Ji Chang Wook: One of Most Handsome Korean Actors

Ji Chang Wook: One of Most Handsome Korean Actors

Ji Chang Wook landed his biggest break when he starred in "Empress Ki" in 2014 and he rose to fame when he did "Healer" with beautiful actress Park Min Young. Ji Chang Wook shared his recent state as a hallyu star!

On March 6th, fans rushed to Incheon International Airport upon hearing the news that Ji Chang Wook was returning to Seoul.

After returning from a two-day schedule in Hong Kong, Ji Chang Wook couldn′t help but to show his surprise when he was suddenly swarmed by fans. The more surprising point was that the majority of the fans were Chinese fans who flew over to Korea with him after finding out his schedules.

Ji Chang Wook Sees Rise in Popularity Overseas After ′Healer′

The videos that the Chinese fans caught of Ji Chang Wook′s arrival spread quickly through Weibo and other SNS, resulting in high views. Despite being in the middle of a large crowd of fans, Ji Chang Wook continued to keep his good manners and a smile on his face, as well as a slightly startled expression, bringing much joy to fans.

Ji Chang Wook′s agency rep told enews, "We arrived without a thought, so we were quite surprised. Due to the unexpected situation, we had to request help from security. Thanks to the drama Healer, the number of fans from overseas grew, and we′re just thankful."

Ji Chang Wook was invited as an Asian representative of a VIP event for Alfred Dunhill, a British luxury menswear brand, and departed for Hong Kong on March 5. Affiliates shared that Ji Chang Wook′s popularity in the local area was quite great.

Ji Chang Wook Sees Rise in Popularity Overseas After ′Healer′

This VIP event, taking place with many public figures in Hong Kong as well as John Ray, the creative director for Dunhill, was a very private occasion. But to the hundreds of fans who came to see Ji Chang Wook, the event had to be postponed for a short while.

An affiliate stated, "We′re thankful for the interest and support we′ve received from the airport to the event. Please anticipate Ji Chang Wook who will continue to lead hallyu as an actor."

Following Healer, Ji Chang Wook is currently searching for his next project. With Ji Chang Wook a strong candidate for director Park Kwang Hyun′s Modified City, his agency stated, "It′s one of the projects that we′re currently looking into. We can′t give a definite answer yet, but we′ll work hard to greet fans with a better image."

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Lee Jong Suk Named As The Most Popular and Handsome Korean Actors In China, Alongside Jun Ji Hyun

Lee Jong Suk Named As The Most Popular and Handsome Korean Actors In China, Alongside Jun Ji Hyun

Lee Jong Suk has sucessfully proved his popularity in China!

Lee Jong Suk has grasped both popularity and acting in his hands by not only acting in dramas and movies but carrying out active overseas promotions. Proving this, he has been named as the most anticipated Korean actor in 2015 on various charts in China.

Lee Jong Suk was recently named the most anticipated Korean actor in 2015 by entertainment reporters and movie affiliates in China. In the same poll, Lee Jong Suk′s name was listed alongside Jun Ji Hyun, proving his rising star status in the Chinese market.

In a poll done by the famous Chinese media outlet People’s King, Lee Jong Suk ranked number one on the chart as the next generation Korean actor with the best acting ability. In this poll, Lee Jong Suk proved himself as the Korean actor with outstanding looks and acting ability among the hallyu stars.

China Names Lee Jong Suk Most Anticipated Korean Actor in 2015

On top of that, his drama, SBS’ Pinocchio, recently earned over one billion hits total on the Chinese streaming site Youku Tudou. The number of hits goes over two billion if his dramas I Hear Your Voice, Doctor Stranger and Pinocchio are all combined.

His name has also been frequently showing up on the ‘Most Influential People’ lists of famous portal sites in China. Lee Jong Suk will be returning thanks to the fans by carrying out his Asia tour schedules.

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Korean Enthusiasts Claim 1981 Is The actual Golden Year Of Visual Idols And Actors

Korean Enthusiasts Claim 1981 Is The actual Golden Year Of Visual Idols And Actors

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Whilst K-pop enthusiastscontinuously argue over whether the 94-line or 99-line is the maximum productivein the case of visuals, Korean fans are claiming that neither are true. 

According to a post on Instiz, which has a gainednumeroussure responses, many Korean fans trust that the year 1981 produced the most mythical visuals in Korean history. Featuring best actors and actresses such as Jun Ji HyunKang Dong Wan, and Song Hye Kyo, many fans argued that there's no year that may compete with 1981 by way of visuals.

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Park Bo-yeong, Ji Seong Voted Highest Korean Actors in U.S.

Park Bo-yeong, Ji Seong Voted Highest Korean Actors in U.S.

Park Bo-yeong (left) and Ji Seong

Park Bo-yeong and Ji Seong were named easiest Korean actors through the U.S.-based Asian drama streaming web page DramaFever on Monday.

