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100%'s Rokhyun & Hyukjin take on Fly to the Sky's "Missing You" in latest 'The Real 100%' episode

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100%'s Rokhyun & Hyukjin take on Fly to the Sky's

100% members Rokhyun and Hyukjin are soulful balladeers in the latest episode of the group"s reality show "The Real 100%".

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In the episode, the Rokhyun and Hyukjin sing "Missing You" by recently reunited duo Fly to the Sky. Fly to the Sky flew to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, to shoot the music video for "Missing You" and it"s one of the group"s many many hit songs. Watch the two 100% members impressive cover of "Missing You" above. If you have never heard the original, check it out below. How does !00%"s version compare?

Missing You Episode 8 Recap And Screenshot

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Missing You Episode 8 Recap And Screenshot

Much as I’m finding enjoyment in Missing You for reasons unrelated to its quality writing or lack thereof, it’s truly frustrating to have the really obvious ham-handed narrative shoved in my face all the time. This drama feels like the writer is writing around her conclusion or tailoring things to fit her script. As opposed to an organic fluid approach where what happens flows with a sense of purpose. Initially that manufactured narrative manifested itself in the buckets of sad things heaped one on top of the other to the main characters. Now that the sadness and woe has been toned down, what’s happening is a terribly dumb rapist murder plot (let’s not forget ridiculous Nurse Hye Mi drowning plot) that is forcing the characters to have reasons to keep interacting. What’s keeping this thing grounded is in the conversation and interactions between the three leads. Jung Woo annoyed me immensely with his forcefulness in interacting with Soo Yeon, but redeemed himself with his conversation with Ah Reum and Eun Joo about Soo Yeon likely hating him and wanting nothing to do with him.

If he knows that, then he needs to back off and let HER decide what she wants to do. Soo Yeon was believably torn with all sorts of emotions coming whooshing back towards her, but I loved how she really expressed what Harry means to her. Forget the romantic love, he was the person who did not abandon her in her time of need. What hurts Soo Yeon is the moment Jung Woo left the warehouse, and it doesn’t matter that he later tried to help her or kept looking for her. What mattered is that in the split second he made a choice, it would forever stand between the both of them. Whereas Hyung Joon told Nurse Hye Mi that he wasn’t leaving without Soo Yeon and he used his smarts to get her to take care of them. That is what Soo Yeon remembers and what’s important to her now. Yes, she has lingering feelings and unresolved issues with Jung Woo, but at the end of the day, one guy left her at her moment of need while the other didn’t. Girl’s got every reason to stick with one over the other at this point.

Jung Woo suggests that he and Soo Yeon be secret lovers and pulls her closer to him. Dur, do not get handsy with her, not cool dude! She pushes him off and says to let go, this joke is too much. He tells her not to talk and then he forcibly takes her away by putting his arms around her shoulders. He tells her that he’s going crazy right now. Yes, imma go crazy on your ass if you don’t stop physically moving this girl around.

Hyung Joon stares at them leaving and finally gets anxious and gets out of the car to chase them but his leg hurts and he can’t move. He watches as Jung Woo drives Soo Yeon away. Hello? You have a car, Hyung Joon, use it.

Jung Woo drives while Soo Yeon asks where they are going? Hung Woo says to go to that restaurant needs to wait until nighttime when they can enjoy the view. He wonders what to do now during the day. She tells him to stop the car and he reminds her that she asked to be friends when she was in Seoul. Jung Woo says she picked a good friend, he’s been thinking of what to do with Soo Yeon for the last 14 years. Dinner, movie, amusement park. Soo Yeon looks out the window as he talks. He asks if it’s enough for her to turn her head, for her to get angry? He starts saying the same “let’s be friends” line and ends with Zoe.

Hyung Joon looks at his phone and then sees Secretary Nam and Jung Woo’s stepmother. Stepmother tells Secretary Nam about Harry and Zoe being a couple (and Harry is Zoes sponsor) and Secretary Nam makes the connection with Zoe is Lee Soo Yeon. If they can land either one, the other will come alone. She tells Secretary Nam to make it happen.

Jung Woo takes Soo Yeon to a restaurant he frequents and asks if he’s got the chops to be a secret lover. Soo Yeon orders very expensive wine that she claims suits him well. Soo Yeon asks if he is free tomorow, she needs to go to Hong Kong to buy a few things. Jung Woo says she’s exactly the type he likes.

Jung Woo grabs her hand and says that no matter if she goes to Hong Kong or anywhere else, he won’t let her go again. She tries to pull it back and tells him to let go repeatedly. Jung Woo says today they can eat, tomorrow they can shop, they can do anything they want together. He says they should go to the neighborhood playground to ride the swings.

Soo Yeon snatches her hand out of his and Jung Woo remembers how their bloody hands were joined before the rapist dragged Soo Yeon away. Soo Yeon slaps him for being impertinent and says she shouldnt have come on to him in the first place. He laughs and says the slap felt good and this is enough for today. Jung Woo walks away to get the car and we see her hand shaking.

Soo Yeon gets in her car and speeds off. Stepmother arrives and warns Jung Woo not to show up near her store. Jung Woo shows her the pictures she sent to Soo Yeon and warns her to stay away from her. Stepmother thought Zoe would bring a lawyer and instead she went to a cop. Stepmother wonders what Jung Woo’s connection with Soo Yeon is.

Soo Yeon drives and thinks back to her meeting earlier with Jung Woo, as well as how young Jung Woo asked to be friends with the murderer’s daughter Lee Soo Yeon. Soo Yeon calls Hyung Joon and finds out he’s resting in bed because he was injured. She rushes home.

Jung Woo calls Soo Yeon and she doesn’t pick up. He gets a call from Hyung Joon, who is returning his call. Hyung Joon asks for an update on the autopsy of Nurse Hye Mi, which isn’t ready. Jung Woo asks for some time to meet but Hyung Joon says another time since he’s getting medical treatment due to his injured leg. Jung Woo asks to meet earlier otherwise he will feel even more apologetic towards Hyung Joon. You think? Coveting someone else’s fiancée is clearly not decent upstanding behavior.

Eun Joo is home and sees Ah Reum bringing over clothes for her oppa Jung Woo. Jung Woo comes home and Ah Reum teases that she’s here to check to see if the unni and the ahjumma are mistreating him.

