Miss ‘Produce 101’? Just watch tonight’s ‘M! Countdown’!

Miss ‘Produce 101’? Just watch tonight’s ‘M! Countdown’!

It’s been almost two months since the end of ‘Produce 101’ season 2, but fans are definitely still missing the 101 98 boys.

Well, fear not, because you can just watch tonight’s episode of ‘M! Countdown’, where a majority of the lineup is made of ‘Produce 101’!

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First of all,Wanna One- the top 11 boys of ‘Produce 101’ just in case you don’t know – will be having their debut stage.Samuel Kimis also having his debut stage.Lee Woo Jin, the youngest trainee on the show, will also be performing with his band TheEastLight. Yoo Hwe Seungwill also be performing with his band N.Flying, and as a hilarious bonus, Jang Moon Bokwill be joining the band for a special performance. Noh Tae Hyun(Kid Monster) will be performing with his group HOTSHOT.Yong Guk Si Hyunwill also be performing their unit song. That’s 18 out of the 98, which is almost 1/5 of the trainees!As another special bonus, NU’EST’s Aron, who wasn’t on the show, will get to reunite with Minhyun, who will also be performing.

But that’s not all. If you were a fan of the first season, you’ll be seeing a lot of the ‘Produce 101’ season 1 girls as well. IOI’sMinawill be having a unit debut withGugudan 5959, while Choi Yoo Jungand Kim Do Yeonwill be debuting their groupWeki Meki. Kwon Eun Bin, who didn’t make it into IOI but still ranked very high in season 1, will also be on the show with her group CLC.

So if you’re a fan, make sure to tune into ‘M! Countdown’ later tonight at 6PM KST!