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F.CUZ sing about 'The Words I Wish to Say To You' in MV for Dara's 'Missing Korea' drama

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F.CUZ sing about 'The Words I Wish to Say To You' in MV for Dara's 'Missing Korea' drama

You"ve observed the long teaser for F.CUZ"s new OST "The Words I wish to Say To You". Now it"s time for the total MV! Featuring the soothing vocals of F.CUZ in addition scenes of 2NE1 Dara and Kim Jung Hoon in the drama "Missing Korea", here's a will have to watch video.

Also, we want to point out, doesn"t Dara glance similarly beautiful whether she"s in complete makeup and dressed up or dressed in slightly any makeup in a uniform? The song suits perfectly with the scenes shown in the drama.

Are you playing the drama "Missing Korea"?

F.CUZ sings 'The Words I Wish to Say to You' for Dara's drama 'Missing Korea'

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F.CUZ sings 'The Words I Wish to Say to You' for Dara's drama 'Missing Korea'

The MV for the primary OST for Dara and Kim Jung Hoon"s "Missing Korea" drama is now out!

The sweet, dramatic ballad is sung by ability of F.CUZ whilst the MV presentations shots from their drama that would bring a grin to everyone"s face since the two leads are simply too lovely in it.

The drama specializes in the competitor for the leave out Korea festival who represents North Korea, played by the beautiful Dara. Their chemistry is not any joke!

Sandara Park Is a North Korean Attractiveness in “Missing Korea” Stills

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Sandara Park Is a North Korean cosmetic in “Missing Korea” Stills 2NE1‘s Sandara Park is an absolute stunner in the maximum recent stills and behind-the-scenes photos of KBS’ internet drama “Missing Korea.”

Looking flawless in her bright red robe and voluminous hairdo, the actress has reworked into her role as Li Yeon Hwa, a normal North Korean worker. suitable for the beauty festival theme, she offers a chic wave to the target audience and tops it all off with a bright smile. She could also be observed posing with her script backstage.

Set in the fictitious year of 2020, “Missing Korea” follows the comical occasions that take position after a crew of North Korean beauty pageants gets combined up with a staff from the Kaesong Business Complex. The latter is in the long run sent to represent North Korea at the 1st Unified Miss Korea Competition, held to promote further reunification efforts.

Sandara Park plays the feminine lead alongside male lead Kim Jung Hoon.

The first episode aired thru Naver’s television forged on November 3, and the KBS premiere has been scheduled for November 13.

‘The Advocate: A Missing Body’ Takes a Stab at Dark Humor

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20151021_seoulbeats_theadvocate2 The Advocate: A Missing Body Takes a Stab at Dark Humor Written by Leslie On October 22, 2015 20151021_seoulbeats_theadvocateI cannot tell a lie: Lee Seon-gyun is really attractive and was admittedly the initial appeal to watch The Advocate: A Missing Body, his latest film. Even though hes been in many movies and dramas since the early 00s, Lee didnt reach popularity until his appearance in The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince in 2007, which is also when I was introduced to him. Since then, hes built up a reputation as a diverse actor with charisma and talent to be reckoned with, and as more than just the kind, gentle second lead for which he reached initial fame.

In fact, in The Advocate, Lee plays a completely different character from Choi Han-sung and instead makes a perfect, contrasting follow-up to his last film, 2014s A Hard Day, in which he played a cop trying to cover up a crime. Byun Hyo-sung is a hotshot lawyer with all the arrogance and grease associated with the stereotype, complete with slick hairdo, beloved luxury car and finger gun greetings. Hyo-sung is actually kind of an ass, especially at the beginning of the film, but unsurprisingly so. With a perfect record of wins in every court case, Hyo-sung is the ace at his law firm, and he knows it after building up quite the reputation for winning so many cases for big name corporations and rich people alike. However, things change when he is assigned to represent the defendant of the Shinchon murder case.

