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AOA Yuna's younger sister appears on Mnet's "Voice Kids"

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AOA Yunas younger sister appears on Mnets Voice KidsSeo Yuri, the younger sister of AOA's Yuna, has attracted attention recently after making an appearance on Mnet's "Voice Kids."

Last week, a trailer featuring Seo Yuri was revealed, peaking the interest of viewers after her image was mosaic, but news of who she was quickly spread.

Through "Voice Kids," Seo Yuri amazed the judges and listeners with her clear voice and her song selection, clearly following her older sister on stage.

Check out her performance below! "Voice Kids" airs every Friday on Mnet at 9:50PM KST.

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Mnet to Launch ‘The Voice of Korea Kids’ Next Year

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Mnet to Launch ‘The Voice of Korea Kids’ Next Year

Mnet is looking for the next undiscovered, kid star.

The cable channel show revealed its newest audition program The Voice of Korea Kids on September 26, which is scheduled to premiere in January of next year .

The Voice of Korea Kids is the kid version of the smash-hit singing competition show, The Voice of Korea and will only take in contestants ages 6 to 14 (born after November 1 of 1997 through October 31 of 2006) who can sing.

Chief producer Oh Kwang Suk explained how the show came to be saying, “While doing Superstar K and The Voice of Korea we met a lot of talented young friends and thinking that a program focused on them would be good, we decided to create this show.”

Similar to The Voice of Korea, in the preliminaries, kids will sing live for a panel of judges who will have their backs turned to the contestant so they can only judge on each contestant’s performance.

The show’s homepage will begin taking in online entries for the show beginning on September 27 with a premiere target date of January, 2013.

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Super Junior's Leeteuk, Yoo Se Yoon, and Kim Bum Soo Set To Lead Mnet's New Music Show "I Can See Your Voice"

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Super Junior's Leeteuk, Yoo Se Yoon, and Kim Bum Soo Set To Lead Mnet's New Music Show

It is revealed that Super Junior's Lee Teuk, singer and actor Yoo Se Yoon, and Kim Bum Soo will be standing as leads of Mnet's music show "I Can See Your Voice."

“I Can See Your Voice” is a program with the premise that there are a number of people in a group, some of whom can sing and some who can’t. Professional singers will then look only at hints and the outward appearance of these contestants to pick out the person who they believe to be the good singer. If someone who can’t sing well gets chosen, they will earn a prize of 10,000,000 KRW (~$10,000 USD). If the one who can sing gets chosen, that contestant will be given the opportunity to sing a duet with the singer and release it as a digital single.

Many viewers are already looking forward to the chemistry amongst the MCs, as they have previously shown their variety skills through other programs. The PD of the upcoming show shared, “All three MCs have a lot of enthusiasm, and I believe they will be able to smoothly lead a music show on which non-celebrities will appear.”

Mnet’s “The Voice of Korea” Will Likely Not Hold The Third Season

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Mnet’s “The Voice of Korea” Will Likely Not Hold The Third Season

A representative of Mnet revealed that the audition show, “ The Voice of Korea” (also known as “Voice Korea” has planned an ending to the show.

According to broadcast insiders, it seems as a third season for “Voice Korea” will be extremely difficult.

After starting in 2012 with season one, “Voice Korea” aired its second season last year. Previously, Mnet was planning on carrying out the third season earlier this year, but as 2014 is nearing its end, it seems like the third season of “Voice Korea” will not happen.

Initially, Mnet has bought the publication rights of the show format from Universal Music for three seasons, it would make sense for Mnet to air another season since they have already paid for it.

However, insiders from Mnet has expressed that “Voice Korea” will not be profitable for the channel. Different from other Mnet audition programs like “Super Star K,” the profits from the show’s digital singles go to the copyright holder Universal Music, not Mnet.

As the industry has been also on a decline in terms of profits from commercials, Mnet seems hesitant to continue with “Voice Korea.” “‘Voice Korea’ definitely has a different charm from ‘Super Star K,’” said a representative from Mnet. “But as the show is not very financially profitable for both Mnet and the winners, we are hesitant to continue with it.”

Winner of 'Voice Kids', Kim Myung Ju, debuts with 'Man and Woman 2013'!

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Kim Myung Ju, the winner ofVoice Kids,releasesher 1st singleMan and Woman 2013.

B2ST'sYoseob,her former coach, supportsKim Myung Ju as he sings alongside with her.

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BEAST's Yoseob Keeps His Promise and Will Have a Duet With "Voice Kids" Winner Kim Myung Joo

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BEASTs Yoseob Keeps His Promise and Will Have a Duet With Voice Kids Winner Kim Myung JooEarlier this year, when he was a coach on “Voice Kids,” BEAST’s Yang Yoseob wholeheartedly agreed when his team member and winner, Kim Myung Joo, asked personally asked for a duet piece with Yoseob as her debut song. 

