MXM Shares Their Feelings On Making An Official Debut

MXM Shares Their Feelings On Making An Official Debut

Brand New Music duo MXMs Im Young Min and Kim Dong Hyun took part in a photo shoot with fashion magazine @star1 and talked about their debut in an interview that followed.

Asked how they felt when their agency first suggested a unit debut, they replied, We were happy about it, but it was also daunting because were entering the world of professionals, and thats different from competing among trainees. Thats why we worked even harder on our album.

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They then revealed, Our pre-release song Good Day was a song we used to sing with Lee Dae Hwi and Park Woo Jin, so in order to fill in their parts, we added the part where Im Young Min yells saranghandei (I love you in the Gyeongsang Province dialect). There were probably lots of people who expected a heavy hip hop track, but were still rookies, so we wanted to come out with a song that fits our ages.

The interviewer noted that Im Young Min looks sweet and gentle but seems like he would be a very tough and determined guy in reality. He responded, Its true, and its partly due to my familys influence. My older brother is very academically smart, so my parents would compare the two of us without meaning to. I didnt want to hear those words, so I studied really hard.

MXM revealed that they were unsure about whether becoming an idol was the right way to go, even during their appearance in Produce 101 Season 2. But now, they were able to say with confidence, Were standing exactly where we want to be.

Meanwhile, MXM is getting ready to make their official debut on September 6. Check out their teasers here!