Mnet’s Idolcon Day 2 Features Performances From Oh My Girl, Block Bs Bastarz, PENTAGON + Mini Fan Meetings And More!

Mnet’s Idolcon Day 2 Features Performances From Oh My Girl, Block Bs Bastarz, PENTAGON + Mini Fan Meetings And More!

After attending the first day of Mnets K-pop idol convention Idolcon, Soompi also went to the second day of Idolcon today on May 27!

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Both days of Idolcon took place at COEXs D Hall and auditorium. Similar to the first day, the second day consisted of events like performances by some of our favorite idols, vocal and dance workshops, booths from various agencies, fan signing events, mini fan meetings, talk shows, and more. Some of todays performers were Oh My Girl, I, Block Bs Bastarz, PENTAGON, BOYS24, MASC, and KNK.

Like the first day, the second day’s workshops featured personal lessons from SM vocal trainer Jang Jin Young and 1MILLION’s May J Lee. Today, fans got to see VARSITY and MASC face-to-face at their mini fan meetings.

Oh My Girl, I, Block Bs Bastarz, and PENTAGON had their own special talk show concerts in which they performed a couple of songs, answered interview questions, and played games hosted by MC Kim Shin Young.

Singer I made a special appearance at Oh My Girls concert, performing I Wish. She also performed her song My Melody for the first time ever, making the concert all the more special.

Oh My Girl first performed Cupid and followed up with Liar Liar, Windy Day, Coloring Book, and Closer. In between songs, they took some time to answer fun questions asking them to choose the member whos most likely to do something. In response to a question asking who showers the least often, they chose Mimi, who apparently always throws herself on the sofa after a long day of activities and falls asleep without cleaning herself. They continued to tease Mimi about it, but they clarified that everyone still takes a shower everyday.

Block Bs sub-unit Bastarz was next up for an exclusive talk concert. They brought their carefree and rebellious energy to the stage, making everyone laugh with their funny answers to interview questions. When MC Kim Shin Young asked when Bastarz will be making a comeback, B-Bomb hilariously and realistically replied, When Zico writes a song for us. Bastarz pleased the eyes and ears of their fans today with performances of Make It Rain, Charlie Chaplin, Tightly, Thats Right, and Zero for Conduct.

Last but not least, PENTAGON held their concert and made their fans go wild with their synchronized choreography. In addition to performing Wake Up, Pentagon, Gorilla, Can You Feel It and Pretty Pretty, they also had a fun time creating acrostic poems from random fan-submitted words like pikachu, or member Kinos little sisters name. MC Kim Shin Young also asked them about their musical preferences, and each members preferences varied from Shinwons gloomy songs to Yeo Ones uplifting band tracks.

Beyond the performances, Idolcon also features other booths where fans can try a variety of different foods, buy albums, and receive free goods. Mnet’s Idolcon ran for two days on May 26 and 27.

If any of you were at the event, share your experience with us in the comments below!