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EXO takes 2nd win for "Growl" on SBS Inkigayo + other performances

For the August 25th episode of SBS Inkigayo, Big Bang's Seungri takes on his last comeback stage, performing "Gotta Talk To You" and "GG BE." Henry returns with his latest digital single "1,4,3" featuring Super Junior's Donghae and Eunhyuk. Other comebacks included NU'EST with "Beautiful Ghost" and "Sleep Talking" and Sunmi's solo debut with "24 Hours."

Other performers included BEAST - who performed their goodbye stage - Brown Eyed Girls, 2NE1, Henry with Donghae and Eunhyuk, Kim Hyunjoong, Koyote, Lim Jeonghee, ZE:A, B.A.P, EXO, NU'EST, TASTY, Bumkey with San E, Lush, and NC.A.

EXO, f(x) and Crayon Pop meet at the top of the Inkigayo charts tonight, with EXO taking the edge with their 2nd Inkigayo win for "Growl"!

Congratulations to EXO taking all the wins on all Music Shows this week!


EXO - Growl


BEAST releases "How To Love" MV

On August 25th, BEAST released a special music video for their medium-tempo ballad track "How To Love" especially for their fans, B2UTY.

Unlike most music videos, "How To Love" features a slideshow gallery of BEAST during their concerts, performances, during photoshoots and more, as handwritten letters from the members to fans scroll up.

Each members reveal their sadness as their promotions for "How To Love" come to an end, their final performance held on the SBS Inkigayo stage tonight. Despite only having the time to promote in July and August, BEAST felt the love from their fans and will continue to work hard in the future.

Check out their letters below!

Source: beastofficial

After School releases "Heaven" Japanese MV

Soon after completing their Korean activities with the track "First Love" in the first half of 2013, After School is prepping to continue promotions in Japan with their new upcoming single release, "Heaven."

Their 5th Japanese single "Heaven" is the first single in Japan they have released since "Lady Luck/Dilly Dally" in June 2012.

The music video for "Heaven" was released via Avex Network's YouTube channel on August 24th, which begins with After School showing off their pole dancing skills gained with "First Love."

"Heaven" explores the alluring side of After School and its music video, mainly set in dark places. The single is set for release on October 2nd.

Source: avexnetwork

EXO takes 2nd win for "Growl" on KBS Music Bank + other performances

For the August 23, 2013 episode of KBS Music Bank, comeback performers included Big Bang's Seungri and Sunmi, who makes her solo debut with "24 Hours."

Other performers for the night included EXO, Crayon Pop, BEAST, B.A.P, ZE:A, Koyote, VIXX, TASTY, Henry, M.I.B, HISTORY, Lim Jeonghee, K-Hunter, NC.A, MR.MR, Lee Jiahn and Mpire.

Crayon Pop and EXO meet each other at the top tonight, with EXO taking their 2nd win for "Growl" on KBS Music Bank!

Check out all the performances for tonight below! Next week, SPICA and Teen Top will make their return to the stage!

Crayon Pop - Bar Bar Bar

B.A.P - Badman

Sunmi - 24 Hours

EXO - Growl

VIXX - G.R.8.U

M.I.B - Men In Black

BEAST - How To Love

Seungri - Gotta Talk To u & GG BE

Sunmi - 24 Hours

ZE:A - Ghost of Wind

Koyote - Hollywood


Henry - 1,4,3 ft

BoA to release new Japanese single in October

BoA is set to release her 3rd single of 2013 this October, as announced through her official Japanese website on August 23rd.

The Asia star has thus far released "Only One" and "Tail of Hope," which peaked 10 and 12 on Oricon's Weekly Chart respectively, this year. Her 3rd single of the year is set include the two tracks "Message" and "Call My Name," and will be available in both CD and CD+DVD format.

"Message / Call My Name" will be release on October 23rd.

Meanwhile, BoA's 2-episode drama special "Expect To Date" with Daniel Choi will be airing on Wednesday and Thursday in September.

Are you looking forward to her new Japanese single?

Source: BoA's Japanese Website

Henry releases digital album "1-4-3 (I Love You)" + English version of "Trap"

Henry has released a new digital album "1-4-3 (I Love You)"!

Consisting of four tracks, Henry's new digital album contains three versions of the song "1-4-3" and the English version of "Trap." The three versions of "1-4-3" include the version featuring f(x)'s Amber, the acoustic version, and a Noizebank extended remix version.

Henry had actually previously hinted at the release of this digital album through his personal Twitter and broke the news to his fans as soon as the digital album was released online.

Check out the tracks below, and be sure to support Henry by purchasing his music on sites such as MelOn!

1. 1-4-3 (I Love You) ft. Amber

2. 1-4-3 (I Love You) (Acoustic Ver.)


CNBLUE sings "Feel Good" for the Samsung Galaxy

CNBLUE has released a new song "Feel Good" for the Samsung Galaxy!

An upbeat track with a rock and roll flavor, "Feel Good" is the brand song for the Samsung Galaxy mobile phone. Written by CNBLUE's lead singer Jung Yonghwa, the track aims to convey to listeners the youthful and fun nature of the Samsung brand.

In addition to releasing the song, CNBLUE also starred in a music video for the track. The music video focuses on an encounter between Jung Yonghwa and a bear, both of whom end up keeping in touch through a Samsung Galaxy.

Check out the track and music video below! How do you like it?


Lim Kim releases "Rain" MV teaser

After making a successful solo debut earlier in the year with "All Right," Lim Kim is making a return with the 2nd mini-album "Rain" on August 27th.

Lim Kim is set to capture her listeners yet again with her unique vocals with "Rain" this Fall. The music video teaser for her title track features a record playing, while the rain drops fall outside. Lim Kim is seen standing in front of a mirror, holding lipstick in her hand.

Her 2nd mini-album will be released early next week.

Are you looking forward to her new mini-album release?

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KARA releases "Runaway" MV

The girls of KARA have signaled their comeback through a new music video!

Short and bittersweet, the music video is for a track titled "Runaway," which will be on KARA's comeback album. The girls have decided to release this song ahead of their comeback as a treat for fans.

A song that focuses on the pain of a woman who realizes her lover no longer has feelings for her, "Runaway" is the first blues track ever recorded by KARA. Relying more heavily on acoustic instruments than on metallic instruments, the blues style of the track creates a sorrowful musical atmosphere that complements the song's sad lyrics.

"Runaway" will also be featured in a short five-part drama series titled "Secret Love," which will be about the five members of KARA and their experiences with love. This series will be directed by the same director for the highly acclaimed Korean drama "That Winter, the Wind Blows," so many people have set high expectations for the release of "Secret Love

Henry releases "1-4-3 (I Love You)" MV ft. Amber

The wait is over!

SM artist Henry has finally revealed the full music video for his track "1-4-3 (I Love You)" featuring labelmate and f(x) member Amber!

The music video for the track focuses on Henry and how he receives a mysterious text message from a girl. He asks his friends to help him decipher the message and ends up responding to the girl with "1-4-3 (I love you)." Aside from the simple storyline, the music video also showcases Henry's dance skills through an energetic choreography and features a guest appearance by Amber.

As for the track itself, "1-4-3" is a song off of Henry's debut mini-album "Trap". The rapping part of the track was initially performed by Henry, but Henry decided to invite f(x)'s Amber to rap for the music video. This is not the first time that Henry has asked his labelmates to collaborate with him on his songs, as he also recently released an acoustic version of "1-4-3" with EXO member Chanyeol