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T-ara verify their acting talents at the set of 'Wide Entertainment News'

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T-ara verify their acting talents at the set of 'Wide Entertainment News'

What genre of drama are the women of T-ara top possible at?

If that"s a query that you"ve been itching to notice the solution to, then this video clip from Mnet"s "Wide Entertainment News" could also be somewhat of help. MC Moon Hee Jun asked the participants who they believe will be the most productive at a melodrama, horror, and a duration drama, respectively. For melo, T-ara pointed at Boram, for horror, Qri, and for duration drama, they decided on Soyeon.

Each decided on member got here ahead and taken out their inside actresses, acting out hilarious impromptu scene with Moon Hee Jun.

Who do you watched will have to win the award for top possible actress in T-ara?

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Block B"s U-Kwon & Tiny-G"s Dohee to be MCs for "Wide Entertainment News" special

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Block B

Block B"s U-Kwon and Tiny-G"s Dohee have been chosen as the special MCs for Mnet"s "Wide Entertainment News"!

"Wide Entertainment News" told Newsen, "Tiny-G"s Dohee will be an MC for "Wide Entertainment News". Block B"s U-Kwon will be working with Dohee. The "Wide Entertainment News" that Dohee and U-Kwon MC will air for 3 weeks starting from the 11th. It"s going to be a summer vacation special, so Dohee and U-Kwon were chosen to participate as special MCs. You"ll be able to see Dohee and U-Kwon every Monday on "Wide Entertainment News"."

Are you looking forward to the pair work together?

CJ E&M Postponed Broadcast Of tvN's 'Potato Star 2013QR3', Mnet's 'Wide Entertainment News' And Others

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CJ EM Postponed Broadcast Of tvN's 'Potato Star 2013QR3', Mnet's 'Wide Entertainment News' And Others Korea"s latest ferry tragedy has had a massive impact on all Korean people and the entertainment industry. CJ EM has also decided to cancel their broadcast.

The company decided on cancelling the 21st episode of tvN"s daily sitcom "Potato Star 2013QR3". Mnet"s "Wide Entertainment News" will also cancels its broadcast on 21st, and XTM"s "Homme""s episode on the 22nd will not broadcast.

The broadcast of the newest tvN drama "Dating the Witch" is still in the midst of deciding whether to broadcast or not.

CJ EM is said to have been cancelling its main variety shows and sitcoms starting from the 16th because of the Sewol tragedy, and everyone in the industry continue to hope for the best as they mourn.

CJ E&M cancels tvN's 'Potato Star 2013QR3', Mnet's 'Wide Entertainment News', and more

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CJ E&M cancels tvN's 'Potato Star 2013QR3', Mnet's 'Wide Entertainment News', and more

CJ EM has decided to continue on with its cancellations.

It decided to cancel the 21st"s episode of tvN"s daily sitcom "Potato Star 2013QR3". Mnet"s "Wide Entertainment News" will also not air on the 21st, and XTM"s "Homme"s episode on the 22nd will also not air.

It is currently deciding what to do with the new tvN drama "Dating the Witch".

CJ EM has been cancelling its main variety shows and sitcoms starting from the 16th because of the Sewol sinking, and it seems the cancellations will continue while the nation mourns.

2NE1 Tells Fans If They Are Showing A Sexy Concept On 'Wide Entertainment News'

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2NE1 Tells Fans If They Are Showing A Sexy Concept On 'Wide Entertainment News'

The powerful female group of 2NE1 who are battling hard with the nine ladies of Girls" Generation, took some time off to attend on the March 19, 2014 episode of Mnet"s "Wide Entertainment News."The episode featured some questions that the girls were not really prepared to answer.Though the ladies came out with great answers in the end.

The question in-which the MC asked them was regarding the concept of sexy since numerous females thus far has taken this route when they made their return.From Girl"s Day, AOA, Dal Shabet, and Rainbow Blaxx, to now Sunmi. The question asked was, "These days, a lot of girl groups are doing the sexy concept, but 2NE1"s not doing it because they can"t?"

The answer for the girls was stated by Park Bom as she said, "What are you talking about?We"re so sexy."After Park was done, Dara followed up by saying, "We"re doing it right now."So this proves that the females of 2NE1 can be sexy as well "subtle and unique."

The last question that was asked was "what kind of love they wanted to try" which Park once again answered by saying, "I don"t want to get married right now."

What do you think?Are the ladies of 2NE1 really promoting a sexy concept?

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Shinhwa Talks About Concert on "Wide Entertainment News"

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Shinhwa Talks About Concert on

Mnet′s Wide Entertainment News recently sat down with Shinhwa at it′s2013 Shinhwa 15th Anniversary Concert - The Legend Continues concert, held from March 16-17 in Seoul, and the episode aired on March 18.

Shinhwa meets its 15th anniversary this month, as it debuted on March 24, 1998, but the group managed to show that some things never change even after 15 years with its splendid performances and songs.

The members emphasized that "you are the hero of the concert," and asked fans to enjoy their time as much as they could.

In the interview, the members said they donned new, shocking styles because "the performances are of course important, but the members′ looks are also as important."

Andy appeared in what the members called a ′Greek Prince′ look, while Jun Jin joked that he had lived with his hair designers for two days for his blond hair.

Shinhwa plans to release its 11th album in late April then embark on an Asia tour.

When asked about its future plans for promotions, Shinhwa hinted that a comeback was near, saying, "Let′s meet at M Countdown soon."

"Wide Entertainment News" to Follow Teen Top Around in Mini-Documentary

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Wide Entertainment News will be airing clips from Teen Top′s everyday life.

This week′s Starcam, the Wednesday section of Mnet′s Wide Entertainment News, will be showing how the Teen Top members fared through a week of their promotions.

