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Sean stocks pictures of trendy walk with Wife Jung Hye Young and Youngest Daughter

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Sean Shares Photos of elegant Stroll with Wife Jung Hye Young and Youngest Daughter Jinusean member Sean, actress Jung Hye Young, and their youngest daughter Hael look like a true fashionista circle of relatives in Burberry outfits whilst on an afternoon out together.

On November 17, Sean posted several photos of himself with his wife Jung Hye Young and daughter Hael to his Instagram, with the trio taking a look either chic and toasty warm in their trendy and complementary wintry weather outfits. On every photo, he comprises the hashtags “#burberry” and “#happiertoday” in addition his daughter’s name.

On an image of the trio walking down the street, he writes, “Family…” and on one choice of lovable photos of Jung Hye Young with Hael, he writes as the caption, “Hye Young and Little Hye Young’s date.”

Sean and Jung Hye Young turned into husband and wife in 2004, and feature 4 adorable kids together, with two sons and two daughters.

Photos of Eugene and Ki Tae Young′s Daughter Clutch Attention

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Photos of Eugene and Ki Tae Young′s Daughter Clutch Attention

--> Photos of Eugene and Ki Tae Young′s daughter Ro Hee are attracting attention.

Eugene and Lee Sang Woo, the stars of KBS drama All About My Mom, gave the impression at the October 22 broadcast of KBS′ Happy in combination 3 and taken along one hundred pieces that cling special memories.

Eugene brought along a T-shirt, the primary gift she gained from Bada, announcing "I think because it′s a gift, I′ll wear it more."

Bada, who called in right through the display and heard Eugene′s comment, said, "The T-shirt is truly pretty. The drawing is truly cute, so it′d be great if Eugene passed it directly to her daughter Ro Hee to wear as a antique piece."

At the mention of Eugene and Ki Tae Young′s daughter, photos of a doe-eyed, chubby-cheeked Ro Hee were printed on the show, grabbing viewers′ attention.

Lee Bo Young feels dissatisfied when other folks say their daughter seems like Ji Sung?

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Lee Bo Young feels dissatisfied when other folks say their daughter seems like Ji Sung?

Lee Bo Young met up with MBC"s "Section TV" for an interview lately where she mentioned her husband, Ji Sung, and their little one daughter.

She won the compliment that she looked the similar even after giving birth, and she answered modestly, "Not precisely the same.  I think it comes off that way since the lighting fixtures and the sunlight are good."

When asked which parent the daughter resembles more, she replied, "Our daughter looks like her father, Ji Sung.  Whenever of us glance at our daughter and say she looks like her father, I believe it used to be me who gave birth to her and feel slightly upset," making everybody laugh.

She became also told that she and Ji Sung crowned a survey in which humans chose which real-life couple they maximum sought after to peer act together.  She said, "I don"t think I"d be ready to immerse myself because i might laugh when i glance at his face.  Why are you looking to remove my happiness when I cross out and spot other people?  I"ll simplest see my husband at home.  

"Recently, there is an actor with whom i wished to take a appearance at out acting, yet I"m not likely to mention who.  There is too giant an age difference between he and me, so it won"t do," raising interest.  Someone even more youthful than Lee Jong Suk?

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Ji Sung Finds Daughter’s call and Lee Bo Young’s reaction against His “Manner Hands”

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Ji Sung Exhibits Daughter’s Name and Lee Bo Young’s Response toward His “Manner Hands” Ji Sung made an appearance at the September 6 episode of “Section television Entertainment News,” and mentioned his “manner hands” in his movies. “Manner hands” talk to quite so much of gestures through men intended to turn attention towards women, for example, extending one’s hands close to the doorframe of a vehicle when a girl is getting out, in order that she doesn’t bump her head.

Ji Sung used to be told that he turns out to understand ladies very well, as a result of his “manner hands” whilst he's acting. He talked about how his wife feels about it in this episode, pronouncing “My wife, Lee Bo Young, doesn’t even know that I steadily have manner hands for her, because she never looks up.”

He endured to describe his complaint toward Lee Bo Young’s loss of attention, saying, “Lee Bo Young complained to me why I never do the ‘manner hands’ for her. I didn’t realize what she turned into speaking about.”

He also published the name of his daughter, “Kwak Ji Yoo,” who was up to now just given the nickname Bobe. Ji Sung’s genuine name is Kwak Tae Geun.

Baek Ji Young Spends Bonding Time With Yuri’s Daughter

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Baek Ji Young Spends Bonding Time With Yuri’s Daughter Baek Ji Young spent an stress-free time with her easiest friend’s daughter.

