

Similarly Jin Rok has gone from secret fringe player to almost getting on the field to play the game. He’s being forced to act, but at the same time, he’s seeing that perhaps his approach only took into consideration a fraction of the Dok Mi he’s been observing for the past three years. What makes the characterizations in this drama so compelling is how nothing is one-sided. Dok Mi gives to Enrique as much food for thought as he forces her to step foot back into the outside world. There is a give and take in the developing relationships that make it so satisfying to watch. It’s not just a story about a hurt girl who needs saving, it’s a story about people moving forward in life perhaps in different ways after fate brings them together. As much as I love Jin Rok’s awkwardness and sweetness in love, I am completely and utterly onboard the OTP ship as those two are well on their way to being my first drama couple win of 2013.

The drama continues to revel in deft reveals that add much more depth to events. Turns out Dok Mi saw Enrique awkwardly comforting Seo Young and was planning to keep walking when she saw Tae Joon walk out of his building holding shoes and a jacket. Ooops, potential misunderstanding alert!

Dok Mi wavers for a moment and then remembers Enrique painting a lovely tree and bird mural on her ceiling while she was working and explaining that he didn’t run away from Tae Joon’s place or get kicked out. He left to give Seo Young and Tae Joon space and time to work through their issues.

Dok Mi makes her decision and runs over to Enrique and pulls him out of Seo Young’s arms to face her. Jin Rok stares in shock while Dok Mi and Enrique wordlessly look at each other. Tae Joon walks up and everyone turns to look at him, which is when Enrique realizes why Dok Mi did what she just did.

Tae Joon dresses Seo Young and takes her away to talk, because none of us care a whit what issues they have or things they need to discuss. Enrique thanks Dok Mi for her actions in avoiding a misunderstanding. They notice Jin Rok is listening in and he awkwardly tries to leave. Enrique pulls his arm out of Dok Mis hand and tries to explain what happened is nothing.

Dok Mi turns to leave but then changes her mind and asks Enrique to talk with her. Poor Jin Rok’s face literally falls and he shuffles back to the building alone. Enrique can see dejected Jin Rok leaving and feels really bad. Jin Rok waits for the elevator and wonders why Dok Mi was too tired to listen to him but then turns around and asks to talk with Enrique? He can’t deal with it and heads back out.

Dok Mi and Enrique discuss her refusal to have her name associated with his book, despite his initial draft being shoddy and her edits turning it into a great read. Dok Mi explains that she doesn’t seek recognition and editing is her job, not a means to get her name out there. She wants her name to be on her own writing. Enrique understands now and teases that he’s always making jokes about everything. He uses Dok Mi’s insult on him and refers to himself as an empty guy who loves to brag.

Jin Rok arrives and hides behind the dumpster and listens in on Enrique and Dok Mi’s conversation.When Dok Mi tries to leave again, he reminds her that he did as she asked and pretended not to know her, but this time it was Dok Mi who approached him first. Dok Mi decides to apologize for her insults and she had no right to say that. Enrique says he deserved those words. Dok Mi clearly worried he would be affected by Seo Young and stepped in to help him despite acting completely out of character.

Dok Mi clarifies that she does see his true heart and didn’t want his heart to keep getting embroiled in this situation when he was trying to extricate himself already. Enrique explains he can’t not help a friend in need and he’ll manage to extricate himself again if needs be. Dok Mi opens up and expresses the opinion that there are situations that cant be so easily extricated from.

Enrique looks at Dok Mi and wishes he knew what was tying her heart up in knots and how to extricate her from it. This is the first time he’s been curious about what someone else is feeling inside. Their convo is interrupted by Jin Rok’s ringing phone and it’s his editor calling to get an update. Jin Rok hilariously pretends hes on his way to his editors office and walks off.

While Jin Rok talks with his editor, Enrique reveals to Dok Mi that it was Jin Rok who told him so much about her. In fact, they are so similar, neither of them venturing out often and perhaps they would be happier to interact more in this neighborhood. Before Dok Mi leaves, Enrique reminds her that she re-started contact between them first so he’s going to keep being her friend again.

Jin Rok and his editor bicker about him dropping by her office which annoys her. Editor brings up the character in the webtoon from Spain, a chatty good looking guy who can’t possibly be real. Editor wants the character transformed into a crappy cowardly dude otherwise the female lead might fall for him.

Jin Rok doesn’t think so since that character leaves for Spain in a month but editor lady says that is more than enough time when faced with a guy who does whatever the heck he feels like. For girls it would be like having a whirlwind love affair that she can keep forever in her heart as a secret. Editor then tells Jin Rok to fix the illustrations since the well-rendered background is taking away from the expressions. Turns out Dong Hoon had been doing the background while Jin Rok did the faces.

Enrique walks over to Jin Rok and acts all puppy dog cute again. Jin Rok remembers his editor’s suggestion to turn the Spain guy into a crappy cowardly guy. Enrique invites Jin Rom over to watch a soccer match and he’s willing to cheer for Jin Rok’s Real Madrid team rather than his Barcelona since his team has been on a winning streak lately. He’s willing do to it for his Hyung.

Enrique’s suggestion rubs Jin Rok the wrong way, asking if Enrique changes teams so easily. He doesn’t, he cheers for one team until the day he dies. Enrique is impressed with Jin Rok’s loyalty as a sports fan. Enrique changes tacks and says when he plays sports, hes so loyal that if he played against his own brother he would crush him. That makes Jin Rok mad as well, saying Enrique has no family consideration.Enrique intuitively realizes nothing he says will make Jin Rok happy right now. He knows it’s because of Dok Mi and he explains he’s just curious why she lives hidden from the world.

Jin Rok reveals that he was also curious about Dok Mi initially and that was how it started, he kept thinking about her. He tells Enrique not to be interested in Dok Mi, not even a little bit Enrique thinks he’s the perfect cupid since his arrival helped Jin Rok confess since he dragged Dok Mi out into the world again. Jin Rok once again yells that he didn’t confess. Enrique reminds Jin Rok he’s leaving soon but Jin Rok worries that the short time only means Enrique will get more curious.

The two guys banter and Jin Rok tells Enrique not to follow him because he’s so frustrating to be around. Enrique heads back to Tae Joon’s place and wishes Jin Rok a good night. As Enrique walks back, he stops in the middle of the street and flashes back to Dok Mi pulling him towards her. He smiles and says out loud that he was a little moved by that.

Dong Hoon is at his usual club haunts but now we see that he’s doing a part-time job of driver drunk girls home in their car and getting paid to be the designated driver. Jin Rok calls Dong Hoon and wants him to stop going out at night since he needs Dong Hoon to illustrate with him full time.

Do Hwi is out drinking with her minions and vows a showdown with Dok Mi.

Dok Mi is at home and opens up the box from Do Hwi. Inside are pictures of them from high school and other mementos. She gets a call from Do Hwi, who is drinking but pretending to be super drunk. She hesitates for a long time before finally answering.

Do Hwi cutely calls her name drunkenly and says she needs help from her friend Dok Mi to help her home otherwise she’ll freeze to death on the street. OH YES PLEASE. The bartender can see Do Hwi totally playacting and looks rather aghast at her antics.

Dok Mi hangs up but can’t help but be affected at hearing her name called cutely by Do Hwi, reminding her of low long its been since she’s been called that way.

The ahjumma who stole Enrique’s cell phone has uploaded his pictures online, including rather intimate pictures of him sleeping topless and Seo Young sneaking a picture of him. She does not seem like she has Enrique’s best interests at heart. Enrique reads online about himself through these pictures, which alleges he’s dating Seo Young and has a very messy personal life and even has secret kids.

Tae Joon comes home and shows Enrique texts he received from Enrique’s phone which includes those pictures of him and Seo Young. Enrique explains he lost his phone and those pictures are because he grew up next to Seo Young. Tae Joon reveals he’s all done settling his affairs and is leaving tomorrow. Enrique chides him for making others feel abandoned but Tae Joon says he’s lonely as well.

During this conversation Enrique has an epiphany that Dok Mi may have gotten the same text and misunderstood him for a player. He freaks out on Tae Joon’s shoulder before rushing out to explain those pictures to Dok Mi.

Turns out Dok Mi does get a text from him containing those pictures. At the same time Jin Rok reads the same salacious gossip online which leads him to be annoyed at how complicated this is turning out to be. Do Hwi calls Jin Rok after her entreaty to Dok Mi falls on deaf ears.

Dok Mi is looking at the pictures when the doorbell rings. It’s Enrique here asking to check for anything he left behind. Dok Mi freezes him at the door and tosses him his panda hat and then glares at him. Enrique wonders in awe how she knew he was here to get the hat back.