At the site's annual awards, Park won the honor for her role as a ghost-possessed cook in "Oh My Ghostess", whilst Ji Won for his starring role in "Kill Me, Heal Me".

The winners were selectedby approach of online vote by more than 1.9 million users.

"I'm so extremely joyful because here isthe primary time I have gainedthe kind of award". Park acknowledged in an interview right through the rite in New York, adding that she will be able toproportion the honor with colleagues from the drama.

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Actress says, “All Korean actors and actresses move  via plastic surgery”

Actress says, “All Korean actors and actresses move via plastic surgery”

7kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Veteran actress Hong Jinhee recently printedthat each and every one actors and actresses passvia plastic surgical operation and botox. 

While on SBS Good Morning, the actress stated, Plastic surgery and botox are a should for actors and actresses. Recently I have had widespreadmind on whether I ought to age naturally or get just a little of a face lift.

In a rustic where endless plastic surgeries are done,with procedures starting from double eyelid surgery to whole facial adjustments and an industry where many celebrities, actors, actresses, and K-Pop idols alike are steadily judged on their looks in addition their talent, it comes as no wonder to netizens that actors and actresses pass through plastic surgery and use botox.

1. 671, 14 Of course, regardless of how good you're at acting, when you dont appear to be the lead, you are going to never be lead, yet if you glance the part, you may land a lead role despite the reality that y'all cant act.

2. 535, 10 This ladys role in Sunny went by way oflarge plastic surgery too ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. 448, 4 I wonder how many celebrities are all herbal

4. 28, 0 My oppa is a cameraman and he says whatever how beautiful you are, if you dont appearance skilful on camera, you want to have to get plastic surgery.

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Photos Added young actors stills for the impending Korean film

Photos Added young actors stills for the impending Korean film "Horror Reports 3"

Added young actors stills for the approaching Korean film "Horror Studies 3" (2015)Directed through Baek Seung-bin, Kim Gok, Kim Sun, Min Gyoo-dongWith Seulong, Kyeong Soo-jin, Park Jeong-min-I, Hong Eun-hee, Cha Ji-yeon, Kim Jong-soo,...Synopsis"Horror Stories", 2012, used to be just about the 4 horror stories told by a primecollege student woman who becomeabducted by a murderer, and 'Horror Stories 2', 2013, depicted horror about death and the sector later on death. "Horror Stories 3" plays a role as a bridge between the primary and 2nd sequels, thus talks about past, providein addition future. The tale of the 3rd sequel is delivered in a totally uniquesurroundings borrowing the clinical fiction genre.'A Girl from Mars' by Min Gyoo-dongA girl makes an emergency touchdown on a planet governed by machines.The girl starts revealing her terrible memories about mankind one by one, whilst she tries to give an explanation for to the machines the explanations why she had to leave the folk on earth and ended up landing in this planet.Story of the Past - The Horrible tale 'Fox Valley''Man isn't the lord of creation. In fact, they look like a parasite.A pupil Saengwon (classics licentiate) Lee (Seulong) who was heading to his fatherland after he effectivelyaccomplished his Civil Provider examination. He's chased down by a gang of robbers all of unexpected and reveals himself in a far off village after he ran and ran to save his own life. He makes a decisionto stick one evening at a house, where a mysterious lady and one elderly user reside. However, where he ended up occurs to be the Fox Valley, where folks say no personmay just get out alive! Saengwon Lee is making an attempt to break out the Fox Valley to save his life.Story of the current - The Horror story of intuition of speed 'Road Rage''Why kill people? I do not know'Dong-geun (Park Jeong-min-I) and Soo-jin (Kyeong Soo-jin) were using on a toll roadoverdue at night. A bizarre freight truck seems in front of them. As the truck helps to keep passing their automobile and blockading them several times, Dong-geun gets angrier every time and tries to pass the truck by driving even more violently. However, the freight truck may notsurrender either and keeps following them, then threatens Dong-geun and Soo-jin. On a dismal night, the horrible speed festival accompanied by rage begins!Story of the long run - The Horror story of man-made Intelligence 'Ghost of Machine''We may be together, forever'An synthetic intelligence robot, Doon-ko makes the maximum productive friend for a tender boy, Jin-goo instead of his mother Ye-seon (Hong Eun-hee). Jin-goo and Doon-ko werein combination for ten years and promise to be with one another forever. However, one day Doo-ko develops mistakes and hurts Jin-goo. Jin-goo's mom Ye-seon gets rid of Doon-ko without telling her son and purchases a new robot. Yetthe hot robot also develops strange symptoms. And Doo-ko keeps acting in front of Ye-seon and Jin-goo's eyes. The curse of a promise you can not keep; what's going to exist the finish of it?Release date in Korea : 2016/06/02


7 Korean Actors Who Practically  Become Idols

7 Korean Actors Who Practically Become Idols

7 Korean Actors Who PracticallyTurned into Idolsmcheller Might 3, 2016 0 7 Korean Actors Who Almost Became Idols There are the ones whove at all times dreamed of being actors, and those that chose acting whilst walking down a other path.

