More Female Jobseekers Weigh Military Option Amid Tough Market

Roughly half of female jobseekers would enlist in the military if it would increase their chances of getting a good job later, according to a recent survey.

Job search portal Incruit conducted an online survey of about 800 jobseekers from April 17 to 19. Some 45 percent of female respondents said they are willing to serve in the military to heighten their chances of landing a good job later.

Some 53 percent of male respondents said their military experience helped them choose a career path and find a job, while 67 percent of female respondents believed men’s military service helped them adjust to life in the workplace.

“The survey shows just how tough the job market is, as more jobseekers turn to signing up for the military as an alternative place to gain work experience”, said Lee Kwang-seok at Incruit.…