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Jay Park calls out web page for the usage of his photo on a drug scandal post

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Jay Park calls out web page for the usage of his photo on a drug scandal post

Jay Park called out a undeniable site for driving his photo as the header to a drug scandal post.

The site had used pictures of Jay Park and Dok2 for their post on Korean rappers being focused on a drug scandal. In response, he angrily tweeted, "Trying to be a competent new"s sic source yet they post our pic"s sic implying that it"s us when it ain"t."

He added, "Get yo fact"s immediately prior to you not directly come with us in some bullshit we ain"t concerned in~ aight now back to being a success #aomgilli".

His label said, "Jay Park isn"t associated with the drug scandal at all. We don"t know this site at all, and we can"t get into touch with them because they"re now not a Korean site. It"s very shocking."

Currently, the site has taken down Jay Park and Dok2"s photos as the header.

Mnet responds to court cases about '2015 MAMA' vote casting system

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Mnet responds to court cases about '2015 MAMA' vote casting system

Mnet has spoke back to complaints about the voting device for the "2015 Mnet Asian Tune Awards". Citizens had been complaining that the count has been messed with, suggesting that the formulation isn't reflecting the actual winners.

On November 20, a rep from Mnet stated, "We made a voting page to save you ineligible votes, and we are tracking them for accurate results. Fanatics can best vote once on a day-to-day basis via one account, so it"s now not imaginable that any person may vote a couple of times for an artist and disillusioned the ballot."

The rep added that regardless that some users have created multiple accounts below one call to vote a massive number of times, the site has a CAPTCHA system in position to counteract that issue.

In other news, the "2015 MAMA" is going down in Hong Kong on December 2.

Mnet Responds to Claims That 2015 MAMA Awards Votes were Rigged

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Mnet Responds to Claims That 2015 MAMA Awards Votes Have Been Rigged While some enthusiasts have been criticizing Mnet for rigging 2015 MAMA Awards results, Mnet has answered announcing they've now not touched the votes.

On November 20, an representative from Mnet stated, “We have created a balloting page to save you unlawful votes and we are sparsely tracking them to get the proper results. Fans can most effective vote once each day via one account, so it's miles very unlikely that somebody may vote a couple of times for an artist and rig the ballot.”

It continued, “It has come to our attention that someone would possibly make multiple accounts beneath one call to vote infinite times for an artist. To counteract that, we have install a CAPTCHA machine to prevent one from doing so.”

CAPTCHA method is a anti-hacking procedure that calls for users to cross into letters and emblems to inform humans except computers. If someone is rigging the votes, it's going to be published in the consequences later on.

Meanwhile, the 2015 MAMA Awards might be held in Hong Kong’s Asia World-Expo on December 2.

Mnet Getting ready for a wide Scale woman Crew Survival Program

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Mnet getting ready for a sizable Scale Woman Neighborhood Survival Program Mnet is preparing for a never-seen-before survival program to discover without equal K-Pop girl group. In keeping with the insiders, Mnet is making plans to spend about 4 billion Korean Won (approximately $3.4 million USD) in generating a display tentatively titled “Produce 101.” here's on par with “Superstar K,” which is one of Mnet’s flagship programs.

While SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment might no longer be participating, maximum other entertainment agencies will take part, every firm sending up to ten promising trainees.

An insider said, “In terms of budget, it's far 2nd handiest to ‘Superstar K,’ this way that that Mnet thinks that it'll be hugely successful. As in the case of ‘Unpretty Rapstar,’ staring at conflicts among women is entertaining. There may be controversies, yet it would be fun.”

The filming is already underway. Many participants had been interviewed, and the filming of the most important episodes will get started very soon, as it's scheduled to air at the finish of this year.

Mnet hopes to let the girls from the similar agency compete as a unit, then make a choice about ten girls to shape a team belonging to Mnet for some quantity of time. This suggests that trainees from other agencies could belong to an identical team in the end.

Even the girls who do no longer win will take anything away, as they are going to all get an opportunity to marketplace themselves and get their names out there, offering motivation for masses of entertainment agencies to participate.

Mnet releases legitimate observation about warfare between 'Superstar K7' and contestant

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Mnet releases legitimate observation about warfare between 'Superstar K7' and contestant

Mnet representatives stepped ahead to give an official statement in regards to the contemporary strife between "Superstar K7" contestant Shin Ye Young and the program"s production team. previous final week, Shin Ye Young had ranted on her Facebook about being the victim of "evil editing" at the program, leading her to earn a negative recognition in the public"s eye. 

On November 16, Mnet relayed, "The production group and Shin Ye Young are speaking things out. the misconception between the production crew and Shin Ye Young could be resolved thru communication. What the professor acknowledged to Shin Ye Young will have been not easy for her to discern as fact as an audition participant," referencing what Shin Ye Young had written on her Facebook, and added, "But after checking with the production crew, what the professor said was once false. We can paintings with Shin Ye Young to decide the fact and speak about the appropriate kind recourse. If want be, we're going to imagine taking criminal action."

