[Spoiler] "The Queen"s Flower" Kim Seong-ryeong cries over daughter"s death

Kim Seong-ryeong cried when she heard the news regarding her daughter"s death.

On the eighteenth episode of the MBC drama "The Queen"s Flower", Rena (Kim Seong-ryeong) and In-cheol (Lee Hyeong-cheol) fought.

In-cheol was surprised to hear that Rena and Min-joon (Lee Jong-hyuk) were seeing each other and threatened Rena to talk about her past if she didn"t break up with him. When Rena didn"t react, he agreed to keep her secret if she kept his.

Rena asked about her baby. "How big is she now? Is she growing up well? She should be about 23-years-old now. Just tell me about her I won"t ask to see her".

In-cheol said, "She died. She died a month after we brought her. So don"t think about her and just go your way".

Rena didn"t want to believe it, then cried.




[Spoiler] "The Queen"s Flower" Kim Seong-ryeong reunites with abandoned daughter Lee Seong-kyeong

Kim Seong-ryeong and Lee Seong-kyeong reunited.

MBC drama "The Queen"s Flower" showed Lee Sol (Lee Seong-kyeong) getting a job at TNC. On the first day, she was preparing for work when she saw a picture of Rena (Kim Seong-ryeong) and In-cheol (Lee Hyeong-cheol) and a jeogori (traditional Korean upper garment). Yang-soon (Song Ok-sook) came in and took the picture away from her. When Lee Sol asked who she was, she said, "You don"t need to know".

The next day, Lee Sol was on the way to work when she reunited with Rena at the elevator.

"The Queen"s Flower" is a drama about a woman full of desires, reuniting with the daughter she abandoned.




KBS "I'll Give You The Stars and The Moon" VS SBS "My Daughter, Flower"

KBS 1TV daily drama "I'll Give You The Stars and The Moon" rated 15.4% in average on the first week, making it the lead compared to MBC "Just Like Today" (11.0%) and SBS drama "My Daughter, Flower" (14.4%).

However, reality says you can't always laugh about it. The previous "Just You" ended with 20.7% but "I'll Give You The Stars and The Moon" is into eight episodes now and hasn't been able to keep up to par with the previous drama and is being threatened by "My Daughter, Flower".

A KBS official reviewed that, "Seeing that daily dramas go on for about 6 months, it's too soon to worry about the percentage of "I'll Give You The Stars and The Moon". In the flood of strong and stimulating dramas these days, realistic and domestic drama, "I'll Give You The Stars and The Moon" will take its place as the highest rated drama and recover the reputation of daily dramas".

Expectations for "Ill Give You the Stars" is high as no other drama in KBS has been able to step over 20% to beat "Smile, Dong Hae" which made a record of 40% and more.

"I'll Give You The Stars and The Moon" is about a man with a trauma from his childhood and a woman who loves him. The cast includes, Jo Dong-hyeok, Seo Ji-hye, Ko Se-won, Moon Bo-ryeong, Kim Yeong-cheol and more.

"My Daughter, Flower" a competing drama, is about a mother and daughter who are not blood related, committing their lives to one another. It is about to end on the 18th and tension revolves around the drama when they find out that the mother and daughter have matching DNA.



Spoiler "The Flower in Prison" Jin Se-yeon escapes Haejoo thank you to Choi Tae-joon

Jin Se-yeon controlled to get out of the Haejoo Provincial Office.

On the twenty-fifth episode of the MBC drama "The Flower in Prison", Ok-nyeo (Jin Se-yeon) searched forsome way to proudly leave the Haejoo Provincial Administrative center and go back to Hanyang in its place of running away.

Ji Cheon-deuk (Jeong Eun-pyo), Jeon Woo-chi (Lee Se-chang) and Ko Dae-gil (Lee Jeong-yong) heard that Ok-nyeo used to be alive and headed to Haejoo. Ji Cheon-deuk told Ok-nyeo, "I am never going back to Hanyang alone. I'm taking you with me even thoughthat implies running". However, Ok-nyeo said, "We cannot run forever. I am thinking of a method to get out of here". She told him her plan of having on the nicefacet of the govt officials who are attending the village festival soon and the use of that so that you could return to Hanyang. "I wantthe onesother folks on my side".