At first, Hyo-sung is reluctant to take on the case, claiming it pays shit and that there is a reason public defenders exist, but Moon Ji-hoon (Jang Hyun-sung), the CEO of the company he recently defended in a drugs side affect case, is insistent that he take the case. Kim Jung-hwan (Choi Jae-woong), Byuns client and the CEOs chauffeur, claims his innocence, and since the body of nursing student Han Min-jung (Kim Yoon-hye) remains to be foundonly blood and a weapon were located at the crime sceneHyo-sung thinks he has a shot at winning. Unfortunately, he finds himself going toe-to-toe with Jin Sun-mi (Kim Go-eun), a former flame and junior colleague who is rising in the ranks of prosecution. While he considers himself a better lawyer, as he has more experience and clearly more gall, Jin doesnt let him get a word in edgewise and is quick to shut down his smarmy talk.

20151021_seoulbeats_theadvocate4After rattling Sun-mi, Hyo-sung gathers evidence for his case, determined to win despite the many cards stacked against him: An eyewitness placed the chauffeur at the scene of the crime, he has a prior assault charge, and he has no one to corroborate his claim that the dead student was his lover. Still, Hyo-sung puts together a compelling case, complete with an experiment involving scaling the building and a testimony from a blood spatter analyst, but to ensure his victory, he even manages to lead an acquaintance of the chauffeur to testify that he met Min-jung, though its clear that he didnt.

The case goes to trial, and after cross examining his witnesses and experts, Hyo-sung stands poised to win despite Jin Sun-mis best efforts to paint the defendant as a violent stalker. Just as victory seems inevitable, and Hyo-sung rests his case, Jung-hwan confesses to killing Min-jung, leading to his return to prison and Hyo-sungs loss and confusion. From his search for evidence to fight the case, he is confused and genuinely believes that Jung-hwan is innocent. He even plants the same seed of doubt in Sun-mis mind. It doesnt help that the body still has yet to surface, and Jung-hwan doesnt even know where it is. Convinced that his hunch is right, Hyo-sung begins a winding quest to figure out what really happened.

On the surface, The Advocate is a compelling story with sufficient drama and tension among the characters and in the plot itself. Unfortunately, the film fails to reach its full potential in execution. The story of Hyo-sung, the Shinchon murder case and how it all ties together is intricate, to say the least, making for many moving parts in the film. While the non-linear nature of the narrative works to show they come together, the film moves too quickly from scene to scene. Just as a key detail or tidbit of information is revealed, we suddenly jump to the next shot, which not only makes the film move at a breakneck pace in certain places but also doesnt allow the revelations to sink in and simmer before moving on. With an almost convoluted story, these brief moments are necessary to keep the audience fully engaged instead of confused.

20151021_seoulbeats_theadvocate5These stark jumps are not helped by the odd tone of the film. While director Heo Jong-ho clearly establishes from the onset that this will be a dark comedic legal procedural, it doesnt stick to that consistently. The bulk of the narrative is rather serious and suspenseful but bookended by much lighter comedic moments in the opening and conclusion, particularly through Lee Seon-gyuns caricature portrayal of Byun Ho-sung. As such, the tone is uneven, trying to be creepy but making it difficult with an exaggerated leading character and moments of humor.

On top of that, Kim Go-euns more level-headed, almost dull role is lost to the more expressive Lee Seon-gyun. While this is partially due to the nature of their characters and their relationship, its also heavily influenced by their chemistry, or rather the lack thereof. Their supposed former love is difficult to imagine considering the half-hearted portrayal and unequal dynamic. Sun-mi may have a sharp tongue, but her body language goes contrary to that, especially compared to Hyo-sungs self-satisfied smirks and jabs. Some may argue that its the complexity of a character being forced to go against a past lover and senior former colleague, but she later on in the film shows more aggression when hijacking a police car and ordering arrests to serve her purpose. As such, I am skeptical to this explanation and just find that Kim simply lacks the chemistry with Lee Seon-gyun to make their verbal sparring and previous relationship believable.

