Model Becomes Fashion ‘Influencer’ in Her Own Right

Model Becomes Fashion ‘Influencer’ in Her Own Right

Social media has changed people’s lives in many ways, and the world of fashion is no exception. Now everyone can get information about the latest fashion trends via social media, bypassing the established authorities.

Model Irene Kim is one such modern “influencer” who creates her own fashion content and publishes it on social media. She has 920,000 Instagram followers, and every time she posts pictures or video clips, she gets tens of thousands of likes.

Kim was named one of the 20 next generation leaders by Time magazine last year and was also included in the arts category of Forbes’ list of “30 Under 30 Asia”, along with G-Dragon and Kim Yu-na in the entertainment and sports category.

“I used to post pictures of my everyday outfits or life stories on my blog”, she says. “When I first tried Instagram I found it very convenient, and I like to try new apps. Now of course I get professional help from a production crew, but at first I did everything myself, from filming to editing”.

Since 2012, Kim has appeared on the catwalk at Seoul Fashion Week, Korea’s major fashion show. And she set trends with her interesting hair colors, from pink and purple to rainbow, and by promoting fashion brands like from the high-end to the cheep and cheerful, from Chanel, Max Mara and Marc Jacobs down to HM and other fast fashion brands.

Kim attributed her popularity to her common touch. “I post images that show me busy preparing for events in a hotel room and eating snacks in a car on the way to a beauty salon. I think people find that interesting and feel they know me. Fashion magazines feel a long way from real life”.

Kim was born in the U.S. and grew up traveling between the U.S. and Korea. She was influenced by her stylish grandmother when she was young.

“I used to try on my grandmother’s accessories and put on her lipsticks. Working in the fashion industry was my dream”, she said.

She still has places to go though. “I hope to help young people, who want to be like me, create fashion content or provide rookie designers with a workplace. But I need to become more successful to realize my hopes”.…