Seong Ji-hyeon (Choi Tae-joon) reunited with Ok-nyeo faster than thought. He returned early to take revenge on Yoon Won-hyeong and Yoon Tae-won. He asked how she turned into going get out of the ara and Ok-nyeo told him his plan.

The day came overyet Ok-nyeo did not meet Lord Jejo. The individualanswerable for the festival hadn't showed up yet and if that was the case, the festival had to be cancelled. Ok-nyeo claimed she may just do it and se passed the examine Lee Ji-ham (Joo Jin-mo) gave her. She took where of the man in price and met the Lord Jejo.

After the festival, Lord Jejo called Ok-nyeo in and asked her to solve a question. She did and Jejo didn't hesitate to compliment her.

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Yeon Jeong-hoon and Han Ga-in celebrate daughter's 100th day

Yeon Jeong-hoon and Han Ga-in celebrate daughter's 100th day

Actor actress couple Yeon Jeong-hoon and Han Ga-in celebrated their daughter's 100th day.

The couple welcomed their first daughter on April 13th this year in 11 years after their marriage. The gladma and pa had a small tournament to celebrate their daughter's 100th day like any other folks would do.

Yeon Jeong-hoon and Han Ga-in met thru KBS 2TV's 'Yellow Handkerchief', 2003. Since they co-starred in the drama, their courtingstarted and the 2in the endwere given married in 2005.

Han Ga-in is lately busy with parenting. Yeon Jeong-hoon achieved filming the U.S. and China joint movie, 'Skiptrace' also starring Jacky Chan, Fan Bingbing, Johnny Knoxville. 'Skiptrace' may be released in China soon.

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Park Soo Jin Unearths She and Hubby Bae Yong Joon Are Hoping For A Daughter

Park Soo Jin Unearths She and Hubby Bae Yong Joon Are Hoping For A Daughter

Park Soo Jin Finds She and Hubby Bae Yong Joon Are Hoping For A Daughterehk38 July 20, 2016 0 Park Soo Jin Displays She and Hubby Bae Yong Joon Are Hoping For A Daughter At the July 20 episode of cable channel OliveTV display Oksu-dongs HighestScholar (working title), Jung Sung Ho and his daughter seem as visitors and make more than a few dishes together.

Watching how Jung Sun Hos daughter looks after her mother, Park Soo Jin remarks, I would like a daughter too.

Shim Young Soon asks, If it is really helpful tomake a decision from a son or daughter?

I would be so thankful for either, yetI'd prefer a daughter, Park Soo Jin replies.

Your husband (Bae Yong Joon) too? Jung Sung Ho asks, to which Park Soo Jin responds, He's of the similar mind, but we also dont know the sex of the baby yet.

Meanwhile, it used to bepublished in overdue April that Park Soo Jin and Bae Yong Joon are awaiting their first child. The 2 tied the knot remaining year in July.

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TWICE’s Dahyun Makes Kim Min Suk’s Middle Pound On “Flower Crew”

TWICE’s Dahyun Makes Kim Min Suk’s Middle Pound On “Flower Crew”

TWICEs Dahyun Makes Kim Min Suks Middle Pound On Flower Workforce JiwonYu July 16, 2016 0 TWICEs Dahyun Makes Kim Min Suks Heart Pound On Flower Crew At thecontemporary episode of Flower Crew on July 16, TWICEs Nayeon and Dahyun got here as visitors and had an ideal time with Kim Min Suk.

When theyre having dinner, Dahyun makes a wrap for Kim Min Suk and he asks, Is this for me? Really? and Dahyun adds, Its really big.

Kim Min Suk assures her, Oppa has a large mouth, and Dahyun feeds Kim Min Suk herself.

Watching the two, SEO Jang Hoon pokes a laugh at them, saying, Min Suk is like a soldier still so his heart will have to be pounding.

However, when Two times had been introduced originally of the show, Kim Min Suk asked, Is Jungyeon no longer here? making the 2contributors flustered.

Ahn Jung Hwan added, When we were showering yesterday, Kim Min Suk acknowledged that he loved TWICEs Jungyeon.