Soo Yeon’s mom comes home and asks why he wanted to eat chicken soup, wondering if he’s not feeling well. He says his heart feels empty and wants to be nourished. The four of them sing and dance in the house.

Soo Yeon goes home and rushes to Hyung Joon’s room and finds him resting in bed. The doctor leaves and tells Soo Yeon that Hyung Joon’s leg is very weak right now and he’s not allowed to bike anymore.

Hyung Joon asks how the battle with Jung Woo’s stepmother went? She admits that she saw Jung Woo and that interrupted her. She was surprised that after so much time, he appears to still have lots of memories of Soo Yeon, which she chalks up to guilt. She asks if he wants to hear the truth and Hyung Joon of course, like that is how they always communicate. Sigh, so wonderful.

Soo Yeon says that initially she wanted to punish him but its causing her unhappiness because she hates remembering that she was the daughter of a murderer and hates remembering It took her so much to forget Lee Soo Yeon. If it wasn’t for Hyung Joon 14 years ago, she would have died after being abandoned. She wanted to tell Jung Woo that it’s too late now, but she thought about it and realized its not necessary. Now everyone has their own lives. She has confirmed once again that Lee Soo Yeon’s death is best for everyone.

She ask Hyung Joon tell me I did well. Hyung Joon reaches out his hand to give her emotional support and she puts her hand in his. Soo Yeon asks if the party can still go on with his injured foot. Hyung Joon says its for his clients so it needs to go on. Soo Yeon says that she’ll leave Seoul after the party and go wait for Hyung Joon. FINALLY! Someone in the drama acting in a productive way rather than moping and psychological self-flagellation.

Jung Woo, with clothes pins in his hair, is washing clothes at home. Ah Reum is spending the night and she tells Jung Woo to go home. Jung Woo asks Ah Reum as a woman to tell him how much Soo Yeon likely must hate him. Ah Reum says she doesn’t know but if it was were, she would want revenge. Because meeting Jung Woo changed her life and brought her such scars.

Jung Woo agrees and says he would do the same. But Ah Reum quickly says Jung Woo hasn’t been living well either all these years and if Soo Yeon knew she wouldn’t do it. Jung Woo says Soo Yeon should hate him and want to hit him and glare at him and refuse to acknowledge him. He mimics all the things Soo Yeon did to him and Ah Reum asks if her oppa has gone crazy. Eun Joo comes out and tells Ah Reum to go home since she’s so noisy.

Jung Woo and Eun Joo make plans to visit Detective Kim at the cemetery this weekend. Eun Joo tells Jung Woo that the woman isn’t Soo Yeon and he needs to stop seeing her. That is the best course for him.

Jung Woo is at the police station and asking about the investigation. His partner interrupts Jung Woo’s information gathering and Jung Woo uses his cajoling on him. He tells Jung Woo about the phone and Zoe. Jung Woo remembers now that Zoe said her phone was stolen. He runs into the cleaning ahjumma who pulls him aside to chat.

The rapist’s brother arrives at the police station and causes a ruckus when he sees Jung Woo. The police assure him that the murderer will be caught. The brother accuses Jung Woo but the police says Jung Woo has an alibi.

The brother suddenly suggests that it could be Lee Soo Yeon. Jung Woo is furious and says he is not allowed to say her name. If he says it one more time Jung Woo will arrest him. He vows that the pain inflicted on Soo Yeon, he will get it back a thousand fold.

Stepmother is home with evil Dad who ignores her during dinner. Why is Evil Dad wearing a hot pink track suit? WHY? And his pornstache? Yikes. The younger Secretary reports that the money withdrawal is still in progress. Dad asks for the whereabouts of Secretary Nam.

Secretary Nam is meeting with Hyung Joon, remarking that its hard to get into his vast mansion. Hyung Joon says the house that his mother used his life to exchange for him, of course he wont let anyone in easily. Secretary Nam reveals he knows about Hyung Joon and Soo Yeon and wants a bribe to keep quiet. Hyung Joon says greed is always the motivation and tells Secretary Nam to bring him evil Dad’s secret account books first as a gesture of good faith.

Evil Dad calls Secretary Nam asking to arrange a meeting with Hyung Joon, for himself and his wife is also interested in meeting him. Hyung Joon says thing are getting more interesting and agrees.

Soo Yeon is shopping for Hyung Joon for the party when Jung Woo shows up and offers to try it on. Soo Yeon ignores him and continues shopping. Jung Woo wants to ask about her missing cellphone when she takes her new one out to snap pictures of the clothes and calls Harry to send him the pictures. Jung Woo can see how happy she is talking to him and looks down.

Soo Yeon picks out an outfit for Hyung Joon down to even the scarf, worried that he might catch a cold. Jung Woo leaves and Soo Yeon zones out a bit and when she turns around Jung Woo has left.

Soo Yeon angrily leaves the store and Jung Woo is outside asking to talk. She ignores him and then gets a text asking for 5 minutes. She sees Jung Woo following her in the car. Soo Yeon finally pulls over and Jung Woo teases her that even if they are secret lovers they shouldn’t meet in such secluded places. He asks where she lost her cellphone because he’s investigating.

Soo Yeon drives off and Jung Woo gets a text from Hyung Joon asking to meet. He follows Soo Yeon back home and they walk into the house together. Hyung Joon is on the second floor and notes that they walked in together. He asks Jung Woo to come up to talk.

Jung Woo asks Hyung Joon about the car accident and Hyung Joon confirms it happened. Jung Woo points out Soo Yeon’s excessive fear which Hyung Joon brushes off as her being scared of such things since childhood. He explains that they were in an accident before which is why his leg is inured. She was traumatized by it and shortly thereafter they were adopted.

Hyung Joon says it happened when they were 3 or 4 years old so he doesn’t remember. Jung Woo switches to personal matters and says Soo Yeon is very similar to a girl he knew. If she refuses to admit it there is a reason as well, because she’s still very angry at him. He knows she must hate him. Everything about Zoe is just like Soo Yeon.