She tries to close the door but he glares right back and won’t let her close the door. She is totally jealous and kicks his shins to make him let go of the door. She slams the door shut and wiggles her nose in annoyance at him.

Turns out that was just Dok Mi’s imagination at play as the scene rewinds. She sees the pictures on her phone and then the doorbell rings. She heads over to grab the panda hat but then stops herself. She peeks through the peekhole and sees Jin Rok fixing his jacket outside.

She opens the door Jin Rok tells her about drunk Do Hwi and Dok Mi asks him to walk her home but declining to go with him. Enrique is still headed over to Dok Mi’s place and tries to rationalize his reason as looking for his left behind panda hat.

Jin Rok agrees to walk Do Hwi home but after he leaves the building, he chides himself for not asking Dok Mi to come with him again. The lady owner returns home all drunk as well, claiming she’s been imbibing champagne though the guard says she smells more of makgulli.

Enrique arrives at Dok Mi’s door and is about to ring the doorbell vigorously when she just happens to open it. She quickly closes the door and he rings the doorbell repeatedly before she concedes defeat and jerks the door open and tosses his panda hat at him. Enrique is surprised she knew why he was there for but Dok Mi ignores him and leaves her apartment.

Do Hwi primps in anticipation of Jin Rok’s arrival. Jin Rok goes to pick up Do Hwi and notices she doesn’t seem all that drunk. On their walk back, Do Hwi goes for the kill and claims she fell for him at first sight but he chalks it up to drunk talk. Do Hwi claims he was so nice to her which means he likes her. Jin Rok totally refutes that claim but it falls on deaf ears.

Do Hwi doesn’t take no for answer and pulls Jin Rok in for a forced kiss. EWWWWWWWW. Jin Rok pushes her away and vigorously wipes his mouth clean. Please use disinfectant.

Enrique follows Dok Mi out and explains his phone was stolen (showing her his injured hand) and now his personal pictures have been posted online and texted to friends. He doesn’t want her to think poorly of him. He can tell she saw it and is annoyed she did draw the wrong conclusion.

Enrique and Dok Mi run into Do Hwi and Jin Rok. Do Hwi is pleased Dok Mi came out anyway. Jin Rok tells Do Hwi straight up that he likes someone else and then leaves, brushing past Dok Mi and Enrique who part like the Red Sea to allow him to lurch past them.

Do Hwi is pissed and asks Dok Mi if she thinks shes the one Jin Rok likes? Enrique takes in this conversation. Dok Mi asks back whether Do Hwi stills thinks her feelings are paramount and needs to show it? Do Hwi says its better than being sneaky like Dok Mi. Dok Mi still cannot understand Do Hwi.

After Jin Rok walks away, he suddenly puts the pieces together and recalls Do Hwi slipping a few times and calling him Jae Won-shhi.

Dok Mi is at home typing and explaining how love can be for show or sincere, but sometimes it’s a secret to be hidden away. She looks up at the ceiling mural painted by Enrique.

Tae Joon finishes packing while Enrique tries to reach Seo Young to no avail. He thinks its good because if Seo Young came by to say goodbye she must really intend to end it. He cuddles with Ippo the dog and suddenly a lightbulb goes off in his brain.

Dok Mi gets up the next morning to a text claiming to be from Tae Joon, Enrique’s cousin, asking her to meet outside. She hesitates and gets another text saying that he’s waiting for her. Dok Mi heads out but then backtracks when she realizes she got another post it on her milk carton. She smiles towards Jin Rok’s door and then heads out.

Dok Mi arrives outside Tae Joon’s building when suddenly Enrique pops up. He reveals that he got Tae Joon to send the text because he lost his phone and knowing she wouldn’t come if he texted her. Dok Mi wants to leave but Enrique unleashes the secret weapon, cute Ippo!

Dok Mi is putty for the dog and bends down to pet him. Enrique reveals Tae Joon is off to be an island doctor and Ippo will soon have the run of the countryside and lots of girlfriends to choose from. Dok Mi smiles and wishes the dog well.

They both look up when Tae Joon’s drive out of the garage. Tae Joon gets out and walks over to greet Dok Mi. She wishes him well and a safe journey. Tae Joon smiles and wishes her well also. Seo Young walks up and says she is here to say goodbye.

Tae Joon apologizes to her but she tells him its not necessary, mirroring when she apologized to Enrique in episode 1 and he told her it wasn’t necessary. Enrique remembers that as well, knowing he was responding to Seo Young as a final end of his feelings for her. Enrique tries to repair things and tells Tae Joon not to say sorry since it’ll mean the end.

Seo Young doesn’t need Enrique to meddle and reveals that she’s going back to Spain with Enrique. Which leaves Enrique looking baffled and asking if she knows what she’s doing? Seo Young got the picture text which reminded her of how Enrique has always been there beside her and must be hurting right as well.

Seo Young hands Enrique two plane tickets and says she is ready to go home with him now. Enrique looks at the tickets and doesn’t look happy at the prospect at all. He looks up at Dok Mi and she looks back at him with sadness splashed across her face.

Great. Thanks for leaving me hanging right there FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK, drama. That is so mean. Why does Enrique look upset? Does he not want to leave Korea? Does he not want to leave with Seo Young? Is he sad his cupid making for Seo Young and Tae Joon might end in a big fat failure? Is he worried about leaving Dok Mi behind before completely drawing her out? Is Dok Mi sad because she’s worried about Enrique getting further embroiled in Seo Young and Tae Joon’s dumb as a doorpost love woes? Is she upset he’s leaving so soon? Ahhhhh, I need to know! I want a little more indication of how the OTP feels about each other at this point. I think it’s safe to assume Dok Mi is falling for Enrique first, what with her little fantasy about being jealous after seeing those pictures of him and Seo Young. I love that scene, not just because it was cute and funny, but also what it means that Dok Mi is daydreaming about something whether she is actively involved in the scene, both emotionally and physically. It’s such a seismic shift from when she lived as a shadow mirror just watching Tae Joon, now she’s actively participating in what is happening in everyone’s lives.

Do Hwi really upsets me so much I actually lose my appetite watching her. She is cruel and mean in the ways that actually exist in this world – a sneaky bully who uses words and falsehoods to tear another person down. Compare her to the over-the-top villains of K-dramas, she is far scarier to me and so much more loathsome. I loved how Jin Rok just cannot hide his disdain for her, and the forced kiss only worked because of his horrified reaction afterwards. I’m sure she’s after him because she knows his other identity as Oh Jae Won and I’m happy that Jin Rok has cottoned on to that as well. I feel so sad that he’s repeatedly disappointed to see Enrique and Dok Mi grow ever closer, especially when he’s finally trying to engage her but always the opportunity slips through his fingers. But when I see Dok Mi and Enrique, my heart seriously swells five sizes and I feel this hope and expectation rising inside me knowing they continue to push-and-pull each other towards a place that will hopefully be an epiphany for both of them. Dok Mi realizes that she hasn’t completely shut out the world and Enrique discovers there is someone who sees the real thoughtful him inside the chatty shell.

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Flower Boy Next Door Episode 14 Recap And Screenshot

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Flower Boy Next Door Episode 14 Recap And Screenshot

Wow, I feel like someone just kicked me in the gut. It wasnt even an accidental kick either, this was a purposeful jab aimed at taking the wind out of my sails. And it worked, because I will be anxious and annoyed for the remainder of the week leading up to next weeks finale of Flower Boy Next Door. Episode 14 was all sorts of chill and amusing, the typical FBND bit of silliness mixed with sweetness. Then came the final few seconds of the episode which left me reeling from the unexpected left hook. The consolation is that at least Dok Mi didnt plan it, since there was no way she could have known Enrique would have arrived right at that moment. Nor was it meant for the any of the guys to hear or intended to drive Enrique back to Spain. The final scene was a long overdue continuation of the confrontation between Dok Mi and Do Hwi where Dok Mi speaks her mind about what a horrible self-serving human being Do Hwi is. I love that Dok Mi wants to protect Jin Rok from her, not that he needs any protecting since he treats her like a leper already, but that this oddball family unit which has formed around the denizens of that apartment building is bringing Dok Mis fire back out.. Enrique is the catalyst but everyone adds to giving Dok Mi the reason and impetus to continue the transformation.

