Music & Lyrics: The Intricacies of Breathing

Music & Lyrics: The Intricacies of Breathing

20150809_seoulbeats_bigbang_gdragonTune Lyrics: The Intricacies of RespiringWritten via Pat On Might 18, 201620130908_seoulbeats_big bang_g-dragon2Breathing. It’s so undeniable as taking in air, letting it fill your lungs, and letting it out. It's miles an action that comes naturally to us humans. Yet in poetry and literature, breathing takes on an entirepoint of symbolism. It refers to several things depending at the context – it's to be alive, it is ease, it is suffocation, it is rest, it is freedom. The trouble of breathing is for instance suffocation and anxiety; and whole stoppage of breathing is death.

One little word, yet such so much of definitions.

Maybe because of its nature of being simple to be taken in many ways, there are lots of songs with the notice ‘breathe’ as its title. It can be such an summary word, but we all appearto understand what it wayand willwithout difficulty interpret them. It translates smartly to any language and applies to many instances, which makes wordplay such a lotmore straightforward and all-embracing.

The first song that comes to brain is more than likelysome of themost rational choices: G-Dragon’s 2009 track, “Breathe.” The 2d one promotional track from his debut solo album, Heartbreaker, it starts off reputedly tackling the lonely international of being idol, sooner than delving into his heartache.

In this loopy world, the bloodlessmiddle of the city, I’m by myself

I can’t residenot more but I can’t prevent no more

Even if I close my eyes I can’t pay attention your breathing anymore

20140512_seoulbeats_infinite_lastromeo1With the repeated hook of “I can’t breathe,” it’s effortlessto realize what the song is about: the sensation of suffocation from out of doors forces. “I don’t even handle the feeling like I’m being squeezed.” Whilst on the outside IT does seem love itis set his love life, one can put their tinfoil hats on and say that this may also be aquick glance of being alone regardless of the popularity.

With a identical subject of relationships is Infinite’s “Breathe” from their moment full-length album, Season 2. This time, they do not look to bespeaking roughlyno longer being readyto respiredue to theoutdoors forces, but rather suffocation all the style through a relationship.

I like you too and it’s great being in combinationalways

But don’t overdo it, I’ll get in deficient health of you at this rate

Whoever I met, anywhere 1 go, whatever I do

Pretend you don’t know even whenever you do,

Pretend you haven’t observed evening if you've got

Let me breathe, let me breathe

Give me area to breathe, give me space to breathe

Infinite’s “Breathe,” just put, talks about their loss of freedom.

Not settling for straightforwardcommunicateof the way they suffocate from their enjoyed ones being too clingy, Endless furthers it by talking about a vicious cycle where their female friend “crosses the line,” making it her accountability to make other women know that they're together. Even ifmaking a song about being alone, the song makes it some extent that the lady is the only sticking too close, where one can smoothlyceaseworrying about the woman.

20130208_seoulbeats_missA_stepupIt also makes it a point to color the lady alongside stalker dispositions that Infinite are getting sick of – making the song smooth fodder for folksto mention that this song could potentially be about sasaengs who might make Infinite feel as though the lyrics “Even when I’m house alone, I believe like I’ll see you” stick a little too close for comfort.

Another is a identify track from Miss A, “Breathe,” which followed their hit debut track, “Bad Girl Just right Girl.” This strays clear of the theme of suffocation and uses breathing to paint an image of how a feminine feels at seeing her crush.

Because of you my heart drops

Because of you my frameneeds (ya)

Every time I catch your eye

Every time you grab my intellect

Because of you my heart drops

It’s another universal theme – the feeling while you meet they girl or guy that you like, and how you're feeling your breath hitch to your throat, especially if the individual looks your way. In this song, breathing is used to demonstratethe mixture of anxiousness and adrenaline rush when your overwhelm looks your way. Unlike the former tracks, here isvisible in a more sure light, and looked upon luckily equally well.

20160321_seoulbeats_leehiThe ultimate is a track released just previous this year, Lee Hi’s “Breathe.” It is in all probability the maximum abstract of them all, fitting since SHINee’s Jonghyun, who does have a name for his expressive prose, wrote it.

It’s ok if your breath gets short

You can make mistakes every now and then

Different from the alternative tracks, it tells the listener that it is alright to breathe, to sigh, despite the failures. It serves as a reminder that other individuals accept failed and yet continue on, not to shoulder the blame. It's the track that takes the theme of breathing and makes it inspirational, with a which meansthat everybody fire guide to heart and relate with.

Here, breathing is considered as a coping mechanism. Take a deep breath, let the air fill your lungs, and free up it to the world, permitting this to turn out to be a car of freeing your worries and failures. Lee Hi’s “Breathe” also reminds of us that one can get too stuck up in ones own troubles, but so does all people else, so when one says the ones words Im alright, even while you are not, its understandable. There is an empathy this is weighed into those words, and it is universal.