Hyung Joon tells Jung Woo to get a DNA test then. He doesn’t mind. Soo Yeon walks up and says she’ll do it if Harry wants her to. She’ll do even more outrageous things for him, because he saved her. When she was small and in that car accident, it was Hyung Joon who saved her. She was catatonic and couldn’t feel anything. It was Hyung Joon who held her hand and made her wake up. He said I am not leaving without her.

Soo Yeon tells Jung Woo he might remember Soo Yeon’s voice but for her, she will never ever forget Hyung Joon’s voice from back then. Until the day she dies she won’t forget it. She asks if he’s waiting for Lee Soo Yeon still? If he’s still waiting and she doesn’t come, that means she’s discarded him. She offers to go right now for the DNA test.

Jung Woo stands up and says it’s not necessary. He’s waited 14 years and he can wait longer. He remembers everything about Soo Yeon, that it was 108 steps from her house to the street lamp. Even if she doesn’t come he will not give up. She’s wrong – waiting and she’s still not there isn’t because she doesn’t want to come, it means she’s still on her way. He ends the conversation and leaves with tears in his eyes.

Soo Yeon can’t believe he still remembers everything, while Hyung Joon looks concerned.

Jung Woo goes to the parking garage and keeps thinking whether Zoe is Soo Yeon. He hears the police officers discuss who has reason to hate the rapist and his partner suggests Lee Soo Yeon, who might still be alive.

They investigate further and find out the rapist used a cellphone from France.

Han Tae Joon and his secretary are waiting for Hyung Joon at a restaurant and he calls from home, where he is playing pool, and lies that he can’t make it due to a car accident. Evil Dad is annoyed and Hyung Joon just casually apologizes. Soo Yeon brings him a glass of juice and he shushes her.

Turns out the dry ice used to hurt the rapist was mailed to his house and addressed to him. But the sale record shows that it was purchased by Soo Yeons mom, which Jung Woo says must be a mistake.

When approached, Mom cries and tells the cops to arrest her. She’s wanted that guy dead many times. She’s worried about Jung Woo and says he’s like her son and if anything happened to him she won’t be able to live.

Jung Woo looks at the CCTV footage and sees a woman driving a car wearing a baseball cap, and it’s Soo Yeon. He starts to cry.

Hyung Joon is in his secret room, which had a framed picture of his mother and lots of files and the CCTV feed of the entire house. He takes off the necklace his mom gave him and he cries when thinking of how he escaped the dogs and seeing his mom locked up. He puts on the cross necklace and goes outside when he hears Soo Yeon calling him.

Hyung Joon walks out and Soo Yeon comes in with two pairs of shoes asking for Hyung Joon’s opinion. Hyung Joon wants to give her a present since today is her last day in Seoul.

He takes off his necklace and places it around her neck.

Hyung Joon then leans in to kiss her and Soo Yeon tenses a bit and allows it only to turn her head at the last moment.

Hyung Joon smiles and says its alright, he will wait for her any time.

The party begins and Han Tae Joon arrives and sees Hyung Joon’s back and the cane. Secretary says the man is younger than he expected. When Hyung Joon turns around, Evil Dad is shocked to see it was the kid on the bike who almost ran him over.

He notices that Hyung Joon’s leg is injured and walks over to greet him. The two men shake hands and Hyung Joon gives his name as Harry. This scene is so hilarious because this look on Hyung Joon makes him look like hes 12 years old and playing pretend with his dad.

Hyung Joon sits down and Soo Yeon frets over his injured leg. He smirks and she asks why? Hyung Joon tells her to look to her left and she sees Han Tae Joon staring at them. She asks him who that man is, he makes her spine shiver? Hyung Joon asks if she wants him to go teach Evil Dad a lesson. This doesnt bother her and when something does scare her shell tell him.

Jung Woo’s partner checks the phone records and says the last number dialed was to Hyung Joon’s house and learns that Hyung Joon took away the CCTV box. At the party, Evil Dad keeps staring at Hyung Joon and Zoe, and the camera keeps focusing on the key necklace she is wearing. Hyung Joon moves to take Zoe away when Jung Woo shows up.

When I watch MY I find myself really noticing a lot of visual details at the expense of a story progression that tries my patience. I notice Yoon Eun Hye clothes and her every lipstick change. I notice Yoo Seung Ho’s watches and his shoes. I notice Yoochun’s make up bruises on his face. While the drama is admittedly still pretty to look at, having that be the first thing to engage my viewing interest is never a good thing. The rapist investigation is bordering on a farce, and the fact that a bajillion coincidences are about to tie it to Soo Yeon leaves me clucking already over why this drama can’t just be about her coming back to Korea and facing her demons once and for all. Not that she needs to, because I don’t believe getting over a shared trauma necessitates the participants to go through therapy together. It’s like saying the survivors of a plane crash need to get together and work through their issues. I would prefer the writer take out all the murders, deaths, revenge plots, and focus on healing the characters not through outlandish plot contrivances but through sincere interactions.

Once again the scenes in the hybrid Lee home really stole the episode. Jung Woo, Ah Reum, Eun Joo, and Soo Yeon’s mom together act like people and communicate like normal human beings. Once outside of that cocoon they are start acting wonky again, especially Jung Woo. I really disliked how forceful he was with Soo Yeon, and don’t get me started with the grabbing her shoulders to steer her off or grabbing her hand in the restaurant. What happened to no means no. I don’t care if he thinks she secretly wants it or even likes it, but he has no right to get all up in her personal space. Especially since she repeatedly voices her displeasure at it. I feel like Jung Woo has been living for 14 years over HIS guilt, and meeting Soo Yeon his first act is to do what HE wants, namely to see her and talk to her and push himself back into her life. Can’t he see that she appears just fine, with a rich fiancée and a fashion designer career. Yes, he can atone, but can’t he let her decide what she wants from him before pressing forward with what he wants to do?

I guess what really makes Hyung Joon-Soo Yeon work for me is their level of candid communication and trust with each other on their feelings (though he’s keeping the whole “imma avenging my mother” bit secret from her). It’s clear she’s not ready to get all intimate with him and that averted kiss is likely not the first time. But I don’t have a problem with that, because she is a rape victim and if she needs more time before getting romantical with Hyung Joon, then I appreciate that he gives it to her. What’s more telling is how comfortable she is with real intimate skinskip, the kind where she puts her legs on his and the full bodied hugs. Clearly she’s still scared of sexual intimacy, but she’s already got the emotional intimacy with Hyung Joon to ground her. I think this story really has potential on addressing issues of anger and resentment, but the execution is so far just weighing it all down while the actors try to raise it back up.

