(KDrama) Monstar Episode 10 Synopsis and Video Preview

(KDrama) Monstar Episode 10 Synopsis and Video Preview

(KDrama) Monstar Episode 10 Synopsis and Video Preview

Monstar Episode 10 Text and Video Preview

seol chan: why did I kiss her then (at that moment)

se yi to seol chan: were you joking around again?

seol chan is elated and giddy in the backseat throwing his own silent party back there

eunha says to se yi – your partner is looking at you all day

sunwoo points and says your lips. se yi hides them behind her notebook in guilt and asks why.

eunah says my oppa is the coolest when he composes and sings huh

seol chan: should I just say it

eunha says to se yi: do you really not know or just acting like you dont know.

seol chan says about eunha: why is she like that from yesterday

eunha to seol chan: it’s not like I asked you to like me – I said I liked se yi too

se yi to eunha: just tell me if you are mad at me over something

eunha to se yi: just leave me alone



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BTOB + BEAST Come Together For Second Soundtrack Of Kdrama Monstar

BTOB + BEAST Come Together For Second Soundtrack Of Kdrama Monstar


BTOB + BEAST Come Together For Second Soundtrack Of Kdrama Monstar Monstar ostA surprising collaboration of the two biggest names in K-pop idol groupsnamely Beast's Junhyung and BTOB's Minyuk,Hyunsik, Changsub and Sungjae is here.The group revealed their own composition entitled "Man in Black" and recentlyreleased " After Time Passes" as the second single for the soundtrack of thedrama "Monstar" currently airing in Korean television.

The group revealed their photos of their special participation in the tvN andMnet music drama. Speculations around the OST are swirling that it is just aremake same as the track coming from Postino.

"After Time Passes" is described as having a melancholic approach thatdelivers the emotional vocal power of each members, slow but would leave a markin the hearts of every listener. It will be filled with soothing melodies thatwill blend perfectly with a calming background track and snare beat while vocalswill occasionally be hitting high notes.

Monstar is a very interesting K-drama which really captures the generationwho loves music. The story goes with the lives of ordinary teens who suffersfrom psychological problems and find themselves a cure by engaging withthe power of music.

The upcoming collaboration track is definitely a must have on playlists forsomeone who likes sentimental music and just wants a relaxing atmosphere. Alsotry to watch Monstar, find it so relating especially for music-lovers at heart.


10 KDrama Actresses Who Seem In Song Videos

10 KDrama Actresses Who Seem In Song Videos

Ha Ji Won(Photo : KpopStarz) In the outdated few months no less than3 k-drama actresses were featured in track videos. Ha Ji Won can also benoticed in the recent PSY video Daddy as the instructora tenderedition of PSY flirts with. Hes so charismatic that she turns out flustered.

Its now notthe primary time she worked with him as she up to now did a Cass Mild Beer advertisement alongside him in which she reenacted the noted foam kiss scene from Secret Garden.

Its also not her first music video performance. Her finalprior togambling Psys instructorwas once the 2008 video for romance Story, sung by capacity of Rain.

Jung Ryeo Won, who now stars in the drama Bubble Gum, is the sorrowfulhaving a lookgirl who it appears left Nell sitting on my own at a table in the evocative new ballad Lost In Perspective.

Jung formerlygave the impression in videos for Epik High, Gummy and Alex Chu.

And then Park Shin Hye played Lee Hong Kis love passion in the unhappy beloved song Insensible about a couple creating apart. She becomeglad to assist out a pal by starring in his video yet its not her first video appearance either.

She and actor Yoo Seung Ho starred in So Ji Subs music video Six OClock In The Playground. She has seemed in music videos for Lee Seung Gi and Kim Jong Kook, among others.

Shin Min Ah has been in different music videos adding five for the crowd g.o.d. Han Ga In appeared in videos for SG Wannabe and Busker Busker. Young actress Kim Yoo Jung has appeared on music videos for Lee Seung Gi and this year Lim Seulong, whilst her Moon Embracing The Sun co-star Kim So Hyun appeared in the 2015 Boyfriend video for I.Y.A.H.

Many actresses seem in music videos but a couple of make music video history.

Park Min Young, who is set to famous person in Take into account with Yoo Seung Ho, was the lady who broke up with G-Dragon in the music video for Haru Haru.

Song Ji Hyo plays the ladyconsidering the finish of her lifestyles in the video for JYJs In Heaven.

Yoon So Hee, who played the young Kim Sa Rang in Liked Eun Dong, appeared in either SHINee and EXO music videos. She shall bevisible in the videos for Why So Serious and Wolf.

Have you considereda majority of these music video appearances by actresses? If not, test them out.