Breathe is a straightforward word, yet has so many meanings and techniques when implemented to any roughly lyrics. Those are just a handful of songs that take the theme and run with it. Are there any others you know of?

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Music & Lyrics: Kim Jaejoong’s Interaction of Love And Emotional Violence

Music & Lyrics: Kim Jaejoong’s Interaction of Love And Emotional Violence

20160423_seoulbeats_Jaejoong2Tune Lyrics: Kim Jaejoongs Interaction of Love And Emotional ViolenceWritten through Lo On April 25, 201620160423_seoulbeats_JaejoongIt has been just over a year since Kim Jaejoong entered the army for his national service, and I, like many other K-pop fans, am seriously lacking him. Of course, Kim Jaejoong isn't but any K-pop star; hes a musician with a punk streak that sticks outsome of the crowd of euro-pop and hip-hop thats been coming to dominate K-pop. In this circular of Music Lyrics, were having a look at Jaejoongs more non-public works, the songs he either wrote the lyrics for and conducted himself. And in the ones self-penned songs, a transparenttrend emerges an ever-present interplay of love and emotional violence.

The interplay of sex and violence is not anything new. Blending destruction and advent has a balance that has at all times spoken to the tortured souls of the world, yet Jaejoongs take is an atypical one. In Jaejoongs lyrics, this same interplay is present, but on a purely emotional, internalized level. In his world, love and pain can't exist without the other.

This mix of pain and enjoyment first wasobvious in All By myself from I. All Alone opens with I reside in the memories of when we used to love/ The dear pain also remains in the memories. Jaejoong is puttingequivalentworthat the heartache as on the nice times. The invaluable pain isnt just from missing his girl, either, implied by the lyric I attempt to accept out our love that have become a secret in my heart. This creates shiny imagery of Jaejoong wanting and failing to excise a poisonous relationship, and being not able to do so.

Jaejoongs apparent relish for emotional anguish used to be carried over onto WWW and expanded. Light, Butterfly, Rotten Love, 9 1#, and It's miles all have lyrics tying pain and love, althoughGentle and 9 1# are the maximum prominent examples. From Lighting fixtures opening lines, its clean that Jaejoong perspectives love thru a lenses of pain.

What’s the point of creating me yours by way of causing harm in me?

The unavoidable target of your arrow is coming correct at my heart.

What’s the point of making me yours through causing hurt in me?

Tears marks the start of love

The feeling of the coolest wind passing

It blows too much, making me unwell of it.

Jaejoong invokes the picture of Cupids bow and arrow, but instead of treating is as playful, emphasizes the violence of having shot throughout the heart. Pale paints love as anything unavoidable and gruesome, filled with anguish with little payoff. He overtly equates the beginning of a courting alongside tears, seeing distress in the happiest of times. He openly admits that after a relationship is going well, he gets sick of it; who prefer the power of anger and destruction to the peace of happiness.

20160423_seoulbeats_Jaejoong39 1#  also portrays love as a violent, brutal affair, althoughone who he brings upon himself. Here, he actively seeks to bring injury onto himself, inviting others to hurt him. He refers to his center equallysimpleto wreckearlier than admitting that hes attracted to darkness and dives in anyway. Jaejoong knows that this woman will consume him and tells her to do so, calling himself a pale, dried up sacrifice.

The lyric that very best portrays Jaejoongs violent love, though, is I did all of theloopy things which are unforgiveable when I promised destruction upon the god of love. This can also be interpreted as Jaejoong promising destruction in the call of the god of love. This a clear metaphor for emotionally volatile relationships, he does crazy, unforgivable things as an specific expression of love.

On his most contemporary album, No.X, Jaejoongs more masochistic inclinations mellowed out somewhat. However, that interplay of love and pain is still present, All That Glitters being a high example of this.

We are stuck in a hallucination

Whippings became lonely

This sour and bitter poison

20160423_seoulbeats_Jaejoong5Jaejoongs newest relationship has obviously soured, with his female friend leaving him after changing into trapped in an phantasm of happiness. However, they clearly werent satisfied before, either. For the whippings to change into lonely, they would have had to be suffering in combination long before she left Jaejoong choking on his own inner pain. He openly accuses her of emotional abuse, pronouncing you hurt me humorously before accusing her of icing him out before leaving as a punishment.

Yet whilst his more youthful self relished the emotional violence, this older Jaejoong seems to be accepting it, but now nottaking section in it. Hes bored with the consistent pain, and it in seek of something else. All That Glitters closes with I don’t wish to exist crazy for long, I wish to live a long life, appearing his preferenceto transport on from the carousel of misery hes been on.