FBND posits that it isnt romantic love that saves people, its friendship and human kindness and empathy that forms the crux of giving people the strength to face lifes myriad challenges. Jin Rok learns that even if he doesnt have blood-related family anymore, hell always have a little brother in Dong Hoon. Enrique is faced with a professional dream or a personal love and its not a simple decision for him despite being able to easily pick Dok Mi over career wish fulfillment. I wonder why the drama says Enrique needs to be in Spain to work on the animation, or why Dok Mi doesnt consider going with him to Spain despite that being a huge leap for a girl who started walking out her door not too long ago. I dont think the drama is grasping at straws, but the choice cant be so either/or. I remain completely confident the drama wont let misunderstandings stand and Dok Mi and Enrique probably need to really be honest with their struggles to come to a decision about how to make their future work. I foresee a time jump ahead and Enrique going back to Spain, but I also foresee that itll be done with the relationship still rock solid rather than predicated on any noble idiocy. This drama has turned out to be so satisfying by not trying so hard, and in its little slice of life Ive experienced a feeling of warmth that envelopes me during these cold Winter nights.

Dok Mi tells Enrique to return to Spain and pursue his animation dreams, she edited his book and knows that he really wants to do that project. Enrique tells her not to lie about what she wants from him, especially now that he can hear her heart again. He asks her to put her feelings above others for oncewould she be fine if he left, cant she just tell him to stay? Dok Mi turns to walk away and Enrique grabs her arm. She tells him to let go since hes using the arm that was hurt earlier so he asks if she doesnt like to see him hurting? Enrique grabs Dok Mi for a hug and asks her to go with him to Spain.

Enrique ends the hug and asks Dok Mi to trust him, his dream is now her. She thinks these feelings will die down and he asks if her feelings for him will as well? Dok Mi candidly says that he just brought her back out into the world but its too early for her to go abroad with him. Enrique holds Dok Mis hand and asks that she trust him and consider his request. She agrees to do so. Enrique says that hes also changed, hes now a man in love. So while shes deciding dont ask him to reconsider because his decision is to be with her no matter where.

As they walk past a singer performing, Dok Mi stops to watch and Enrique comfortably lets his joking jealous flag fly and tells her to stop admiring the guy. Hes happy to share that hes not as cool as everyone thinks.

Dok Mi asks him to let her know when this burden gets too heavy and he needs to leave. Enrique nods and its Dok Mis turn to put her finger on his forehead and tells him to nod once if he needs to leave. As Dok Mi thinks about him leaving, Enrique knows what shes thinking and thinks to himself that he wont promise to leave because he cant.

Jin Rok is happily drawing his webtoon in his apartment when suddenly there is a blackout. He walks out and the landlord lady is there as well and they notice water in the hallway. Everyone heads outside.

When Enrique and Dok Mi return to the building, they see all the residents milling around outside. The landlord lady suggests contacting the owner about the problem and everyone thinks shes weird since she is the owner. The security guard arrives and reveals a rooftop leak shorted the power so tonight all the residents have to find another place to sleep since repairs wont happen until the morning. Enrique offers to let everyone crash with him at Tae Joons place. He happily herds Dok Mi into her room to grab some items for the sleep over.

The not-landlord lady asks the security guard why everyone thinks shes the owner of the building? The guard says the owner wants anonymity and since shes so pretty and well-dressed, he said it was her as a cover. He asks if she got the flowers he left for her? After he walks away, she looks rather pleased to have an admirer in the security guard. I bet the owner is the security guard himself and he enjoys spending time with the interesting people who live in his building probably because he had no family of his own.

Everyone files over to Tae Joons apartment, with Jin Rok sheepishly saying they will impose tonight while Watanabe hugs Enrique and says he is so happy to be here.

Enrique shows Dok Mi to the bedroom and tells her to rest well. He looks so happy that she is at the apartment with him. After he leaves, Dok Mi thinks to herself that Enrique really likes company and dislikes being alone. She thinks back to his request for her to go to Spain with him.

Dong Hoon is at work doodling on his phone. He takes Enriques picture and puts Jin Roks head on it before emailing it to Jin Rok suggesting he dress like Enrique so he can win Dok Mis heart. He gets a call from Jin Rok that the apartment flooded and everyone is staying at Tae Joons for the night. He tells Dong Hoon to visit the editor and reveal this draft will be late since it wasnt saved before the blackout.

Enrique makes a pot of ramyun and brings it to the table to share with Jin Rok. He offers to help Jin Rok with the webtoon and claims its the best ramyun ever. Jin Rok wonders why Enrique thinks hes the best at everything. They sit down to eat.

Jin Rok brings up visiting Enriques fan cafe and asks him if he really intends to not pursue his animation dreams? Enrique asks what Jin Rok would do? Jin Rok would pursue both his dreamsDok Mi and the animation. Enrique doesnt have the confidence to make it work with a year apart, especially when he doesnt want to be apart from her for even a day. He was the one who brought her back out, how can he just leave her now? In this situation, he should be the one to give up his dream.

Dok Mi is standing behind the bookshelf listening to the conversation. Jin Rok confesses that he wasnt being honest earlierif he was Enrique, he wouldnt be able to give up on the animation dream. That is why Enrique won Dok Mis heart, while Jin Rok did not.

The editor is microwaving a plate of mandoo and wishing Dong Hoon would show, when suddenly he shows up. But that freaks her out and she starts to yell at him with her chopsticks pointed at him like weapons, when she remembers to act sweet. Dong Hoon drops the bad news that a power outage erased the latest draft. The editor is furious but when Dong Hoon tells her to calm down, she gets distracted by his puckered lips and suggests a solution. Dong Hoon sits down next to her and says they can work on it together much faster. She grabs the plate of mandoo and offers him some food as they hunker down to fix the problem.

Dok Mi puts her pencil down and walks out into the living room. She sees Jin Rok standing by the window looking out at their building, with Enrique and Watanabe asleep on the chairs. Jin Rok sees Dok Mi looking at sleeping Enrique with a happy smile. Jin Rok reveals that when Enrique was leaving that first time, he told Jin Rok to take care of Dok Mi. He offered suggestions on how to slowly bring her out into the world.

Back then Jin Rok worried that Enrique would not end up leaving, because if he stayed Jin Rok knew he would never leave Dok Mis side again. Now Jin Roks worries have proven to be right. He tells Dok Mi not to overthink it, Enrique will never change his mind and go back to Spain, so she should just accept that.

The panda hat fangirl is sitting in a small room with many of Enriques most ardent fans. They are making signs and organizing a protest centered around getting Enrique to go back to Spain and do the animation. The fangirl scrolls through pictures of Enrique and Dok Mi that she secretly took. The fans have a plan and start sending messages and posting online pleading with Enrique to go back to Spain for the greater good of the gaming and animation worlds.

Enrique, Dong Hoon, and Jin Rok are sitting around the dining table discussing how today is the deadline for Jin Rok to sign the papers giving up his inheritance. He doesnt care but Dong Hoon still has that debt to pay back. Enrique decides that Jin Rok will sign the papers but they will do a car heist and steal Jin Roks brothers car as final payback. When Dok Mi comes out, they quickly pretend to be discussing other things and Jin Rok and Dong Hoon leave.

Dok Mi can tell they are planning something but Enrique says Jin Rok and Dong Hoon are going to see Do Hwi. Jin Rok accused Do Hwi of writing on Dok Mis wall but it wasnt her, and turns out Do Hwi liked JIn Rok from a long time ago. Enrique asks if Do Hwi is a good writer as well otherwise why would their high school teacher like her? Dok Mi is surprised and asks Enrique what exactly Do Hwi told them about the past.

As Jin Rok and Dong Hoon walk out, Dong Hoon suggests he apologize to Do Hwi for wrongly accusing her but Jin Rok doesnt want to.

Enrique gets ready to go out and tells Dok Mi to stay home today. She smiles at him from the dining table and then he pulls her towards the door to walk him out. He tells her not to go out because of his fans and she suggests his fans wants the best for him. Enrique says his fans dont know what he really wants, and he doesnt want to experience the fear of not being able to find her again.

Jin Rok, Dong Hoon, and Enrique are at a clothing shop and modeling black suits. Yum, that is some gorgeousness overload. Also, seeing Yoon Si Yoon with his hair styled like that and wearing a suit totally flashes back to Seo Jae Hee. The men in black walk down the street strutting all the way. They arrive outside a golf driving range and Enrique tells them to follow the plan and leave it up to him.

Enrique, wearing a fake goatee, struts inside holding the disinheritance papers and goes to Jin Roks brother and slams it on the table. Enrique then starts babbling in Spanish and Jin Rok walks out and says this guy is an Italian gangster who heard what Jin Roks brother is doing to him and is very unhappy since family stay together. Jin Rok signs the paper while Enrique and Dong Hoon make note of Jin Roks brothers license plate number on his car keys.

Dong Hoon goes down to the garage and ties cans to the back of the car. Their grand plan is to have the brother stop the car to investigate the cans and they will jump in and carjack him. Turns out the brother just drives the car off and doesnt stop so the boys plan is thwarted.