"Superstar K"s filming progresses as a program with a practical element. There were no forcible filming but we deeply be apologetic about now not being more thoughtful of Shin Ye Young"s struggles adjusting to the filming environment. we shall check out our very best to unravel this factor quickly." 

Shin Ye Young had published on her Facebook these days that she become suggested by way of the professor at her college to signal a freelance with a newly-established firm run by a high-ranking Mnet official. When she declined the recommendation, Shin Ye Young explained that the professor had told her she could also be at a downside on the show. She also claimed that she was the victim of manipulative editing, which had spawned into a controversy.

Enes Kaya symptoms with an firm for Korean comeback after adultery scandal final year

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Enes Kaya symptoms with an firm for Korean comeback after adultery scandal final year

You consider famous person Enes Kaya from Turkey who has been active in South Korea up to the debate when it was once published he have been having a couple of affairs regardless of being a married man? Yeah, well, he"s coming back.

It turns out that he has now signed on with Management Haenaem, which properties other most sensible stars like Lee Tae Im.  A rep from the agency disclosed on November 13, "We have an exclusive contract with Enes Kaya.  He has an excessive will to advertise on publicizes and as an entertainer.  He has numerous affection for his activities in entertainment.  Whether he gets a choice from variety, drama, or movie, he'll paintings very hard.  He won"t be choosy about the genre because he needs to turn so much of other sides.

"Rather than running away or hiding from his beyond deeds, he promised to sell with discrete habit from now on.  In order to make up for the public"s unhappiness and concerns, he will greet them with a just right image."

Well, it"d also be demanding to blatantly lie about being a bachelor anymore!  What do you are feeling about his pending return?

Yang Hyun Suk and Mnet Reps Meet to talk about Attendance of BIGBANG and iKON at the 2015 MAMA

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Yang Hyun Suk and Mnet Reps Meet to speak about Attendance of BIGBANG and iKON at the 2015 MAMA With the 2015 MAMA (Mnet Asian Tune Awards) about two weeks away, there still isn’t any confirmation of YG Entertainment‘s artists attending the show, yet it looks as if now there could be some hope, maybe.

YG Entertainment artists like BIGBANG had been a wide presence at the annual awards display for the beyond few years, which would make their absence conspicuous, especially since BIGBANG has been very active this year with their a success “MADE” album.

Earlier in October, YG Entertainment had voiced their wonder at now not being approached through Mnet about attending the 2015 MAMA. Normally two-months advance understand is needed to arrange for a functionality for a sizable prove like this, and YG was once involved that Mnet wasn’t speaking to them. sooner than that, there had been tension between YG and Mnet, because of the exclusion of iKON from the “M!Countdown” music chart.

With best two weeks left, one may have safely assumed that YG’s artists wouldn’t be attending the MAMA, especially with BIGBANG busy with their eastern Dome excursion and iKON scheduled to movie a music video in early December. But some hope remains with YG and Mnet confirming that YG head, Yang Hyun Suk, met with Mnet reps recently, to discuss BIGBANG and iKON’s attendance. All sides are being cautious, however, with YG announcing the scheduling will be tough and Mnet asking the public to look forward to 2d circular announcement of attendees.

Girl's Day's Minah is asked about beyond dating scandal with Son Heung Min

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Girl's Day's Minah is asked about beyond dating scandal with Son Heung Min

Girl"s Day"s Minah seemed on MBC"s "Radio Star" with her co-stars in drama "Sweet Family" on November 11. There, Kim Gu Ra (of course) brought up football player Son Heung Min with whom she had showed she was once dating in the past.

He asked, "What came about for that to without warning finally finish up like that? Did it just happen?" and she replied, taking a look like she became in a sticky situation, "It"s a thing of the past."

Yoon Jong Shin stated here, "This is a program where you speak about things from the past," so she replied, "I don"t know what to mention about this. I don"t know," showing worry for how whatever she says would possibly come off.

Truedy, Heize, Kasper, and ASH-B to Continue Operating With Mnet After “Unpretty Rapstar 2″

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Truedy, Heize, Kasper, and ASH-B to Continue operating With Mnet After “Unpretty Rapstar 2″ It looks as if Mnet isn’t ready to part with some of its “Unpretty Rapstars.”

According to a representative of Mnet, the corporate is looking into pursuing additional collaboration with “Unpretty Rapstar 2″ contestants Truedy, Heize, Kasper, and ASH-B.

Instead of having them signal exclusive contracts, however, the production company’s side has clarified that the collaboration will be conducted under a less respectable arrangement.

The 4 artists will get to enhance their skills through Mnet’s projects and resources, yet they won’t be officially controlled by the tune department. Mnet has previously offered a an identical deal to many of its former “Superstar K” contestants.

Meanwhile, “Unpretty Rapstar 2″ is expected to finish its run this week. The finale will air on November 13.