That said, short ofto discover a new form of relationship doesnt mean he knows how find it, as shown in Breathing. Respiring is a surelystunning song, showing his favor to lean on his girl, as she has changed intothe middle piece of his life.  Here is a song about retaining hands and hugs for emotional support, but strains of the old Jaejoong still appear.

Scream without reservation

with the sound of the rough waves

Despite portraying a healthy, certain relationship in Breathing, Jaejoong still turns to violent imagery in an try to express how love makes him feel. His love isnt tough yet peaceful, its ocean waves, which may bebad and deadly if you're making a wrong move. Even in the most efficient of times, pain follows Jaejoongs love.

Jaejoongs lyrics display a constant intermingling of love and emotional pain. Now and again its anguish, typically violence, but in his brain and his words, the 2 are hardlya long way apart.

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Music & Lyrics: Anatomy of a Debut – Lady Groups

Music & Lyrics: Anatomy of a Debut – Lady Groups

160217_seoulbeats_snsdSong Lyrics: Anatomy of a Debut WomanTeamsWritten through Pat On February 17, 201620151019_seoulbeats_yeeun_wondergirlsDebuts are momentous events. They are the culmination of years of educating for peoplethat experience striven to stand proud ofthe opposite trainees to be selected to debut. Even if one does debut, its now not a make it likely for your staff will stand out. It takes a mix of the gang members, concept, firm power, media play, choreography (if applicable), and, of course, the real debut song.

When it comes down to it, the debut song is the mainside of a debut. It shapes the groups symbol from the get-go, and to have one that stands proud already supplies the neighborhood a boost. As noticed in episodes 3 and four of Produce 101, there are various girl groups with noteworthy debut songs. Among the songs incorporated were A Pinks I Dont Know, f(x)s LaChaTa, and Wonder Girls Irony.

Something these sorts of groups have in common? They are all popular groups, some even having had the National Girl Organizationidentifyconnected to their call at one point or the other. Every act also their own niche or own sound an identity each one group has had since their debut, which has best matured and grown every year since.

Some debut songs have stayed in thedepended on formula that has made other groups popular Wonder Ladies Irony, Karas Destroy It, and CSJH The Graces Boomerang are all examples of this. Vocally strong, with a legitimate very reminiscent to the sounds of the early 2000s, they also had lyrics that were about relationships long past wrong. In what would most likely existrobust for that time, the lyrics laid out why the courtingwas once all wrong, and why they had to transport on from the male.

(Irony) It doesn’t make sense, It actually doesn’t make sense

You say you played all your ex girlfriends, and you tell me that I’m different, what is that meant to mean?

20100901_2ne1_seoulbeatsAt the similar time, there are people who essayto damage the mold. The maximum efficient instance of this is 2NE1s Fire. Released in 2009, it changed into the much expected debut of Big Bangs feminine counterpart.

Ill bring you down to the finish come on and applystick to me

Were breaking the entirelawsyou put yourself, cross on and let it free

Watching me from the facet wont get you in the flow

Cause its all about lettin go

Go forward and get low low low

Im bringing hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot back tonight

So hot you run out the door, yet then run back for some more

And youll be screaming out my name to let the fire unfastened

At that time, it was nearlyinnovative information technology was so other from the attempted and tested formulas that constituted a debut from any female act. It was not historically feminine, and the lyrics were not about a love affair gone wrong for example their strength. Instead, it spoke of breaking your completeprinciples and being themselves.

Some debut songs seek to introduce not just the group, but also what makes this group different. What makes them stand out? What do they stand for? Regularly times, they would take a tried and tested formula, and give it their own little spin in the lyrics.

jyp-miss-a_seoulbeats_july12010A fresh example would be TWICEs Like Ooh-Aah, which used a commonplace formula in pop music and its lyrics (Let me see, just how youre gonna treat me/ Aint no easy/ Largertake into consideration it twice) to stand out. But a neater example would be miss As Bad Girl Just right Girl.

On the outside, I’m a Bad Girl.

On the inside, I’m an even Girl.

You don’t even know me well, you simplyglance at me from the outside.

I to find your gaze to be funny because you spot me as a pitiful girl.

The lyrics of Bad Girl Sensible daughterspeak about how folkspass judgement on others so temporarilybecause of their out of doors appearance. It reminds individuals that the idol they are judging according to their ideaon my own (These roughly clothes, the kind of hair, a woman who does thoseform of dances is obvious) are in truththe various off-stage. It was a snappy reminder not to judge a group, and whilstpass over A have lyrically gone in a different direction, Bad Girl Perfect lady friend was memorable then, and is stillapplicablenowadays equally well.

20140425_seoulbeats_midriff_snsd_geeThen there is what is some of the iconic girl group debut song there is SNSDs Into the hot World. How may anecommunicate more or less female debut songs and not come with this song?