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Missing You Episode 5 Recap And Screenshot

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Missing You Episode 5 Recap And Screenshot

I was all set to recap only my beloved Hyung Joon-Soo Yeon scenes from Missing You and then habit kicked in and before I realized it I recapped all of episode 5. Oopsie. I wish I only watched the scenes I wanted because watching everything else continues to highlight for me how utterly hackneyed the writing is. The moment the adults show up the gratuitous pain level is pulled back significantly, but in the first half of the episode the only sane adult character literally drives off a cliff and dies. I’m shaking my head and going “what the fuck?”, but then Yoo Seung Ho and Yoon Eun Hye showed up and their collective pretty and insane fursploding chemistry made me not care anymore about the insipid script. Watching MY is a exercise in my patience because the presentation is lovely to behold but the director just marinates his shots in symbolism and bathes it in repetitive compulsion.

The adult portions has turned the corner a little bit but not enough to revive this soggy story into something more than “boy let girl down, boy wallows in guilt, money does bad things, everyone lives in painful memories.” Seeing the stills earlier this week of adult Hyung Joon and Soo Yeon did revive my interest in this drama and I am genuinely enjoying all their scenes. I like the fiercely protective side of Hyung Joon I glimpse beneath his exterior though I know the drama will inevitably turn him all evil just to make it easier to validate why Soo Yeon should be with Jung Woo. But if Warrior Baek Dong Soo has proved, it’s that my baby boy doesn’t shy away from taking complicated characters who are different shades of grey rather than black and white. With Nice Guy done, the ratings for today’s episode continues its slight upward trend which makes me happy. I want desperately for this drama to do well in ratings solely because I’m tired of Eun Hye getting any flack for picking drama turkeys.

Soo Yeon is further emotionally destroyed to learn that the world thinks she’s dead and even Jung Woo has abandoned her. Hyung Joon is also crying for his mom. These two totally abandoned and broken kids at least have each other. Watching Soo Yeon wrapped like a mummy and Hyung Joon with his gimpy leg and forcibly separated from his mom, this drama reminds me of how torture horror was a spin-off of traditional horror in the early 2000s, taking what is already scary and heaping on the pain and demented torture until the point we become desensitized as viewers. The good kids in this drama already have a shitty life, but the writer just wants to pile on and on and on, because she can.

Detective Kim keeps searching for Soo Yeon. Jung Woo keeps feeling guilty and sad. Jung Woo tags along with Detective Kim to find Soo Yeon, refusing to give up. Jung Woo is so gorgeous we all need to take a moment here and appreciate his fine cheekbones and manly pout.

He goes to her neighborhood and sees that she’s scribbled Missing You on the wall. He touches her scribble and cries. Yeo Jin Gu, this boy’s future acting career is limitless. Just don’t pick crap like this anymore, m’kay? Soo Yeon’s mom screams at him to leave since she holds him responsible for Soo Yeon’s death by him running away.

Nurse Hye Mi illicitly buys passports for her group and Detective Kim follows her after getting a tip from the passport maker. Evil greedbag Han Tae Joon and his lackeys get close to tracking down Nurse Hye Mi and Hyung Joon. He sees chalk drawing on the wall and remembers that Hyung Joon drew something similar before. Or else he is just a super smart sleuth. Nevertheless, by the time he goes to that hiding place, it’s empty.

Because only Hyung Joon can get the money on his 18th birthday, he convinces Nurse Hye Mi to take the two kids with her as she makes her escape. Tae Joon calls Nurse Hye Mi and says he’s thisclose to finding her. Hyung Joon grabs the phone and knows his older cacklingly evil half-brother is almost on them. He tells the group they need to leave NOW.

Detective Kim also makes his way to where Nurse Hye Mi is hiding out with Hyung Joon and Soo Yeon. Hyung Joon sees Detective Kim’s shadow outside the window, but since he doesn’t know who he is, he thinks he’s Tae Joon’s lackey. Detective Kim calls Jung Woo and says he might’ve found Soo Yeon. Hyung Joon uses a distraction and shoves his coke can under Detective Kim’s brake pedal to keep him from pursuing them.

Jung Woo goes to the broken street and repairs it happily as he waits for news of finding Soo Yeon.

Detective Kim drives off in pursuit of Nurse Hye Mi’s car and during the car chase he can’t stop his car and his car drives off a cliff. Seriously. I did not make this shit up. Hyung Joon makes his getaway with Soo Yeon still wrapped up like a mummy. Soo Yeon turns around while Hyung Joon rests his head on her shoulder, relieved that they’ve gotten away.

Young Jung Woo stands in front of the cliff and mourns decent upstanding Detective Kim. Soo Yeon’s mom and Detective Kim’s now-orphaned daughter is also there crying. So I am, but only because the sole normal human adult in this entire drama has been killed off.

Time jump of 14 years coming up! Here’s where the story is in a nutshell. Jung Woo is now a detective and has a reputation for being a crazy motherfucker who will wipe a criminal’s ass all over the floor if he catches one. He’s left his dysfunctional family and now lives with Soo Yeon’s mom and Detective Kim’s orphaned daughter Eun Joo. They are one happy and sad family – happy together with their little semblance of a family, sad because of the loved ones they lost.

Jung Woo goes to prison and sees the scumbag who raped Soo Yeon and warns the man that when he’s released shortly, Jung Woo will make find any reason to kill him. He also covers the CCTV and beats the man up.

Jung Woo goes to the wall and cries about how much he misses Soo Yeon.

A woman dives into a huge indoor swimming pool and then for NO DISCERNABLE REASON WHATSOEVER starts to flail around and then drown. In what is clearly just 5 foot deep water. Seriously. Not making this shit up either. Everyone also seems to be dropping like flies in this drama. Jung Woo is called to the scene to deal with the death. Accidental drowning or nefarious muuuuuurrrrder?

Ah Reum tries to call her brother Jung Woo and her mom grabs the phone and tells her not to since her dad will be pissed. They are in Jeju at a fancy hotel.

