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Music & Lyrics: Let’s Talk About Sex

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20130821_seoulbeats_seungri4 MusicLyrics: Lets Talk About Sex Written by Pat On November 11, 2015 Sex is a part of life. Thanks to Western media, one can become desensitized to the topic because it can be found everywhere – songs, television shows, movies, wherever. On the surface, K-pop is very different. There are a lot of ‘innocent’ and ‘cute’ concepts. Crossing the line can easily get one banned from performing on weekly shows or their music video rated 19+, making it harder to score broadcast points. That is not to say that sex is a completely taboo subject. In fact, there are a lot of songs that do reference and talk about it. Which is why, today, we are talking all about those songs.

Talking about such a topic always comes with warnings. While I will try to keep this as clean as possible, there will still be references to sex and, potentially, sexual acts. If you are, in any way, uncomfortable with the topic, then please hit the back button back to safety.

With that warning out of the way, let’s get comfortable and talk about sex in K-pop songs.

Usually, there are two categories of songs regarding the mentioning of sex or anything sexual. The first are the songs in which sex is covert and subtle. The second category is songs where sex is openly talked about in either unabashed references or shameless innuendos.

For the first category, some can be very muted – maybe just one or two lines thrown in that makes someone double back, before going back to safe ground with the usual romantic theme. But what differentiates these songs from the run of the mill vague songs is that the way they are put together makes no room for the song to be about anything else. Often, these types of songs are sung within the frame of a romance. Songs that come to mind are f(x)s Rude Love and Nine Musess Wild.

Another example is Sunmi’s “24 Hours,” with plenty of lines to choose from. Theres the chorus with “24 hours are not enough/ When I’m touching you and you’re touching me,” but there’s also this bit during a verse:

The more I drink, the thirstier I get

The more I take, the more my body seeks

When Im looking at you, I forget everything

You fill me up all the way

This is where it becomes very clear what she wants: she wants her lover to stay with her for more than the time they have. It works perfectly with Sunmi’s vocals, making the want in the lyrics more real. It also gives a more active voice to the song, as if she is also explaining why she is so addicted to her lover.

From the covert, we then have the overtopenly, unapologetic and shamelessly sexual songs. And there is nothing wrong with it. For the overt, they can further be divided into two types: there is the blatantly sexual, and then there are songs that swim in playful innuendo.

How can I name this article after a line from “Let’s Talk About Love” and not talk about the song? From Seungri’s 2013 mini-album, Lets Talk About Love features G-Dragon and Taeyang in a song that almost delights in talking about sex. It starts off innocently enough, and then G-Dragon’s rap comes in.

Dont be scared, I wont hurt you, I know you want me

Ill be your guide on this lonely night, so call me

Now youre my master and Im your G-nie, now tell me your wish

Past the stage of ecstasy, were trembling

From your head to your toes, I wont miss a single part

Scream louder, I want to fly

You want to climax, Ill be your thriller

The rap verse is almost self-explanatory. It starts with getting the woman to give in and trust him for the night just for pleasure. It describes G-Dragon’s promises for the night: unfiltered pleasure where he will pay attention to every inch of your body. It is not only his end that he seeks, but also delights in his partner’s, wanting to hear his name screamed at the pinnacle points. And with the G-nie line, it is also clear that he considers her sexual dictates as well.

Here, we can clearly see the difference between the overt and covert. While Sunmi’s seeks to seduce you into a peek of that relationship, “Let’s Talk About Love” is abundant with metaphors for climaxing and other sexual acts.

In fact, the song also represents the usual modus operandi of most sex songs, and is also similar in format to Western counterparts. Males promise to bring delight to their sexual partner, to make her tremble, to make her scream his name. It’s him bragging, and often there is little to no romance involved. The sexual act is there for what it is, and nothing else.

Another example of an openly sexual song is B.A.P’s “Body and Soul.” In a way, the song is just as intense as the previous.

The song is sexual from start to finish – it is undeniable from the first beat, which is instrumentally in the same vein as songs such as “Wet” by Chris Brown and “Neighbors Know My Name” by Trey Songz. From the first line (“If you will be mine, I don’t need no more/ We just ride tonight”) to the very end, it is clear what the song is about.