Walking the various and unknowable paths,

It’s something we’ll do in combination to the end,

there’s a coarsestreet in front of us

with hindrances and long term that can’t be known,

yet I won’t change, I can’t give up.

In some ways, it could be taken as a love song because of the the proclamations of I admire you, similar to this, but Ive at all times viewed this song as SNSDs birth into the new world this is being an idol and being in front of cameras. The song with its lyrics was, for loss of better word, uplifting. It spoke of following a trailregardless of how toughit is going to be. It spoke of hope in this time of uncertainty, and this type of message truly resonates, whatever what the year. In a way, one too can argue that this song could also beacceptable to while youget started being an adult moving clear of your parents and beginning the rough road that's adult-hood.

Wonder Women Irony, 2NE1s Fire, miss As Bad Girl Nice Girl and SNSDs Into the New International are all iconic debut songs. Many new acts follow the formula set by these songs, or mix what has made the songs such a success to make it their own. In a scene where debuts are not any longer momentous occasions, but rather something that occurswith regards toa week or two, its transformmore and morevery important to stand out from the very beginning.

What about you? What are some of your favourite debut songs?

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Music & Lyrics: The delicate Nuances of “OMG”

Music & Lyrics: The delicate Nuances of “OMG”

20160116_seoulbeats_snsd_tts_taetiseoTrack Lyrics: The sophisticated Nuances of OMGWritten by ability of Lo On January 15, 201620120429_seoulbeats_snsdttsThere are few wordswhich are equallyright away one-dimensional as either OMG or Oh my god. It's miles the verbal hallmark of shallow, materialistic womensmitten bybuying groceries and gossip the arena over. And of course, it has shown up many, time and again in K-pop. Yet are thosemore than one songs, all proudly named after the shallowest word in existence, as shallow as they seem?

The most reasonable OMG is from TTSs debut mini-album. It'sregularlythought to besome of themore potent tracks by the subunit, and it's the textbook example of oh my god as the safe haven of mocking girls. The lyrics are, on their own, somewhat sweet. In fact, theyre a little too sugary.

Even once you don’t have a golden trophy,

you are beautiful, you were born that way

Oh My God, the charm that handiestyou've got –

you can do the rest yous want

You’re so awesome, Oh My God

Yet when paired with the vocal performances of TTS, the overly saccharine lyrics develop into into natural sarcasm. The consistent flattery of the guys charm, air of mysteryand tool are biting, catty words from a pack of mean girls reveling in their antics. And each time you get started to feel an ounce of sincerity, an easy oh my god, totally dripping with disdain clears it appropriate up.

20160114_seoulbeats_9musesOn the otherfinish of the spectrum is OMG by 9Muses. Where TTS were catty alpha girls, 9Muses use OMG as an expression of outrage at figuring out theyre in love, and an incrediblyblameless one at that. How innocent? Well, OMG stands for oh my gosh, like were back in heartfaculty where god was once inappropriate. The women detail their studies alongside this first crush:

I don’t know, it’s getting hotter

My face is turning red, I may get caught, I don’t know

I wish to wear the similar ring as you,

I needto take a seatwith regards to you at the movies

but in my eyes, you’re so good-looking

OMG either opens and closes with repetitions of oh my gosh, reinforcing the use of oh my gosh as one of fluster and confusion, even rigidity at no longer knowing how to deal with these new feelings. What changed intothe peak of petty teenage mockery becomes the height of youngster confusion, below younger, sweeter voices.

In a similar vein as 9Muses is 15s Oh My God, also a party of first love. Yet where 9Muses were the use of oh my gosh on its own to specific feeling stunned, 15 is employing information technology as an interjection; anything to upload emphasis to their pre-existing emotions. In this case, its being used as an expression of joy at feeling authentic dear for the primary time.

Don’t be ridiculous, don’t scold me

I know everything, I’m no longer that young

If you stay viewing me as young, I could bein a position toinsurrection

15 have a captivating scenario, as the verses describe frustration with the adults in their lives telling them their love isn't real, threatening to insurgent if their early life is not repeatedlyknown asevidence their dating isnt going to last. Yet they never use oh my god to apply any remarkwith the exception ofthat they'vediscovered love, giving the section a joyous bent. Here, Oh my god is an exclamation used to express satisfaction at their new love, in position of amazement that its there at all.

20160114_seoulbeats_seventeenThe first 3 songs indexed are all by feminine artists, and thats for a reason. OMG and Oh my god are generallythought about as usually female expressions, with males, both in songs and genuine life, tending to ditch the acronym and that Valley Lady oh  for god or my god instead. But some male teams accept used it, maximumlately Seventeen.

OMG by Seventeens functionality unit is effortlessly the brattiest and most inventive function of oh my god in K-pop. Seventeen uses it completely without irony, savoring the infantile edge and that meanseach utterance. Oh my god is a marker of pride and vanity, a kind of self-adulation that briefly becomes a request for adulation from others.

