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Ji Chang Wook: One of Most Handsome Korean Actors

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Ji Chang Wook: One of Most Handsome Korean Actors

Ji Chang Wook landed his biggest break when he starred in "Empress Ki" in 2014 and he rose to fame when he did "Healer" with beautiful actress Park Min Young. Ji Chang Wook shared his recent state as a hallyu star!

On March 6th, fans rushed to Incheon International Airport upon hearing the news that Ji Chang Wook was returning to Seoul.

After returning from a two-day schedule in Hong Kong, Ji Chang Wook couldn′t help but to show his surprise when he was suddenly swarmed by fans. The more surprising point was that the majority of the fans were Chinese fans who flew over to Korea with him after finding out his schedules.

The videos that the Chinese fans caught of Ji Chang Wook′s arrival spread quickly through Weibo and other SNS, resulting in high views. Despite being in the middle of a large crowd of fans, Ji Chang Wook continued to keep his good manners and a smile on his face, as well as a slightly startled expression, bringing much joy to fans.

Ji Chang Wook′s agency rep told enews, "We arrived without a thought, so we were quite surprised. Due to the unexpected situation, we had to request help from security. Thanks to the drama Healer, the number of fans from overseas grew, and we′re just thankful."

Ji Chang Wook was invited as an Asian representative of a VIP event for Alfred Dunhill, a British luxury menswear brand, and departed for Hong Kong on March 5. Affiliates shared that Ji Chang Wook′s popularity in the local area was quite great.

This VIP event, taking place with many public figures in Hong Kong as well as John Ray, the creative director for Dunhill, was a very private occasion. But to the hundreds of fans who came to see Ji Chang Wook, the event had to be postponed for a short while.

An affiliate stated, "We′re thankful for the interest and support we′ve received from the airport to the event. Please anticipate Ji Chang Wook who will continue to lead hallyu as an actor."

Following Healer, Ji Chang Wook is currently searching for his next project. With Ji Chang Wook a strong candidate for director Park Kwang Hyun′s Modified City, his agency stated, "It′s one of the projects that we′re currently looking into. We can′t give a definite answer yet, but we′ll work hard to greet fans with a better image."

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Lee Jong Suk Named As The Most Popular and Handsome Korean Actors In China, Alongside Jun Ji Hyun

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Lee Jong Suk Named As The Most Popular and Handsome Korean Actors In China, Alongside Jun Ji Hyun

Lee Jong Suk has sucessfully proved his popularity in China!

Lee Jong Suk has grasped both popularity and acting in his hands by not only acting in dramas and movies but carrying out active overseas promotions. Proving this, he has been named as the most anticipated Korean actor in 2015 on various charts in China.

Lee Jong Suk was recently named the most anticipated Korean actor in 2015 by entertainment reporters and movie affiliates in China. In the same poll, Lee Jong Suk′s name was listed alongside Jun Ji Hyun, proving his rising star status in the Chinese market.

In a poll done by the famous Chinese media outlet People’s King, Lee Jong Suk ranked number one on the chart as the next generation Korean actor with the best acting ability. In this poll, Lee Jong Suk proved himself as the Korean actor with outstanding looks and acting ability among the hallyu stars.

On top of that, his drama, SBS’ Pinocchio, recently earned over one billion hits total on the Chinese streaming site Youku Tudou. The number of hits goes over two billion if his dramas I Hear Your Voice, Doctor Stranger and Pinocchio are all combined.

His name has also been frequently showing up on the ‘Most Influential People’ lists of famous portal sites in China. Lee Jong Suk will be returning thanks to the fans by carrying out his Asia tour schedules.

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Quiz: did you know the primary Roles of those most sensible Korean Actors?

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Quiz: Do You Know the 1st Roles of These height Korean Actors? How smartly do you know these young and hot Korean actors? Select the massive screen or small screen assignment these actors’ first reliable role was once in. All conceivable possible choices are displays in the actors’ credits.

Korean Formative years Select Their favourite Actors and Actresses of 2015

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Korean Teenagers Pick Their Favorite Actors and Actresses of 2015 For the 15th annual Korea International Youth movie Festival, adolescents voted on their favorite actors and actresses of 2015. Among the ones selected were Park Bo Young, Yoo Ah In, and Byun Yo Han.