In fact, the song is more upfront and blunt; there is little time for sweetness or flowery words.

“Very slowly and with great detail, I’ll touch you.”

“Tonight, I deliver my heart into your ears.”

The lyrics leave little wiggle room to explain the song away, and the lyrics with the instrumental makes it obvious that the song is about sex. Probably the most unexpected song to come from the groups first album, it talked openly about sex in a way very reminiscent with plenty of tracks from Western artists: the little water drops that may just be something else, to the subdued nature to contrast with the delivery of the song.

From the openly sexual, there are the songs that delight in using playful innuendos all throughout. In case you were thinking that it’s just the males that openly talk about sex, there are females as well, and who else better exemplifies this but Brown Eyed Girls. The, rightfully, adult leaning group does not hold back. From “Abracadabra,” to their latest outing with “Warm Hole,” to solo songs (“Bloom” anyone?) and unit tracks such as “Tonight,” the group is not embarrassed to talk about it. Another example is Recipe.

I want to peel you like a tangerine I want to unveil your secrets

Sometimes fresh, sometimes sweet, I want to satisfy you

What I want from you is after you take everything I prepared for you

I want to make you cry my name

The innuendos used are all food based, because it is very easy to be playfully seductive with a bunch of items you see on an almost daily basis, especially if they happen to look very phallic. The chorus basically translates to dressing oneself up, either as “sweet” or “fresh.” Seasoning roughly is the different products such as body oils that enhance the experience. All combined, it is a recipe made just for their partner.

Another track that is jam-packed with sexually charged innuendos is VIXX’s “Secret Night.” In this song, it starts somewhat innocently enough but the intention becomes clear in Ravi’s rap.

My entire body has hardened, shes cooking her own recipe

Make it stronger, yes, mezzoforte

We don’t need to elaborate on what gets hard, and the recipe analogy has been discussed above with “Recipe.” Mezzoforte, for those who don’t know (or have forgotten their music classes), is a musical term that means moderately loudto increase in volume in moderation. Ravi is basically saying to yell louder, to “make it stronger.”

As for “Shocker” which is repeated all throughout, it refers to a hand gesture that is filled with sexual connotations (Google is your friend, everyone). And in case it wasn’t clear, there’s an additional line of Two will become one, filled with secrets, you and I.” So yes, they had sex, if there was any doubt.

With these songs, there are several observations that can be seen. One is that male artists have the opportunity to be more blatant, while women have to resort to vague language. This is due to the social construct of virginity that, from an outsiders view, is a thing in South Korea.

This explains why most of mainstream female acts veil any talk of sex in their songs, unless if they are purposely going for a sexual concept. That is not to say that young women don’t have sex, for there are studies and documentaries that touch upon the prevalence of the act among those in their 20’s. But this, and other differences in view, is a topic for another time.

A second observation is that as female artists grow, they become bolder with their words. This can be clearly seen in the lyrical growth of Brown Eyed Girls. While there were already sexual themes in their breakout hit, “Abracadabra,” they group has grown bolder with each release, possibly hitting their climax with the no holds barred “Warm Hole.” But the question is: are they, perhaps, an exemption to the rule? While it is true that Hyuna has been doing more sexually charged concepts, her lyrics do not elaborate as much. Currently, it remains to be seen if any female artists decide to have comebacks so consistently charged such as Brown Eye Girls, and to a certain extent, Hyuna.

Are there any other observations you have regarding K-pop and sexual songs? Any particular favorite songs or lines that comes to mind? Comment and tell us down below!

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B1A4, BTS, GOT7, G-Friend And VIXX Nominated For 2015 MTV Europe Music Awards Best Korean Artist

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B1A4, BTS, GOT7, G-Friend And VIXX Nominated For 2015 MTV Europe Music Awards Best Korean Artist

(Photo : Facebook ) Five K-pop groups are battling for the 2015 MTV Europe Music Awards Best Korean Artist.

On Sept. 15, MTV revealed that B1A4, VIXX, G-Friend, BTS, and GOT7 are the five nominees who are competing for the award.