My the distance and difference between us

Let this admiration burst out

God is both used to emphasis their point about how awesome they are, but it also puts Seventeen as gods themselves. They would like their fansto mention oh my god not just out of amazement, but as literal compliment to the bettervitalitythey've got painted themselves as; oh, my God instead of oh my god.

Oh my god is a phrase this is both smoothly mockable and ingrained in society. Up to the usage of it is made a laugh of, the nuances contained insidefairly much promises that oh my god isnt going anywhere. Any songs that make you cry oh my god? Leave them in the comments!

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Korean-American Rapper LK Unveils His New Unmarried 'Music Encouraged Me' Featuring Phoebe Choi EXCLUSIVE

Korean-American Rapper LK Unveils His New Unmarried 'Music Encouraged Me' Featuring Phoebe Choi EXCLUSIVE

LK(Photo : LK Facebook page)Music inspired me(Photo : LK)Korean-American rapper LK is celebrating the recent year with an common song called "Music Inspired Me," featuring the singer Phoebe Choi, which he shared Saturday on social media.

The New Jersey-based hip-hop artist, whose call stands for Elbert Kim, took a whileto communicate about the song's beginningin addition what he is up to in the upoming year in an exclusive interview on Monday.

"2016 is going to be a perfect year for music," LK said. "I discovered my as some distance back astaking section in the procedure again."

The artist was oncekeento speak more or less the teamwork that went into his new single.

"'Music Inspired Me' turned into produced through Peter Chang who is a skilledmanufacturer who began making his own beats," LK said.

"Phoebe Choi is a senior at Rutgers University. She's fascinated about many leadership roles starting from being a dance coordinator and leading ministry worships. She has been on abilityseekpresentationssimilar to 'K-Pop Star,' 'SuperStar K' and 'MBC Celebrity Audition.' Her dream is to sing and we shared the opportunity to create music at SweetSounds Studio in New York."

For LK, music is all about the ingenious journey.

"I realize nosotrosdon't appear to be celebrities, yet this assignment of structuring the song and placing our visions in combination to truth was a finding out experience," he said. "Our passions were given together to create a good song, and it inspired us. The act of creating was inspiring."

LK recorded his first song when he was 14 years old. He has gave the impressionat the audition program "Dream Stage" and has been regularly collaborates with his rap workforce COLONY. In line with the veteran performer, the arrival year looks promising.

"I could betaking part amongst many artists this year to create excellent music," LK said.

"That is without equalpurpose now, just to make good, relaxing music. Also, I needto have a look at experimenting with idea videos like music videos with a theme. I go to commit my time to create an album, that willwith a little of luckpop out in the summer or in the fall of this year."

Listen to LK's new unmarried "Music Inspired Me" RIGHT HERE

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Music & Lyrics: Let’s Talk About Sex

Music & Lyrics: Let’s Talk About Sex

20130821_seoulbeats_seungri4 MusicLyrics: Lets Talk About Sex Written by Pat On November 11, 2015 Sex is a part of life. Thanks to Western media, one can become desensitized to the topic because it can be found everywhere – songs, television shows, movies, wherever. On the surface, K-pop is very different. There are a lot of ‘innocent’ and ‘cute’ concepts. Crossing the line can easily get one banned from performing on weekly shows or their music video rated 19+, making it harder to score broadcast points. That is not to say that sex is a completely taboo subject. In fact, there are a lot of songs that do reference and talk about it. Which is why, today, we are talking all about those songs.

Talking about such a topic always comes with warnings. While I will try to keep this as clean as possible, there will still be references to sex and, potentially, sexual acts. If you are, in any way, uncomfortable with the topic, then please hit the back button back to safety.

With that warning out of the way, let’s get comfortable and talk about sex in K-pop songs.

Usually, there are two categories of songs regarding the mentioning of sex or anything sexual. The first are the songs in which sex is covert and subtle. The second category is songs where sex is openly talked about in either unabashed references or shameless innuendos.

For the first category, some can be very muted – maybe just one or two lines thrown in that makes someone double back, before going back to safe ground with the usual romantic theme. But what differentiates these songs from the run of the mill vague songs is that the way they are put together makes no room for the song to be about anything else. Often, these types of songs are sung within the frame of a romance. Songs that come to mind are f(x)s Rude Love and Nine Musess Wild.

Another example is Sunmi’s “24 Hours,” with plenty of lines to choose from. Theres the chorus with “24 hours are not enough/ When I’m touching you and you’re touching me,” but there’s also this bit during a verse:

The more I drink, the thirstier I get

The more I take, the more my body seeks

Im falling into you

When Im looking at you, I forget everything

You fill me up all the way

This is where it becomes very clear what she wants: she wants her lover to stay with her for more than the time they have. It works perfectly with Sunmi’s vocals, making the want in the lyrics more real. It also gives a more active voice to the song, as if she is also explaining why she is so addicted to her lover.