Voting happened from October 1 thru October 20, with the effects announced on October 22. the types integrated favorite actor, favorite actress, favorite new actor or actress, favorite veteran actor or actress, and favorite film director.

Chosen for the favourite actress category used to be Park Bo Young, who currently starred in either the film “The Silenced” in addition the hit drama “Oh My Ghostess.” Favorite actor went to Yoo Ah In, who recently made waves in the flicks “Veteran” and “The Throne.”

Kang Ha Neul changed into chosen as favorite new actor for his paintings in “Misaeng” and “Twenty Again.” Byun Yo Han also made an appearance in the awards for his role in the film “Social Phobia” and also for the ongoing drama “Six Flying Dragons.”

The festival itself will take position from November 18 by way of 22.

7 Korean Actors Who Are without equal Boy Next Door

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7 Korean Actors Who Are the final Boy Next DoorSource: YouTube/YG Entertainment The boy next door.

Much like the “girl next door,” the “boy next door” is the topic of many daydreams and fantasies.

soompi-boy-2 Source: YouTube/YG Entertainment

Handsome, friendly, and maximum important, nearby.

soompi-boy-3 Source: YouTube/YG Entertainment

The more or less consumer you suspect would be a actually perfect boyfriend once you just controlled to collect up your courage to admit your emotions to.

soompi-boy-4 Source: YouTube/YG Entertainment

Many actresses have made their careers with their “next door” image, like American actresses Katie Holmes or Cameron Diaz. Their Korean counterpart would be actresses like Moon Geun Young or Park Shin Hye. stunning and approachable, those actresses with their “girl next door” symbol make audiences swoon with their large smiles and friendly eyes.

How about actors with the “boy next door” image? in position of the mysterious, classically handsome sorts that were popular circa 2000s, actors with the “boy next door” picture are today’s up-and-coming stars, winning fanatics over with their gentle but playful, stylish yet low-maintenance image. Let’s have a look at a couple of actors who are rising in popularity this provide day as the ulimate “boy next door.”

Park Bo Gum (born 1993, “Tomorrow Cantabile” and “I keep in mind You“)

Park Bo Gum might spend most of his days having a look like this:

But he's going to cross on a date with you searching like this:

Byun Yo Han (born 1986, may also be noticed in “Ex-Girlfriend Club” and “Six Flying Dragons“)

The boy next door flashing you that smile?

Nam Joo Hyuk (born 1994, “Surplus Princess” and “Who Are You:School 2015“)

Nam Joo Hyuk takes dorky selfies like this:

What that selfie isn't telling you is that he spends numerous time running out.

And being a just right oppa.

Park search engine optimization Joon (born 1988, might be visible in “Kill Me, Heal Me” and “She used to be Pretty“)

Park Seo Joon is that boy next door that only has eyes for his little one neice.

But on a date with you, will glance at you prefer this:

Kwak Si Yang (born 1987, “Persevere, Goo Hae Ra” and “Oh My Ghost”)

Kwak Si Yang looks like the boy next door this is secretly in love with his early life friend.

And whenever you notice him give piggy-back rides to her, you believe yourself in her spot.

Ji Soo (born 1993, “Love Frequency 37.2” and “Angry Mom“)

He’s the boy next door that's a little of a rebel.

But is truly just all heart.

And he hangs out with other “boy next door” types.

Do Sang Woo (born 1987, “Ex-Girlfriend Club” and “My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol“

He’s tall and fashionable, and you think he must be on a Paris runway as an alternative of living next door to you, but then he smiles at you're willing on this:

So you want he just lives next to you forever.

And he also hangs out with Byun Yo Han.

Birds of a feather flock together.

Top Korean Actors Who ensure Box Administrative center Success

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Top Korean Actors Who warranty Box workplace Success Which top Korean actors can surely assure a box office success in the technology of multiplex theaters? Is it Song Kang Ho, Choi Min Shik, or Ha Jung Woo, the young blood?

Exactly what thing defines a box office success? Big name energy is part you can’t forget about if you need the film to be successful at the box office.

Here is an inventory of top box office stars according to the legitimate statistics released by way of the Korean Film Council. The findings are from the Korean Film Almanac for years 1971 to 2010. From 2011, knowledge accrued from the Film Council’s pc network used to be used to measure the findings. the full collection of viewers/tickets from the videos those actors acted in were used to resolve this list of box office stars.