The camera will be visiting their waiting rooms, their vans and beauty shops to catch the Teen Top members in their ′natural habitat′.

The members will be shown playing smartphone games just before their appearances on music shows or radio shows, and at times putting on little skits by themselves in front of the camera.

After a fansigning event, in which they got to meet their fans in person, they especially thanked their fans in front of the camera, saying, "We get pumped up today again thanks to our fans."

Teen Top′s Starcam will air on March 20.

Reach reporter Park HyunMin on Twitter @happygato!

Taetiseo Twinkles in Live ‘Wide Entertainment News’ Broadcast

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Taetiseo Twinkles in Live ‘Wide Entertainment News’ Broadcast

Taetiseo is a new group, but it’s already bombed the scene and become the talk of the town. This is because although it’s a new group, it’s the first unit from Girls’ Generation (SNSD), the globally renowned K-Pop group. The power of the three members, Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun, pushed the group into the Billboard 200 chart, helped it top the World Album Chart and also had it come in second on the Heatseekers Album Chart.

On May 3, just before its first music show performance as a unit, the Taetiseo members appeared as guests in the live broadcast of Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News held in the Open Studio of CJ EM Center. The members boasted their teamwork as SNSD members, and gave witty answers to the questions asked by the MCs, Lee Sol Ji and Hong Jong Hyun. Enews dropped in for a visit on the friendly scene.

Why was the unit simply named Taetiseo?

When the name of SNSD’s first unit was announced, many thought it curious on why, out of all the names available, SNSD had chosen to simply take the first few letters off of the members’ names and stick them together for the group’s name. To this, a rep from the group’s agency said, “The SNSD units aren’t fixed, and the member compositions will change based on the concept of the music. As such, we didn’t want to confuse the public, and we chose to put together the first letters from the members’ names so that the group name would be easy to remember.”

What did the Taetiseo members have to say to this? Taeyeon gave a short laugh at the unexpected question, but then started, “We tried to think up a creative name, but we couldn’t think of anything unique.”

Tiffany added, “We put down the first few letters from the members’ names when we jot down our schedules in the SNSD schedule calendar. For example, we write ‘Saturday music show MC, Tae, Ti, Seo’. We kept saying Taetiseo, and that stuck as our name.”

What do the members think of themselves?

There are three members in Taetiseo, and not one of them overlaps in style and image. What do the three members think each of their charms are? What’s shown in the music video for the group’s new single Twinkle seem to serve as hints.

Taeyeon, who watched a scene from the music video, said, “My clothes are a bit bright. I’m the only one that reveals her belly, so that makes it look brighter.” About her cute image, Tiffany said, “Whenever I’m with Seohyun I want to be like a big sister, but it’s come to this. (Laugh) I like pink, so I think maybe that’s why I look [cuter].”

Seohyun, the youngest member of Taetiseo and SNSD, looked more mature than the older members in the music video. “We tried many new things. Although I’m the youngest, a lot of people say that I look more mature because I’m tall,” Seohyun said. To this Tiffany added, “She has such a nice body. Even when she’s covering everything up like she is now, she looks stylish and sexy.”

Will Taetiseo be going overseas?

After touching on how they were doing, the members delved in to the Talk Bingo section, in which they had to answer questions in order to complete a line on a giant bingo board.

Tiffany said she had trademark “smiling eyes,” and when asked about her ideal type, she said she liked “bad boys.”

“Actually, I said bad boys were my ideal type in our early days. These days, I haven’t thought much about ideal types. I just liked the evil characters that appear in the movies when I was little,” she explained.

After watching a clip from a surprise birthday party Seohyun’s Japanese fans held on her birthday, the members were asked whether they had any plans to promote in Japan. At first, they seemed hesitant, trailing off with a “We just started our promotions…,” but in the end said, “If we receive a lot of love from everyone, we will go,” to the delight of their overseas fans.

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Shinhwa"s Shin Hye Sung Talks (and Dances) on "Wide Entertainment News"

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Just before his comeback performance on the December 13 broadcast of Mnet′s M Countdown, Shin Hye Sung dropped by the Open Studio at the CJ EM Center in Sangam to talk with Wide Entertainment News about his new album, Winter Poetry. He also battled it out with the show′s MC, H.O.T.′s Moon Hee Jun, in a first generation idol battle.

Shin Hye Sung stares seriously at himself in his music video

Who else wants that autographed album?

No, he′s not dancing the crab dance

Dancing to Shinhwa songs!

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 B.A.P Him Chan and Young Jae Becomes Wide Entertainment News Special Main MC

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B.A.P, Him Chan, Young Jae, Mnet, Wide Ent News

 B.A.P Him Chan and Young Jae Becomes Wide Entertainment News Special Main MC  B.A.P Him Chan and Young Jae Becomes Wide Entertainment News Special Main MC B.A.P Him Chan and Young Jae Becomes Wide Entertainment News Special Main MC  B.A.P Him Chan and Young Jae Becomes Wide Entertainment News Special Main MCB.A.P members Him Chan and Young Jae got chosen for the main MC for Mnet's "Wide Entertainment News."

On Thursday, B.A.P vocals Him Chan and Young Jae will be special main MC with Lee Solji announcer to deliver the newest news of entertainment world. Also, FTISLAND will join the episode further liven up the atmosphere.

Him Chan has an experience as a MC before the debut on SBS - MTV "The Show" with SECRET's Hyosung, f(x)'s Luna and Girl's Day's Hyeri. Young Jae doesn't have any previous experience but expectations are going high due to his humorous sense of giving witty remarks.

B.A.P, who recently gained popularity with "Epic Case" will continue on activities on "M Countdown" and "Wide Entertainment News."