From the covert, we then have the overtopenly, unapologetic and shamelessly sexual songs. And there is nothing wrong with it. For the overt, they can further be divided into two types: there is the blatantly sexual, and then there are songs that swim in playful innuendo.

How can I name this article after a line from “Let’s Talk About Love” and not talk about the song? From Seungri’s 2013 mini-album, Lets Talk About Love features G-Dragon and Taeyang in a song that almost delights in talking about sex. It starts off innocently enough, and then G-Dragon’s rap comes in.

Dont be scared, I wont hurt you, I know you want me

Ill be your guide on this lonely night, so call me

Now youre my master and Im your G-nie, now tell me your wish

Past the stage of ecstasy, were trembling

From your head to your toes, I wont miss a single part

Scream louder, I want to fly

You want to climax, Ill be your thriller

The rap verse is almost self-explanatory. It starts with getting the woman to give in and trust him for the night just for pleasure. It describes G-Dragon’s promises for the night: unfiltered pleasure where he will pay attention to every inch of your body. It is not only his end that he seeks, but also delights in his partner’s, wanting to hear his name screamed at the pinnacle points. And with the G-nie line, it is also clear that he considers her sexual dictates as well.

Here, we can clearly see the difference between the overt and covert. While Sunmi’s seeks to seduce you into a peek of that relationship, “Let’s Talk About Love” is abundant with metaphors for climaxing and other sexual acts.

In fact, the song also represents the usual modus operandi of most sex songs, and is also similar in format to Western counterparts. Males promise to bring delight to their sexual partner, to make her tremble, to make her scream his name. It’s him bragging, and often there is little to no romance involved. The sexual act is there for what it is, and nothing else.

Another example of an openly sexual song is B.A.P’s “Body and Soul.” In a way, the song is just as intense as the previous.

The song is sexual from start to finish – it is undeniable from the first beat, which is instrumentally in the same vein as songs such as “Wet” by Chris Brown and “Neighbors Know My Name” by Trey Songz. From the first line (“If you will be mine, I don’t need no more/ We just ride tonight”) to the very end, it is clear what the song is about.

In fact, the song is more upfront and blunt; there is little time for sweetness or flowery words.

“I really want your body.”

“Very slowly and with great detail, I’ll touch you.”

“Tonight, I deliver my heart into your ears.”

The lyrics leave little wiggle room to explain the song away, and the lyrics with the instrumental makes it obvious that the song is about sex. Probably the most unexpected song to come from the groups first album, it talked openly about sex in a way very reminiscent with plenty of tracks from Western artists: the little water drops that may just be something else, to the subdued nature to contrast with the delivery of the song.

From the openly sexual, there are the songs that delight in using playful innuendos all throughout. In case you were thinking that it’s just the males that openly talk about sex, there are females as well, and who else better exemplifies this but Brown Eyed Girls. The, rightfully, adult leaning group does not hold back. From “Abracadabra,” to their latest outing with “Warm Hole,” to solo songs (“Bloom” anyone?) and unit tracks such as “Tonight,” the group is not embarrassed to talk about it. Another example is Recipe.

I want to peel you like a tangerine I want to unveil your secrets

Sometimes fresh, sometimes sweet, I want to satisfy you

What I want from you is after you take everything I prepared for you

I want to make you cry my name

The innuendos used are all food based, because it is very easy to be playfully seductive with a bunch of items you see on an almost daily basis, especially if they happen to look very phallic. The chorus basically translates to dressing oneself up, either as “sweet” or “fresh.” Seasoning roughly is the different products such as body oils that enhance the experience. All combined, it is a recipe made just for their partner.

Another track that is jam-packed with sexually charged innuendos is VIXX’s “Secret Night.” In this song, it starts somewhat innocently enough but the intention becomes clear in Ravi’s rap.

My entire body has hardened, shes cooking her own recipe

Make it stronger, yes, mezzoforte

We don’t need to elaborate on what gets hard, and the recipe analogy has been discussed above with “Recipe.” Mezzoforte, for those who don’t know (or have forgotten their music classes), is a musical term that means moderately loudto increase in volume in moderation. Ravi is basically saying to yell louder, to “make it stronger.”

As for “Shocker” which is repeated all throughout, it refers to a hand gesture that is filled with sexual connotations (Google is your friend, everyone). And in case it wasn’t clear, there’s an additional line of Two will become one, filled with secrets, you and I.” So yes, they had sex, if there was any doubt.

With these songs, there are several observations that can be seen. One is that male artists have the opportunity to be more blatant, while women have to resort to vague language. This is due to the social construct of virginity that, from an outsiders view, is a thing in South Korea.

