[MV & Album Review] G-Friend – ‘Rainbow / Summer Rain’

[MV & Album Review] G-Friend – ‘Rainbow / Summer Rain’

Hot on the heels of the successful ‘Love Whisper,’ G-Friend is back again with the repackage album ‘Rainbow.’ This has all the tracks you love from ‘Love Whisper,’ plus two brand new tracks, “Summer Rain” and the titular “Rainbow.” Since the original album has already been reviewed, we’re going to just focus on the two new songs.

The title track is “SUMMER RAIN,” a refreshing balladic tune that makes a really good fall track. It’s not technically autumn yet, so it falls into that gray area. It starts out with a pretty classical vignette, and then quickly acquires a beat and some subtle sampled scratchings. These kinds of beautiful songs are what G-Friend does best, and that is exemplified here. The angelic vocals, along with the occasional rain effects, help make this song pop.

“RAINBOW” is more my kind of tune. Why they didn’t promote with this, I’m not sure, but I think the title track lends itself more to a dramatic MV, which might have influenced their decision. I like the electric guitars on this song — it just makes this tune even more lit. Particularly during the chorus. The girls are already plenty strong as vocalists, but it definitely makes more of an impact.

The great thing about this that these tunes fit right in with the rest of the album. G-Friend has a style that comes through in every release, and these tunes provide some freshness without betraying that style. For G-Friend fans, this is just another pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The girls spend time in the rain, some with umbrellas, but Eunha is without. Everyone else gets umbrellas. I thought there was some significance to it, but apparently, it was a production issue.

They still manage to make a poignant MV. The girls are reflective, like in the song, but the tone seems to be one of sadness, of longing, of missed opportunities and love that only seems to be a memory. There are some deft touches to this video, like rain drops from an umbrella, or a drawing of a rainbow being soaked by a rain shower.

As usual, G-Friend slays it in the dancing scenes. They link hands, the group expanding like a sunburst, and then whirling off into a formation. They never break choreo, and it never looks awkward or off-kilter. This is one of the best aspects of any G-Friend MV and is highly enjoyable here.

Between the dancing and the drama, this is a fun MV. All the elements of a great video are here, and G-Friend manages to package them all well.

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