Watch Kim Min Suk and Dahyuns interplay here:

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Next Story Lee Jin Wooks Firm Sues A For False Accusation Of Sexual Assault, Clarifies Dating With A

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BTS’s Jungkook Talks Existing Love Existence  And perfect  Kind On “Flower Crew”

BTS’s Jungkook Talks Existing Love Existence And perfect Kind On “Flower Crew”

BTSs Jungkook Talks Present Love LifestylesAnd perfectSort On Flower Staff ehk38 July 15, 2016 0 BTSs Jungkook Talks Recent Love Life And Ideal Style On Flower Crew At the July 15 episode of SBS pilot program Flower Crew, BTS member Jungkook stocks about his ideal type.

While in the auto with SEO Jang Hoon and Ahn Jung Hwan, Ahn Jung Hwan asks Jungkook if he has a girlfriend. He says he does not.

Ahn Jung Hwan continues, Is there somebody youre interested in? Jungkook replies, Me? Uh I do have an important type.

Who is it? Ahn Jung Hwan asks.

IU sunbae, Jungkook reveals, smiling.

Flower Crew is self-described as a A program by the viewer, for the viewer, and of the viewer. The displaylayoutis composed of a are living vote thru Naver V LIVE that permitsaudience to resolve the fate of the six celebrities throughout their travel together.

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Kim Min Suk Talks About Maximum  Contemporary Breakup On “Flower Crew”

Kim Min Suk Talks About Maximum Contemporary Breakup On “Flower Crew”

Kim Min Suk Talks About MaximumContemporary Breakup On Flower Workforce ehk38 July 14, 2016 0 Kim Min Suk Talks About Most Recent Breakup On Flower Crew At the upcoming episode of SBSs pilot program Flower Crew, Kim Min Suk enjoys a barbequebirthday celebration with Ahn Jung Hwan and BTSs Jungkook.

During their conversation, Ahn Jung Hwan asks Kim Min Suk if hes ever dated, and Kim Min Suk coolly responds, A lot.

He adds, Its been about part a year since breaking apart with my remaining girlfriend.

Ahn Jung Hwan assists in keeping fishing and asks, Whens the last time you kissed. In any case uncomfortable, Kim Min Suk chooses no longer to remark and in its place gulps his wine.

In an try toexchange the conversation, Kim Min Suk says, I heard that during France wine is seemed asbloodless medicine. Have you heard of Vin Chaud.

This episode of Flower Crew will air on SBS on July 15 at 11:20 p.m. KST.

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BIGBANGs Taeyang Stocks Throwback Photo With Tablos Daughter Haru

BIGBANGs Taeyang Stocks Throwback Photo With Tablos Daughter Haru

BIGBANG’s Taeyang Stocks Throwback Photo With Tablo’s Daughter Haruilmare42 July 12, 2016 0 BIGBANG’s Taeyang Shares Throwback Photo With Tablo’s Daughter Haru BIGBANG member Taeyang has shared a adorable throwback photo with his friend Haru, sometimes called the daughter of Epik High’s Tablo!

On July 12, Taeyang shared a sweet photo to Instagram of himself smiling with Haru, whos siting on his lap whilstkeeping a crammed toy (which looks find it irresistiblemay smartly be the unicorn Taeyang gave her!).

Viewers of “The Go back of Superman” were givento peer Taeyang and Haru hang out in combination in a prior episode of the show, when Tablo printed that Taeyang is a giant fan of Haru, and we saw Taeyang gifting her with the stuffed unicorn.

Around the similar time as Taeyang posted the photo to Instagram, Tablo tweeted a link to the song video for their cover assignment of Taeyang’s hit song “Eyes, Nose, Lips,” and encouraged each personto visiteither Epik High’s upcoming concert and BIGBANG’s 10th anniversary concert. Back in 2014, Taeyang shared a video of Harus own duvet of this song, which is without a doubtvalue a pay attention too.

PEACE#에픽하이여름콘가자 #그리고빅뱅십주년콘서트도가자 https://t.co/1WD9Eh6xNz

— tablo (@blobyblo) July 12, 2016

Tablo also sent an “I love you” tweet to Taeyang, who responded with “It’s a hit. A hit!” with middle emojis. Tablo shot back in reply, “My heart’s racing.”

— tablo (@blobyblo) July 12, 2016

— tablo (@blobyblo) July 12, 2016

Epik Top will soon be holding their series of small-venue “Now Gambling 2016” concerts beginning later this month, while BIGBANG is gearing up for their 10th anniversary concert in August.

Update: This newsletter has been corrected to mirror that here's an old photograph. Confidently the pair get to reunite soon!

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