All these groups has been active in 2015, with B1A4, GOT7, BTS, and VIXX going abroad and doing tours this year. Female group G-Friend is catching media attention due to their recent popularity during the year.

Fans are able to vote for their favorite artist by going to the MTV"s EMA Koreanweb page.

The MTV Europe Music Awards is an event presented by MTV networks Europe, which awards prizes to musicians and performers, voted by viewers. The music awards event will be on Oct. 25, at Milan, Italy.

B1A4"s recent promotion was with their single titled "Sweet Girl," which was released in Aug. 10.

JYP Entertainment"s male group GOT7"s recent promotion was in July 13, with the release of their single titled "Just Right."

VIXX"s recent activity was with their sub-unit VIXX LR, which consist of members Leo and Ravi. They promoted their single titled "Beautiful Liar," which was released on Aug. 17.

BTS"s latest activity was in June 23, with the release of their single titled "Dope."

Lastly, G-Friend"s recent activity was with them promoting their single titled "Me Gustas Tu," which was released in July 23.

Music & Lyrics: From Predator to Prey, Exo’s Evolution

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20130603_seoulbeats_EXO MusicLyrics: From Predator to Prey, Exos Evolution Written by Laverne On September 2, 2015 Exo, the group you love to hate or hate to love. SM Entertainments cash cows are almost always under some sort of controversy whether its member departures, fan club drama, or songs that the world just isnt ready for. But while non-Exo fans may not be able to see it, the group has matured both musically and lyrically since their debut.

While their title tracks have often divided K-pop fans, Exos B-sides showcase much better talent and genre choices. Of course, this isnt a Seoulbeats Side B. Instead, with this edition of MusicLyrics, well take a look at Exos title tracks and their growth through lyrics.

From the inception of the group, it has always been hard to define Exo because they have drastically changed musical styles with each comeback. Their debut, Mama, features a haunted chorus that mirrors the dark lyrics:

Why people have changed

a beautiful time before?

And lost their heart to care

They’re busy living with their

backs turned on each other

This hopeless tone continues through the song and laments the lack of human connection seemingly due to technologyironic since technology is what has allowed Exos fanbase to grow so dramatically. This dark undertone carries into Exos next title track, Wolf, as well as the overproduced music that threatens to overtake the singing. But while Wolf retains a shout-y chorus, it adds romantic love into the lyrics.

In an in-your-face parallel, Exo compare their dating life to being a wolf. Exo is the hunter, their girl, the prey. As if asserting their masculinity, Exo chants:

I’m a wolf and you’re a beauty

The lyrics take a disturbing turn with the bridge, however, emphasizing their beastliness. These menacing lyrics add to the underlying danger of getting involved with Exo and further demonstrate Exos threatening nature.

then shake her so she’ll lose her conscious

Hey, do it with a style you’ve never used,

get rid of her before that full moon sets

Luckily, despite the continuing wolf theme, the lyrics in Growl begin to tone down and represent the beginning of Exos departure from disturbing, predator-like lyrics. The most ominous lyrics in Growl reference Exos earlier wolf parallel, this time in the form of jealousy.

A black shadow awakens in me,

fireworks erupt in my eyes that see you

Everyone get away from her side

because I’m getting a bit more ferocious

However, Exo also showcases a protective nature as demonstrated by the following lyrics:

Other wolves might see you

because you’re so perfect

I will softly hold you in my arms,

for you, I will get violent

So even though Growl does contain lyrics that show the darker side of human nature, the entrance of love and desire into Exos lives begins to soften these emotions.

This romantic sense continues into Overdose in which Exo proclaim themselves lovesick. Instead of the posturing and manliness from the previous songs, Exo finally admits that they are no longer in control. While this furthers Exos transition from predator to prey, Overdose, though a fun, catchy listen, is lyrically barren.

Thankfully, Call Me Baby takes Exo out of their lyrical desert with sentimentality echoed by the upbeat music.

Hey girl, that one moment felt like eternity

When you pierced into me in just one moment

(like lightning, in this world)

You called my name and came to me

You make me exist as myself,

you’re the only one in my world

This softer approach not only demonstrates their ever-changing musical style but also how much their lyrics have transformed. Although most of Exos title tracks focus on love, they express it in different ways.

