Moon Hee Jun says he and Soyul never lied about her pregnancy

Moon Hee Jun says he and Soyul never lied about her pregnancy

Moon Hee Jun spoke up about the negative reaction to Soyul’s pregnancy. 

The celebrity couple recently revealed that Soyul is scheduled to give birth to a baby girl this week. The unexpected news shocked the public and also shed light to their ”lies”. 

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On the May 11 airing of ‘Moon Hee Jun and Jung Jae Hyung’s Happy Life’, Moon Hee Jun responded to the criticism. He stated, “I’m glad the baby in the womb doesn’t know about this but as a father my mind is uneasy. I’m feeling a bit upset and I want to say that we never confirmed or denied (the pre-martial pregnancy reports).”

He continued, “I’m no longer a top star like I was 10 years ago but many people were interested in the news. I tried not to read the reports but I naturally became aware as my peers were concerned.” 

Moon Hee Jun also mentioned his worries for Soyul, saying, “I’m used to not reading the reports but it’s a problem because my wife does. I’m worried because my pregnant wife reads everything.”

Lastly, Moon Hee Jun asked the public to believe in them with warm hearts.

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