10 Kdrama Actors Who Played Doctors

10 Kdrama Actors Who Played Doctors

Lee Jong Suk (Photo : Doctor Stranger) Wearing a doctor"s coat must be very appealing for k-drama actors. Some actors have donned that white coat more than once.

Lee Jong Suk is currently considering his second doctor role, playing a brilliant neurosurgeon who suffers from mental illness. He previously played a brilliant surgeon who was forcibly taken to North Korea as a child in the drama "Dr. Stranger."

The model-turned actor is being courted for this role because he did so well in his last medical drama.

(Photo : Good Doctor) Joo Won is also playing a doctor for the second time. He previously played a brilliant surgeon with Asperger"s Syndrome in the drama "Good Doctor" and now he is playing a brilliant surgeon with money problems on "Yong Pal."

(Photo : I Do I Do) Park Geun Hyung also played a doctor once. He might win the award for playing the funniest k-drama obstetrician when he appeared in "I Do I Do." His character meets Kim Sun Ah on a date but after she rejects him for and has a baby with someone else, still helps her through her pregnancy. He also played a doctor in "Syndrome."

(Photo : Golden Time) Lee Sun Gyun of "Pasta" fame also played a doctor twice in "White Tower" and "Golden Time."

(Photo : Blood) And k-drama doctor characters rarely have it easy. So many k-drama doctor characters have personal or psychological obstacles to overcome. In "Blood" Ahn Jae Hyun was a pretty good doctor and he had learned to mostly deal with his cravings for human blood. But keeping the secret that you are a vampire can be difficult, especially in a hospital setting.

(Photo : Big) Before his body was taken over by someone else, Gong Yoo played a doctor about to be married in "Big." Fortunately, his medical skills survived the supernatural transformation.

(Photo : Emergency Couple)

Sometimes the doctors just have to learn to peaceably co-exist. Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo played doctors who were married once and then had to work together in "Emergency Doctor." At the start of the drama, Choi"s character had little respect for his ex-wife but he soon learns that she has the skills it takes to be an excellent doctor. And he is still in love with her.

As k-dramas increasingly explore mental health issues, there are also more medical characters that are psychologists. Hwang Jung Eum was a good psychologist when she attempted to cure Ji Sung of his dissociative disorder in "Kill Me Heal Me." She also played a doctor in "Golden Time." Joo Jin Mo was a bad psychiatrist in "Mask," because he tried to convince Joo Ji Hoon"s character that he was crazy when he wasn"t.

Who was your favorite k-drama doctor? Did we miss anyone?


The Heavy Power List: Ideal Gift For Valentines Day - KDrama Style

The Heavy Power List: Ideal Gift For Valentines Day - KDrama Style

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide – K-Drama Style

Still looking for a Valentine’s Day gift to your crush? Don’t know what to give your best friend, who lives and breathes K-Dramas? If you’re having trouble figuring out what to give your special someone this Valentine’s Day, we’re here to help you out!

We have narrowed it down to five gift categories, inspired by some of our favorite K-Dramas. With items ranging from beloved classics to gift-worthy pieces from more recent dramas, our guide has something for every K-Drama enthusiast. For your convenience, we have provided links to replicas of the iconic K-Drama gifts, so you can immediately place an order and hopefully receive your gifts by February 14!

1. A timeless necklace

boys over flowers

masters sun

pinocchio button necklace

Necklace is a romantic gift that you can give to your significant other, or if you’re celebrating Valentine’s with your best friend, why not get matching ones to symbolize your friendship? The delicate and girly necklaces seen in “Boys Over Flowers” and “Master’s Sun” will look great on anyone, and they make a wonderful gift for any K-Drama addict. If you’re looking for a token of luck, then go for the cute necklace that Choi In Ha (Park Shin Hye) made out of Choi Dal Po’s (Lee Jong Suk) button in “Pinocchio“!

Get “Master’s Sun” necklace from YesAsia.Get “Boys Over Flowers” necklace from YesAsia.Get “Pinocchio” necklace from Amazon.

2. Love in a flash drive


In the 20th episode of last year’s biggest drama sensation, “My Love from the Stars,” Chun Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun) moved Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun) to tears by giving him a USB flash dive with a sweet proposal video. Inspired by this touching scene, we have picked out cute flash drives that you can customize and give to your loved ones. You can film a video message, put together a personalized photo slideshow, or create a playlist of your friend’s favorite OST songs, for example.

Get a similar white flash drive from Amazon.Get a cute USB in a bottle from Amazon.