And often, the focus of these lyrics have been on Exo and Exos feelings, but with Call Me Baby, they begin to focus on the love interest as an individual instead of as an accessory for Exo to possess.

Which brings us to Love Me Right, Exos latest comeback. Love Me Right retains the electronic backbone of Exos sound but, like Call Me Baby, tones it down. And although Exo is not at the mercy of their love interest a lá Overdose, they are not in control either, beseeching their love interest to love them right. Its this vulnerability which finally puts Exo into the prey category.

On this highway, it’s a runway

Your eyes that look into mine are the milky way

Come to me, don’t hesitate

You’re alluring, you’re my universe

My entire universe is you

Obviously, prey is used lightly as Exo is not a victim of their love interest, and demonstrating their love is not really a weakness. However, a predator-prey analogy is fitting as Exo did take their wolf theme to another level. Their earlier aggressive lyrics have finally mellowed out into romantic pop lyricsparalleling their musical journeythat have led me to declare complete Exos evolution from predator to prey.

Enjoy this comparison? Have a different analogy youd use? Lets discuss in the comments below!

(ColorCodedLyrics, pop!gasa)

Girls’ Generation Perform Japanese Single ‘Show Girls’ On Korean Network Music Program For 1st Time

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Girls’ Generation Perform Japanese Single ‘Show Girls’ On Korean Network Music Program For 1st Time

Girls" Generationshowed off their diverse array of charms with performances of "Lion Heart," "You think," and "Show Girls" on MBC Show! Music Core on August 22.

"Show Girls" was originally included in the group"s Japanese album that was released in 2014. The track became a sensation when Girls" Generation performed it during their Tokyo concert in December, and they decided to prepare a Korean version of the track to satisfy the ears of a wider range of fans.

Girls" Generation opened their stage with "Show Girls." Their colorful outfits and musical style of choreography quickly caught their fans attention and drew explosive responses.

During their "You Think" performance, Girls" Generation radiated charismatic charms and drew admiration among many fans. Their last performance of "Lion Heart" reflected each member"s elegant charms.

Wonder Girls, HyunA, SG Wannabe, B1A4, VIXX LR, T-ara, Juniel, NC.A, Baechigi, Yoo Seung Woo, Kim So Jung, ZPZG, Tender Pink, and Nop.K also performed on Show! Music Core.

“Music Core” 08.15.15: South Korean Independence Day Special Performances

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“Music Core” 08.15.15: South Korean Independence Day Special Performances South Korea celebrates the 70th anniversary of its Independence Day today, August 15, and with that, MBC is airing a unique episode of its weekly music rating show, “Music Core.” Jooheon of MONSTA X joins this week as a unique MC>


♬ Special Stage- SEVENTEEN 『Bindaetteok gentleman』- BAECHIGI (feat.Solji of EXID) 『Parting at Busan station』- MAMAMOO 『Man of Yellow Shirt』- GFriend 『You wouldn’t know』- Apink 『Round and round』- GOT7 『Don’t leave me』- DICKPUNKS 『Oh! Pilseung Korea』- Wonder Ladies 『Oh My』

♬ Heart♡Attack- Wonder Ladies 『I Feel You』- SHINee 『Married To The Music』- BEAST 『YeY』- BAECHIGI (feat.Solji of EXID) 『SHUT UP』- SONAMOO 『CUSHION』

♬ Sweet♡Sound- B1A4 『Sweet Girl』- Apink 『Remember』- GOT7 『Just Right』- GFriend 『Me Gustas Tu』

♬ New♡Sound- DICKPUNKS 『Chilling at The River』- Nolza 『Candy Boy』

Watch the reside episode below.

Music & Lyrics: Sexism, Entitlement and the Devil

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seoulbeats_20150806_superjunior MusicLyrics: Sexism, Entitlement and the Devil Written by Morgan On August 7, 2015 It was recently brought up in the comment section of our Super Junior’s Devil MV review that there could be possible sexist connotations to the song’s devil metaphor. I mean, there couldnt be any chance that equating a female to the personification of evil is perpetuating sexism, right?

