Moon Hee Jun’s fans turn their backs on him after controversies around his marriage

Moon Hee Jun’s fans turn their backs on him after controversies around his marriage

Moon Hee Jun’s fans have turned their backs on him.

The H.O.T Galleryat DC Inside announced that they would be boycotting all of Moon Hee Jun’s promotions from now on. They reasoned,

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Moon Hee Jun, from H.O.T, started dong rock music as he became a solo artist. He was strongly criticized by the public, and overcame hard times together with fans.

However, after the public opinion of him got better after his military service, Moon Hee Jun threw away his modesty and started acting rudely and saying unfitting things. Especially last here, he had a lot of problematic statements about his concert, marriage, and H.O.T getting back together.

Fans waited for a sincere explanation and apology, but all we received were excuses, no replies about goods, and continued derogatory comments about [H.O.T] members. We believe that his actions seriously defame the fans’ memories, the group’s character, and the other H.O.T members’ images, and decided to boycott his future promotions.

The H.O.T gallery also pointed out that even though he had a lyric prompter at his concert, he got his lyrics wrong, and because he hadn’t prepared properly, he had fans sing half of his songs at his own concert. His fan goods were also subpar quality, and he also refused to take credit card or give out cash receipts, causing concern for tax evasion. His lie about Soyulnot being pregnant also threw fans off. Worst of all to fans, he continued to make not-so-great comments about Jang Woo Hyukand jokingly put up H.O.Treunion as rating promises.

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