10. Ahn Sung Ki (39,833,441 viewers)

9. Choi Min Shik (40,859,388 viewers)

8. Jung Jae Young (49,819,044 viewers)

7. Kim Yoon Suk (49,965,687 viewers)

6. Lee Jung Jae (51,586,615 viewers)

5. Ha Jung Woo (56,801,630 viewers)

4. Hwang Jung Min (58,721,711 viewers)

Hwang Jung Min has enjoyed large success with “Ode to My Father” and “Veteran.”

3. Sol Kyung Gu (62,984,832 viewers)

Sol Kyung Gu’s hit films come with “Haeundae,” “Silmido,” and more.

2. Ryu Seung Ryong (64,971,576 viewers)

Ryu Seung Ryong comes in at number two. He became in 3 of the maximum important Korean blockbusters ever. They’re “Gwanghae: the fellow Who Became King,” “Miracle in Cellular No. 7,” and “The Admiral: Roaring Currents.” His prestige as a box office star has speedily grown since 2010.

1. Song Kang Ho (74,736,952 viewers)

Song Kang Ho tops the list as the consumer who embodies such star pressure that promises a box office success. Even supposing “Howling” and “Hindsight” didn’t do too neatly at the box office, he more than made up for it with “Snowpiercer,” “The Face Reader,” and “The Attorney” in 2013. The accumulative variety of audience for his movies are more than 70 million. His next motion picture “The Throne” is expected to hit big all over the approaching Chuseok holiday season.

Among the head ten actors in this list, Ha Jung Woo is the handiest real actor in his 1930s and Ahn Sung Ki is the oldest at the list. Meanwhile, Oh Dal Soo has been in most of the hit movies discussed above as a supporting actor. However, he has yet to cross into the head ten. Most likely this will likely trade in coming years.

Choi Geun Ha who works for Showbox, one of the biggest Korean movie distribution companies, says, “There’s no such thing as unconditional star power. The viewers consider in the acting skills of actors like Song Kang Ho, Ryu Seung Ryong, Sol Kyung Gu, Hwang Jung Min, Ha Jung Woo, and others. For instance, viewers give Song Kang Ho credits for deciding on and acting in a selected movie. They know he’s an ideal actor, so they watch with fantastic expectations.”

CEO Kang Hye Jung, who produced “Berlin” and “Veteran,” commented, “When the director is ready to nicely keep up a correspondence his intent to the actor, all the machine works.”

CEO Ahn Soo Hyun, who produced “The Thieves” and “Assassination,” says, “Yes, star power actually plays a role. yet no movie becomes successful simply because a undeniable actor is in it. If the viewers like the paintings of a positive actor, they’re more inquisitive about the movie they star in. And the root of that passion comes from the actor’s talent to carry great performance.”

As for actresses, the tip six were revealed.

6. Han Hyo Joo (approx. 24,530,000 viewers)

5. Uhm Jung Hwa (31,573,965 viewers)

4. Ha Ji Won (33,108,412 viewers)

Ha Ji Won still got here in at fourth place even regardless that she didn’t have much success in the box office in the final five years.

3. Son Ye Jin (33,172,311 viewers)

Son Ye Jin takes 3rd place with her success in “The Pirates.”

2. Kim Hye Soo (38,450,993 viewers)

Some of Kim Hye Soo’s box office hits contain “Tazza” and “The Thieves.”

1. Jun Ji Hyun (38,930,499 viewers)

Jun Ji Hyun beat Kim Hye Soo by a minor margin because of her fresh success in “The Thieves” and “Assassination.”

CEO Ahn Soo Hyun adds, “I think the public demands anything more brand new from actresses in comparison to actors. The viewers turn into explosively enthusiastic when an actress presentations a new unforeseen aspect to her acting style.” She also emphasizes, “The reason why they get first possible choices in choosing scripts is because we have faith that they is also ready to lift the phase they’re offered. regardless of the box office and star power, if the actress doesn’t are compatible the role she plays, it doesn’t work. That’s when great expectancies develop into disappointments.”

What do you have religion in these results? Did your favorite actors and actresses make the list?

Five Must-See Summer Movies Starring Korean Actors

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Five Must-See Summer Movies Starring Korean Actors

(Photo : Paramount Pictures ) Lee Byung Hun is starring in two of the hottest movies of summer 2015. He is part of the stellar ensemble cast of the upcoming action film, "Terminator Genisys" and leads the visually stunning period film, "Memories of the Sword."