3. A soft and cuddly plush toy

While most stores are stocking up on basic teddy bears for Valentine’s Day, there is a more exciting selection available for K-Drama fans!

pig rabbit

After Jang Geun Suk’s character performed surgery on two plush toys to create the famous Pig Rabbit for Park Shin Hye, the show’s producers were flooded by inquiries about the toy from fans of “You’re Beautiful.” Everyone wanted to get their hands on their own Pig Rabbit, and it is still the perfect soft and cuddly gift to give your friend or loved one.

Get Pig Rabbit from Kpoptown.

radish doll

There’s no way we can leave out the Radish Doll from “Rooftop Prince,” which Lee Gak (Park Yoo Chun) won at an amusement park and gave to his crush Park Ha (Han Ji Min). While it’s called the Radish Doll, it looks more like a cross between a radish and a baby seal!

Get Radish Doll from Kpoptown.


If you kept up with the hugely popular “The Heirs,” then you probably remember this adorable owl that Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) gave to Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye). It also doubles as a hand warmer!

Get Owl Doll from Amazon.

chicken leg

For those looking for a big and snuggly gift, make sure to check out the Chicken Leg, which was featured on “My Girlfriend Is Gumiho.”

Get Chicken Leg from Ebay.

4. For women, shoes are the most important. Good shoes take you to good places.” – Min Seo Hyun, “Boys Over Flowers.”

boys over flowers

I’m sure many of us nodded in agreement while reading that inspirational quote. For all the shoe addicts out there, here’s a selection of pretty metallic flats that look similar to the ones that Yoon Ji Hoo gave to Geum Jan Di in “Boys Over Flowers”!

Get embellished flats from Gmarket, Blue by Betsey Johnson or Ollio.


If your friend happens to be a young professional like Kang So Ra‘s character in the sensational “Misaeng,” you might want to consider giving her a pair of elegant black pumps, like Jang Baek Ki (Kang Ha Neul) did to An Young Yi (Kang So Ra).

Get the same exact heels from SODA, or similar black pumps from ALDO or Forever 21.

plus nine boys

In “Plus Nine Boys,” Kang Jin Goo (Kim Young Kwang) gave a pair of trendy sneakers to Ma Se Young (Kyung Soo Jin), and got matching ones for himself. Cute, comfy, and meaningful!

Get similar ones from Diadora Heritage here or here.

5. A sweet expression of love

We just couldn’t leave it out – in Korea, girls give chocolate to their crushes on Valentine’s Day (February 14), and guys repay the gesture by giving girls candy on White Day (March 14). Instead of opting for fancy store-bought chocolate, take your gift to the next level by making the sweet creations yourself.

lets eat

Yoon Jin Yi (Yoon So Hee) confessed her feelings to Goo Dae Young (Yoon Doo Joon) with her cute homemade chocolate in “Let’s Eat.

high kick chocolate

If your special someone has a massive sweet tooth, try making a cute and indulgent chocolate house, inspired by Park Ha Sun‘s creation in “High Kick 3.”

boys over flowers chocolate

We couldn’t leave out this masterpiece by Geum Jan Di – if you’re ready to go the extra mile, get artistic and shape the chocolate to look like your loved one.

If you come up with other K-Drama inspired gifts for Valentine’s Day, please share them with your fellow Soompiers in the comment section below!


Kdrama Pinocchio Episode 4 recap

Kdrama Pinocchio Episode 4 recap


Kdrama Pinocchio Episode 4 “Romeo and Juliet” by jooni


We pick up where we left last episode with Dal Po asking In Ha to join him in becoming a journalist. This time we learn that In Ha’s dad, Dal Pyung, had been watching.


In the elevator down from the roof, In Ha worries about her grandpa. He can’t know Dal Po is smart enough to become a reporter! Dal Po assures her that there is no chance he will become a journalist so there is no need to worry. In Ha corrects him that his chances are 50-50, not zero, since he either becomes one or doesn’t.

Dal Pyung comes home and In Ha is afraid to tell him she is going to try to become a journalist again. But unexpectedly, Dal Pyung calls out Dal Po to talk outside and In Ha wonders why her dad would need to talk about her with Dal Po.

Outside, Dal Po also thinks Dal Pyung wants to talk about In Ha’s future but he doesn’t. Dal Pyung confesses he saw the two on the roof and that scene in addition to the picture, he suspects… Dal Pyung asks Dal Po, is he mistaken again? Dal Po can’t lie this time. But he assures Dal Pyung that In Ha does not reciprocate his feelings. She doesn’t even know how he feels about her. Dal Po confesses that he doesn’t know when his feelings for her started but he has had these feelings for a long time.


Dal Pyung explains to Dal Po that since In Ha is his one and only daughter, she is the the most precious and beautiful girl in his eyes. So no matter what type of guy is she brings home, he won’t like him.