This silly interlude aside, Jin Rok sighs that he really is without a family now. Dong Hoon hugs his hyung and says he will always have him as a dongsaeng. Enrique tries to get in on the hug but he hasnt quite gotten there with Jin Rok yet.

Dok Mi leaves Tae Joons apartment to go home and passes by Enriques fan protesting outside the building. She stares right at the panda hat fangirl and walks past her, while the fangirl turns and glares at Dok Mi.. Grrrr, shes so annoyingly crazy.

Dok Mi sits in her own apartment typing on the computer. She thinks to herself that Enrique asking her to go to Spain with him was his way of saying that he loved her.

The three amigos are taking the bus home and Jin Rok tells them not to worry about his emotional state since for all intents and purposes he has been alone for a long time now. Dong Hoon reveals that the commentary to their webtoon indicate a lot of people are harboring one-sided crushes. Enrique answers a call asking when hes returning to Spain. He says its up to him when he goes back to Spain. Enrique hears Jin Rok saying to go and thinks hes also pressuring him, but turns out Jin Rok was telling Enrique they need to get off the bus here.

Dok Mi carries two boxes over to Do Hwis building and thinks about what Enrique said, that Do Hwi has liked Jin Rok from when they were in the US. She waits outside for Do Hwi to come back.

The guys walk back to the building and wonder what to do about the clothes. They cant return it since Dong Hoon cut the tags off so they tell Enrique that he promised to buy it for them so they are going to keep it.

Do Hwi steps off the elevator with her minions and is surprised to see Dok Mi there. She notices the boxes and calls Dok Mi immature for returning them but opens the door for her to go in. Dok Mi curtly tells the minions to leave so she can speak with Do Hwi alone. The minions are annoyed but Do Hwi tells them to grab items from the car for her,

The boys happily walk up to the building, with Enrique pleased that Jin Rok is starting to call him KaeGeum as well. They stop when they come face to face with the fans holding signs and chanting for Enrique to go back to Spain and work on the animation. The panda hat fangirl hides off to the side and watches this.

Enrique and Jin Rok both realize Dok Mi could be affected and rush inside to look for her. Dong Hoon stops to talk with the minions. They find Tae Joons apartment empty and hears from Dong Hoon who heard from the minions that Dok Mi is over at Do Hwis office.

Dok Mi tells Do Hwi that she knows it was a lie that Do Hwi came specifically to find Dok Mi. It was Jin Rok that Do Hwi was here to find. Do Hwi admits it and says shes liked Jin Rok for a long time so why is Dok Mi in the way? Dok Mi asks why Do Hwi likes Jin Rok? Does she know anything about him? She knows nothing about Jin Rok other than hes from a rich family which makes Do Hwis feelings for pitiful.

Dok Mi drops the boxes on the ground and out tumbles the mementos. Dok Mi say Do Hwi uses these memories to manipulate peoples feelings but a persons heart cant be toyed with. She tells Do Hwi to stay away from her and from Jin Rok. Do Hwi asks what right Dok Mi has to ask her to stay away from Jin Rok? Is Dok Mi his girlfriend? Does she like him?

Dok Mi confesses to liking Jin Rok, which is when Enrique, Jin Rok, and Dong Hoon arrive just in time to hear this. Dok Mi says she likes Jin Rok because hes a really good guy, unlike Do Hwi who only sees a person for their exterior. Dok Mi turns around and sees Enrique staring at her with utter heartbreak.

Dok Mi only has eyes for Enrique and she looks totally shaken and in pain. Jin Rok recalls Dok Mi asking him last night to help her convince Enrique to go back to Spain because she cant watch him conflicted like this. He walks up to Dok Mi and grabs her hand, before pulling her out of the room and past Enrique.

Im very conflicted about this episode ender. On one hand, it was indeed dramatic in that good way, where viscerally it just hits me right where it hurts and now Im worried for my beloved OTP. On the other hand, I feel like it doesnt matter because Enrique couldnt possibly believe that Dok Mi likes Jin Rok over him, especially after all theyve been through. Im ambivalent on the Enrique goes back to Spain dilemma because I think its realistic hell be torn between his career and staying in Korea for Dok Mi since initially he didnt plan to stay in Korea and shes a new addition to his life. I love that hes so clear about what he wants, which is Dok Mi over his animation dreams if he had to choose, but Im not sure so he need to choose between the two. Perhaps their burgeoning relationship is so new and tentative being apart cant sustain it, or even that being apart will be too difficult when one is fresh in the throes of a heady new romance. Im annoyed that the crazy fangirl and even the rest of Enriques fans think they have any right to pressure him to return to Spain. I love watching this story be true to its own tempo and Enrique needs to be left alone by everyone to make his own decisions. Dok Mi can tell its not an easy choice for him, but why does she need to get involved as well to steer him in one direction? Im not going to parse to death what happened here at the end of the episode and wait to see what the drama does with the oddball characters of this little apartment building in the final two episodes. So far FBND has been the most endearing of drama rides and I have faith itll get to where it ought to go.

Me Too, Flower Episode 14 Recap And Screenshot

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Me Too, Flower Episode 14 Recap And Screenshot

Wow. I cant describe what I just watched using words that dont involve expletives. What the hell was all that? Magic voices? The mastermind bike burglar? Hwa Young unraveling but no one forcefully institutionalizing her? Bong Sun remaining steadfast to her I dont know why we broke up, but Im sure its a valid reason illogic? Episode 14 of Me Too, Flower! confirms for me that the writing for the second half of this drama has gone down the crapper. Oh, dont get me wrong, this drama still works largely on acting and some amazingly well-written characters established from the first half of the drama. Im onboard because of all the goodwill built up already, plus the fluid execution and great OST keeps the scenes just popping along merrily.

Too bad the characters have take a turn for the inconsistent in terms of actions and dialogue, purely for the purpose of manufacturing conflict to keep Bong Sun and Jae Hee apart. I never thought Hwa Young ought to have gone as far as she did, and I never thought Bong Sun would keep boring a bigger and bigger hole for herself to hide in when the shit hit the fan. Wheres the ballsy girl we met earlier? I thought all the angst and conflict in the first half of the drama was excellently constructed, but everything afterwards stretch my credulity more and more. This episode tossed my credulity out the window and told me that a near death experience might be the only thing to bring Jae Hee and Bong Sun together. Thats just bullshit, and Im disappointed writer Kim Do Woo went there.

Jae Hee and Bong Sun pass each other on the street, the moment coinciding with Bong Suns date grabbing her hand to hold it. Jae Hee continues walking, oblivious to anyone and anything, which leaves the returning home Dal unable to get his attention as she walks past. Jae Hee walks into a pharmacy but hes forgotten what he needs to buy. The pharmacist asks if he needs eye drops, because his eyes are bloodshot. Jae Hee goes back to the bag factory and hands poor Bae ahjusshi the eye drops he bought. Once hes reminded that he was supposed to buy cold medicine, he grabs the eye drops and runs back out.

Bong Suns nice date drops her off at home, tentatively asking her if they can meet again. Bong Sun agrees and her date happily leaves. Dal arrives home to see this, muttering to herself why two people who like each other that much isnt staying together. I cant believe Im completely agreeing with Dal on this one. Dal goes to bother Bong Sun, asking if she wants to keep meeting that ordinary guy. Bong Sun informs Dal that the breakup with Jae Hee wasnt because of Dal, who isnt important to their relationship at all. Dal didnt do anything wrong, which is why Bong Sun isnt kicking her out. Bong Sun tosses a letter to Dal addressed from a law firm. Dal is furious and shocked to read that shes being dismissed by Perche for a breach of contract.

Dal storms into Hwa Youngs office spitting mad, demanding to know how Hwa Young can terminate her modeling contract unilaterally. Hwa Young says the company is in dire straights and they need a superstar model for the brand. Hwa Young reminds Dal that their contract has a confidentiality provision that requires Dal to keep secret every single communication between them during the course of their contract. Hwa Young tosses an envelope of money at Dal for her to take it and slink away. Dal decides to tell Hwa Young the truth, that she is a monster who is destined never to be loved in her entire lifetime. Hwa Young slaps Dal, and Dal turns around and returns the slap. Hwa Young looks stunned, while Dal is used to being slapped so this is nothing. Dal leaves her car keys on the desk and storms off.

Dal goes to complain to Dr. Park about how shes being mistreated by the biscuit seller ahjumma. When asked what she ought to do, Dr. Park encourages her to do whatever she wants to retaliate. Dal informs Dr. Park that she didnt break up the couple. And if they broke up because of her, then clearly they werent going to make it anyways. Dal goes to see Jae Hee and hands him a flash drive. Shes not doing this because she likes them (Jae Hee and Bong Sun), nor is she hoping theyll get back together. She tells Jae Hee to decide later if Dal needs to pay a penalty for breaching the contract.