Despite the poor execution, Lee Seon-kyuns performance as Byun Hyo-sung and an intriguing plot are enough to carry this film. It may drag in certain places, but the quest to find answers to this case is engaging enough. Just as you think youve figured out what happened with Han Min-jung, Hyo-sung makes another discovery and connects two pieces, leading to more questions. By the final act, the film makes the big reveal, and while it relies a bit too much on heavy exposition, it is satisfying and gives great redemption to the bastard lawyer.

The Advocate: A Missing Body opens October 23 in select theaters in the US. This film is not rated and features scenes of graphic violence and limited language and drug use.

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Film Review: 'The Advocate: A Missing Body' Is A Stunning Legal Procedural With A Stellar Cast

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(Photo : CJ Entertainment America ) "The Advocate: A Missing Body" takes the often droll genre of legal films into the territory of crime procedurals with stunning twists that are on-par with America"s "Law and Order" franchise.

Lee Sun Kyun (Coffee Prince, Pasta) is Byeon Ho Sung, a hot-shot lawyer who is riding the best wave of his career, after defending a pharmaceutical company in a civil suit. He is a skilled defense attorney, who pulls out all the stops, to sway the jury, while enraging the prosecution.

The success of his prescription drug case is followed by a what appears to be an open and shut murder case, where the suspect has numerous points of evidence pointing against him, but the body of the victim is missing.

Ho Sung takes on the case, after meeting with Moon Ji Hoon, the wealthy CEO of the pharmaceutical conglomerate whose previous legal woes were easily solved. Jang Hyun Sung (Heard it Through the Grapevine) flawlessly portrays Ji Hoon, exuding charm as a corporate leader whose benevolence towards his employee who is accused of murder is seemingly generous, if somewhat heavy-handed.

(Photo : CJ Entertainment America ) Rising star Kim Go Eun (Coin Locker Girl, A Muse) is Jin Sun Mi, a prosecutor who has a fractured relationship with Ho Sung. Sun Mi is initially determined to place the suspect behind bars until Ho Sung challenges her to question the nature of the crime.

(Photo : CJ Entertainment America ) Hong Sung Duk (Assassination) portrays Kim Man Suk, the defendant whose guilt is readily apparent, but his situation turns when Sun MI and Ho Sung begin to fully investigate the case.

(Photo : CJ Entertainment America ) Ho Sung attempts to prove that his client is innocent, even after he is removed from the case. He is aided in his dogged pursuit of justice by Mr. Park, who is portrayed by In Won Hee (Crying Fist). Mr. Park is a former special forces soldier who works in a law office but is skilled in martial arts and self-defense.

"The Advocate: A Missing Body" is a non-stop thrill ride that keeps audiences guessing about the crime and its motives, up until its stunning conclusion. The film opens in select North American theaters on October 23. Showtimes and theater information can be found on the website for CJ Entertainment America.

Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor at KDramaStars. She is also a contributing music writer at KpopStarz, MTV Iggy and other publications. When she is not listening to "We Like 2 Party," she can be found on Twitter. (@retrogirladdy).

Upcoming Collectible Release Park Yoo-chun 'Missing You' non-public Making & Fanmeeting DVD and Photobook

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Upcoming Collectible Release Park Yoo-chun 'Missing You' non-public Making & Fanmeeting DVD and Photobook

Park Yoo-chun "Missing You" Personal Making & Fanmeeting DVDs and Photobook Limited Edition is to be had to preorder with English subtitles from YESASIA.

Dara solid as a North Korean in KBS drama 'Missing Korea' contrary Kim Jung Hoon

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Dara solid as a North Korean in KBS drama 'Missing Korea' contrary Kim Jung Hoon

2NE1 Dara"s acting chops are being put to work! 

YG Entertainment revealed on September 15 that she was once showed for KBS"s one-act drama, "Missing Korea," in which she will be the lead, the North Korean representative for the Omit Korea pageant.  