The character of the ‘Devil’ is present in a lot of religions as the embodiment of sin. For instance, Christianity depicts the devil as ‘Lucifer, an angel that fell from heaven after going against God. This character has been used in many stories to inspire fear among those who come across them. You only have to watch Insidious once to be afraid of falling asleep at night. So when do females come under the ‘devil’ category, and is it sexist?

I want to start by outlining a few concepts that have blended into each other or have been misconstrued. First of all, sexism and misogyny are different. Sexism denotes the systematic prejudice or discrimination against a gender whereas misogyny is the hatred of women. While misogyny is an example of sexism, it is not the same in reverse. Though it is generally accepted that females take the brunt of this sexism, due to the perceptions of a woman’s place in society.

Female sexuality is a big part of the debate over what is acceptable and what isn’t for females. For instance, the group Stellar is known for their provocative concepts, often labeled ‘too sexual’ for the public. A lot of the criticism surrounds the female and how she should present herself; there is a lack mainstream recognition for criticism about the attitudes of those who judge females.

The first song is from rookie group UNIQ, as their song “Listen to Me” links the temptation of a woman to that of a devil. Being a generic dance track, the song unsurprisingly focuses on the sexual aspect of things from the very beginning.

You aimed for my heart, I’m a gambler,

But you’re not easy, you’re a sexy devil, alluring me

You turn me on, a dancing magic flow (hey yeah)

While this lyric excerpt is a bit ambiguous in detailing sexism, the song as a whole exudes male entitlement. It starts off detailing that from the first look the man wanted her and confidently says he will have her. While confidence is definitely a positive when approaching someone, there is no respect for what the girl wants. It doesn’t have to be spelled out to you to see that she might not want to be in this situation as UNIQ go on to say ‘don’t try to go away. If you have to say this to a girl, then there is clearly something wrong. UNIQ is treading into the territory of the ‘I know you want it’ mentality, expertly depicted by Robin Thickes Blurred Lines.

Though the sexist tones are more ambiguous compared to “Blurred Lines, especially when they start to talk about wanting to move to the music together, hints of male entitlement can still be seen in this song. Consent is the key here, but UNIQ are not interested in the word no at all; they have no regard for the girl as a human. They find her sexy; therefore, she is theirs for the taking. In UNIQ’s perspective, we start to see the normalization of rape culture, where consent is completely disregarded.

So how does the devil metaphor tie into this?

In the song, the girl is called a sexy devil when she seemingly tempts a man and then eludes his grasp. This negatively portrays female sexuality as it links to the idea that a female can only be sexual for a man. This couldnt be further from the truth as females are first and foremost sexy for themselves, as a form of confidence (Example: Spicas I Did It). Basically, at no point should a female or even a male be justifiably called a devil for denying someones advances.

“Devil” is a great example of Super Junior killing it as one of the older K-pop groups by pulling together a more mature sound. It had me thinking that maybe I had been missing something by not paying much attention to Super Junior. However, their use of ‘devil’ may raise a few eyebrows.

You’re cold and hot, devil

Like a midsummer rain shower

After drenching my hot body,

You burn up my throat again

There is no denying that the chorus is incredibly sexual, making reference to Super Junior being denied the sexual relationship they want. This heavily contrasts the perfect gentlemen theme Super Junior has in the verses, especially when they promise to wipe away tears when the girl is sad. This is the first hint at the nice guy mentality in this song. While this mentality seemingly promotes good behavior, it has its roots in entitlement; the idea that I am being nice to you so you should accept my advances. This is female objectification because it completely ignores the female opinion.

There is no mention throughout the song of her opinion of their relationship, only that she is hot and cold on the topic. While there is a chance that she is toying with them, there also is the possibility of her not wanting a relationship or being indecisive, a common trait. In fact, the girl doesn’t really seem interested as she avoids the topic of a relationship despite them ‘begging’ for it. So does this make her a ‘devil’? No. Just because she refutes or is indecisive about their ‘romantic’ advances does not mean she is a devil; this is the vilification of a female for saying no.