Adult Soo Yeon, now a fashion designer named Zoe, runs through the backstage of her upcoming fashion show being held at that hotel. A model is throwing a hissy fit and Soo Yeon walks right up and slaps her once, and then again for good measure. Soo Yeon tells her this show is important.

Soo Yeon hears the sound of a cane striking the floor, over and over, and she immediately perks up like a dog sniffing a bacon bone. She looks around and then gets on the floor to crawl around. She spies a pair of male legs with a cane next to it and she scurries over and grabs the leg saying “I found you!”

Turns out its some White dude and not her man. She asks where the owner of that cane is? Adult Hyung Joon, now known as Harry, walks over from the other side and greets her. He reaches out his hand and Soo Yeon plays coy. He asks if she wants him to walk over (without his cane)? He beckons again in the meltiest voice in the world and of course Soo Yeon is putty in his hands and she runs into his arms.

They hug and then it’s off!

Soo Yeon and Hyung Joon walk through the lobby of the hotel. Soo Yeon walks backwards while Hyung Joon faces her. He says he just came from Las Vegas and it was really for work, which causes Soo Yeon to shake her head at him with a smile indicating she doesnt believe him. They banter and flirt with each other, as he ribs her about slapping that chick due to her fiery temper, which Soo Yeon blames on lack on sleep since she cant sleep on the plane. Hyung Joon says that makes sense, since the woman he loves deeply isnt one to slap another willy nilly.

Hyung Joon points out that the slapped chick looked scary, what if she calls the cops? Soo Yeon isnt scared, because the man she loves will just hire her a very expensive lawyer. Suddenly Soo Yeon stops walking because Hyung Joon gets really close to her and she grows flustered. He leans in and then bumps his head on hers adorably.

They smile and walk away, with Soo Yeon grabbing Hyung Joon’s arm. I know this happiness won’t last so imma savoring every second of it while I can. Stepmother and Ah Reum watch them and Stepmother recognizes Soo Yeon as the up-and-coming fashion designer. She heard Zoe has a sponsor but doesnt think Hyung Joon looks like the guy. She thinks Zoe is cheating on her sponser with a boy like Hyung Joon and wants to use that to scout Zoe.

The dead woman is Nurse Hye Mi and Jung Woo goes through the house looking for clues. He sees a locked door and tries to break it down but is stopped by his partner.

They go into the study where there is a huge gorgeous framed picture of Hyung Joon hugging Soo Yeon hanging on the wall. Jung Woo stares at Soo Yeon and reaches out to touch her face, clearly sensing something familiar.

Hyung Joon and Soo Yeon drive through the Jeju countryside. He asks about her unwillingness to come back to Korea but she says she was chosen so she has to come. He worries about her but she assures him that she’s fine being back in Korea and she’s thrown away all those bad memories. Soo Yeon says all her good memories were made with Hyung Joon.

Hyung Joon gets a call from Jung Woo informing him of the passing of Nurse Hye Mi and introducing himself as Detective Han Jung Woo. It appears Hyung Joon remembers the name and makes the connection on who Jung Woo is. He pulls over to talk and Soo Yeon asks what is going on. Jung Woo hears her voice through the telephone and he finds it familiar.

Soo Yeon is prepping for the fashion show and she sees Hyung Joon standing there smiling at her which visibly relaxes her. But later when she turns around and he’s gone, she becomes agitated and runs around looking for him. Stepmother accosts Soo Yeon and shoves her business card to her but Soo Yeon brushes her off.

The show goes off without a hitch but Soo Yeon is nowhere to be found for the designer stage bow. Soo Yeon runs back to their hotel room and finds Hyung Joon sleeping on the chair with his head phones on. She tells the sleeping Hyung Joon that she was planning to get mad about his no-show but now she cant. She stares at him and then takes the head phones off and covers him with a blanket.

Soo Yeon stares at Hyung Joon as he sleeps, and then when she falls asleep, he wakes up and stares at her. OMO, my heart, be still.

Soo Yeon is awakened by a call from Hyung Joon who is on his way back to Seoul because of Nurse Hye Mi’s death. Soo Yeon is shaken to hear that Nurse Hye Mi died in what appears to be a drunk swimming incident. Oookay. She asks if she should go with him but he tells her to go back to France and he’ll meet her there as soon as he’s done here.

Hyung Joon arrives at the house and shakes hands with Jung Woo, introducing himself as Harry.

He’s taken to the morgue and when he sees Nurse Hye Mi’s dead body, Hyung Joon is visibly shaken and Jung Woo needs to steady him.

Soo Yeon ends up going to Seoul as well but she walks through the airport scared and wanting to be inconspicuous, putting her hoodie over her head and avoiding eye contact. She’s still so scared it’s sad to see. She tries calling Hyung Joon, who appears to be her only contact in her phone, but his is turned off.

Soo Yeon gets into a cab and its raining outside she opens the window a sliver to let the drops fall on her face. Jung Woo drives Hyung Joon back and he also opens the window and puts his hand out.

After Jung Woo drops Hyung Joon off, as he’s driving out of the compound he stops to open the gate. He sees Soo Yeon standing outside and she’s mumbling the rain chant and shuffling her feet the same way. Jung Woo freaks out and tells her to stop but she doesnt see or hear him so she runs off to get out of the rain. Though why she was standing in the pouring rain in the first place eludes me. He tries to climb over the gate tor reach her but fails hilariously. The episode ends awkwardly here with Jung Woo hopping around the gate.

I think all the adults are doing great but so far Yoochun really captured his childhood counterparts overall vibe the best. But then again, Yoon Eun Hye is playing a Soo Yeon that is radically transformed from her teenage self, while Yoo Seung Hos Hyung Joon really wasnt terribly developed to begin with as the childhood portions were devoted to Jung Woo and Soo Yeon. I do think Hyung Joon is a fascinating character because, unlike Jung Woos flight-or-flee instinct during the rape aftermath when he ran away, everything Hyung Joon does is calculated because hes forced to. From the moment his half-brother Jung Woos dad released the hounds to attack him in the house and he managed to escape, hes been fleeing with his life and future on the line. Hes now taken Soo Yeons life and future under his arms, but hes not without his own ulterior motives. To Hyung Joon, Soo Yeon represents the one good thing in his life when it all went to hell. When he saw her life also destroyed, he made a decision to save both of them.