Each of them has a reason, each has a story. Here are 7 actors who almost became idols.

When he was once 16, Yoo Ah In were in education to develop into a solo singer!

However, he gave the impression in KBS2s drama Sharp 1, and that introduced his acting occupation instead.

Since he was little, Park Bo Gum had constantly enoyed gambling piano and making a song for people, and in his 2nd year of top school, he became a trainee.

Although his dream was to be a singer-songwriter, his corporate told him they idea he was more fitted to acting, so he made up our minds to debut as an actor.

Honey Lee spent a complete year as a YG trainee. She almost became a member of 2NE1!

However, after winning the name of Leave out Korea, she chose a career in acting instead.

Gong Seung Yeon was once below SM Entertainment, and was a fellow trainee with the f(x) members.

After living the trainee existencefor roughly seven years, she got interested in acting and made a decision to grow to be an actress instead.

Debuting as a fashion at the age of 15, Lee Jong Suk was all set to version and be an idol trainee simultaneously.

However, he dreamed of being an actor, and in spite of everythingwere given his wish when he seemed in SBSs drama Prosecutor Princess in 2010.

Soo Ae lived as an idol trainee for 6 months and was intended to be the rapper in her long term group.

Then, her friendsstated she appeared to have attainable to be an actress, so she switched paths and entered the acting field.

Min Hyo Rin, who had already had some enjoy equally a singer, became a JYP trainee in 2004.

However, commuting between Daegu and Seoul for practicing proved to be very difficult, so at long last she gave up being an idol and chose the acting trail instead.

Which stars beyond was the maximum surprising? Who do you wantto look as a singer?

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Korean Enthusiasts  Notice Evidence PROVING Kai’s Affection For Krystal From 2012

Korean Enthusiasts Notice Evidence PROVING Kai’s Affection For Krystal From 2012

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterNetizens speak about GIFs of Kai and Krystal which presentations Kai allegedly having emotions for Krystal

Earlier, we reported that Kai and Krystal were dating and that SM Entertainment showed the speculations. Yet did Kai get started liking Krystal even prior to she began to have feelings against him?

Originally posted on Pann, netizens talk about GIFs that displays Kai allegedly having feelings toward Krystal even before she did.

Titled Days When Kai Cherished Krystal, this is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

I dont know if they had a thing or Kai simplest liked her but

this was onceall through 2012 SM Concert. He assists in keeping wondering around Krystal before maintaining her hands to mention bye to the fans.

He holds her hands to claimexcellent bye.

Kai taking a look at Krystal secretly.

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented at thecustomary article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this newsletter being published.

117 / -5 I might bein a position to just feel that Kai in reality liked her a lot.

102 / -4 To be honest, they honestlyglancesensiblein combination

100 / -5 I suspectthey're going toclosingdecadesmaking an allowance for they were pals for see you later

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Are KBS K-Dramas On The upward push With The maximum recent Signing Of Megastar Korean Actors

Are KBS K-Dramas On The upward push With The maximum recent Signing Of Megastar Korean Actors

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterDrama enthusiastswere criticizing broadcasting station KBS lately for having a loss of quality series recently. However, after seeing the channel bring on probably the mostmost sensible actors in the industry for its newest projects, netizens have been discussing the prospectiveupward thrust of KBS dramas. As smartly as having popular actor Song Joong Ki in their recent drama Descendants of the Sun, the station has also signed emerging star Park Bo Gum for upcoming ancient drama Moonlight Drawn By way of Clouds. With such promising actors and works coated up, KBS turns out to have a bright trailforwardwhen it comes to dramas.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this newsletter below!

Koreaboo has accrued reactions from Netizens who commented at thenormal article from our Korean source. The under comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

10125, 262 Theyre in point of fact dead set on success..

9064, 220 Now that I take into accounts it, they either used to MC at Music Bank. I wager MC-ing at Music Bank promises success. The similar with Park Search engine marketing Joon

6084, 167 Two daebak actors from a similar agency~~

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Ha Ji Won stars along Korean and Chinese actors in new romantic mystery film

Ha Ji Won stars along Korean and Chinese actors in new romantic mystery film

Ha Ji Won, Chun Jung Myung, and Chen Bolin in the similar movie? Here's a should watch!

The movie, called 'Risking Lifestyles for Love,' is a romantic mystery which centers on a serial homicide case. Romance and thriller don't appear to be genres which arenormally mixed, and the truth that the filmcapabilitieseither Korean and Chinese actors is drawing even more attention to the approaching premiere in April.

SEE ALSO: Drama Review 'Cheese In The Trap' - Episode 14

Watch out for this intense romance thriller tale which is undoubtedly enriched via the stellar acting of 3 stars!