Dal Po replies that he understands. He knows he has nothing- no money, no education, no family. That is why he has never desired In Ha and he never will. This family is more important to him than anything and he will not do anything to break this family. He will get rid of his feeling soon so there is no need to worry. Dal Pyung thanks him.

Dal Po and Dal Pyung come home to a yelling In Ha who demands to know why her dad is talking about her future with someone either than her. Dal Pyung is embarrassed once he looks at his daughter because he just described her as the most precious and beautiful person and here she is, yelling through a mouth full of toothpaste and dressed in a stretched out sweatsuit. Her nagging and his embarrassment gets her his permission to become a journalist, though, so something comes out of this hilarious situation.

vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h10m59s35 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h10m59s31

Jae Myung gets the confirmation from his friend to work on the demolition job of the factory. The guy says there are rumors there are ghosts in that building. Jae Myung thinks to himself, “I want to see him, even as a ghost.”

In Ha shows Dal Po the notice for YGN broadcast journalist recruitment. Theirs is the last station of the year. The network is not looking at applicant’s  education history or anything else. They just have to pass four tests so this works for Dal Po and her. In Ha also shows him the books she studied from and the notes she took. She thinks it will take Dal Po a month to get through them all, but Dal Po says it will take him a week. And he is right. Dal Po studies more by reading through other people’s newspapers being delivered at dawn. What Dal Po doesn’t know is that his dad (grandpa) knows Dal Po is studying and is happy about it. In fact, grandpa finds Dal Po asleep at his desk after studying. Grandpa gently pats Dal Po’s head and decides something.


Next day, grandpa goes to a bookstore and buys a fashion magazine for men. He calls Dal Po out and takes him to the beauty salon and suit store, describing to the people there exactly what should be done to Dal Po or given to him to wear by reading line by line from the magazine. It is beyond cute.

vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h14m19s238 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h14m32s116 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h14m31s110 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h14m34s132 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h14m40s193 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h14m46s254 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h14m48s17

Dal Po cleans up nicely! He looks amazing with a short cut and a slim, black suit. Dal Po stares at his reflection on the bus stop glass wall and looks worried- he says to his dad that he doesn’t look like his son anymore. Grandpa assures him that Dal Po is his son- look how handsome both of them are! So there is no need to worry. He doesn’t have to hide anymore. Dal Po realizes grandpa knows he is not his real son.

vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h15m20s89 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h15m52s146

On the bus, Dal Po kneels by grandpa to hear his story. He learns that grandpa realized that Dal Po was not his son come back alive after a year since Dal Po’s first arrival. But he couldn’t say anything because he was worried Dal Pyung might kick out Dal Po. He was worried about Dal Po and then he was worried about himself who will miss Dal Po so that is why he continued lying all these years. Dal Po cries as he hears this story.


Grandpa tells Dal Po to no longer hide and live life as splendidly as he could. Don’t hide his good looks or his good brain. Live his life to the fullest. Grandpa and Dal Po hug each other, still father and son even after the truth is revealed. Grandpa whispers, “I’m sorry, Dal Po. Thank you, Dal Po.”



Dal Po and grandpa come home and at first Dal Pyung can’t recognize him. In Ha is pleasantly astounded about Dal Po’s transformation. Dal Pyung is once again forced to look at his daughter, in comparison to Dal Po this time. She is wearing those sweats again and he is embarrassed by her after what he told Dal Po about In Ha being the most beautiful girl.

vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h17m17s230 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h17m23s35

Dal Po and grandpa go to their respective rooms and In Ha remains to question why her dad has been on her case so much these days. Dal Pyung warns his daughter of the possibility that Dal Po might look down on In Ha and think she was easy to just nab up. He can’t have someone like Dal Po think like that when he raised her so preciously. In Ha scoffs. She assures him that it could never happen. Dal Po has never thought of her as a woman and she has never thought of him as a man. Ouch, Dal Po hears this from his room. He closes the door.

Dal Po doesn’t hear her say, then, that Dal Po should not be looked down by her father. He is smart, kind, and handsome- the top 0.1 percent of the pile, the best kingka. Of course, she is also the best queenka.




In Ha enters her bedroom all riled up and hot. She blames her condition on her dad’s nonsense.

Reporter Jang Hyun Gyu and camerawoman Im Jae Hwan are filming the YGN reporter recruitment process as a PR move for their network. They are planning to market this in preparation of competition from MSC news. Their news show is being moved from nine to ten o’clock to be in direct competition with YGN which has double the ratings currently.

