My Favorite Stars- Where are they? What are they doing?

My Favorite Stars- Where are they? What are they doing?

As the big stars successfully finish up their last work, they will have tons of calls from everywhere, be it a drama, movie, advertisement, variety show and etc. Their name value goes up with popularity, and their calendar will be filled with tons of scheduled activities. However, it is much needed for these stars to rest up while they carefully consider their next move in selecting the best work they can perform in. Especially for the actors/ actresses, their next work and next character will define them in their career, so they are as cautious as ever. While they are taking their time and rest up though, they will rain us with their glad presence in other forms such as photoshoots and shooting many advertisements. Let’s see what our favorite stars have been up to lately

One of the hottest star right now would be our Goblin Bride, actress Kim Go-eun-I. She’s gotten even more beautiful lately, and she’s taking a good advantage on her beauty by taking multiple commercials. Her clean, refreshing image is loved by many brands including the popular make-up brands.

Kim Go-eun-I herself is the trend of South Korea right now and she’s seen everywhere as we walk down the street of South Korea!

So-called the Proportion Goddess, Nana! As a singer and now an actress, she has developed a sophisticated look with her many colors, taking many advertisements.

Since she has such a great body proportion, she can make any clothes look like it should be on the runway. This great strength is much loved by many fashion brands.

The thing is, she is not only blessed with her good body, but also a beautiful face, which have gotten her a spot on a beauty brand commercial also.

Everything she does will become a trend!

Actor Bae Yong-joon’s one and only, actress Park Soo-jin is here!

She haven’t been on any movie or drama since 2013, but she’s been busy with her newly-wed life along with becoming a mother. She’s become a role-model for a lot of young moms too, and she’s now the face of a diaper brand model.

Ah, my favorite! Actress Seo Hyun-jin have been seen on a lot of advertisements also. Since she is everyone’s favorite foodie actress, she’s seen in a lot of food brand commercials including this yummy looking fried chicken restaurant!

She’s taken a lot of jewelry and beauty related commercials also. Personally, I feel like her face is a face suited for Korea’s traditional clothing, Hanbok. She have that oriental beauty vibe on her.

He is a great actor, but whenever I see him modeling for various commercials, I remember the fact that he was originally a model. From male makeup line to fashion brands, he is also loved by many popular brands in Korea.…