Monsta X's Label Responds To Dating Rumors

Monsta X's Label Responds To Dating Rumors

Recently, rumors have been circulating that Monsta X’s Hyungwon has been dating announcer Kim Yoon Hee for over 4 years now. Netizens compiled various evidence to confirm the rumors to be true and now his agency has responded.

Starship Entertainmentresponded to the dating rumors on their official home page on August 4th stating,“In early 2016, Hyungwon broke up with the girl he was dating. The girl has uploaded posts on her social media that led to misunderstandings.”Starship Entertainment also warned to pursue legal action against netizens who continue to spread maliciousand false rumors about Hyungwon.

Fans also responded to Hyungwon’s agency’s post.“If they really did break up early last year, then it’s actually Yoon Hee who’s spreading the false rumors but why are they threatening legal action against innocent fans? They better give a better feedback asap”,stated a fan. It seems fans are angered by the response and demand some truth on the matter instead of warnings.

What do you think about the agency’s response and fans reactions? Stay tuned for more updates.