Mnet Is Discussing About What To Do With Kang Daniel On 'Produce 101' Season 2

Mnet Is Discussing About What To Do With Kang Daniel On 'Produce 101' Season 2

Kang Daniel was spotted cheating on “Produce 101” season two. He posted hints on his Instagram about his next song. As a result, Mnet is discussing the penalty for him.

“Produce 101” season two ranked five, Kang Daniel, just broke the rule of the show for giving hints of the song he got for the next episode. Viewers pointed out the hints and they gave many critiques to his Instagram account and Mnet. After realizing his mistake, he then posted an apology on his account, AllKpopreported.

Many other trainees in “Produce 101” season two also posted some pictures of them on their Instagram. But these trainees didn’t give a hint of the song they got. In Kang Daniel’s case, he clearly broke the rule for giving hints to fans to know his song.

It is really unfair in a competition of 98 trainees competing to get to top 11 in order to have a chance to debut in a boy group. Every move is really important because every vote counts. Trainees are okay to use social media as long as it doesn’t give hints to viewers about the show. Kang Daniel made a big mistake this time.

Even though Kang Daniel has said his apology about it, viewers want Mnet to take action. Recently, Mnet said that they would learn the situation first and then give the right decision in Kang Daniel’s case, AllKpopreported.

Kang Daniel has begun the show with a great ranking. He got the fifth place out of the remaining 60 trainees in the show. It is a great time to show more of his skills in the next episode with the song chosen. It will be hard for him if he gets punishment or deduction in points for his performance. It can be a good learning to be careful with the social media account while still in the competition.

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