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Popular woman crew rumored to be disbanding soon because of jealousy toward one member

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woman crew rumored to be disbanding soon 
because of jealousy toward one member

consistent with a Newsen  record here's gaining a large number of momentum online, a woman staff may be at the verge of disbanding because of singling one of the crucial contributors out.

apparently, a well-liked woman staff that has been enveloped in rumors of problem among the contributors repeatedly since their de yet in reality has a transparent outcast in the crowd.  This member, called A, has at all times been in the middle of the crowd because of her slender frame and just right looks, leading to the alternative contributors being immensely jealous of her.  

As the alternative contributors was more wired out about A, one of the crucial contributors, B, who was once now no longered to have neither that fab of an appearance nor making a song abilities, determined to take the lead in ostracizing A.  

alternatively, regardless of turning into a pariah, A also began to differentiate herself in acting, making the alternative contributors even more dishappy.  Allegedly, the contributors who were leaving A out went to the corporate CEO and strongly protested, asking him to prevent pushing A ahead. 

When A discovered out about this, she arranged a position for the ladys to fulfill for negotiation where she acknowledged, "Would you guys be happy if I left?" revealing she had even seriously regarded as retiring from the crowd. 

alternatively, regardless of the arrangement to speak things out, the diversities between the contributors and A may now no longer be settled.   in the end, the contributors are every one and every doing her own promoti at these days, yet entertainment reps are predicting there isn"t much time left ahead of the crowd breaks up.

Do you believe you studied this rumor holds any water?  if here's so, which staff and women do you believe you studied here's communicateing about?  Supposedly, the lady staff names shooting up maximum among netizens are SECRET and omit A

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VIXX’s Ken has been reportedly working with a member of a popular girl band for the launch of the next duet

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VIXX’s Ken Joins Hands With a Girl Group Member for Upcoming Duet VIXX member Ken’s mystery duet partner has finally been revealed!

On June 20, VIXX’s official Twitter account shared a photo of Ken holding hands with a girl group member, who has been unveiled as his singing partner.

After leaving small hints as to who Kens partner would be, it has finally be made known that he will be joining hands with trending star Hani of EXID for an upcoming collaboration track, which is set to be released this coming June 24.

2015. 06. 24. #빅스 #켄. With her.

— RealVIXX (@RealVIXX) June 19, 2015

The title of Ken and Hani’s duet song is “Gap” (tentative English title). In the teaser photo revealed on this day, the two idol stars can be seen holding hands as Hani leans her head gently on Ken’s shoulder.

Are you excited to hear their duet track?

EXO Lay appeared to have been considered to be Regular Cast Member for the popular show called “Go Fighting” in China

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EXO Lay Becomes Regular Cast Member of Chinese Variety Show Go Fighting EXO’s Lay has become a regular member of the large-scale Chinese variety program “Go Fighting”!

The show has been posting photos on its official Weibo of the new cast members, and following member Huang Bo’s reveal on May 12, the show revealed Lay as the second official cast member on May 13.

The first poster shows Lay holding a mask, while the second shows the EXO member sporting black shades, mysteriously subtitled, “Wars of men are fought for women.”

Joining Lay and Huang Bo on the show will be Show Luo, Sun Honglei, and others. The first episode is set to air sometime in June.

Meanwhile, Lay was recently reported to have made a visit to the hospital in the middle of filming for “Go Fighting” due to a neck injury. A fan account states that the hosts and fans encouraged Lay to get checked out, despite his determination to finish filming, and a post was made later reassuring fans that the director of the show said Lay was doing okay.

EXO’s Baekhyun and Yeo Jin Goo Confirmed to Star in New Action Film

EXO’s Lay’s Preview Stills in Chinese Version of “Running Man”

Daesung reveals which Big Bang member he would date + why he"s popular in Japan

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Daesung reveals which Big Bang member he would date + why he

Big Bang had an immensely fun time on KBS 2TV"s "Happy Together 3" on May 21, also providing an equally fun time for their viewers and fans.