Hwa Young is on the phone with an English-speaking customer and trying to stabilize their business by trying to pay more money for their partnership. Her assistant disagrees with Hwa Youngs approach to throw more money to solve the problem. A top model wont be willing to rep their damaged brand, but Hwa Young doesnt care and will use any means to get her way. She asks for Jae Hee to be located.

Jae Hee plugs the flash drive into his computer at the factory and listens to the conversation between Hwa Young and Dal, where Hwa Young first offered Dal money to break up Jae Hee and Bong Sun. The more Jae Hee listens, the more hes shaking with rage and pain, remembering how much it hurt Bong Sun to see Dal kissing him. Hwa Young arrives at that moment and Jae Hee turns to ask if this is the real her? Hwa Young shakes her head and then rushes to grab the computer and try to smash it. Hwa Young cries and tries to convince Jae Hee that the voice isnt her and she didnt do it.

Jae Hee is numb while Hwa Young keeps shaking him while screaming that she didnt do it! They both fall to their knees, with Hwa Young continuing to cry out her innocence. Jae Hee grabs the hysterical Hwa Young in a hug, likely finally realizing how fucked up shes is, and its all still tied to the death of her husband and the aftermath. Dal smirks to herself, pleased that shes given the biscuit ahjumma a taste of her own medicine. But when Dr. Park arrives, Dal admits that somehow she doesnt feel a true sense of satisfaction?

Jae Hee deposits Hwa Young back home and she immediately crawls into bed. He offers to call Dr. Park, but she declines and tells him to go. He wants to spend the night with Ah In but Hwa Young tells him there is no need and he can leave. But then she calls him, asking if he remembers a time long ago. We see a young Jae Hee working in the bag factory alongside a young Hwa Young. Young Jae Hee tells Hwa Young that she might be his only woman in this lifetime. She tells him to stop joking, but he says hes not joking. Too bad Hwa Young has already chosen a wedding date, to which Jae Hee congratulates her on getting married to his hyung.

Hwa Young says she remembers that day vividly, the look on his face and his words to her. Jae Hee also remembers that day, because Hwa Young was his first love, from the first moment he laid eyes on her. Jae Hee sits down on the bed, telling Hwa Young that he was so young back then but she already had his hyung. After the death, he decided to take care of Hwa Young and Ah In, but treating Hwa Young with respectful distance was his way of honoring his hyungs memory. Since then, hes never met anyone who touched his heart. Until he met Bong Sun. He didnt give his heart to Bong Sun willingly, it went to her because he had no control over his feelings for her. Jae Hee tells Hwa Young that he will think carefully about Hwa Youngs feelings for him, even though it must end here. Hwa Young sits in her bed alone and sobs.

Jae Hee goes to see Bong Sun and forces her to let him inside in his usual cavalier way by claiming that shell regret it if she doesnt see him. She still refuses to let him in, so he just punches in her code and walks in. Jae Hee sits down in the living room and makes himself at home, even going so far as to ask for food to eat because hes hungry. Bong Sun tells him the rice is in the cooker and he can eat it himself. She moves to leave but he cuts to the chase and apologizes. He apologizes for letting her go, asking for another chance.

Bong Sun says another chance isnt going to work. Jae Hee doesnt agree. Back then he didnt know the real reason it was so complicated between them. He knows it now, and even though its caused by something he did in the past, he wants another chance with her. Bong Sun shares a passage she read in a book about a pair of ex-lovers meeting by chance on the street. Scene flashes to Bong Sun and Jae Hee wearing funky 70s clothes and sitting in a cafe looking uncomfortable. Neither knew why they broke up back then, but when they got back together, it was awkward and they didnt know what to say to each other. But when the girl sees the guy fiddling with matchsticks, she remembers that his habit annoyed her, and clearly years later he hasnt changed.

So while Bong Sun doesnt know the exact reasons they broke up, those reasons still exist. If they start again, they will have the same ending. Jae Hee replies that he doesnt have a matchstick fiddling habit, but we see that Bong Sun has already left and Jae Hee is all alone in her living room. Dr. Park wakes Dal up and tries to rush her out of his office because he has an appointment coming up. Of course that appointment is Bong Sun, and the two step-sisters are completely stunned to see each other there. Dal asks her unni if she gets psychiatric treatment here?

Bong Sun drags Dal out and demands to know if shes seducing the doctor this time. Or if she purposely finding out everyone associated with Bong Sun and messing with them all? Did Bong Sun kill Dals dad in a previous life, otherwise why is Dal doing this to her! Dal says its just a coincidence and shes just as shocked to see her here. Dal says shes in love with the Dr. Park and Bong Sun isnt allowed to have all the guys to herself. Dal stayed with Dr. Park when Bong Sun kicked her out, and even last night.

Dr. Park thinks back to all the times Bong Sun bitched about her annoying and rude step-sister in treatment sessions in the past. Bong Sun rushes in and confirms that Dal stayed here last night, and even stayed here multiple times in the past. Dr. Park confirms it, but tries to explain Bong Suns misunderstanding about his relationship with Dal. Bong Sun storms off after saying shes disappointment in him. Dal honestly tells Dr. Park that Bong Sun thinks he likes Dal. Dr. Park is so pissed and pushes her out of his office.

Bong Sun walks and bitches to Maru about her disappointment in Dr. Park for falling for a sly fox like Dal. Marus response is that Dal seems quite spirited and he appears to have a good impression of her as well. Bong Sun hangs up on him and goes to check on the bike racks. Everything looks fine, but as shes walking away, a man dressed as a biker gets out from a van and walks towards the bikes in a suspicious fashion. He crouches down and grabs a pair of lock cutters. Bong Sun calls Maru to inform him that the suspect has shown up. Maru warns her not to take action alone and hell come with back up.

The suspect starts cutting the locks so Bong Sun gets up and walks towards him. She calls him and claims that its her bike. He notices that shes holding a pair of handcuffs and takes off running, Bong Sun chases him and drops her bag at the scene. Bong Sun chases him all the way to a building rooftop, where the guy manages to outwit her and lock her on the rooftop. Bong Sun starts screaming for help but shes all alone. She cries for help down from the railing but shes too high for anyone to hear her.

Jae Hee is in a meeting to handle his plan to use his wealth to train new design talent. He tells the assistant to stop the model search and its clear hes taken over running the company since Hwa Young is taking time off. Hwa Young sits in her bedroom with a dazed expression on her face. Dr. Park arrives and cheerfully asks her whats happened? Hwa Young says that she was happy just to see him (Jae Hee), so all she wanted was to be able to see him for the rest of her life. Dr. Park sighs, asking Hwa Young to consider seeing his colleague who treats severe mental disorders. She refuses, claiming that shes perfectly normal. She tosses pillows at Dr. Park while screaming for him to get out! are so normal.

Dr. Park plays with Ah In while calling Jae Hee to confirm he tried but Hwa Young shut him down. Hwa Youngs emotional barriers are too high still. Jae Hee sighs, glad that at least Dr. Park tried. Jae Hee calls Bong Sun only to have Maru answer her phone. The entire precinct is worried since they cant reach her and its negative ten below outside tonight. The chief tells his team to split into groups and canvas the area around the park. Jae Hee arrives and worriedly asks about Bong Sun. He ends up going out to search with Maru, who isnt all that happy with Jae Hees presence. Maru blames Jae Hees broke up with Bong Sun for this happening. Jae Hee thanks Maru for being so concerned about Bong Sun.

Its freezing now so Bong Sun runs around the rooftop to try and keep warm, stopping to call out for help and bang on the rooftop door. She eventually rounds up all the stray newspapers and boxes on the rooftop and bundles herself inside the makeshift shelter. Maru and Jae Hee pull up to an area where surveillance cameras showed Bong Sun chasing the suspect. The captain stays on the phone with Jae Hee and guides them to follow Bong Suns route, when ends abruptly near an area. Jae Hee gets out of the police car and starts canvasing on foot.

Bong Sun is so cold that shes barely lucid and awake. She manages to open her eyes and she imagines that there is a glorious tray of ramyun and pickles in front of her. She almost falls asleep when she hears Dr. Park calling her name. He asks what the happiest thing in her life is up til now? Bong Sun thinks back to the night Jae Hee and her returned from their trip and she didnt want to go inside so he carried her off the motorcycle and deposited her inside. Bong Sun smiles, while Dr. Park asks her what the thing she regrets the most in her life is up til now? Bong Sun thinks back to Jae Hee barging into her house to see her and asking for food.

