More Idols Have Been Captured Using Tindr?

More Idols Have Been Captured Using Tindr?

Ever since the Jay Park fiasco of fans finding him allegedly using Tindr, an American-style dating app, which turned out to be a fake profile, netizens took the opportunity to search for more fake profiles of idols using dating apps. Check out some of the idols that took a moment to visit the dating scene down below.

It seems like IU and Jay Park might have compatible profiles!

While the profile is free of any stats, locations or bio/info, the user casually uploaded a photo of Jungkook taking a selca and even used his stage name. The nerve.

Don’t thin kit just ends with BTS Jungkook, this user uploaded a cute photo of Jimin relaxing and smiling on his bed. Either they are a fan showing off their ideal type or Jimin lives at Colegio Interavita Londrina.

Can’t seem to find that perfect, sexy selfie? Just upload a photo of rapper HyunA and claim you just came from South Korea. Fool proof!

BTS Suga is probably not one of the last members to be uploaded on any dating site. If you can find the boys on PornHub, I’m sure you’ll find them on Tindr again.

Fans had also posted and commented saying they have seen Jay Park on dating apps like OkCupid and numerous idols such as Jo Kwon, Kwanghee and other BTS members on Gay dating apps as well. Have you found any other idols on your love feed?