[MV & Album Review] Junhyung — ‘Wonder If’

[MV & Album Review] Junhyung — ‘Wonder If’

Junhyung (of Highlight fame) has released a brand new solo single, ‘Wonder If.’ The album was composed by him (naturally) and contains two tracks. The title track features singer/songwriter/rapper Heize. 

On the melancholic “Too Much Love Kills Me,” Junhyung sings about an evil woman who was bad and broke his heart. The imagery is stark and depressing, as he drinks to try and forget her, and wishes her ill. The Highlight leader brings his trademark edgy voice to the mix, laid over a slow R&B beat. It’s not all that much of a departure from Highlight or BEAST, but it still sounds pretty good. It’s far from the most uplifting song, but it definitely sets the mood.

The title track is another slow-burn R&B, though it’s slightly faster than the previous one. It sounds a lot like it, too, which is a little disappointing, as I was hoping for a different sound. It’s a little less reflective and is written as a love letter, and he asks if she still looks the same, does the same things, etc. Heize answers him back, telling him nothing can change her, and that she hopes he’s different so she can change him back the way he was. It actually has an element of hope running through it, but it goes back to Junhyung’s now familiar refrain. For a title track, it’s not as strong as the other song.

Overall, this was a little underwhelming. I like Highlight, and Junhyung, in particular, has done some outstanding work. This was, unfortunately… the exception. Here we have two extremely similar sounding songs, and “Wonder If” was not as good as I was hoping for, and frankly repetitive. I’ve heard better, and I think this talented young man can do better than this.  

The MV is largely Junhyung doing largely what he was trying to do in “Too Much Love Kills Me.” He goes about his night, alone, spending time in a pipe shop with several hookahs prominently displayed, he calls his girl on the phone, and ends up with a beautiful girl, but Heize shows up and watches him, as his would-be companion for the night departs. He knows that he will be haunted by memories of his ex, no matter what.

The MV is well-shot and well-acted, even if it’s not really clear what it has to do with the title track. I like the way Junhyung is framed against the background, whether wreathed in neon or against a solid monochrome shot.

There’s no dancing and no real wardrobe changes, nor do there need to be for this style of music. This represents the dark place in the soul from which Junhyung writes his songs, and it’s dark indeed. There are scenes which seemed to have the happiness sapped right out of them, the color drained. It is not a happy MV.

I like how all this was put together. Even though it gave you a story that was more reminiscent of the first tune (except for when he was “just curious”), it was still a great watch. And I’d probably watch it again.

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