The people over at MSC is watching this news report about the recruitment process. Cha Ok sees her daughter captured as one of the applicants for YGN. As they ponder over what they can do in response to YGN, Cha Ok looks at her daughter and thinks, “A marketing idea that will turn the tables…”

vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h18m53s170 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h18m52s156

It is the day of the final round of tests for YGN. All the applicants, including In Ha, Dal Po, Beom Joo, and Yoo Rae wait inside a room. There Dal Po notices the button necklace around In Ha’s neck and offers to buy back the dream for her since didn’t turn out to be a good once. In Ha refuses, saying it was a good dream. She received her father’s permission to continue her pursuit to become a journalist and both of them passed the first round of exams and nobody has found out about her Pinocchio Syndrome. So it is a good dream.

As In Ha and Dal Po wonder what the “camera test” is going to be about, they are called in as a group for the test, including Beom Joo, Yoo Rae, and another male applicant. In a separate room, they meet their judges, which includes Hwang Gyo Dong, Lee Young Tak, and Jo Won Goo. Dal Po recognizes Gyo Dong as the producer from the quiz show and Gyo Dong recognizes Dal Po but can’t exactly place from where.


Yoo Rae and In Ha also share a moment of recognition, except in this case, Yoo Rae is the only one to remember In Ha from the MSC interview. In Ha doesn’t recognize Yoo Rae at all.

Yoo Rae stares at In Ha and Seo Beom Joo does the same. His stare is different, however, because he is staring at In Ha with a huge, satisfied smile on his face. In Ha and Dal Po hve no idea why this strange person keeps staring at her.




In a flashback, we learn that Beom Joo has applied to be a broadcast journalist so he can meet In Ha. He doesn’t know if In Ha passed the written test for YGN, however, so his mom offers to look it up for him. In the end, she doesn’t need to because Beom Joo sees In Ha on the bus he has pulled up next to in his convertible. In Ha had sent him selfies in the past when she thought his number was her mom’s. He keeps staring and driving right alongside the bus, freaking In Ha out a bit and making Dal Po a little protective and jealous.

vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h20m22s29 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h20m23s44 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h20m36s169

vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h20m40s217 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h20m48s40

Back to the camera test. The applicants are asked to view a video and report on it. It’s a video of a bird attacking a cat and the cat finally catching the bird in its mouth. They will all be shown the same video and the other reporter and camerawoman there debate on who will be at the most disadvantaged- the person who goes first or the following people.


Dal Po is the first to go and his reporting is brief, succinct and devoid of any extra storytelling. Yoo Rae is next and hers is more colorful, setting up a relationship between cat and bird as eternal enemies and adding even a little idiom at the end. The evaluators look a little more pleased with Yoo Rae than they did with Dal Po.

The third applicant is another male and he employs the same type of storytelling as Yoo Rae but adds that the bird is attacking the cat because her nest is nearby. The bird becomes a protective mother in his reporting.

Next up is In Ha and the two people in the peanut gallery debate on whether In Ha will use the same tactic as the applicant before her since it seems to be the right answer. In Ha struggles with the question herself and finally just ends up reporting in the same way as Dal Po- clean and straightforward with no frills attached. She makes a face after she finishes and Gyo Dong asks her why.

In Ha replies it is because she thinks she failed this test. She thinks she failed because the person is front of her was good. Gyo Dong inquires why she didn’t follow that guy then. In Ha replies, “I wanted to but I couldn’t. I can’t lie.” Jo Won Goo asks why she can’t and before she can answer, Dal Po and Beom Joo try to help her out by replying for her, both at the same time, “Because she is a journalist.”

Dal Po elaborates. He doesn’t think journalists should lie and what the male applicant said was a lie. So was Yoo Rae’s. With that video alone, you can’t know for sure whether the cat is gentle or the bird is foolish, or whether there is a nest nearby.

In Ha smiles at Dal Po’s explanation and speaks up too. She adds that while the applicant before her was very persuasive and insightful, a journalist shouldn’t report on something they didn’t verify. Lee Young Tak asks, “Even if it means the broadcast is ruined?” In Ha replies with a quiet yes.

They move on to Beom Joo but he declares that he won’t report. What In Ha said was right and he feels that the video has no value in being reported.


The three judges sit in a room going over the scores from the camera test. They talk about the applicants and bemoan the fact that this is a blind selection and they haven’t been able to look at the resumes of the applicants. But rumor has it that there is a taxi driver, a sasaeng fan, and a 2nd generation chaebol among the applicants.

At the moment, the former sasaeng fan is staring at them through the tinted glass wall, trying to find out what the evaluators are doing. It’s Yoo Rae and she is putting her saesang skills to use by persistent and insistent peering. Thankfully, they can’t see it is Yoo Rae. Young Tak teases Gyo Dong who did the same thing as Yoo Rae in the past.


