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Moon Chae Won Is Happy To Be in Competition with Moon Geun Young?

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Moon Chae Won Is Happy To Be in Competition with Moon Geun Young?Moon Chae Won is not afraid of some competition from her Moon sister, Moon Geun Young.

At the press conference for the upcoming KBS drama Good Doctor, Moon Chae Won was asked about competing with Moon Geun Young. Good Doctor is the KBS competition for MBCs Goddess of Fire, Jung-yi, which stars Moon Geun Young. Both are in the primetime Monday-Tuesday drama timeslot. 

Moon Chae Won revealed that she called Moon Geun Young when she had her press conference for Goddess of Fire. The Good Doctor lead continued, We met years ago in the same drama, but I am happy to be meeting her through different dramas. Rather than competing, I am happy that our dramas are airing together. Moon Geun Young is doing a historical drama again after some time, and I think she is playing a character she wanted. I am giving her my support.

Moon Chae Won concluded, Its unfortunate that I am too busy to watch both dramas, but I am a happy fan.

Moon Chae Won and Moon Geun Young met through the 2008 SBS drama Painter of the Wind. In it Moon Chae Won played a gisaeng who was in love with Moon Geun Youngs character, a female pretending to be male in order to become a master painter. The two won the Best Couple Award at the 2008 SBS Drama Awards after receiving much love for their chemistry.

Moon Chae Won plays a pretty, smart, and confident second-year fellow in the pediatric surgery department against male lead Joo Won. It premieres August 5. Goddess of Fire has already started airing.

Moon Chae Won, best friends with Moon Geun Young, Han Hyo Joo, & Son Ye Jin

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Moon Chae Won, best friends with Moon Geun Young, Han Hyo Joo, & Son Ye Jin

Actress Moon Chae Won reveals her best friends as actresses Moon Geun Young, Han Hyo Joo, and Son Ye Jin.

The winner of the 48th Grand Bell Awards and the 32nd Blue Dragon Film Awards for her role in the movie Arrow: The Ultimate Weapon, actress Moon Chae Won conducted an interview with KBS Entertainment Report on the 7th.

Moon Chae Won stated during the interview, Its only been 4 years since I debuted. My first piece was the youth drama Mackerel Run. Naturally I have a lot of love for the piece.

She was soon shown a clip from the drama Mackerel Run and when Lee Min Ho appeared in the clip the interviewer asked, Do you still keep in touch with Lee Min ho? and she looked a bit surprised at the question and couldnt quite answer saying, Contact.

Then she was asked who her best friends were and the actress stated, Moon Geun Young and Han Hyo Joo.

Moon Chae Won also added, Im also close to Son Ye Jin sunbae as well, we are represented by the same management company.

Image: KBS Entertainment Report

Source: TV Report via Nate

Moon Geun Young grades her own acting

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Moon Geun Young grades her own acting

Actress Moon Geun Young attended the following press convention for her these days running SBS drama, "The Village: Achiara"s Secret," on October 27 and graded her own acting.

She stated, "I sought after to exert less power into this production, yet the folks viewing think that my personality is simple, which makes me think that i'm acting smartly in keeping with my thoughts.  I am operating difficult so as to turn construction via tracking myself because there are still numerous awkward and missing aspects.  I wish to give myself 50 out of 100."

She was once also asked about the "1 evening 2 Days" participants because she had seemed back in June and gotten with reference to them.  However, she revealed, "After the drama began broadcasting, they did now not touch me.  They aren't gazing it. They"re all busy, so I"m fine with that."  

Yook Sungjae Says Moon Geun Young Enjoys BTOB’s New Album

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Yook Sungjae Says Moon Geun Young Enjoys BTOB’s New Album BTOB currently made their comeback with their 7th mini album “I Mean,” and are currently selling their new song “Way Back Home.” at the October 18 broadcast of SBS‘s “Inkigayo,” member Yook Sungjae stocks what others think in their song.