One example of a song where the phrase is used appropriately is one of Beast’s new releases, “Gotta Go to Work. It once again makes reference to a female as a temptress; however, the female in question is in a happy relationship with someone.

That sexy face you’re making is so bad

Woo don’t tempt me, you’re a pretty devil

I’m sorry baby Gotta go to work Gotta go to work

I gotta go to work, for you

This makes a load of difference to the devil metaphor because it is paired with consent on both sides of the relationship. Devil is actually turned into an endearment rather than an insult. I mean, who doesn’t have one friend that they jovially insult, as long as the friend knows you aren’t serious?

It is clear that it is actually the conditions one is in that determine whether the use of ‘devil’ is sexist or not. Those specifically that refer to a female as a devil in a sexual sense tend to be at risk of being sexist. It all comes back to consentwhen no means no and yes means yes. Attitudes that deny a female a choice in a sexual situation promote the idea that a female is an object, rather than a human. While none of the songs make it up to the Hell Fire level of objectification, there are still hints of entitlement.

A lot of the ambiguity on whether a song is sexist or not comes from marginalization of the female point of view in these songs; it makes it hard to make that judgment. However, the lack of a female point of view does allude to the fact that it is not valued in these situations, tying it into the objectification of women.

In the Western pop music market, songs with messages like these are produced rapidly. Most become desensitized to this type of sexism, so much so that it seems normal. In fact, I myself battled with giving judgment to some of these songs because, as an Australian, this is normal to me. However, I will make this very clear: A woman does not deserve to be called a devil at all simply for refusing a persons advances.

I really encourage the debate of this topic whether you identify as a feminist, don’t, or detest it. Sexism is an important issue in today’s society, and a constructive debate is important. So I put it to youdo you think these are examples of sexism? Where do you draw the line?

(YouTube [1][2][3], Images via SM Entertainment, Cube Entertainment, Yuehua Entertainment, The Guardian)

Music & Lyrics: Apologetic Songs

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20130117_seoulbeats_superjunior_sorrysorry MusicLyrics: Apologetic Songs Written by Cjontai On July 22, 2015 Remorse and regret are common themes in love songs. Someone always feels sorry about something. Perhaps a missed love connection, or ignoring your significant other until s/he inevitably dumped you out of frustration.

Ironically, despite some of the scandals that call for a real apology, it seems that its far easier to express repentance through song than any other platform. While we may not hear Im sorry for actual issues, we can take some joy in hearing it for fictional heartache.

Obviously, this post has to include one of the most iconic K-pop songs known to all fans  Super Juniors Sorry Sorry. Unlike a lot of love songs using sorry as a means to convey remorse, this one focuses on being unable to deny feelings of attraction towards someone.

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry

Fell, fell completely baby

The repetitive chorus and electro-pop synth beat made this an infectious ear worm thats impossible not to like. Fans can probably relate to Super Juniors expression of being unable to ignore these feelings of attraction because of how catchy the song is. Fans have a tough time denying they love this song, so its not surprising for them to sing, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry to any of their friends who arent into K-pop.

MYNAME turned up the drama in their MV for Baby, Im Sorry. Although there was no love interest in the video, the lyrics told another story behind the scenes. The group sings about how they dont deserve all of the love and attention theyre getting because they dont reciprocate it as fairly as they should:

Dont ever worry about me

Im sorry, Im so sorry, Im so sorry

Those words that make you sad

Its not easy to admit that youre the one who allowed the relationship to falter. Sometimes, you must swallow your pride and acknowledge your faults. The songs climatic build-up matched perfectly with the video, but it couldve added more suspense if we saw a glimpse of their love interest waiting patiently for a phone call that would never come.

I cant think of anyone who is sorry about the growth of Teen Top. From fresh-faced adolescents to fine, young men, their ascent into adulthood has come with a welcomed maturity as heard in Im Sorry.

In their case, they plead with their lovers to work things out. They know they can overcome their issues if they simply talk things out. Teen Top wants to communicate their feelings instead of keeping them bottled up. The funky pop song blends just the right amount of RB into the mix for a smooth jam that might make one reconsider giving Teen Top another chance at love.