Yoo Seung Ho has said in interviews that he wants to play a bad guy, which prompted him to turn down the lead in Warrior Baek Dong Soo and take on the antagonist role in that sageuk. Its also one reason he wanted to do MY, because his character is willing to do anything to protect himself and the woman he loves and isnt above doing something dangerous or wrong. I wouldnt be surprised that the writer turns him evil per Yoo Seung Hos desire, though the fan love for his character could also turn the tide and have him pull a Park Shi Hoo. Im so bummed Detective Kim died because Hyung Joon thought he was one of Han Tae Joons lackeys and tried and stall him with the coke can and ended up sending the man tumbling down a cliff. That is such crappy writing, to kill off Detective Kim to add more angst to all the characters and strengthen Jung Woos resolve to be a detective and fight crime as his lifes calling. Oh well, it is what it is. Have some puuurfect Hyung Joon-Soo Yeon gifs to savor.

[Video] Added Korean drama 'Missing You' final episode 21

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[Video] Added Korean drama 'Missing You' final episode 21

Added final episode 21 for the Korean drama "Missing You"

Directed by Lee Jae-dong

Written by Moon Hee-jeong

With Micky Yoochun, Yoon Eun-hye, Yoo Seung-ho, Jang Mi-ne, Yeo Jin-goo, Kim So-hyeon-I,...

21 episodes - Wed, Thu 21:55

A story of romance involving a long-lost sweetheart who causes heartache and infinite sadness. There is no way for them to be together even for a fleeting moment. A story of how four young adults come to the realization that their feelings of longing are actually feelings of love.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2012/11/07

Note : Videos may not be available in your country

[Video] Added Korean drama 'Missing You' episode 20

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[Video] Added Korean drama 'Missing You' episode 20

Added episode 20 for the Korean drama "Missing You"

Directed by Lee Jae-dong

Written by Moon Hee-jeong

With Micky Yoochun, Yoon Eun-hye, Yoo Seung-ho, Jang Mi-ne, Yeo Jin-goo, Kim So-hyeon-I,...

21 episodes - Wed, Thu 21:55

A story of romance involving a long-lost sweetheart who causes heartache and infinite sadness. There is no way for them to be together even for a fleeting moment. A story of how four young adults come to the realization that their feelings of longing are actually feelings of love.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2012/11/07

Note : Videos may not be available in your country

Kdrama "I Missing You" Final Episode 21 Live recap Screenshot

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(Kdrama)I Missing You Episode 21 cast :

Yoon Eun Hye as Lee Soo Yeon

- Kim So Hyun as Lee Soo Yeon (young)

Park Yoochun as Han Jung Woo

- Yeo Jin Goo as Han Jung Woo (young)

Yoo Seung Ho as Kang Hyung Joon

Jang Mi In Ae as Kim Eun Joo

- Yoo Yeon Mi as Kim Eun Joo (young)

Jun Kwang Ryul as Nam Eun Joo’s father

Han Jin Hee as Han Tae Joon

Song Ok Sook as Kim Myung Hee

Cha Hwa Yun as Kang Hyun Joo

Kim Sun Kyung as Jung Hye Mi

"I Missing You" Episode 21 live stream

(Kdrama)I Missing You Episode 21 Recap by njkim updating...

Let's start!!! ( It is just a few scenes that already aired)

Han tea joon, gang sang deuk, Hwang miran, michel kim.....

Please help JW to catch HTJ by himself.

JW: i am so envious that I'm your son....


SY is in somewhere and JW is searching for her place.

She can hear some Harry's footstep.

but at that time, JW just ran away from her...even she was in danger.

JW: i imagine this over 100 times return here to save you..

HJ takes a gun with releasing eyes..

SY's mother cleans the package and someone calls her.

Policeman catches HTJ. Hestill behaves superciliously

HTJ: What? call the police chief!!! you policemen also miss Harry who his leg is broken !!!!

At that time, SY's mother heard about this and cries out.

SY: You're JW's father? what? JW is my son. i've raised him even now ! Are you laughing in front of me? Do you know who am I?

The place where Harry and SY are in reminds her the crime scene.

HJ: See this, He is the person who throwed away you in the past! Lee soo yeon, you kicked me off because of this person?

JW: SY..Look at me.. i feel guilty even now..until now..i don't forgive myself. Hey, HJ. You also hurts her because of your greedy so stop this !!!!

HJ: Seat down !! ( He takes a gun to her)

HJ: Please SY...Look at me...i feel so lonely.....i don't like i'm in the prison..without you..I can't even breath....come here Joy...

JW: Harry put down the gun...i am also afraid of you... then how could she stay with you?

HJ: Shut up! i'm talking to Joy.

JW: Why didn't you shoot the gun to me? Because are you a cousin?

HJ: All the thing is becasue of HTJ. Hey joy...when we were in Paris...even you didn't love me...i was happy...at that time..

SY: HJ...If it is not the love that you want...but i loved you because we are family... i lied a lot to you...pretend to forget everything.....Harry...please don't do that.

JW cuts their conversation.

HJ: There is no heaven where i'm in alone...i will go there with SY. JW...Actually i envy you.

JW: You see only the side that you want..like running my leg..

then how about my father? even you shoot the gun, our love doesn't end... rather more deeply..

At that time, she blocked JW...when he shoot the gun, JW was gunned instead of SY.

HJ: SY...Is this love that you mentioned? I can also be shot the gun for you... i can !!! but you even didn't give me the chance. please look at me....

But SY only focus on JW. HJ also was gunned by policemen.

They are both in emergency room.

NEWS says....HTJ will be sentenced by heavy punishment ..

JW wakes up... after 10 days..

SY: Why did you wake up so late...i have been worried....

Joo detective blames on the time...i'm just alone....i don't have any girl friend....huh...just grow older...

JW is working as the policeman

The criminal: Are you gunned?

JW: Sure i was gunned. Because my loved people lived in this world, i have to convict your crime!

In the house, there are SY, SY's mother, JW's sister, SY's sister and JW's mother...they look so happy.

JW present the ID card to her.

JW visits his father in the prison.