In the fifth installment of the "Terminator" series, Lee portrays T-1000, the shapeshifting assassin who was a primary character in "Terminator 2: Judgement Day." In the latest film, T-1000 is a supporting role but one that drives the plot forward.

Directed by Alan Taylor, "Terminator Genisys" stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Clarke and Emilia Clarke. The film is scheduled for release on July 1.

Lee Byung Hun also stars in the upcoming period film, "Memories of the Sword." Lee portrays Deok Gi, who commits an act of betrayal. Jeon Do Yeon is Seol Rang, a female swordfighter who is betrayed by Deok Gi. She plots revenge against him by training her daughter as a swordswoman.

Rising star Kim Go Eun is Hong Ee, the young swordswoman who sets upon an arduous journey of revenge.

"Memories of the Sword" opens in theaters in August 2015.

Hallyu star Jun Ji Hyun leads the star-studded cast of "Assassination," a period film set within 1930"s Korea. The spy action film focuses on the attempts of Korean fighters resistance who depart from China to assassinate a Japanese army commander. Jun is joined by top film star Lee Jung Jae, who previously appeared opposite the "My Love from the Star" actress in "Il Mare" and "The Thieves."

"Assassination" premieres on July 22.

Han Hyo Joo is part of the huge ensemble cast of "The Beauty Inside," an upcoming arthouse romantic comedy. She portrays Yi Soo, a woman who is in love with a man who assumes a different body each day he wakes up. The role of Woo Jin, her lover, is portrayed by over twenty actors and actresses. The cast includes Park Shin Hye, Lee Hyun Woo, Yoo Yeon Seok, Lee Dong Wook, Park Seo Joon and Lee Beom Soo.

"The Beauty Inside" is scheduled to premiere in August 2015.

Hwang Jung Min follows the success of "Ode to My Father" with his portrayal of Detective Seo Do Cheol in "Veteran." "Veteran" also stars Yoo Ah In as Jo Tae Oh.

"Veteran" premieres on August 5.


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Kang Ha Neul, Kim Woo Bin and other stars have wowed people when having been awarded at the Korean Film Actors’ Guild Award

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Kang Ha Neul, Kim Woo Bin, and More Honored at Korean Film Actors Guild Award Ceremony Many actors were honored at the Korean Film Actors Guilds award ceremony that took place on June 18.

Actors Son Hyun Joo and Kim Myung Min were awarded the highest honors of the night. Both of the actors have been in two of the highest-grossing domestic films of 2015 so far, with Son Hyun Joo starring in The Chronicles of Evil and Kim Myung Min in Detective K 2.

The popularity award of the ceremony went to Kim Woo Bin, who starred in the youth comedy film Twenty. The new actor award went to his co-star Kang Ha Neul.

Other actors who received awards at the ceremony included Kim Go Eun (Coin Locker Girl), Kim Sung Kyun (The Deal), Lee Seung Gi (Love Forecast), Ji Jin Hee (Equator), and Lee Yeon Hee (Detective K 2).

Lets take a look at all the amazing Korean American Actors who are advised to take part in the korean movies

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8 Korean American Actors Who Should Be in K-Dramas Because if you’re going to write a Korean American character into a K-Drama, at least do the role some justice.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard some unfortunate English dialogue awkwardly shoved in and thoughtlessly carted off as someone’s native tongue. (Read: Stop faking it, K-Drama world. You’re not fooling anyone.)

Need ideas? So glad you asked. Some of the actors below you’ll know very well, while others may be brand spankin’ new to your face. All have concrete performing backgrounds, and can dish out a bit of Korean along with legit American English.

1. Steven Yeun, The Walking Dead

He may be known primarily as a dramatic actor battling zombies on AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” but Steven Yeun has a knack for comedy and a solid improv background. The Detroit native has already worked with 2NE1’s Sandara Park and K-Drama thesp Park Hyuk Kwon (“Producer”). Check it out in Whats Eating Steven Yeun below:

Bonus: if you write him into a scene at a Korean spa, he’s no stranger to getting scrubbed down on camera.

2. Justin Chon, Seoul Searching

Other Credits: Twilight films, 21Over, Sin City Saints

Justin Chon is all over the place. The actors been especially coming into his own in recent years with “Revenge Of The Green Dragons” and “21Over,” while emerging as a creative producer with his own YouTube channel, often collaborating with fellow online talent Kevin Wu (including features “Man Up” and “Hang Loose”).