Dal Po and In Ha sit crouched in the hallway waiting. In Ha worries that Dal Po might have failed because of her, but Dal Po reassures her that it is better to fail together or pass together. In Ha is of a different mind and Dal Po is hurt that In Ha will be okay even if he fails and she passes. He traps In Ha in between his arms and the wall and this makes In Ha a little hot as she stares into his eyes. Dal Po declares he will give up if In Ha fails. In Ha tells him not to do it.

vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h22m53s4 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h22m55s29 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h22m54s19 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h23m12s200

Beom Joo sees the two like this from down the hallway. He doesn’t like it so to break them up, he yells really loudly that the results of the camera test are out. Everyone rushes to the results poster and In Ha, Dal Po, Beom Joo, and Yoo Rae have all passed, along with many others.

Dal Po calls home to tell grandpa the good news. Grandpa tells In Ha’s dad (Dal Pyung) and adds that In Ha and Dal Po might now be going to the same job together. This realization doesn’t make Dal Pyung happy and he starts to imagine a scene in the kitchen in which Dal Po and In Ha are both going off to work. In Ha fixes Dal Po’s necktie while holding a piece of toast in her mouth. Dal Po bends down to bite off the toast little by little. This erotic scene totally makes Dal Pyung mad and he throws a pillow at them. In reality it is at his father and Dal Pyung ends up receiving a pillow in his face in return.

vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h23m19s9 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h23m30s116 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h23m32s142 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h23m34s156 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h23m33s151 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h23m33s148 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h23m35s175

It’s time for the next test- the survival debate. The applicants have to debate on an old news coverage, and ouch, it’s Dal Po’s family’s story. Dal Po watches in pain and shock while others look at the footage curiously and take notes. In Ha also sees her mom reporting on the issue in the past. Cha Ok’s appearance is not pleasant for either In Ha and Dal Po.

After the video ends, Young Tak admits that the coverage back then was not good. He wants them to discuss here how they would have reported the story. Yoo Rae asks before the debate starts what happened to Ki Ho Sang, the fire captain.

It is then that Dal Po learns his father is dead. Gyo Dong replies to Yoo Rae that Ki’s bones was found near the factory a few days ago.


Dal Po sits there in shock, his breath coming out in bursts as he tries to keep together.

Jae Myung was at the scene when his father’s bones were found, working there as part of the demolition team. Jae Myung can’t act like he knows who it is, so holding back his tears, he walks away from the other men. A distance away and by himself, Jae Myung falls on his knees, crying out “Father.” He remembers his heroic and kind father and how happy he and his brother were with him.

vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h25m47s210 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h26m02s104

Back to the present time. Yoo Rae begins the debate. She believes the journalists acted poorly in this situation and made Ki Ho Sang out into something he wasn’t. Beom Joo blames the police and lawyers who came up with the conclusions; the journalists only reported them. Yoo Rae questions whether journalists are only scribes, taking down what they are told without doing any sort of investigation on their own.

Dal Po sits listening to this debate, his necktie starting to choke him. He remembers back to all those reporters in his face and at the moment he remembers Cha Ok, In Ha speaks up. She believes the main cause of this tragic story was the testimony of the Pinocchio and the problem was that everyone believed him. But they couldn’t help but believe him, In Ha argues, because a testimony from a person who can’t lie is the most solid evidence. She feels sorry that Ki Ho Sang was found dead but this situation was an unfortunate event and  no one’s fault.


This hits Dal Po hard. He begins to speak, quiet and listless at first, but he gets louder and more angry as he argues: “People believe that Pinocchio and journalists only tell truth. So the Pinocchio and journalist should have known that people will believe them without doubt and therefore know that their words are scarier than other people’s. They should have been more careful. MORE CAREFUL!” Dal Po slams on the table and he practically growls: “It is their fault that they didn’t know!!! It is their thoughtlessness that ruined one family. They must be held responsible.”


In Ha is shaking at Dal Po’s attack. Her voice shakes as she argues: “The Pinocchio only stated what he saw. He couldn’t remain silent just because he might be wrong.”

Dal Po’s face grows cold as he leans back in his chair and stares at In Ha directly and states: “Looking at you, I now know why a Pinocchio can’t become a journalist.” Dal Po continues, ” I see how dangerous it will be for a person who just talks even though they might be wrong, to become a reporter. I see how scary a person could be, when not knowing the weight of their words, opens their mouth.”


In Ha asks Dal Po gravely, “Are you talking to me?” Dal Po replies yes. And like that he outs In Ha as a Pinocchio. Everyone now knows In Ha is a Pinocchio and In Ha, hurt and embarrassed, hurriedly tries to leave the room. She can’t open the door, but Beom Joo helps her out, saying he is done and walking out of the room with her.