JW: You heard my new..yes i was gunned...i'm worried so much to get here...but we still have many chances...

JW: i will wait...father..( He just talks by himself)

HJ....lost his learning ability..he was sentanced to life...

SY: hello..my name is lee soo yeon.

SY: From now.. make the good experience...

(Do you remember the last ep? they promised to get married at the first snow in returning winter.)

SY: Thanks for staying with you..always...

JW: There are just 13 steps left to come here. When the raining, wear the umbellera together..when the snow falling, get together like this.... Like this...let's live embracing our hurts...

They post their wedding picture so everyone knows their wedding. hehehe because they post it on the facebook.

Joo detective : Oh my stomach... oh oh oh

JW: We just got wedding before melting the snow. And we will get married legally bringing parents, mother.

In the past, the scene that SY hands out the umbellera to JW.

JW: Thank you i will bring it back to you tomorrow.

SY: You will come here tomorrow?

SY guesses whether he comes here or not.

JW comes with kid uncle, HJ.

HJ: You're liar! you said that your girl friend is so pretty!

Actually this is his imagination.

JW: How would be if we met like this....

SY: What will you do when the first snow is falling...

JW: I will meet you you're my only friend..

Regardless of the way our met, we will meet...some time or other..


(Kdrama) I Missing You Episode 21 Video Preview


(Kdrama)I Missing You Episode 21 Screenshot:

Watch "I Missing You" Episode 21 Recap, online new korean drama in korean Series, "I Missing You" Episode 21 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews "I Missing You" Episode 21 recap Preview TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama

(Kdrama) I Missing You Episode 21 Synopsis Preview

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(Kdrama) I Missing You Episode 21 Synopsis Preview

(Kdrama) I Missing You Episode 21 cast :

Genre: Melodrama, Romance

Episodes: 20 (To Be Confirmed)

Broadcast period: 2012-Nov-07 to 2013-Jan-10

Air time: WednesdayThursday 21:55

"I Missing You" Episode 21 Synopsis by njkim

Take a look at the preview for the last episode of MBC’s “I Miss You” featuring Park Yoo Chun, Yoon Eun Hye, and Yoo Seung Ho below!

Doctor: Apply some more pressure!

Doctor: Ok, there’s no other way…prepare them both for emergency surgery!

Han Jung Woo: I dreamt about it several thousand times…coming back here to save you…

Han Jung Woo: Soo Yeon!!! Soo Yeon!!!

Lee Soo Yeon: Jung Woo…Jung Woo…

Lee Soo Yeon: Mom, Jung Woo thanked me for being alive…He thanked me for giving him the chance to wait…

Han Jung Woo: Soo Yeon, tomorrow, I’ll make you smile…

This episode will be aired tonight, January 17th, at 9:55 PM (KST).

Preview...someone has a surgery...

Han Jung Woo: i imagined it over 1000 times saving you from in dangerous....

Han Jung Woo: i will make you laugh tomorrow...

(Kdrama) I Missing You Episode 21 Video Preview updating.....

Park Yoo Chun‘s latest drama “I Miss You is coming to an end, therefore the actor/singer decided to reveal his feelings regarding the conclusion of his project.

On January 15th, Yoo Chun wrote on JYJ‘s official Facebook, “Everyone~ There is only two more episode until the finale. I’m so sad, and I’m already starting to miss it. Here are Park Yoo Chun’s thoughts. He’s currently busy wrapping up filming! Hello everyone, this is Yoo Chun. I am happily wrapping up filming. Because of all of your attention and love, both Jung Woo and I are very happy. Please continue to show a lot of interest in the remaining two episodes.”

He added, “I’m getting a lot of thoughts as the last shoot comes near. This was a really emotional project, and I’m very attached to my Han Jung Woo character. I really want to protect the world Han Jung Woo lives in, and I think I’m going to live with the desire to protect the people that he wishes to protect until the very end. Please continue to show us a lot of attention in the final two episodes.”

Upon receiving the message, fans commented, “I can’t believe it’s almost the end,” “I miss you already,” “I wish they extended it more,” “You’re such a great actor,” and more.

This nineteenth episode is set to be aired tonight, January 17th, at 9:55PM (KST).

"I Missing You" Episode 21 live stream

Watch "I Missing You" Episode 21 Text Synopsis, online new korean drama in korean Series, "I Missing You" Episode 21 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews "I Missing You" Episode 21 recap Preview TV Series Movie Episodes News Watch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama (Kdrama) I Missing You Episode 21 live stream video (Kdrama) I Missing You Episode 21 Screenshot:

Kdrama "I Missing You" Episode 20 Live recap Screenshot

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(Kdrama)I Missing You Episode 20 cast :

Yoon Eun Hye as Lee Soo Yeon

- Kim So Hyun as Lee Soo Yeon (young)

Park Yoochun as Han Jung Woo

- Yeo Jin Goo as Han Jung Woo (young)

Yoo Seung Ho as Kang Hyung Joon

Jang Mi In Ae as Kim Eun Joo

- Yoo Yeon Mi as Kim Eun Joo (young)

Jun Kwang Ryul as Nam Eun Joo’s father

Han Jin Hee as Han Tae Joon

Song Ok Sook as Kim Myung Hee

Cha Hwa Yun as Kang Hyun Joo

Kim Sun Kyung as Jung Hye Mi

"I Missing You" Episode 20 live stream

(Kdrama)I Missing You Episode 20 Recap by njkim updating...

HJ: Here is the heaven as you told? Now i have to run away with this leg...

Policemen are searching for HJ because they found that he was a criminal when he was in Canada. They get enough evidence.

JW: Hey kid, Are you afraid of fighting me?

HJ: i don't want to fight with you..I just want to bring her back.

HJ wants to be with SY together.

There are gangsters around HJ, actually the gangsters are sended by JW's father.

The gangsters hit the car to take out SY.

After leaving her to his friend, he goes to catch HJ.

JW: Shut!! where is Kang hyeong joon!!!!

HJ arrives in front of the car that SY is in.

At that time JW comes to here.

In the investigation, they suspect that HJ is lack of maternal love..and now it means the subject is changed to SY.

In his house, they found a lot of evidence that HJ is a suspect.

SY and her mother stay together.