Yook Sungjae mentions Moon Geun Young, his co-star on the drama “The Village: Achiara’s Secret,” pronouncing that she told him that she enjoys the song “Last Day” the maximum out of all of the tracks on the hot album.

Other participants percentage what they’ve heard others tell them of the new album, and hope that fanatics give the album a massive number of love.

You can take a glance at the clip below!

Song Joong Ki and Moon Geun Young’s beyond Connection in school Revealed

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Song Joong Ki and Moon Geun Young’s Past Connection in university Revealed The past connection between the actors Song Joong Ki and Moon Geun Young had been revealed via a photo online.

Song Joong Ki is recently running at the upcoming KBS drama “Descendants of the Sun” starring along Song Hye Kyo. Moon Geun Young is currently performing on the SBS’s mystery mystery “The Village: Achiara’s Secret.”

The past connection between the 2 actors have been a hot subject of the net network as a photo of Song Joong Ki and Moon Geun Young taken back in college have resurfaced. It’s no longer the primary time the photo was the middle of attention online, yet it has grabbed the netizens’ attention once back as either actors’ present and upcoming paintings have been highlighted in fresh times.

The two actors are observed status in front of the lecture corridor speaking with buddies in the photo. At the time, they were both attending Sungkyunkwan University.

Moon Geun Young looks gorgeous dressed in a yellow most sensible and Song Joong Ki is smiling as he’s talking to some feminine students. Song Joong Ki used to be a industry main and Moon Geun Young was a Korean language and literature major. It’s a refreshing portrayal of the two actors in an each day atmosphere as scholars in position of actors in limelight.

Has Moon Geun Young's Star Power Diminished?

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Moon Geun Young (Photo : The Village - Achiara"s Secret)

The involvement of Moon Geun Young in "The Village - Achiara"s Secret" has not convinced viewers to tune in. Despite the presence of the actress often referred to as "the nation"s little sister," the drama"s second episode had lower ratings than its first. The mystery thriller only rated 5.9 percent for the October 9 episode. That"s 1.0 percent lower than the previous episode.

The ratings seem especially low when compared to the percentage earned by the previous drama in that time slot. "Yong Pal" netted 20.4 percent of the viewers for its final episode.

In "The Village - Achiara"s Secret" Moon"s character is an English teacher who moves to a peaceful village and discovers a body. Apparently the village is not all that peaceful. BtoB member Yook Sung Jae plays the policeman who tries to solve the case.

Although Moon"s drama "Mary Stayed Out All Night" only averaged 6.3 percent, her last drama "Goddess of Fire: Jeonji" started strong with 10 percent of the Nielsen ratings and averaged 9.3 percent for its run. Moon has been a much-loved actress since she debuted as a child. In 2005, the Korean film industry ranked her first in a star power list of actresses. The ranking was determined by which actress could mobilize the greatest number of fans and sell tickets solely on her name alone. But the low ratings might not really reflect her popularity. She did recently appear in the film "The Throne," which was a box office success. The film, which co-stars Yoo Ah In and Song Kang Ho, earned $32 million in its first four days.

Perhaps drama lovers are just not in the mood for a mystery thriller. That could be the case as a comedy is in the lead among Wednesday-Thursday dramas.

"She Was Pretty," starring Park Seo Joon, Hwang Jung Eum and Choi Si Won, is definitely the ratings winner at the moment. The drama gained percentage points between its seventh and eighth episode, ending this week with a surprising makeover reveal. It was inevitable that the frumpy version of Hwang Jung Eum"s character would be replaced with a more fashionable one, but the reveal took place in the last minute of the drama without any lead-up. Viewers will likely tune next week to discover the back story.

"The Merchant of Gaek Ju: 2015," which stars popular actor Jang Hyuk, stayed in the middle of the ratings with 9.5 percent.

