‘Mood Maker’ from ‘Mask King’ sing Park Hyo Shin’s ‘Home’!

‘Mood Maker’ from ‘Mask King’ sing Park Hyo Shin’s ‘Home’!

‘Mask King’ aired on June 18 that presented many more talented singers.

To dethrone the reigning champion ‘Mood Maker’, four new masked singers made their appearance. The first matchup in the second round featured ‘Fox’ singing “Let the time stop” versus ‘Black Jackson’ singing “Nothing Better”. The second matchup involved ‘Shopping King’ singing “You can do it” against ‘Marine Boy'” who sang “Just”.

The reigning champion ‘Mood Maker’ sangPark Hyo Shin’s”Home” on this episode which shocked the panel but also the viewers. The feedback was incredible, “This is her best performance by far in this competition…”, “Her voice defies gravity…she’s on another level”, “She really did this songjustice”, “For the first time, I was really impressed with someone singing Park Hyo Shin’s song because the expectation is always so high”, and much more.

Who do you think the ‘Mood Maker’ is and did you catch this week’s episode?

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