Suddenly Bong Sun imagines that Jae Hee is crouched before her and singing Santa Clause is Coming to Town in Korean to her. She smiles and tries to sing along with him. After he finishes singing, he just sits there and smiles at her. Bong Sun asks Jae Hee what they are doing for Christmas? Jae Hee plans to have fun with her, of course. Bong Sun says shes sleepy but Jae Hee tells her that she cant sleep and needs to keep her eyes open. Bong Sun apologizes, but shes going to close her eyes for a little while.

Jae Hee is unable to locate Bong Sun and is about to leave when he hears Bong Sun calling his name. He looks back but doesnt see her. He hears her voice again, which is when he notices one of her gloves on the ground. He runs down a hallway and finds himself in an elevator bank. The elevators are off for the night, so Jae Hee climbs the stairs all the way to the roof. He notices the roof door has been locked and is about to walk downstairs when he hears Bong Suns voice again. Jae Hee turns back and opens the roof top door. He walks out to the roof and looks around. He doesnt see anyone at first, until he sees a pile of boxes behind the water tower.

Jae Hee walks towards the boxes and spies Bong Sun. He rushes over and pulls the boxes off her, calling her name and trying to shake her awake. Bong Sun remains unresponsive while Jae Hee cries and continues to try and revive her, calling for her to wake up.

Im not angry at this episode of M2F (or the entire latter half in general), Im just disappointed that a drama with such potential and powerhouse acting performances once again devolved into a series of forced plot turns to generate momentum. And to think the drama plans to tie everything together next week in just one episode, with episode 15 being the final one scheduled by that douchy MBC. I can hope for a miracle, but am geared for just a series of deux et machinas to wrap everything up, and maybe get some fan service happy scenes for Bong Sun and Jae Hee. Since episode 9, this drama has really failed to take me on the journey of Bong Sun and Jae Hee IN a relationship, which was ripe with so much interesting issues to explore. Instead it wasted time with the Hwa Young and Dal shenanigans, which was unnecessary plus no one cared about it. Why couldnt I watch Bong Sun and Jae Hee fighting and making up over their social differences, their hidden traumas and scars, their sometimes fire and ice personalities. And dont even get me started on Bong Sun going on that pointless matseon date, which served no greater purpose other than to pour more angst on Jae Hee.

Bong Sun and her brush with death to realize the importance of Jae Hee is just ridiculous. For a woman who is afraid of being abandoned, Jae Hees love and desire for her was always such a strong pull, how could she just shut him down time and again and need some stupidly manufactured roof top freezing-to-death moment to realize what truly mattered to her? Bong Sun stupid story also made no sense, because if you cant figure out why you broke up, then that is not a valid reason. It basically boils down to I just know in my gut it wont work. I thought the writer wrote this OTP as flawed and broken, but realistically adult characters. Suddenly Bong Sun as the EQ of a teenager. I get her hesitation to date Jae Hee, but what happened to lets just take it one step at a time and see where it leads. The worlds not going to end if they date again and somehow it doesnt work out in the future and they break up. Bong Suns characterization totally went haywire in this second half, while Jae Hee has remained the consistent one in dealing with all the situations that has arisen.

I appreciate that Jae Hee didnt lay on verbal beat down on Hwa Young when he discovered the extent of her actions in breaking up him and Bong Sun. He was in rage and pain, but he also still care so much for her, and knows how damaged and mentally screwed up she is because of him. She needs in depth therapy because her behavior stems from psychological hang ups more than being purely being evil and selfish. Its akin to discovering the Evil Queen in Snow White had an abused childhood. It doesnt erase what she did, but she needs help more than bitter recriminations. Im still completely uninterested in Dal and Dr. Parks storyline, whether individually or together, but I get why their characters need to exist in this story. In the end, Im glad I watched M2F despite how itll end next week, because I thoroughly enjoyed the first half and still love to pieces the acting by the two leads. I dont think the shortening of this drama was the reason for the lackluster second half, but rather the writer taking her story in a forced direction rather than follow a natural narrative flow. Such a shame really, because M2F could have been great.

Me Too, Flower! Episode 12 Recap And Screenshot

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Me Too, Flower! Episode 12 Recap And Screenshot

OMG whut? Seriously drama, you want to go there? Someone give me some blood pressure medicine. What happened to the rich emotional drama with tons of conversations and loads of understanding? Suddenly were dealing with lawsuits and a near complete breakdown of trust. Episode 12 of Me Too, Flower! was a hard episode to watch. Hard because I really feel so bad for Bong Sun even as I understand why Jae Hee is so frustrated all around. Hes stuck between a rock and a hard place (so he thinks) and cant make one clean break to pursue a future he so desperately wants.

Because Jae Hee cant dump Hwa Young into the nearest landfill, shes free to continue scheming and plotting to destroy Bong Sun. And that is what shes out to do, destroy Bong Sun emotionally and professionally for daring to reach for her Jae Hee (and being the woman Jae Hee loves). Whats good about M2F is that everyone knows Hwa Youngs off her rocker, whats bad is that no one is stepping in and sending her to the loony bin. I say enough is enough. If shes not muzzled soon, Im buying a ticket to Korea to slap me a bitch.

Bong Sun calls Dals cellphone but is unaware that the man answering on the other end is her boyfriend Jae Hee. Oh boy, this is not going to be good. Both Jae Hee and Bong Sun look curiously at their respective phones, an inkling that the voice on the other end sounded familiar, but not drawing the final conclusion. Hwa Young walks over to Jae Hee, and Id be remiss in not pointing out how horrific she looks with her hair in tight corkscrew curls. Shes like the Queen pretending to be Snow White while dressed as a tranny. Hwa Young points out that Jae Hees friend is here, and he scoffs at the rich guys he used hang out with. Hwa Young wants Jae Hee to get close with those guys and in with the rich daughter of this bakery enterprise family.

After Jae Hee walks away, Dal returns and asks Hwa Young why shes pushing Jae Hee towards that rich daughter when Dal is around? Hwa Young matter of factly says Dal is not the right material and is just temporary anyways. The woman by Jae Hees side at the end will not be Dal or the woman hes dating right now, it will be someone like that rich daughter. Now shes taken to pimping out Jae Hee! What the fuck is wrong with this crazy bitch? Dal mutters that the girl merely got lucky to be born into a rich family, whats so good about that?

Dr. Park tells the rich daughter that these new fancy bakeries lack the sensory allure of a family owned joint and suggests the kitchen exhaust be pointed towards the street to lure customers in with the scent of baking bread. Jae Hee ribs his rich friend for failing at another business, which makes everyone there uncomfortable. Hwa Young comes by to introduce Dal, who gets a name card from the rich guy. When the rich daughter asks for Jae Hees name card, he says he doesnt have one. Hwa Young tries to smooth things over but he just walks away.

Suddenly Dal ex-boyfriend arrives and proceeds to start belittling Dal. She tries to pretend she doesnt know him but he reveals all her lies when she was trying to land him. Dr. Park steps in and asks him to stop because this is not the place for such a conversation. The douchebag insinuates that Dal is trying to hook Dr. Park, which is when Dal tries to leave. Too bad she runs into the server carrying drinks. Apparently there is a law in K-dramas that a woman in distress suddenly goes blind, because the guy was in plain sight and hard to miss what with his giant tray he was carrying. But oh well, Dal continues to be embarrassed. This is me so not feeling sorry for her.

Dal picks herself up and runs outside to try to hail a cab. Jae Hee sees her all flustered and feels sorry enough to give her a ride. Hwa Young asks Dr. Park why he stepped in back there. Hes a decent human who doesnt feel right watching a person get shamed. Hwa Young thinks Dal is that type of shameful person. Her words are so condescending that even Dr. Park is stunned, asking why she thinks like that? Because she is batshit insane, Dr. Park. Youre the shrink. You ought to be able to diagnose her. Hwa Young gets a call from work that the handbag theft story is back online.

On the drive home, Jae Hee tells Dal to keep living with pride and her head held high. He answers a call from Bong Sun and tenderly says hes on his way. Shes cooked an entire dinner for him and asks how much longer. He says soon if there is no traffic, and hes looking forward to eating her good food. Dal asks if that was his girlfriend and he says yes. She notes that hes like a different person with her, very affectionate. Dal looks painfully jealous.

Bong Sun sees that she is out of eggs but Jae Hee wants to eat an egg roll so she heads out to buy more at the neighborhood market. Jae Hee pulls up outside the market to drop Dal off. Dal asks Jae Hee to talk to her with the same affectionate tone, confessing that she intends to steal him away. Jae Hee laughs it off, thinking shes just being flip. Bong Sun walks out of the market and sees Jae Hee by his car. Shes happy and walks towards him when suddenly she sees Dal getting out of the car.