They recalls their bad experience like being beaten by her father...runing away from his father.

SY's mother cries after hearing her saying..

SY's mother: How could you overcome that...

SY: It's okay now mom..now there are JW,EJ and you..with me. Years ago..i thought that all is my fault but now..i think it's not my fault..

SY's mother: Sure...it's not your fault...in the future..we live as well like this..

SY: How could you endure 15 years ago? At that time, when you are in difficult times, my mother just said only bad words to you, right? Who did you go for your graduation with?

JW: Just alone like others. When I was a 8 years old, i lived in America..so it's okay. Oh!!!!! Ask it one more time. I should have answered that I endured because of you. Oh I forgot !!

They talked very sweetly.

Anyway JW heard by her step mother that I will divorce with TJ, your father. At first I didn't mean to marry with the purpose of money. MR also says the reason of hurting HJ's leg.

JW: I have two fathers...One father shows me that i have to live like this and another father show me that I shouldn't like like this. Father!!!! Are you a human? Am I a son of human?

I feel shame that I am a son of you.

HJ takes refuge in his cellar.

SY: Please go away..you are supposed to kill me!

HJ:No No !! i didn't mean that...

HJ goes to SY's house...but there is a police car.

(SY's mother says if he says I miss you, it means that there is something worried to him.)

SY: JW ! Be like a man, i want to eat chicken !! Hurry up to bring it. I just count 3 seconds. one, two..threehehe.

JW: Okay just wait a minute !!!! He keeps back his tears because of her vute charming.

When he arrives, they go to playground.

SY and JW calls the song titled 'Magic castle'

SY: How about today with your father?

JW: Something bad happens...and ..HJ is a son of my father.

I didn't even notice it... please hug me..

I will protect you from strong wind so that don't cry.

SY, I will make you laugh tomorrow. we will live with happy reminds.

Joo ditective is with SY talking with the hope of having girl-friend. AR, JW's sister is coming with her mother.

JW: The day of raining, giving the numbella that she has only one means she has given him all the thing, her soul.

JW: SY would you marry with me? At the first know of returning the winter, marry with me.

She share the couple ring that she prepared.

The ring that JW gives will be weared at the wedding.

Joo detective: Ah my stomach !! (We just say Ah stomach when they feel envious.)

SY meets Hary who is HJ's pawn.

SY: You are thrown away from HJ.

Hary: No, you are thrown away. He will come here to help me. He will help me!!!!

SY: No...he let you kill someone...after saving you from the violence...it means he makes you in worse violence..

JW comes to HJ's ordinary house...

HJ lovks the door that JW is in.

HJ: At first you didn't recognize me..that's the start of the problem..

JW:Do not blame anyone. Let's start again.... kid uncle...

(They have same grand father..it means HJ is a uncle of JW).

After running fight, he was shot in his leg.

But he success to run away.

He reminds the old days with SY.

SY: Oh it's delicious ! i had a nightmare...yesterday.

HJ: I can get rid of him in your nightmare. Oh also i have a secret.

HJ: Secret! Actually i also have a nightmare..someone wants to tell my secret to you...

At that time, he got the gun from someone.

HTJ calls to SY that i have something to discuss you.

Despite JW's objections, SY decides to meet him.

Because she thinks that his is a final chance to catch HJ.

HTJ picks her up and offers a ride to HJ.

Joo detective miss HTJ's car. SY is already disppear !

JW arrives the spot that SY is in....and open the door.

(Kdrama) I Missing You Episode 20 Video Preview


(Kdrama)I Missing You Episode 20 Screenshot:

Watch "I Missing You" Episode 20 Recap, online new korean drama in korean Series, "I Missing You" Episode 20 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews "I Missing You" Episode 20 recap Preview TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama

(Kdrama) I Missing You Episode 20 Synopsis Preview

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(Kdrama) I Missing You Episode 20 Synopsis Preview

(Kdrama) I Missing You Episode 20 cast :

Genre: Melodrama, Romance

Episodes: 20 (To Be Confirmed)

Broadcast period: 2012-Nov-07 to 2013-Jan-10

Air time: WednesdayThursday 21:55

"I Missing You" Episode 20 live stream

"I Missing You" Episode 20 Synopsis by happy22qt: Killer... I'm scared, please come!

Jung Woo obtains a conclusive evidence pointing to Harry as the killer so he tries to arrest him but Harry tries to escape to the extent of starting a fierce fight, Soo Yeon felt scared as she watches Harry's endless madness and obsession.

On the other hand, Jung Woo listens as his stepmother Hwang Mi Ran tells him a story at the hospital that is full of revelation...

(Kdrama) I Missing You Episode 20 Video Preview


Han Jung Woo: Are you even human?

Han Jung Woo: Am I the child of a human?

Kim Myung Hee: Let’s just live like this. Ok?

Mr. Yoon: He’s going to come save me! He will come to save me!

Han Jung Woo: Kang Hyun Joo…Kang Hyun Joo…who is she?

Lee Soo Yeon: I like the fact that there’s something I want to achieve.

Lee Soo Yeon: Han Jung Woo, I really missed you today.

This nineteenth episode is set to be aired tonight, January 16th, at 9:55PM (KST).

"I Missing You" Episode 20 live stream

Watch "I Missing You" Episode 20 Text Synopsis, online new korean drama in korean Series, "I Missing You" Episode 20 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews "I Missing You" Episode 20 recap Preview TV Series Movie Episodes News Watch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama (Kdrama) I Missing You Episode 20 live stream video (Kdrama) I Missing You Episode 20 Screenshot:

[Video] Added Korean drama 'Missing You' episode 18

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[Video] Added Korean drama 'Missing You' episode 18

Added episode 18 for the Korean drama "Missing You"

Directed by Lee Jae-dong

Written by Moon Hee-jeong

With Micky Yoochun, Yoon Eun-hye, Yoo Seung-ho, Jang Mi-ne, Yeo Jin-goo, Kim So-hyeon-I,...

20 episodes - Wed, Thu 21:55

A story of romance involving a long-lost sweetheart who causes heartache and infinite sadness. There is no way for them to be together even for a fleeting moment. A story of how four young adults come to the realization that their feelings of longing are actually feelings of love.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2012/11/07

Note : Videos may not be available in your country