Oddly enough, it feels like the ladies give more apologies for neglecting their diets or dating someones beloved oppa than they do for anything else. Still, Gummy repented for letting her lover down in Im Sorry, begging for one more chance to see him. T.O.P features on this track, lending his deep, raspy voice to this apologetic song:

I was so sorry I ripped up all the letters

I just have something to say, give me a minute

Perhaps there are things that cant be said in text and its best to confront the issues in person. Could that be why its so tough for idols to apologize in public? Do they feel some kind of displeasure in putting out a blanket statement that feels impersonal? Whatever the case may be, Gummys song still resonates strongly through her velvety vocals layered over a light pop beat.

Finally, this couldnt be helped because of the sheer irony of the situation. Of course, we must add Just One Day by BTS. To be fair, this song doesnt really belong here since its about a desire to spend a magical day with someone special more than regretting anything. However, it was far too tempting not to include this because Rap Monster gives us all the apology we wish to heartoo bad its only at the beginning of his rap and has nothing to do with previous events. We can pretend it counts anyway!

Im sorry, I think Im too rational

But please give me a smile if you meet me someday

You will blame me a little, or a lot maybe

Regardless of whatever drama may befall our favorite idols next, lets bear in mind that they are human and prone to mistakes. Despite what excuses fans will make on their behalf for shutting down when they screw up, at least its good to know that idols can express these emotions musically. Im actually all for musical apologies, so if they can only do it in this form, then lets start this trend!

Whats your favorite apologetic K-pop song?

(YouTube [1][2][3], kpopquote, bigbangviplyrics, Images via H2 Media, SM, YG Entertainment)

Girls’ Generation Sweep Weekly Korean Music Charts With ‘Party’

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Girls’ Generation Sweep Weekly Korean Music Charts With ‘Party’

(Photo : SM) Girls" Generation"s "Party" topped various weekly music charts including Hanteo and Synnara Records.

The group also previously topped Korea"s daily charts and iTunes charts across 7 Asian countries and received spotlight from foreign media such as Billboard and FUSE TV. "Party" was praised as "the year"s best girl anthems" by Billboard"s K-pop columnist Jeff Benjamin.

Vanity Fair also recently named "Party" the best song of the week.

"Party" is also popular for its simple choreography that anyone can learn. World renowned choreographer Kevin Maher known for his work with top stars such as Britney Spears and Justin Bieber included cute yet feminine dance movements that emphasize the unique charms of the Girls" Generation members.

Girls" Generation"s "Party" music video is also proving to be a hot track around the music world with over 12.6 million views since its release on July 7.

Girls’ Generation’s ‘Party’ Dominates Korean Music Charts Within 2 Hours Of Release

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Girls’ Generation’s ‘Party’ Dominates Korean Music Charts Within 2 Hours Of Release

Girls" Generationreleased their new single album "Party" at 10 PM KST of July 7 and the title track dominated eight charts in South Korea within two hours of its release.

In practially no time at all, the new Girls" Generation track hit the top spot on the real-time MelOn, Genie, Olleh, Monkey3, Soribada, Bugs, Mnet, and Naver Music charts.

The single"s second track "Check" also entered the top ranks of the charts and showed off the group"s influence in the music world.

"Party" is Girls" Generation"s first domestic album release as an 8-member group since their last album "Mr. Mr." was released in February 2014. Accordingly, fans" expectations for this album were especially high and the group amazed them with the tracks" mass appeal. "Party" is a lively dance track that reflects the sunny summer season and the group"s refreshing charms.

"Check" is a sexy RB track about a man and a woman intuitively feeling the attraction for each other.

[Video] Added new character posters and music video for the Korean movie "Three Summer Nights"

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[Video] Added new character posters and music video for the Korean movie

Added new character posters and music video for the upcoming Korean movie "Three Summer Nights"

"Three Summer Nights" (2015)Directed by Kim Sang-jinWith Kim Dong-wuk, Im Won-hee, Son Ho-joon, Yoon Je-moon, Ryoo Hyeon-kyeong, Shim Eun-jin,...SynopsisA comedy about three men who get into trouble while having a weekend drinking session.Release date in Korea : 2015/07/15