Dal Po sits in his chair, regretting what he did. Gyo Dong looks at him and finally remembers Dal Po as that kid from the quiz show who said television broadcast could kill someone with just one word.


In Ha gets on the elevator and Beom Joo also gets on. In Ha is fanning herself, hot. Beom Joo assumes it is because she is mad at that guy since he betrayed her, but In Ha replies no. It is a debate so just because his opinion is different from hers, it doesn’t mean he betrayed her. It’s also not because she failed the test.  In Ha realizes she is so flustered and hot because she wanted Dal Po to be on her side. Just because. Because he is Dal Po. In Ha hits herself on her head for being so mean and selfish.


Beom Joo figures that In Ha likes Dal Po, but she vehemently denies. Except, she hiccups. She keeps saying no to Beom Joo and calling herself crazy but she keeps hiccuping. Her hiccups don’t lie.



Dal Po throws up in the bathroom. The broadcast station really has made him barf like he said years ago to Gyo Dong on the day of the quiz show. Dal Po walks out to a little green area in the building. Weak, he drops to his knees and starts to cry. The tears come out in a flood and he can’t breathe. Dal Po clutches his chest as he calls out “Father.” He mourns for his father and his sad fate. Dal Po sheds the tears he kept inside all these years.

vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h28m39s143 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h28m50s247 vlcsnap-2014-11-21-00h29m04s133

Elsewhere in the building, In Ha turns to Beom Joo and exclaims she can’t be like this. Dal Po is her uncle and he has a girlfriend. “It can’t be like this. If it is…!”




Kdrama "Pinocchio Episode 1" Video Recap and Screenshots

SBS Pinocchio Episode 1 Video


More videos from SBS Pinocchio Episode 1. Let's check!



Can't wait for the English Sub of Pinocchio Episode 1. Let's check the clip cut below. Lol, so funny :))


Young Choi Dal Po and Choi In Ha

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 20.59.07

scr17 scr18

Choi Dal Po meets Choi In Ha in rain

cap1 cap2 cap3

Choi In Ha in School

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 21.00.51scr1 scr2 scr3 scr4

Lee Jong Suk as Choi Dal Po - SBS Pinocchio Episode 1 Screenshots

scr5 scr6 scr7

Korean SBS Pinocchio Episode 1 Screencaps

scr19 scr20 scr21 Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 21.02.15 Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 21.02.40

scr12 scr13 scr14

scr8 scr9 scr11 scr16


Kdrama Pinocchio Episode 1 Rating

Kdrama Pinocchio Episode 1 Rating

Based on tentative rating from DC, it seems that Pinocchio's 1st ep rating will be between 5-6% while Mr Baek is around 11-12%..

[caption id="attachment_188571" align="aligncenter" width="850"]Pinocchio's 1st ep rating will be between 5-6% Pinocchio's 1st ep rating will be between 5-6%[/caption]



KDrama "Pinocchio Episode 2" Preview EngSub


Korean SBS Drama Pinocchio Episode 2 Preview English Sub Translate

[0:00] In-ha: You won..*?*

[0:01] In-ha: Is it too cool? / Don't be too cool.

[0:02] In-ha: Don't misunderstand. I'm not taking your side because I like you.

[0:06] Dal-po: ???

[0:08] In-ha: Harabuji!!! (Grandfather) Halbuji~ Halbuji~~

[0:10] Grandfather: I don't have money

[0:11] In-ha: Aah... Please buy me a bicycle...

[0:13] In-ha: Dalpo-yah... YAH!!! Do you really hate me?

[0:17] Dalpo: That decision was so alert and hard so I thought I will never be shaken.

[0:21] Dalpo: ........... From here on, is a secret

[caption id="attachment_188569" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Korean SBS Drama Pinocchio Episode 2 Preview Korean SBS Drama Pinocchio Episode 2 Preview[/caption]

Korean SBS Drama Pinocchio Episode 2 (피노키오 2회 예고).

SBS Pinocchio Episode 2 will air at 21:55 pm on November 13th.

Let's check the video below:



Kdrama Liar Game Episode 5 Quick Recap

Kdrama Liar Game Episode 5 Quick Recap

Highlights: “Liar Game” Episode 5

After last week’s clever minority game, I couldn’t wait to see what surprises would be in store for us this week. I eagerly waited for the next episode, refreshing after every couple of minutes or so, and thankfully, my efforts were not in vain. As I sat down after a rough day to catch the latest episode, I’m still completely floored by how amazing this “Liar Game” journey has been so far.