On the broadcast, Big Bang was asked, "If you were a woman, which member would you want to date?" and Daesung chose G-Dragon without hesitation. Everybody, including G-Dragon of course, was curious about the reason behind this choice, but Daesung"s answer was short and simple. He replied, "He has a lot of money," making everybody burst into laughter.

Seungri also provided an interesting answer, saying, "I would want to date myself," making everyone laugh.

The members also said on this day, "Daesung is the most popular in Japan. If one out of ten are our fans, the remaining would be all Daesung"s fans."  Daesung explained that he thought they liked his nose, saying, "They even sell goods that use my nose and mouth shapes. They call me Daejelina," as in a mix of Daesung and Angelina Jolie.

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[SHINHWA MEMBER Battle] Shin Hye Sung, Kim Dong Wan, and Lee Min Woo Named As The Most Popular ′Year of the Sheep′ Stars in 2015

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[SHINHWA MEMBER Battle] Shin Hye Sung, Kim Dong Wan, and Lee Min Woo Named As The Most Popular ′Year of the Sheep′ Stars in 2015

Which member of SHINHWA will be the most popular "year of the sheep" stars in 2015?

In an extraordinary turn of events as four Shinhwa members climbed up to the final round, we wondered who the fans would vote for as the poll had Shinhwa members going up against each other.

We weren′t sure of how the results would come out, but what happened next was something we didn′t even expect.

Not wanting to put the members up against each other, fans kept a close watch of the poll, making sure the votes were evenly split between the four members for an entire week.

Percentage-wise, Shin Hye Sung, Kim Dong Wan, Lee Min Woo, and Eric all came out of the poll with a visible 25 percent, but since we unfortunately have to get nitpicky, Shin Hye Sung, Kim Dong Wan, and Lee Min Woo received 2004 votes each, while Eric lacked one vote with 2003 votes.

But before you get upset that Eric missed out on being named first because of that one tiny vote, just think of it as a leader′s sacrifice so that the group as a whole will shine in 2015, especially with Shinhwa′s anticipated comeback quickly on the way.

Photo Credit: Liveworks Company, CI Entertainment, KBS

Kwanghee, Mir, and Shindong Talk About What It’s Like to be the “Least Popular” Member

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Kwanghee, Mir, and Shindong Talk About What It’s Like to be the “Least Popular” Member On January 24, idols ZE:A‘s Kwanghee, MBLAQ‘s Mir and Super Junior‘s Shindong talked about how it feels to be the least popular member of their respective groups on KBS 2TV’s “Full House.”

Mir began by saying, “Out of all the MBLAQ members, I am the least popular. Even when I’m on stage, the cheers are weak. I’m sure Kwanghee and Shindong can also relate to this.”

Kwanghee shared his own painful account saying, “Whenever we have a fan meeting, we make boxes for receiving gifts. Since my box would always be empty, they stopped making mine. Who thought that could ever happen?”

“When I go to the airport, there have been times when the fans of the person in front of me are so numerous that they block my own path. Also, when it’s my birthday I just tell fans, ‘With the money you would’ve spent on my gift, please use it to listen to our music.’ I wouldn’t have received any gifts anyway,” Shindong added.

Is Kai the Most Popular Exo-K Member? You Let Us Know!

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Is Kai the Most Popular Exo-K Member? You Let Us Know!

EXO fans are extremely dedicated to their 12-member boy band. It"s something about these 12 handsome boys that makes the girls go crazy. But there"s always one particular member in the group that shines above the rest-and that member in EXO-K is Kai. He"s talented, so pretty, and someone you just want to hold hands with and have him call you his girl. But do you agree? Do you disagree? If it"s not Kai, then who is the most popular member in EXO? Vote below!

Leader Suho is the lead vocalist, born in 1991, discovered by SM in 2006, and buys his fellow members delicious, yummy treats!