The Orange County-based actor now stars in this year’s “Seoul Searching,” which portrays teens spending the summer in Seoul in the ‘80s.

I liked his interesting turn in short film “Jin” (2011) (on iTunes), but I also count his heart-to-heart with #4 on our list as one of my favorite Youtube vids.

Bonus: He’s appeared in the web series Ktown Cowboys.

3. Ki Hong Lee, The Maze Runner

Other Credits: Everything Before Us, Unbreakable Kimmy SchmidtThe Nine Lives Of Chloe King

On the big screen, Ki Hong Lees part of the cast of the massive “Maze Runner” films (based on the novels by James Dashner), with the series next installment due out later this year. Hes guest starred on Netflix gem “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” as Kimmy’s love interest, Dong Nguyen. The actor once graced the stage at East West Players (the oldest Asian American theater in the US), and has built recognition while working with Wong Fu Productions.

He could play an American character visiting his cousins in Korea. I mean, he probably has them in real life anyway. (Check out the clip at about 00:40 below.)

What’s not to like about David So? Just seeing him onscreen makes people happy. I’ve yet to see him in a dramatic role, but he’s got the comedic side downjust take a look at his channelvlogs, sketches, and all. Hes oozing with so much talent, he could even bust out some RB if need be (he has a music channel, too). Check out his deliciously fun parody of a certain North Korean leader below, complete with Korean dialogue:

And David’s co-star of the above video, as his significant other? In case you’re wondering where else you’ve seen her, Arden Cho has played Kira Yukimura on “Teen Wolf” and has collaborated with plenty of YouTube talents, including Ryan Higa and the Wong Fu troupe. Her credits also include a round of modeling and hosting duties.

6. Sung Kang, the Fast and Furious films

Other Credits: Bullet To The Head, Gang Related, Better Luck Tomorrow

Sung Kang has a look that reminds me of one of those timeless matinee idols. The actors probably one that audiences have known longer, from the Fast and Furious franchise or maybe Better Luck Tomorrow. He’s originally a Georgia peach and has mastered the cool and brooding, but has taken on more romantic characters in indie features like “Sunset Stories” and “4 Wedding Planners.” Id argue that others owe him props for helping open doors for other Asian American actors in Hollywood.

He’s even done a bit of K-Drama parody on MadTV way back when.

Fun fact: Sung Kang was once featured in a g.o.d. music video, “Lie.” Small world, right?

7. Nancy Lee, Wedding Palace

No stranger to the stand-up comedy circuit, Nancy Lee has versatility when it comes to creating characters. (Just check out her self-produced reel.)

I was pleasantly surprised to see her in the indie “Wedding Palace”; the comedienne does have a gift for playing a tremendously great ahjummabecause what point is there in portraying an ahjumma character, unless its the most spectacular ahjumma that ever lived? (Shes the one applying lipstick in the video below.)

8. Julia Cho, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Julia Cho has guest starred on “Scandal,” “Silicon Valley” and “Real Husbands Of Hollywood,” but may be mostly known for her turn as Charlotte Lu on “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.” I’m a fan of her guest star role (albeit much too brief) on “The Office” a while back (starting at 5:03). Cho played a daughter giving her mother a heads up (in Korean! With Amy Hill!) on a gay couple coming in for a couples discount. The thesp is very active on the theater scene, starring in “99 Histories” and flexing producing muscle with theater collective Artists At Play.

Which one of these actors would you most want to see swap dialogue with Kim Woo Bin or Gong Hyo Jin in a K-Drama? As Jung Kyung Ho’s visiting cousin? Kang So Ra’s lovelorn crush? Kim Young Kwangs college roommate? The possibilities are endless.

Lets take a look at the list of all the prettiest Actors and Actresses in Korean made by Netizens

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Netizens Pick the 50 Most Beautiful Korean Actors and Actresses TV network KBS recently conducted an online survey through its Culture Research Center asking which Korean actors and actresses people thought were the most beautiful. Through the broadcast of its weekly entertainment new show, Entertainment Relay, these past two weeks, it announced the results of its survey, a mixture of some surprise and some obvious. Take a look at the list below, divided by gender, and see if you agree with the rankings.