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Stars choose the top 3 celebrities on ‘Moon Hee Jun’s Pure 15+’

Celebrities voted for who they believe are the top 3 stars on the "Plus+ Chart" segment of "Moon Hee Jun"s Pure 15+"!

Moon Hee Jun and Kim Tae Woo went through comments by idols and various celebrities who chose their favorite and most respected peers. Third on the list is "You Who Came from the Stars" actress Jun Ji Hyun, who singer Jo Sung Mo and Orange Caramel"s Raina vouched for. They chose her because she has her own unique mood and appeal and still stays humble despite her stardom.

Second up are the hot idols EXO. NS Yoon-G in particular mentioned that she loves their song "Growl". The top of the top is none other than "nation"s MC" Yoo Jae Suk for reasons that most would agree with.

Check out the clip above!

“Glorious Days” reveals Jung In Shik’s photos on the filming set

(Photo : SBS)

SBS new weekend drama “Glorious Day” (script Moon Hee Jung, director Hong Sung Chang) released pictures of Jung Man Shik in the filming set.

On “Glorious Day” which will be broadcast on April 19th for the first time, Jung Man Shik plays the role of divorcee Kang Hyun Bin and will be showing a character that is 180 degree different than before. He is a skilled dentish that runs a small private hospital and laughs well and is good hearted as his transformation to Kang Hyun Bin will bring warm laughter and move viewers.

Viewers are attracted to his appearance on the filming set that the production company released as he is wearing a black hat and bundled up in his jumper with a sharp look, making a suspicious face. He doesn”t say any lines or express any gesture but is captivating the audience with his emotionless face

“Good Day” marks Park Se Young and Lee Sang Woo’s reunion

Actress Park Se Young will be reuniting with actor Lee Sang Woo in a new weekend drama titled “Good Day,” a.k.a “Feel-Good Day.”

“Good Day” is a story about a determined single mother (played by Kim Mi Sook) who has raised three daughters on her own. Her goal, now that the daughters have grown, is to marry all three women off to decent men.

In this drama, Park Se Young will portray the cheerful and heartwarming middle daughter, Jung Da Jung, who is a dietitian. Regarding her role, Park Se Young expressed, “Da Jung is the character who resembles me most among all the characters I have played so far,” and “I plan to bring out traits that are similar.

Meanwhile, Lee Sang Woo will portray Da Jung’s love interest who is a romantic but conservative businessman

Celebrity Chatter of the Week

There’s a lot of chatter in the Korean entertainment industry every single day, and we’re not just talking about the SNS World. We’re talking about the whole burrito with all of its delicious ingredients inside.

From variety shows to dramas, from Twitter to press conferences, we’ll be snooping around (almost) every corner and digging at (almost) every pothole to see who said what that was meaningful, controversial, or just something to chuckle at during our downtime.

Of course, we can’t cover everything, since that would mean this article would be endless.

So instead, we’ll be posting some of our favorites celebrity quotes from the week.

“Either way, Hyung already smoked, so I say we all just smoke together and call it even.”

Of course, Jung Joon Young would say something like this on March 16′s broadcast of KBS′ 1 Night, 2 Days as the members tried to think of a punishment to give to Kim Joo Hyuk, who was caught smoking during the program′s ′No Smoking Special

Son Chang Min joins new drama “Happy Days”

(Photo : SBS)

Actor Son Chang Min has confirmed to joined the new SBS drama “Happy Days

“Happy Day” is a collaboration of writer Moon Hee Jung and director Hong Sung Chang. It’s a story about a mother who tries her best to find a son-in-law with high credentials.

In this drama, Son Chang Min will portray Nam Goong Young, a single man in his 40s who has a crush on Kim Mi Sook and tries to satisfy her mother.

“Happy Days” is set to premiere after “Passionate Love” in April.

Moon Hee Jun Spills that Shinhwa Members Fought Over the Same Girl Before

Reminiscing about the past, former H.O.T members Moon Hee Jun shared a bit about the past dating life of first generation idols.

On March 20, Moon Hee Jun appeared on KBS’ Happy Together along with Danny Ahn and Eun Ji Won. With his other first generation idol group buddies, Moon Hee Jun talked about the past, especially of the dating life of first generation idols.

When Park Myung Soo asked if members of other groups shared who they dated, Moon Hee Jun replied, “It’s really as much fun as You Who Came From the Stars. If we were to spill details, the entire music industry would [flip over].”

Park Myung Soo followed up his question by asking if idol group members fought with each other after liking the same girl.

“Fighting? Usually Shinhwa did that a lot,” said Moon Hee Jun, making everyone laugh

H.O.T’s Moon Hee Jun confesses: “I had the “celebrity disease” during my H.O.T days.”

In the recent pre-recording for KBS 2TV‘s “Happy Together 3,” Moon Hee Jun recalled his fame with his legendary group H.O.T.

The singer confessed, “I had the “celebrity disease” during my H.O.T days. I tried to be modest when I was outside, but as soon as I got into the SM office, I acted from that moment as if I caught the “celebrity disease.”"

He added, “For no reason, I would walk very slowly and there was one door for five members, but I would always enter all by myself.”

You can catch this interesting episode later today!

Danny Ahn opens up about his slump after leaving g.o.d

Danny Ahn appeared as guest on the latest episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Happy Together 3‘ along with veteran singers including Moon Hee Jun, Eun Ji Won.

On this show, he opened up about his fall after leaving the legendary group g.o.d.

Nam Chang Hee shared, “I stand still while looking at the wall rather than the window. The wall is suffocating and a complete blockage, which I deem analogous to my life.

Upon hearing his story, Danny Ahn also revealed, “After leaving g.o.d, I greatly worried about what I would do now. I was scared to see other active celebrities on TV, so for a long time, I looked at a TV that was always turned off.


Moon Hee Jun, Eun Ji Won, Danny Ahn and Others to Appear on “Happy Together”

Moon Hee Jun, Eun Ji Won, and Danny Ahn will be appearing on KBS 2TV variety show “Happy Together 3.”

A broadcasting representative stated on March 15, “Recording for the Three Musketeers special episode will take place at the KBS Annex Building in Yeouido today. Eun Ji Won, Moon Hee Jun and Danny Ahn have become close over the years since their first generation idol days, so they will be appearing together.”

It’s been awhile since the three celebrities appeared together on a variety program. Their last program together was cable channel QTV’s “20th Century Handsome Boys,” which went off air last December.

Besides the threesome, Hong Jin Kyung, Jo Se Ho, and Nam Chang Hee also took part in the recording of the special episode

Happy birthday to Moon Hee Jun

Name: Moon Hee-Jun (문희준) Birthdate: March 14, 1978 Birthplace: South Korea Label: Sidus HQ, PS entertainment, SM entertainment (former) Group: H.O.T Occupations Singer, songwriter,choreographer, TV host Height: 173 cm. Weight: 62kg Blood Type: B
- Moon Hee Jun is formerly a leader of the group H.O.T under SM entertainment - He is also a member of HotSechGodRG formed by many legend group members