Jae Hee tells Dal to get out and when she does, she pulls him in for a forced kiss. Are your muscles just for show, Jae Hee, and you cant even push a slip of a girl off you? Even after he pushes her off him, she steals yet another kiss. Again, Jae Hee, please keep your mouth secure from repeat attacks. After Jae Hee pushes her off one more time, he turns around and sees Bong Sun standing right there having seen everything.

A stunned Bong Sun collapses on the street and drops her eggs. Dal calls her unni, which is when Jae Hee and Dal finally realize who Bong Sun is to the other person.

Jae Hee and Bong Sun go off to talk. He tries to explain that he was just driving Dal home after the party, and Dals interest in him is purely one-sided. Bong Sun says Dal is her non-blood related sister. When Jae Hee asks why shes never mentioned a sister before, Bong Sun quietly replies that Jae Hee never mentioned before that he lived with Hwa Young. Touche. Jae Hee explains again that he never intended to do anything with Dal and he was just taking her home.

Bong Sun asks if Jae Hee was the one who answered the phone earlier, and whether hes taken Dal back to his place which is why Dal wore one of his shirts home? Oh fuck, this does not look good. Even I would draw the same conclusions as Bong Sun. Jae Hee says nothing happened, he just took her home to change. Bong Sun tells him to be quiet, shes finally making all the connections now. This is clearly not the first time hes taken Dal home, plus he must be the person who bought her an expensive bag.

Jae Hee tells Bong Sun to just trust him. LOL, Jae Hee, sweetie, this is Cha Bong Sun we are talking about here. This woman wouldnt trust Mother Theresa unless she first proved herself. Bong Sun quietly answers she doesnt trust him. These misunderstandings and concealed truths have been happening too many times now, too many instances where shes discovering something shocking about Jae Hee. His job, Hwa Young, and now this. Why does it keep happening? Is there anything else out there?

Bong Sun insults Jae Hee as one of those despicable rich guys on TV who attend parties with models on their arms. Jae Hee, who we can see is increasingly unable to handle this line of attack from Bong Sun, warns her that if she continues talking this way, hes not going to take it. Bong Sun asks what other women are out there hes dallying with? Like Hwa Young said, Bong Sun really doesnt know Jae Hee that well. Jae Hee asks if Bong Sun would rather trust others than his word? If she doesnt believe him, then who will believe him?

Pushed to the limit, Jae Hee angrily declares that if his woman doesnt trust him, then he doesnt need this woman. He tells Bong Sun to do whatever she wants. Bong Sun pushes him before walking away, with an added bonus of calling him a despicable bastard. Wow, when these two volatile and strong-willed people fight, the sparks are so hot it can burn if you get too close. Jae Hee stands there completely frustrated, which is when Hwa Young calls Jae Hee back to the office to handle the now widespread news about the bag theft.

Dal is packing when she thinks back to the note that she picked up addressed to Bong Sun signed J. Bong Sun walks in and wants Dal out right now. She asks Dal when she started meeting Jae Hee? Dal says before she moved into this house. When asked what she did at Jae Hees place, Dal says they slept together, but Bong Sun doesnt believe her, still trusting Jae Hee despite what she said to him. Dal calls Bong Sun the hypocrite for disdaining Dals candid ambition to land a rich man when Bong Sun is doing the same thing.

Dal insults Bong Sun, saying Jae Hee wont like her much longer after he meets more rich women. They start tussling, with Dal saying its Bong Suns fault for not having control over her own man, while Bong Sun accuses Dal of being the interloper. Dal says Jae Hee came onto her first but Bong Sun doesnt believe her because Jae Hee says otherwise. Why dont you shut your trap, Dal. Bong Sun tells Dal to enjoy that asshole because shes done with him. Dal confirms she can take Jae Hee now and Bong Sun says good riddance to them both.

Bong Sun goes back to her room and starts to cry. OMG, my heart, its breaking for her. This is so wrong. She wanted none of this, she didnt ask for Jae Hee to come disrupt her life. Hwa Young should burn in hell for being so evil and selfish. Dal keeps packing and vows that she wont let Bong Sun beat her.

Jae Hee informs Hwa Young that he has a plan on how to deal with the bag theft scandaladmit and apologize. She refuses but he tells her that denial will only blow things up more. She refuses because shes worked so hard to build this company up. Jae Hee says they will deal with this together, but Hwa Young asks for one day to think of a different solution. After Jae Hee leaves, Hwa Young appears to get an idea and she calls her lawyer.

Jae Hee goes to Bong Suns house and runs into Dal at the front gate since Dal is leaving. He ignores her but she stops him to ask if he really likes Bong Sun that much. Even that rich daughter is a better match than someone like Bong Sun. Dal asks if she doesnt have a chance with him. Jae Hee just glares at her and shakes her hand off. Dal leaves, muttering to herself about Bong Sun, that at least shes loved.

Jae Hee sees Bong Sun throwing all the food away and asks her to talk. He calmly repeats that nothing happened with Dal, he doesnt have any feelings for her, and he didnt know she was Bong Suns sister. Bong Sun doesnt need to hear anymore. Jae Hee keeps asking if she really doesnt want to know more? He warns her that if she dares to say they are broken up one more time, then it really is over between them. Bong Sun is tired and wants to sleep. Jae Hee says he trusted Bong Sun and covered for her, why cant she do the same for him?

Bong Sun looks confused but Jae Hee says he covered for Bong Sun revealing to the reporter about how the company orchestrated the bag theft. Bong Sun says she never told any reporter. But shes sick and tired of Jae Hee entangled with Hwa Young. Jae Hee screams that there is nothing going on with Hwa Young! Bong Sun tells Jae Hee to do whatever he wants and she leaves. He shouts back the same angry words and leaves.

Jae Hee goes to see Bae ahjusshi and asks if all women are like that? Bong Sun continues to throw food in the trash. Dal sits in a jjimjalbang eating eggs and thinking back to Hwa Youngs request for her to break up Jae Hee and the woman he likes. She finally realizes that the secret weapon Hwa Young mentioned was the fact that she and Bong Sun are sisters. Bong Sun is at the shooting range with her fellow officers. She cant concentrate so she misses all her shots. She thinks back to Jae Hee telling her to do whatever she wants, he doesnt need a woman who doesnt trust him.

The officers are at the police health center doing exercises. Bong Sun finds out Marus excellent shooting came from being born into a police family. Bong Sun asks if he will use his sharpshooting skills to off someone for her? Maru is upset her relationship is so dramatic, waffling between hate and love all the time. Bong Sun eats lunch by herself in the lunchroom and picks at her food. Shes glad its over because it was too good to be true. She tells herself that nothing is more important than food and starts devouring her lunch the way she used to.

Dal storms into Hwa Youngs office as shes meeting with her lawyer. Dal confirms Hwa Young already knew about her relationship with Bong Sun. Too bad because Dal considers Bong Sun like a stranger to her. But what she cant forgive is Hwa Young setting her up. One day she will reveal everything to the world. Hwa Young tells her to go ahead, but then she wants the car keys back then, and the modeling contract is also over. Sensing Dal is still under her grasp, Hwa Young wants Dal to continue until everything is completely over between Bong Sun and Jae Hee.

Dal goes to see Dr. Park and asks for his professional opinion, but first reluctantly thanks him for sticking up for her yesterday. Dal shares a story about a hungry beggar girl and the biscuit selling ahjumma who tempts her with food. But she purposely throws the food on the ground first even though she can give the beggar a clean one. Dr. Park says the choice depends on the beggar girls beliefs. Will she refuse to eat, or not care about the dirty food and eat it to stave off hunger. Dal asks how she should choose? Dr. Park says she needs to figure out what her principles are instead of asking others. Dal gets up and wheels her luggage inside, telling Dr. Park to watch it for her.

Maru and Bong Sun are at the convenience store and she notices him staring at the girl working behind the counter. On the drive back, Maru is in a super happy mood, whistling and smiling. Bong Sun wonders how Maru is in love so soon. He says not yet since he hasnt even spoke to her. Bong Sun tells him to turn the car around and shell help him. Maru declines and wonders if Bong Sun is fighting with Jae Hee recently? Bong Sun says love is just too complicated.

Bong Sun and Maru pull up outside of Perche where protesters are waving signs decrying the companys behavior in hoodwinking its customers. Bong Sun suddenly realizes that the reporter at the party managed to set a trap and get her to reveal the truth about the bag theft. Bong Sun realizes she did in fact reveal the truth, albeit unknowingly. Jae Hee arrives at the office where the employees are all gossiping about the scandal. He finds out that the arriving vehicles have dropped by half in one day.