Chan Yeol is the lead rapper, plays musical instruments, is romantic, and has a thick sexy voice.

D.O. is quiet, the main vocalist, and has interests in the field of culinary.

Baek Hyun is charming, outgoing, and looks up to Rain.

Kai is Kai and Kai is pretty and incredibly loved.

Se Hun is the lead dancer, a former ulzzang, and loves a woman with a kind heart.

Who is EXO-K"s most popular member?

Got7 Says Jackson is the Most Popular Member

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Got7 Says Jackson is the Most Popular Member

Jackson has been selected as the most popular member in Got7.

Got7 attended February 14’s broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s Gayo Plaza and revealed that Jackson is the most popular member among girls, for his gentleness and manners.

About Jackson, the members said, “He’s like Pandora’s box. Once you open it, his charming traits keeps on surprising you one by one.”

The members also named Jackson as the one who would be the nicest to his girlfriend and the one they would date if they were girls.

Being named the ‘most desired’ member, Jackson commented, “I’m the type to express my heart to the ones I love. So I tend to express a lot to the members too. When I have someone I love, I‘m going to do everything and anything I can to make them happy.”

JB, on the other hand, was named as the ‘most brusque’ member, to which he commented, “I think I’m being nice…but people tell me that I’m the ‘bad guy’ or the manly guy. But I’m the type to do anything for the one I love.”

Who Did Kwang Hee Name as ZE:A's Next "Popular" Member?

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Who Did Kwang Hee Name as ZE:As Next Popular Member?At ZE:As recent showcase for the release of their new album Illusion, member Kwang Hee named the fellow member he thought would be the next popular member of the group.

As a large nine-member group, it is hard for all the members of ZE:A to received the spotlight at once. One year its Kwang Hee, another year its Dong Jun, another its Im Siwan, and most currently, it is Park Hyung Sik. As Kwang Hee once stated elsewhere, the most popular member of ZE:A tends to take the center spot in their dance choreography, and currently the focus is on Park Hyung Sik who has gained a lot of popularity due to his appearance on the real-variety show Real Men. You can check out the music video of ZE:As latest track The Ghost of Wind by clicking here.

When asked who he thought would be the next popular member of the group at the press conference before the showcase, Kwang Hee said, Our agency says its going to be Jung Hee Chul, but I think it will be Moon Jun Young.

He explained, Moon Jun Young has been cast to appear in KBS Love and War 2. I heard they picked handsome people. I think the person I am most envious of will be the most popular.

Moon Jun Young will act alongside Girls Day Yura in the idol special of Love and War 2, set to air September 13.

Jung Hee Chul disagreed with Kwang Hee, saying, We think the next popular member will be Kevin. He is diligently writing songs, and somehow we feel he will show a good image. Kevin wrote the lyrics and composed “Step by Step” included in Illusion.

How about you readers, who do you think will be the next member to receive the spotlight after Park Hyung Sik?

[Spoiler] Who is the most popular member of ‘Dad, Where Are We Going’?

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The dads of the father-son (and daughter) variety program, Dad, Where Are We Going went through a popularity contest on the shows latest episode.

Although the vote wouldve been harrowing in the first place, it was made even more so by the fact that the kids were the ones who would be voting. Although one might think that each child would vote for his or her own father, the results didnt live up to expectations.

The most popular father was Yoon Min Soo with a total of four votes, while the least popular was Kim Sung Joo, with an embarrassing grand total of zero. The loss was especially disheartening, as all fathers who scored less than two votes had to suffer a punishment by going out on the sea before dawn.

However, there was a surprise twist: Yoon Hoo and Sung Joon were revealed to have rigged (?) the voting beforehand by agreeing to pick each others fathers. Therefore, one vote each was removed from the totalwhich led to all of the fathers except Yoon Min Soo having to undergo the pre-dawn punishment.

Check out the full episode below (segment starts towards the end of the first video)!