This explains why most of mainstream female acts veil any talk of sex in their songs, unless if they are purposely going for a sexual concept. That is not to say that young women don’t have sex, for there are studies and documentaries that touch upon the prevalence of the act among those in their 20’s. But this, and other differences in view, is a topic for another time.

A second observation is that as female artists grow, they become bolder with their words. This can be clearly seen in the lyrical growth of Brown Eyed Girls. While there were already sexual themes in their breakout hit, “Abracadabra,” they group has grown bolder with each release, possibly hitting their climax with the no holds barred “Warm Hole.” But the question is: are they, perhaps, an exemption to the rule? While it is true that Hyuna has been doing more sexually charged concepts, her lyrics do not elaborate as much. Currently, it remains to be seen if any female artists decide to have comebacks so consistently charged such as Brown Eye Girls, and to a certain extent, Hyuna.

Are there any other observations you have regarding K-pop and sexual songs? Any particular favorite songs or lines that comes to mind? Comment and tell us down below!

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B1A4, BTS, GOT7, G-Friend And VIXX Nominated For 2015 MTV Europe Music Awards Best Korean Artist

B1A4, BTS, GOT7, G-Friend And VIXX Nominated For 2015 MTV Europe Music Awards Best Korean Artist

(Photo : Facebook ) Five K-pop groups are battling for the 2015 MTV Europe Music Awards Best Korean Artist.

On Sept. 15, MTV revealed that B1A4, VIXX, G-Friend, BTS, and GOT7 are the five nominees who are competing for the award.

All these groups has been active in 2015, with B1A4, GOT7, BTS, and VIXX going abroad and doing tours this year. Female group G-Friend is catching media attention due to their recent popularity during the year.

Fans are able to vote for their favorite artist by going to the MTV"s EMA Koreanweb page.

The MTV Europe Music Awards is an event presented by MTV networks Europe, which awards prizes to musicians and performers, voted by viewers. The music awards event will be on Oct. 25, at Milan, Italy.

B1A4"s recent promotion was with their single titled "Sweet Girl," which was released in Aug. 10.

JYP Entertainment"s male group GOT7"s recent promotion was in July 13, with the release of their single titled "Just Right."

VIXX"s recent activity was with their sub-unit VIXX LR, which consist of members Leo and Ravi. They promoted their single titled "Beautiful Liar," which was released on Aug. 17.

BTS"s latest activity was in June 23, with the release of their single titled "Dope."

Lastly, G-Friend"s recent activity was with them promoting their single titled "Me Gustas Tu," which was released in July 23.


Music & Lyrics: From Predator to Prey, Exo’s Evolution

Music & Lyrics: From Predator to Prey, Exo’s Evolution

20130603_seoulbeats_EXO MusicLyrics: From Predator to Prey, Exos Evolution Written by Laverne On September 2, 2015 Exo, the group you love to hate or hate to love. SM Entertainments cash cows are almost always under some sort of controversy whether its member departures, fan club drama, or songs that the world just isnt ready for. But while non-Exo fans may not be able to see it, the group has matured both musically and lyrically since their debut.

While their title tracks have often divided K-pop fans, Exos B-sides showcase much better talent and genre choices. Of course, this isnt a Seoulbeats Side B. Instead, with this edition of MusicLyrics, well take a look at Exos title tracks and their growth through lyrics.

From the inception of the group, it has always been hard to define Exo because they have drastically changed musical styles with each comeback. Their debut, Mama, features a haunted chorus that mirrors the dark lyrics:

Why people have changed

Has there even been

a beautiful time before?

They forgot how to love

And lost their heart to care

They’re busy living with their

backs turned on each other

This hopeless tone continues through the song and laments the lack of human connection seemingly due to technologyironic since technology is what has allowed Exos fanbase to grow so dramatically. This dark undertone carries into Exos next title track, Wolf, as well as the overproduced music that threatens to overtake the singing. But while Wolf retains a shout-y chorus, it adds romantic love into the lyrics.

In an in-your-face parallel, Exo compare their dating life to being a wolf. Exo is the hunter, their girl, the prey. As if asserting their masculinity, Exo chants:

I love you

I’m a wolf and you’re a beauty

The lyrics take a disturbing turn with the bridge, however, emphasizing their beastliness. These menacing lyrics add to the underlying danger of getting involved with Exo and further demonstrate Exos threatening nature.

Hey, just bite her,

then shake her so she’ll lose her conscious

Hey, do it with a style you’ve never used,

get rid of her before that full moon sets

Luckily, despite the continuing wolf theme, the lyrics in Growl begin to tone down and represent the beginning of Exos departure from disturbing, predator-like lyrics. The most ominous lyrics in Growl reference Exos earlier wolf parallel, this time in the form of jealousy.

