Monsta X Wonho Brought To Tears While Confessing His Love For Fans

Monsta X Wonho Brought To Tears While Confessing His Love For Fans

MONSTA Xs Wonho was brought to tears while speaking to fans during a recent live broadcast.

While speaking with fans during his live stream event, Wonho was brought to tears as he thanked fans for continually supporting him and his dreams.

He first began the live stream by talking to Monbebe about the creation of Ill Be There off of The Clan Part 2.5: The Final Chapter.

He explained that while the song was initially written to be a slower track with a more downbeat melody, he changed the song to a more upbeat style for fans.

“I wanted to show that I’ve made some progress.”

As he explained the lyrics of the song to fans, he became emotional.

“I wanted to present this song only to MonBebes You’re like the blue moon that reflects on the ocean. Shining over the waves. To me, you are like, wide and vast, etching and deep. Pretty and sparkling.”

Finally, he thanked fans for allowing him to become the singer and creator he is and teared up as he expressed his love for fans.

“Thank you for supporting me so that I can make songs in a good environment. I’m grateful I can sing and let you hear my voice on the stage. Thank you so much for making me a singer. And I… lo… lo…love you.”

MONSTA X recently announced dates and ticketing for their upcoming tour MONSTA X The 1st World Tour BEAUTIFUL IN SEOUL.