By now, you all probably know that I can’t wait to gush about Ha Woo Jin‘s brilliance, Nam Da Jung‘s naivety, Kang Do Young‘s craftiness, and even Jo Dal Goo‘s surprising loyalty, so let’s get down to business and talk about the five scenes that made episode 5 rock.

1. Ha Woo Jin and Nam Da Jung’s connection.

Liar Game L Company

No, not that connection.

If we thought that Ha Woo Jin and Nam Da Jung working together and helping each other in the game was nothing but a coincidence, we can go ahead and toss that notion right out the window.Ha Woo Jin gets the shock of his after jail life when Jo Dal Goo unknowingly offers him even more of a reason to be suspicious of Liar Game and Kang Do Young in general. It turns out that Nam Da Jung’s father went into such severe debt because he purchased stock with borrowed money as an investment in L Company, the very same company that Ha Woo Jin ruined in order to avenge his mother.

2. Jo Dal Goo’s non betrayal.

Liar Game Jo Dal Goo

I felt my heart sink when Jo Dal Goo smuggled that briefcase of money out of Nam Da Jung’s house after she fell asleep. Despite being a creditor and having been in jail, he honestly gives off the impression as being a good guy, so I took it particularly hard when he betrayed her – even if that came from outside threats and influences. Luckily, Ha Woo Jin managed to bring him back to his senses and Jo Dal Goo continues to be a source of support for Nam Da Jung. His humorous side is ever present and, for that, I’m super thankful, but probably not as grateful as I am that he’s constantly watching out for Nam Da Jung by being Ha Woo Jin’s eyes and ears as Ha Woo Jin does some detective work of his own on the sidelines.

3. Nam Da Jung is still too naive.

Liar Game Naivety

I couldn’t refrain from yelling at my computer screen when Nam Da Jung and Jaime made the deal to give each other three stars for all ten rounds. I knew Jaime would be up to no good and also knew that Nam Da Jung would fall for it without even a second thought. They gave the ability to make a contract on the app for a reason!! But, that was Nam Da Jung’s flaw from the very beginning – the simple fact that she is too trusting and never finds it in herself to be suspicious of another person, even if she’s on a game show named Liar Game.

I truly felt her weakness here when she couldn’t even properly defend herself against Jaime’s wild accusations. Even during the photo shoot and dinner with Kang Do Young, Nam Da Jung never even realized something was amiss. Nevertheless, I’m still waiting for the day where Nam Da Jung can finally realize there really is such a thing as trusting too much and can successfully accomplish winning a round of “Liar Game” without Ha Woo Jin’s help.

4. Underlying tension between Kang Do Young and Lee PD.

Liar Game Lee PD Suspicious

For the first time, it seems like Lee PD is beginning to realize something is off about her partner, Kang Do Young. At first, she always seemed to be under the impression that they are working together for somewhat of the same purpose. Except now, she’s getting an inkling that not everything is quite what it seems. I can’t wait to see where her suspicions will take her and how this will affect their partnership, Liar Game, and even Nam Da Jung and Ha Woo Jin. Something tells me she won’t settle for idling to the side as Kang Do Young plays out whatever game he’s truly got planned for them.

5. Hanging by a thread. Literally!

Liar Game Stakes

Talk about palm sweating and heart racing! Of course, I knew it wasn’t possible that Ha Woo Jin would plummet to his death so early in the game, but it certainly didn’t stop me from tensing in anxiety and nervousness whenever Ha Woo Jin began swinging on that thin rope just threatening to snap. The kicker here is that this was the exact same method Ha Woo Jin used a year ago when he sought revenge for his mother, so whoever is the one behind knocking him out cold and replicating the scene has all the important tidbits on Ha Woo Jin and his past. What kind of dangers he might face next is anyone’s guess, but as he’s trying to save himself from becoming pancake on concrete, Nam Da Jung is busy trying to save herself from elimination in the layoff round with a 50/50 game and Jaime as her opponent.

My Thoughts

I love how the pacing has continued to be fast and consistent throughout the episodes and it is my sincere hope that it will continue this way until the end. The intensity is still present, particularly with Ha Woo Jin, and I’m so loving Lee Sang Yoon‘s portrayal of him. I’ve never seen his projects before, but I’ve already put his other projects on my to-watch list because he’s absolutely captivating here. I’m also really enjoying the unknown and how fast roles can be reversed in the games. It’s been a fun ride with just the right touch of mystery, humor, and heart thumping thrill. As always, the episode ends on a cliffhanger, so I’m anxious to see how the next episode plays out.

What did you think about episode 5 and for those who have seen the Japanese version or have read the manga, how does this Korean remake compare? Let us know by posting your comments below!

Catch episode 5 of “Liar Game” on SoompiTV!