Although it has been nine months since their run on “Voice Kids” as mentor and mentee, they have been keeping in touch and Yoseob has been giving his all to support Kim Myung Joo in her debut song.. 

Eight years apart, Kim Myung Joo born in 1998 and Yang Yo Seob in 1990, they are taking a shot at a remake of Park Sun Joo and Kim Bum Soo’s “A Man and a Woman.” Interesting to note is that Park Sun Joo and Kim Bum Soo were also mentor and mentee. The remake of the song will be released in the beginning of December.

Having had a successful release with his solo “Caffeine” last year, we’ll have to wait and see just what this talented idol comes back with in his duet.

Not only is Yoseob a talented idol singer, he has been receiving a lot of love for his lovable personality. Even during “Voice Kids,” he was really popular for taking care of and being really sweet to the young contestants. Yoseob and his great personality can also be seen on the current MBC variety show, “I Live Alone.” 

The other BEAST members have been active too, lately. Jang Hyunseung has recently been making headlines with his Troublemaker partner HyunA and their new hit “Now,” Yoon Doo-joon will be starring in tvN’s new drama “Let’s Eat,” and Yong Jun-hyung is to soon start on a solo in December. 

Mnet's "The Voice Korea" to kick off season 2

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Mnet’s “The Voice Korea” is getting ready to return to the small screen.

On February 4th, the official poster for the show was released featuring 4 coaches from the 1st season including Shin Seung Hoon, LeeSsang's Gil, Baek Ji Young, and Kangta.

“The Voice Korea Season 2″ will have a total of 15 episodes.

Producer Lee Sang Yoon of the show stated, “Last year when we first presented the show, the entire audition process seemed new and strange. So everyone, including the producers, coaches, participants, and viewers, thought the show was very fresh. This new and unfamiliarity of the show contributed much to the show’s popularity. However, we have made some changes to this process in the second season. We upgraded the audition process so that each and every competitor on the show will be judged and analyzed more carefully. We also gave more responsibilities and authorities to the coaches to pick competitors, allowing them to compete with each other a little bit more. Overall, the changes we’ve made will make the show more interesting.

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

Seo In Young sheds tears on “Voice Kids”

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Seo In Young sheds tears on “Voice Kids”

On the February 1st broadcast of Mnet’s “Voice Kids”, judge Seo In Young broke into tears while watching the contestants’ final performances.

For the final stage, contestants Heo Sung Joo, Kim Cho Eun, and Kim Min Kyung teamed up to perform Seo In Young's song “Anymore”.

While watching the performance, Seo In Young could not hide her tears. The judge then commented “You did so well. It was beyond my expectations. I am so proud of you and I want to thank you.” Seo In Young then picked Heo Sung Joo as the finalist.

Netizens who saw this broadcast responded, “I was so shocked to see Seo In Young cry,” “When I saw her cry, I couldn’t help but cry as well,” “I don’t think I have seen such a vulnerability from Seo In Young.” and more.

[Spoiler] ‘Voice Korea Kids’ chooses its 1st winner

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[Spoiler] ‘Voice Korea Kids’ chooses its 1st winner

On February 1st, Seo In Youngs pupil Heo Sung Joo, Yun Sangs Seo Yuri, and B2STYoseobKim Myung Joo competed in the final round of the reality singing competition Voice Kids.

The first one up was Heo Sung Joo, who sang Shin Jong Hyuns A Cup of Coffee and impressed with her unique voice, song arrangement, and her adlibs.

The next contestant Seo Yuri sang Daisy (Deul Kuk Hwa)’s Its Just Love and stunned viewers by pulling off such a difficult song for someone her age. Final contestant Kim Myung Joo displayed her powerful and skillful vocals with her emotional cover of Kim Soo Chuls A Flower That Hasnt Bloomed All the Way”.

After screening the votes of 400 individuals, Kim Myung Joo came out as the victor and took home the grand prize. For her victory speech, Kim Myung Joo thanked her coach and family saying, I thank Coach Yoseob for finely teaching me and Id also like to thank my mother who raised me.

Kim Myung Joos coach Yoseob then modestly explained, I did not do anything. It was Kim Myung Joo who worked hard for this and because of her I received the title of ‘winning coach. I am thankful.

On another note, Kim Myung Joo won a 30 million won ($27,392.52 USD) scholarship as well as an opportunity to create a digital single.

Watch the final episode below:

BEAST’s Yang Yoseob to celebrate his birthday with "Voice Kids" contestants

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BEAST’s Yang Yoseob to celebrate his birthday with

On January 7th on the set of TV show “Voice Kids”, BEAST’s Yoseob’s team members threw a surprise party to wish their mentor a happy birthday. The contestants even prepared a cake, balloons and adorable handwritten signs.

The singer's team members wished Yoseob a long healthy life in a respectable manner even though the BEAST member is still in his 20s.

In related news, "Voice Kids" battle rounds will be aired on January 25th.