Dal looks at a poster of herself and thinks back to what Hwa Young said. An employee comes up asking Dal to sign, which surprises her but she quickly signs. She reminds herself that this is a great opportunity and she wont let it pass her by. She runs into Bong Sun, who asks where Dal is staying now. Dal lies that its a good place but Bong Sun knows its at the jjimjalbang. She tells Dal not to eat too many eggs since shes prone to farting.

Bong Sun goes to see Jae Hee, who is stunned to see her. He starts first and apologizes to her for the other day. Bong Sun says she made a mistake in front of the reporter, who pretended to be an employee of the company and got the information from Bong Sun. He says its no big deal now, hell handle the aftermath. Bong Sun leaves but gets a call from her superior that Perche has filed a lawsuit against her for spreading false rumors about their company.

Bong Sun storms back into Jae Hees office and asks if hes the one who filed suit against her? If not, then its Hwa Young. So this is what Jae Hee meant when he said he would take care of matters. Jae Hee asks what lawsuit but Bong Sun tells him to ask Hwa Young and leaves. Jae Hee cant reach Hwa Young in person or on the phone. Dal is meeting with Hwa Young and says Bong Sun considers the relationship over. But Jae Hee appears to be head over heels for Bong Sun so its going to be hard on him.

Dal correctly notes that Hwa Youngs plot to split up Bong Sun and Jae Hee stem from her being unable to have Jae Hee so she wont let anyone else have him. Hwa Young tosses a cup of water in Dals face and then calmly hands her a napkin to dry herself. Dal wont do anything more to Bong Sun and Jae Hee, but she wants her modeling contract to continue otherwise she will go tell Jae Hee. Hwa Young tells Dal to tell Jae Hee, but shell end up losing her modeling contract in the end. Dal is now on the same boat as Hwa Young.

Bong Sun reads in the papers about the Perche lawsuit. She tells her superior that she did nothing wrong, but he says to let the courts decide. But she might end up being fired in the worst case scenario. He asks if she can settle with the company. Jae Hee runs back home but still cant find the Wicked Witch anywhere. Bong Sun returns to her precinct and sees her daddy waiting for her. Hes furious and starts raging at Bong Sun while her captain restrains him. Captain wonders whats gotten into that Perche boy, suing his own girlfriend. The captain says Bong Suns dad was his sunbae when he first joined the department.

Bong Suns suggests that her dad is not worried about her, but worried about her tainting his legacy. Bong Sun wonders why hes so disappointed in her when she came from him. Shes been an adult for the past 13 years and doesnt need him lecturing her now. She leaves him there and walks away. Bong Sun comes home to find her mom cleaning. Mom wonders where Dal went but Bong Sun doesnt have the energy to explain, only saying Dal is staying with friends now.

Bong Sun goes out and ignores a call from Jae Hee. He wants to schedule a press conference for tomorrow. Dal goes back to Dr. Parks office and tries to brazen her way in to spend the night, but he kicks her out. She sits outside in the cold and he predictably softens and lets her back in. Both of them spend the night in his office since his apartment under renovation. She warns him not to drool over her and he says he cant possibly be interested in her immature ways.

Jae Hee goes to the precinct and finds out Bong Sun has left. The precinct chief asks to have tea with Jae Hee and confesses that he doesnt like Jae Hee. Since hes shown up, it worries him when he sees Jae Hee and Bong Sun together. They are from such different worlds. Jae Hee says he will work hard, but the chief asks what type of working hard entails filing suit. Jae Hee promises to dismiss the lawsuit. The chief knows that Bong Sun isnt the type of person to spread rumors. Now word has spread all over the police ranks and Bong Sun might even be suspended or fired. He asks Jae Hee to consider what he is doing and how his actions affect Bong Sun.

Jae Hee finally gets a call from Hwa Young and he looks pissed. They plan to meet back at the office. Bong Sun goes to see Hwa Young and barges past the employees into her office. Bong Sun never knew Hwa Young would go so far, shes not even a human being anymore. Jae Hee still trusts her now, shouldnt she be grateful. Hwa Young is fine with sacrificing Bong Sun for the sake of the company. She suggest Bong Sun confess to save time and money. The company is Jae Hees lifes work, shouldnt she be fine sacrificing herself for him.

Jae Hee storms in and yells at Hwa Young for daring to suggest such a thing. He turns and asks Bong Sun to leave. Shes not back down, asking how dare they treat her like this. Shell walk to the end with them, and see how they turn her into a guilty person. Bong Sun walks past Jae Hee and says they are completely over now. Jae Hee asks to talk later but Bong Sun has nothing else to say to him and leaves.

Jae Hee wants Hwa Young to dismiss the lawsuit. She refuses despite the fact that she perpetrated the fraud in the first place. Hwa Young will only dismiss the lawsuit if Jae Hee breaks up with Bong Sun. If he breaks up with Bong Sun, she will dismiss the lawsuit under the pretense that she is forgiving Bong Sun. Jae Hee refuses because this still makes Bong Sun seem culpable. Hwa Young says this way Bong Sun still keeps her job. Jae Hee looks at Hwa Young and says he will break up (with Bong Sun).

Grrrrrr. I can end my commentary with just that, because my growl channels the rage, frustration, and anxiety we must all be feeling. Hwa Young pretty much went off the deep end in this episode, shedding any pretense that she was a decent human being. Even Dr. Park wondered if she was becoming a monster (answer: yes, and its too late for her to transform back). I do wonder if the writer is making her so batshit evil to give Jae Hee a good reason to cut ties with her by the end of the drama. If she was just this disapproving and controlling figure in his life, hes still be weighed down by his guilt towards mother-son that he cant ever have a clean start with Bong Sun. And those two cannot sustain a relationship with Hwa Young hovering around, even if she werent actively plotting against them. Shes like that creepy mother-in-law with an Oedipal complex towards her own son and resents the daughter-in-law for being able to marry her child. Ewwww.

My heart and my logic was 100% with Bong Sun on this one, and I was pleased that she wasnt completely distrusting of Jae Hee. Shes rightfully confused and hurt (who wouldnt be) watching Dal kiss him, and that only adds to a steady stream of secrets and lies shes encountered with him. We the viewer know Jae Hee is sincere and not at fault with Dal, but to Bong Sun hes just the guy whos waltzed into her life and stole her heart in a very dangerous way. Their argument after Bong Sun saw the kiss was amazingly real. Her hurt and distrust, his anger and impatience. Arent those the personality traits that have dogged those two their adult life and form the crux of their emotional problems? The writer brilliantly shows that the couples fight falls into their emotional hang ups.

Dal pisses me off even though I think the drama wants to redeem her in the end, and maybe even give her a love line with Dr. Park. Right now shes pond scum to me, a woman who will sell her soul, pride, and compassion to achieve her materialistic dreams. Dals anecdote about the beggar girl was all wrong. That girl was starving. Dal is like an average girl who doesnt have the money to buy an expensive coat. One is a necessity, the other a luxury. Selling out her sisters happiness at the expense of her own selfish dreams makes her a piece of trash in my view. Hwa Young may be the mastermind, but Dal is now a willing accomplice. While she does display glimpses of hesitation, in the end she still chooses the path that inflicts pain on others. I hate people like that.

Its funny how Bong Sun and Jae Hee, who are suffering in different ways from their childhood traumas, never hurt anyone purposefully. They go out of their way to treat people right. They are good people who deserve happiness, which is why Hwa Youngs actions tear me to pieces. I cant believe she would argue that she would sue Bong Sun over spreading false rumors, despite the fact that she perpetrated the fraud in the first place. Her logic escapes me, and Im glad Jae Hee is starting to see her for what she has become. He cant possibly continue to make excuses for her anymore. It frustrates me that Jae Hee wont just step forward and announce and take responsibility for the bag theft and absolve Bong Sun of any guilt. Who cares whether Hwa Young agrees or not. Hes also part owner of the company, and shes gone behind his back and done plenty of things without his approval. But that would require their partnership and friendship to be irrevocably damaged, and he might not be ready to do so yet.

I said before that the plot devices in M2F hold no interest for me, and the Great Bag Theft of 2011 is like the undead plot device that just wont go away. Im fascinated watching Bong Sun react to one bombshell revelation after another, and seeing Jae Hee man up to protect his woman. This drama has the good kind of angst, one that may be dramatic but flows true from the personality of the characters and makes me care about what might happen to them if the situation is not resolved. I firmly believe that Jae Hee and Bong Sun can solve any and all misunderstandings with more kissy kissy and less talky talky. Bring back the kissy, writer-nim, and stop making Bong Sun cry and Jae Hee all stressed out.