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Suzy to Throw First Pitch for LA Dodgers Game

miss A member Suzy and Korean baseball star Ryu Hyun Jin will soon greet each other in the U.S., as the idol will be throwing the first pitch for a game for LA Dodgers!

A representative of sports brand MLB revealed on April 1, “Suzy will throw the first pitch for the game between LA Dodgers and Cincinnati Reds taking place on May 27.”

To cheer on the national sports hero Ryu Hyun Jin, LA Dodgers asked Suzy to make an appearance at the match. Previously, she has shown her support for the sportsman by sending adorable video messages as the spokesmodel of clothing brand MLB.

Ryu Hyun Jin has revealed in the past, “I wish Suzy would throw the first pitch for a game that I participate in,” and seems like his wish has been finally realized

miss A Suzy To Throw The First Ball For LA Dodgers Game On May 27

miss A member Suzy will be throwing the first ball at the LA dodgers game this May.

MLB stated today that Suzy will be attending the LA Dodgers vs. Cincinnati Reds game on May 27 and throw the first ball.

On March 31, the LA Dodgers unfortunately did not win, but Ryu Hyun Jin showed off his great skills and kept his name of the "Korean Monster".

Suzy was invited by the Dodgers to come and throw the first ball for the game. Suzy and Ryu Hyun Jin had worked together for an MLB commercial before and Suzy decided to come and support the team.

Ryu Hyun Jin had once commented that he hoped Suzy would come and throw the first ball sometime and it seems that it will finally be coming true.


miss A Suzy to Throw the First Ball for L.A. Dodgers’ Ryu Hyun Jin

Miss A’s Suzy will be showing her support for major league baseball player Ryu Hyun Jin.

Suzy will be throwing the first ball for Los Angeles Dodgers versus Cincinnati Reds game on May 27 (UST).

Suzy was invited to throw the first ball by L.A. Dodgers due to her friendship with player Ryu Hyun Jin. The two appeared together cheering for L.A. Dodgers team in commercial video for brand MLB, which Suzy is currently promoting.

The invite has been gathering attention as Ryu Hyun Jin has previously stated that he would like to invite Suzy to throw the first ball at his game.

Photo credit: Newsen

miss A’s Suzy steals hearts with her natural beauty

miss A‘s Suzy recently updated her Twitter with a set of casual photos, capturing everyone with her natural beauty.

In the photos, Suzy showed up in casual clothes. She confidently faced the camera with her bare face, showing off her youthful and flawless skin.

Check out the photos below!

Nickhun, Chansung and Fei to Appear on Chinese Reality Show “If You Love”

2PM‘s Nickhun and Chansung along with Miss A‘s Fei are set to appear on a new Chinese reality love show titled “If You Love.” The three stars departed to the beautiful city of Sanya on Hainan island on March 26 to film for the show. They will be interacting with other international stars such as Chinese dancer Liu Yan and Taiwanese actor Sunny Wang.

The cast of “If You Love” had their first filming on March 28 in the tropical setting of Hainan. The couples haven’t been decided yet, but it will be a battle between the men as the cast features five men and three woman. Which stars will be left going solo, and which stars will find love? Find out when the program premieres in the beginning of May on Hubei TV

KPop flash mob in Tunisia

Amazing KPop fans from Tunisia show their love for KPop through some slick dance moves from their favorite KPop songs.

They are kpoppera from Tunisia and they started to organize this event from January, they gathered the dancers (about 25 dancers) and practiced for a week.

The tracklist (it contained 30 songs, trying to include all the groups) .

This is the tracklist:

1. Bi rain Rainism
2. Trouble Maker now
3. SISTAR Give it to me
4. B2ST Beautiful Night
5. BtoB wow
6. Teen Top Miss Right
7. f(x) Electric Shock
9. SHINee Lucifer
10. U-Kiss Stop Girl
11. CL The Baddest Female
12. Hyuna Change
13. GOT7 Girls Girls Girls
14. TaeYang Ringa Linga
15. G-Dragon Crayon
16. B.A.P No Mercy

SISTAR’s Dasom’s Successful Journey in Acting

Dasom’s gaze was extraordinary. She was no longer just a maknae of SISTAR, and was full of lively spirit and confidence. What has happened to the twenty two year old?

A big change took place in Dasom’s life when she knocked on the door to the world of dramas as a new actress. She finally began unfolding the dream she had since she was young that continued even when she promoted as a member of SISTAR.

Dasom made her acting debut through KBS2’s sitcom Shut Up Family. Acting out the chic and charismatic character in the sitcom, she earned the nickname of ‘acting-dol.’

Then she surprised everyone by being cast as the lead actress in a 150 episode long drama KBS1’s Melody of Love. Despite many skeptical views on an idol taking on the lead role in a drama, Dasom proved them wrong by perfectly pulling off the ‘roller coaster’ emotions of the character ‘Gong Deul Im

Soompi K-Pop Dance Madness: Sweet Sixteen

Welcome back to Soompi’s K-Pop Dance Madness! It’s time for Sweet Sixteen (and coincidentally, it’s also time for Soompi’s own Sweet Sixteen — happy birthday, Soompi)!

Madness is indeed the name of the game as many established dancers were knocked out in the first round. If there was any doubt that fan voting would overtake objectivity, you could rest assured that, well, K-Pop fans are a passionate bunch when it comes to supporting their biases. Here’s a quick recap of some of the results:

Surprise of the week: Taeyang‘s defeat to Lee Joon. It’s not that Lee Joon isn’t a good dancer; we just figured that Taeyang, who is pretty much the go-to guy that everyone thinks about when they think about awesome dancers, would be a much stronger contender

Suzy appears on “Global Homestay: The Way Home”

miss A‘s Suzy appeared on the March 27 broadcast of “Global Homestay: The Way Home“.

On the previously episode, an Amazon-native boy named Jeto chose Suzy as the prettiest miss A’s member. Suzy made him smile with her surprising appearance on the show..

Suzy visited the free market held at the MBC broadcast station for her filming for “Music Core” and showed her interest in the foreign craft work, saying, “It”s so pretty.”

She also captured the Amazon-native guests by showing her charming dance moves.

Jeon Ji Hyun voted as the most desirable model for CFs

Actress Jeon Ji Hyun of the hit drama “You Who Came From The Stars” has recently been voted as the most desirable commercial model.

The Korea Institute of Advertising conducted a survey about models who consumers wanted to see in TV CFs.

In the end, Jeon Ji Hyun won first place with 14.8 percent of the vote, beating up Olympic figure skater Kim Yuna and the 2013′s most favorite star, miss A‘s Suzy.