The drama will take position in a fictional 2020 in which either North and South Korea are exchanging civilities and cooperating economically.  In order to also proportion in culture, the countries come to a decision to host the first actual North and South Korean joint Miss Korea competition. Regardless of the political background it turns out that to have, the drama will essentially be a romance comedy.  After the one-act drama airs in October, it's going to meet the public once back in a internet drama format.

Currently, Dara is practicing the North Korean dialect in order to painting her character. You"re going to get to look a fully dolled up Dara, tiara and all, for the drama! Starring opposite her could be Kim Jung Hoon as the pinnacle of the organizing committee for the competition.

The production workforce relayed that the drama will be airing around the similar time when the North and South Korean families would reunite.

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Sandara Park to megastar in KBS short drama 'Missing Korea'

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Sandara Park to megastar in KBS short drama 'Missing Korea'

Sandara Park is going to be a leave out North Korea.

She"s representing North Korea in the KBS short drama "Missing Korea".

"Missing Korea" is based totally in the futuristic year 2020 beneath the realization that the North and South Koreas are taking a look ahead to unification. the primary South and North Korean Miss Korea is ready to be held that year.

Sandara Park represents North Korea and is operating tough on her North Korean dialect. Her dress, tiara, outfits, hair and makeup is in truth being backed by skill of the Miss Korea Association.

Kim Jeong-hoon plays her co-star, the top of the organization.

"Missing Korea" can be broadcast in October when circle of relatives reunion of the North and South takes place. Expectantly the drama method anything to the North and South Korean relations.

Meanwhile, Sandara Park is effectively turning into an actress by starring in web-dramas, "Doctor Ian" and "We Broke Up".

Source : sports.donga.com/3/al...

2NE1′s Sandara Park to Megastar in KBS Drama “Missing Korea”

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2NE1′s Sandara Park to Star in KBS Drama “Missing Korea” 2NE1‘s Sandara Park continues to branch out as an actress.

According to YG Entertainment on September 15, Sandara Park has been solid for the lead role in upcoming KBS drama “Missing Korea.”

“Missing Korea” is a romantic comedy set in the fictitious year of 2020 when North and South Korea have taken meaningful steps against reunification. One of the ones steps come with web hosting the first-ever blended leave out Korea pageant.

Sandara Park may be gambling the North Korean rep for Miss Korea.

She will star contrary Kim Jeong Hoon, who will play the top of the organizers of the pageant.

“Missing Korea” is slated to debut its first episode a while in October, and then it is going to continue its broadcast as a internet drama.

Are you taking a look ahead to this new drama?

2NE1′s Sandara Park forged as Lead in ′Missing Korea′

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2NE1′s Sandara Park forged as Lead in ′Missing Korea′

--> Sandara Park has been solid to play leave out Korea′s North Korea representative in KBS′ Missing Korea.

Missing Korea, which is decided to air on KBS in October, is a romantic comedy set in the fictitious year 2020, in which the North and South are operating against unification thru non-governmental exchanges and economic cooperation, resulting in the first-ever ′North-South Joint Miss Korea Pageant.′ Hereafter, the drama can be broadcast as a internet drama.

Sandara Park is recently practicing the North Korean dialect so as to faithfully act out the role as Miss Korea′s North Korean representative.

In the scenes taking pictures the contestants′ camp and ultimate competition, the true subsidized dresses, tiaras, costumes, hair and makeup team will be used in order to upload authenticity.

Kim Jeong Hoon, who is turning into more popular in China via more than a few broadcast activities, has been cast contrary Sandara Park to play the top of the pageant′s organizing committee.

The production team stated, "October, which is round the time when Missing Korea will be broadcast, is when inter-Korean reunions of separated North and South Korean families will be going down at Mt. Kumgang. we are hoping this drama will send a meaningful message that may be a forum for various substitute of inter-Korean members of the family in the future."

Meanwhile, Sandara Park′s a hit transformation into an actress has been displayed through web dramas Doctor Ian and We Broke Up, and she is decided to make her giant screen debut through movie Crank

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