Must see earrings trends Korean celebs are wearing on and off screen

Must see earrings trends Korean celebs are wearing on and off screen

As the summer days heat up and we’re baring more skin, jewelry choices are becoming more essential to spice up our fashion. And what’s better than some fancy earrings to go with your ponytail? If want to update your jewelry collection and need some ideas on how to go about it, check out this cool designer brand we found called Haesoo.L.

Haesoo.L is one of Korea’s leading professionals when it comes to simple yet elegant jewelry. From high-quality sterling silver to eye-catching golds, their collection have already been spotted on the most fashionable It-girls and celebs alike.

This celeb-approved line’s delicate earrings are among the standout pieces with its on-trend designs. Check out these 8 amazing Korean celebrities who know how to accessorize and will have you stealing their look in no time!

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Nothing else can make you feel like the princess of style than these elegant earrings!

Yoo In Na’s role in ‘Goblin’ showcased her professional and elegant side as a businesswoman. She had a sense for both business and fashion! These drop earrings always looked best with her signature ponytail hairstyle. 

Hani of EXID has stolen the hearts of guys and girls alike with her captivating charm.   She effortlessly pairs the long earrings with an off-shoulder top and boosts her feminine concept. The earrings frame her soft face quite nicely because of the long, dangling style. If you want to master that angelic look, don’t hesitate to go with something on-trend, light and airy.


TWICE’s Nayeon’s trendy and chic fashion sense always impresses her fans! Nayeon reveals that her earrings can be perfect for casual or formal wear – an earring that does it all for any occasion! Don’t forget, the girl group even won an award from BillBoards fashion list! Let’s become just as fashionable with these beautiful, high-quality, crystal earrings.

The young and innocent YoonA of Girls’ Generation looks like an angel with these stunning, shining earrings. Unlike the other stars, she can be seen rocking this minimal yet statement-making design even off the stage! It is the perfect style that will make any feel confident and is celebrity-approved to be worn off stage! It is one of many star-studded looks fans can easily pull off all year round.


Yet again, another fashionista of TWICE has made it on the list and this time Sana is a queen with her classic look. Just like Sana, these earrings are an essential piece to any wardrobe and help you stand out in a simplistic way. You can never go wrong with classic hoops for your daily routine, right ladies?


Park Shin Hye is one of Korea’s top celebrity actors, so, it makes sense that she has to keep up with her modern and chic image, too! Shin Hye’s role as a doctor in the medical drama ‘Doctor Crush’ revealed a more professional side. She is always on the go and these studs were a simple way to put together her look even on her busiest, sleepless work days. Her simple approach to jewelry is just right for anyone new to the fashion game.


Yejin Pyo may be the star of ‘Fight My Way’ but it is time to dress her way, too. Yejin is showing us how to reveal our lovely sides with these glamorous, golden heart shaped earrings. Yejin Pyo was a boyfriend-stealing, back-stabbing character, but there’s just something about her that we can’t hate – and her fashion sense is one of them (plus, she is adorable)! The diamond studs add that expensive quality everyone will be jealous of!


Celebrity actress Hyebin Jeon is a real star with her adorable earrings. If you want to showcase your aegyo but keep your mature style at the same time, this earring is meant for you! Just like her character was the perfect woman in ‘Another Miss Oh,’ Hyebin Jeon’s fashion sense is also always right on point. Let these simple yet adorable earrings brighten up your day and maybe you’ll become ‘Another Miss Oh,’ too!


While you wouldn’t find Do Bong Soon wearing such cute earrings while fighting crime, you can serve up some fashionable justice with these charming dynamic pearl earrings. They hang elegantly and add a sense of wonder as the pearl sits in the spherical, thin center of the hoops – like a moon in the night sky.

Which celebrity style is perfect for you from this list? If you’re looking for something more or want to explore the rest of Haesoo.L’s trending Korean fashion pieces at 50% off, check out their site here!


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