On August 30, Cool’s Yuri posted shots on her Instagram together with the caption, “Hold tight on in your auntie’s face. She’s playing herself~ They’re either so lovable and adorable.”

In the printed pictures, Yuri’s daughter Sa Li Ha is sitting at the shoulders of Baek Ji Young. the feminine singer may also be observed with a wide smile as the kid is conserving directly to her cheeks with a overjoyed expression on her face.

Meanwhile, Yuri tied the knot with a pro golfer/businessman February 2014 and gave birth to her daughter the similar year in August. She is these days pregnant with her 2nd child.

Lee Young-ae and her stunning 4-year-old daughter

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Lee Young-ae and her stunning 4-year-old daughter

Actress Lee Young-ae"s daughter is simply as gorgeous as her mother.

A image of the mummy and kid used to be posted online recently.

Lee Young-ae and her kid are taking a look clear of the camera and smiling. The little lady has an air of secrecy like her mother"s.

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Joo Young Hoon and Lee Yoon Mi Welcome baby Daughter Into the world

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Joo Young Hoon and Lee Yoon Mi Welcome infant Daughter Into the world Composer < robust>Joo Young Hoon and actress < robust>Lee Yoon Mi welcomed a child daughter into the world on August four.

The composer uploaded photographs of his circle of relatives on Instagram and wrote, “four days later than expected. four:11 a.m. We gave birth to a three. five kg (approx. 7.7 lbs), healthy daughter thru a circle of relatives water birth.”

In the footage, Lee Yoon Mi is keeping her newborn daughter whilst Joo Young Hoon embraces them from at the back of. In every other photo, their firstborn daughter < robust>Ara is visual as smartly.

The proud father also printed his newborn daughter’s call. He wrote, “Daughter’s call is < robust>Joo Ra El. Thank you to everybody who cheered for us.”

Mean whilst, the couple married in 2006 and had their first daughter in 2010.

Congratulations to the satisfied circle of relatives!

Lee Young-ae's nation existence at Muno-ri is captured on television camera. talking walks alongside beautiful daughter.

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Lee Young-ae's nation existence at Muno-ri is captured on television camera. talking walks alongside beautiful daughter.

in plus,A "making of" video turned into once movie the usage of the theorem that of blackAnd white to offer back degree get entry to to the shoot for the populace. In the video, scenes of theActress getting ready, striking on brandup,And posing for the tv camera no longer to be had in the photasAre made to be had. you'll in locateing this video on JLOOK"s Social mediaAnd YouTubeAccounts.

Lee Young-ae will brand her tv drama comebackAfterwardsA xi yearAbsence alongside SBS" drama "Saimdang, the Herstory" scheduled toAir someday in 2016.

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Passersby has saved the life of a mum and young daughter after they fell from sixth floor

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Passersby Break Mother and Young Daughters Fall From 6th Floor, Saving Their Lives A mother and her young daughter fell from an apartment building, but were luckily caught by passersby, saving their lives.

According to various news reports, on June 9 at around 11:45 p.m., Mrs. A and her eight-year-old daughter fell from the sixth floor of an apartment building in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do. Fortunately for them, a tree in the flower garden below, as well as a few passersby, broke their fall, preventing more severe injuries.

A police associate said, It seems the mother and child fell together. Thanks to the trees and the passersby, the worst could be avoided. They also said, At the time of the rescue, all of the injured were conscious, but their exact condition will only be revealed after the full examination.

Along with Mrs. A and her daughter, the three passersby were also injured, namely their back and shoulders.

The fire department said that it mobilized emergency help after it got the call that someone was calling for help from her balcony before falling from it.

Police also reported that they are investigating the family and witnesses about what happened in the house at the time of the accident.

*The photo above is unrelated to the story and is a generic image of a Korean apartment.

Ki Tae Young and Eugene reveal photos of their adorable daughter on air

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Ki Tae Young and Eugene reveal photos of their adorable daughter on air

Celebrity couple Eugene and Ki Tae Young recently revealed pictures of their newborn baby daughter on the April 18 airing of "Entertainment Weekly"!

This is the first time that the two have publicly revealed a picture of their daughter.

When talking about finally becoming a father, Ki Tae Young gleefully replied, "Now that I have a baby, I wonder why we didn"t have [a baby] earlier." He then reluctantly revealed that the baby daughter has the looks of the father.

Ki Tae Young also sent a video message to his daughter, Ro Hee, expressing his love for his first baby daughter. He said, "Ro Hee, thank you for being born so healthily. Whatever happens, wherever it is, I will protect you. Until there is a person who can replace me. I love you."

Check out their adorable daughter in the segment above!