A black shadow awakens in me,

fireworks erupt in my eyes that see you

Everyone get away from her side

because I’m getting a bit more ferocious

However, Exo also showcases a protective nature as demonstrated by the following lyrics:

Other wolves might see you

because you’re so perfect

I will softly hold you in my arms,

for you, I will get violent

So even though Growl does contain lyrics that show the darker side of human nature, the entrance of love and desire into Exos lives begins to soften these emotions.

This romantic sense continues into Overdose in which Exo proclaim themselves lovesick. Instead of the posturing and manliness from the previous songs, Exo finally admits that they are no longer in control. While this furthers Exos transition from predator to prey, Overdose, though a fun, catchy listen, is lyrically barren.

Thankfully, Call Me Baby takes Exo out of their lyrical desert with sentimentality echoed by the upbeat music.

Hey girl, that one moment felt like eternity

(the fate-like moment)

When you pierced into me in just one moment

(like lightning, in this world)

You called my name and came to me

You make me exist as myself,

you’re the only one in my world

This softer approach not only demonstrates their ever-changing musical style but also how much their lyrics have transformed. Although most of Exos title tracks focus on love, they express it in different ways.

And often, the focus of these lyrics have been on Exo and Exos feelings, but with Call Me Baby, they begin to focus on the love interest as an individual instead of as an accessory for Exo to possess.

Which brings us to Love Me Right, Exos latest comeback. Love Me Right retains the electronic backbone of Exos sound but, like Call Me Baby, tones it down. And although Exo is not at the mercy of their love interest a lá Overdose, they are not in control either, beseeching their love interest to love them right. Its this vulnerability which finally puts Exo into the prey category.

On this highway, it’s a runway

Your eyes that look into mine are the milky way

Just love me right

Baby love me right

Come to me, don’t hesitate

You’re alluring, you’re my universe

Just love me right

My entire universe is you

Obviously, prey is used lightly as Exo is not a victim of their love interest, and demonstrating their love is not really a weakness. However, a predator-prey analogy is fitting as Exo did take their wolf theme to another level. Their earlier aggressive lyrics have finally mellowed out into romantic pop lyricsparalleling their musical journeythat have led me to declare complete Exos evolution from predator to prey.

Enjoy this comparison? Have a different analogy youd use? Lets discuss in the comments below!

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Girls Generation Perform Japanese Single Show Girls On Korean Network Music Program For 1st Time

Girls Generation Perform Japanese Single Show Girls On Korean Network Music Program For 1st Time

(Photo : Capture)

Girls" Generationshowed off their diverse array of charms with performances of "Lion Heart," "You think," and "Show Girls" on MBC Show! Music Core on August 22.

"Show Girls" was originally included in the group"s Japanese album that was released in 2014. The track became a sensation when Girls" Generation performed it during their Tokyo concert in December, and they decided to prepare a Korean version of the track to satisfy the ears of a wider range of fans.

Girls" Generation opened their stage with "Show Girls." Their colorful outfits and musical style of choreography quickly caught their fans attention and drew explosive responses.

During their "You Think" performance, Girls" Generation radiated charismatic charms and drew admiration among many fans. Their last performance of "Lion Heart" reflected each member"s elegant charms.

Wonder Girls, HyunA, SG Wannabe, B1A4, VIXX LR, T-ara, Juniel, NC.A, Baechigi, Yoo Seung Woo, Kim So Jung, ZPZG, Tender Pink, and Nop.K also performed on Show! Music Core.


Music Core 08.15.15: South Korean Independence Day Special Performances

Music Core 08.15.15: South Korean Independence Day Special Performances

“Music Core” 08.15.15: South Korean Independence Day Special Performances South Korea celebrates the 70th anniversary of its Independence Day today, August 15, and with that, MBC is airing a unique episode of its weekly music rating show, “Music Core.” Jooheon of MONSTA X joins this week as a unique MC>


♬ Special Stage- SEVENTEEN 『Bindaetteok gentleman』- BAECHIGI (feat.Solji of EXID) 『Parting at Busan station』- MAMAMOO 『Man of Yellow Shirt』- GFriend 『You wouldn’t know』- Apink 『Round and round』- GOT7 『Don’t leave me』- DICKPUNKS 『Oh! Pilseung Korea』- Wonder Ladies 『Oh My』

♬ Heart♡Attack- Wonder Ladies 『I Feel You』- SHINee 『Married To The Music』- BEAST 『YeY』- BAECHIGI (feat.Solji of EXID) 『SHUT UP』- SONAMOO 『CUSHION』

♬ Sweet♡Sound- B1A4 『Sweet Girl』- Apink 『Remember』- GOT7 『Just Right』- GFriend 『Me Gustas Tu』

♬ New♡Sound- DICKPUNKS 『Chilling at The River』- Nolza 『Candy Boy』

Watch the reside episode below.