Moon Geun Young Compliments Yoo Ah In's Strong Presence In 'The Throne' For Allure Interview

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Moon Geun Young Compliments Yoo Ah In's Strong Presence In 'The Throne' For Allure Interview

Moon Geun Young starred in "Twenty-Nine" for the October issue of Allure. The photoshoot, named after her age, included beautiful classic pieces from the Spring/Summer and Fall 2015 international runways. Moon modeled a Burberry sleeveless one-piece in princess pink, Publicka Atelier halterneck gown, and Armani statement bow little black dress, to name a few items.

Among the beauty"s accessories there were La Perla"s Sling Back sandals. The peep-toe shoes have a blue silk exterior, side buckle and leather lining. The design can be yours HERE and can be seen below in greater detail.

During the interview, Moon talked about her Sado (The Throne) film co-star Yoo Ah In. She stated, "Since we are around the same age and have similar worries about acting, we talked a lot. I was sad when filming ended since our acting compatibility was good. Yoo Ah In is the kind of actor that changes the atmosphere of a set with just his eyes."

Moon also revealed what drew her interest to the film in the first place. She explained, "When I heard that Song Kang Ho became part of the cast, I wanted to do this project even before reading the script. The script turned out to be great, so I chose this project..."

Moon Geun Young"s upcoming SBS drama The Village: Achiara"s Secret will premiere on October 7 at 21:55 KST.

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'She used to be Pretty' rises again, will Moon Geun-young fall?

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'She used to be Pretty' rises again, will Moon Geun-young fall?

The viewing percentage of "The Village: Achiara"s Secret" dropped even more.

According to Nielsen Korea, the 2nd one episode of the recent SBS drama "The Village: Achiara"s Secret" rated 5.9%. here's 1.0% not up to the former episode.

Before "The Village: Achiara"s Secret", "Yong Pal" ended with 20.4%. However, that didn"t impact the follow-up.

"The Village: Achiara"s Secret" is a drama about the things that take place in a village after a frame is in the floor is found.

Meanwhile, MBC "She Was once Pretty" recorded 14.5% and KBS 2TV "The Merchant: Gaekju 2015" 9.5%, appearing the effects of the finish of "Yong Pal".

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'The Village: Achiara's Secret' Moon Geun-young's four selfies

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'The Village: Achiara's Secret' Moon Geun-young's four selfies

Moon Geun-young, the leading actress of "The Village: Achiara"s Secret" released four selfies.

She posted those photographs on her SNS at the 5th saying, "I am waiting again! such a lot for going house early tonight!"

Moon Geun-young is pouting her lips at the camera, or sticking out her tongue in the selfies. She looks bubbly in spite of her situation.

Meanwhile, the primary episode of "The Village: Achiara"s Secret" showed a janitor falling down from a building. This janitor used to be Han So-yoon"s (Moon Geun-young) grandmother.

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Spoiler 'The Village: Achiara's Secret' Moon Geun-young unearths corpse

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Spoiler 'The Village: Achiara's Secret' Moon Geun-young unearths corpse

Han So-yoon (Moon Geun-young), an English teacher, discovered a buried corpse at the first episode of the hot SBS drama "The Village: Achiara"s Secret".

Han So-yoon used to be going via her overdue grandmother"s property and found a letter written to her. It became from her the town of Achiara, a news article about an twist of fate that supposedly killed her entire family, adding her.

Han So-yoon said, "Someone sent this letter to me. My grandmother is dead, yet i suspect someone is calling me". She made up our minds to visit Achiara. She returned to the village as an English instructor in Hyewon Heart College of Achiara.

She heard news about a chain of killings and then was attacked by a stranger. She then went by way of some problem looking for the person that sent her that letter. Terror was inflicted in this scene as sounds of the attacker was heard once again.

Han So-yoon went to the school"s drawing contest and found a body. She was in the mountains to scold some scholars who were smoking there but rolled on her back and found a frame buried in the dirt.

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