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"Healing Camp," Akdong Musician And Lee Hi Say "No" To Plastic Surgery

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On December 29, SBS’s “Healing Camp” will be holding a winter break special. Popular participants of the last three seasons of SBS’s “K-Pop Star” will be discussing their dreams and songs. Season 1’s Park Ji Min, Lee Hi, Baek A Yeon, season 2’s Akdong Musician, and season 3’s Bernard Park, Sam Kim, and Kwon Jin Ah will all be participating in an honest yet vibrant discussion.

The K-pop stars caught the attention of the audience with their interest in looks, just like young people their age. During a conversation on diets and skin care, the MCs asked Akdong Musician, “Don’t you guys have a ‘no plastic surgery’ clause in your contract?”

Akdong Musician’s Lee Chan Hyuk replied, “Our parents have long told us that they like the way we look. I also think that 70% of the reason people like us is because of our appearances.” The true reason the duo decided against plastic surgery, however, will be revealed during the actual airing.

Meanwhile, embarrassing pictures of the past of the K-pop stars were revealed as well. Pictures that made the set a scene of laughter and sweet songs will all be aired on December 29 through SBS’s “Healing Camp.”

Lee Kuk Ju"s comment about plastic surgery takes Nana off guard on "Roommate 2"

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Lee Kuk Ju

Comedian Lee Kuk Ju flustered Nana with a joke on "Roommate 2"!

On the 26th"s, Lee Kuk Ju brought photos from when she was in elementary school, middle school, and high school to put up in her room. Nana and Youngji awed at the photos because she looked exactly the same in all of them. Nana commented, "That"s amazing. How could you not have changed at all?"

When the comedian heard this, she joked, "What would girls who [got plastic surgery] know? I didn"t fix anything, so I remained the same," causing Nana to be flustered and Youngji to laugh her trademark loud laughter in surprise as well.

Do you think Lee Kuk Ju"s comment went too far or was it all just fun banter?

This Inspirational TV Show In South Korea Shows Why Plastic Surgery Is Awesome

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This Inspirational TV Show In South Korea Shows Why Plastic Surgery Is Awesome

South Korea may receive a lot of attention for plastic surgery, often at times being the punchline of a joke on how Korean women are plastic.However, as with all surgery, even plastic surgery can make the world of difference to someone in need.

"Let Me In" is a cosmestic surgery makeover reality show that focuses on helping those in need. From birth defects, traumatic accidents and physical ailments or deformities, the show helps treat those who truly could use the help.

Take a look at some of the before + after  photos after the jump.

There are even cases on the show with women who have excessive hair growth, excessive testosterone and other specific ailments.

On the reality show, contestants all receive consultation for surgery and medical advice prior to joining the Let Me In house. The members faces are bandaged for healing purposes and are not allowed to look in the mirror. Those who break the rules are immediately kicked out of the household. They are only able to see themselves at the end of the show.

The contestants are given psychiatrists to help with body and mental issues, and are given treatments for any medical conditions. The show is currently on the 4th season.

The show has 1 person per week coming on the show, as a weekly rotation.

Check out some of the photos of before/after below:

Ahn Jae Hyun Reveals He was Asked to Get Plastic Surgery

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Ahn Jae Hyun Reveals He was Asked to Get Plastic Surgery

Model turned actor Ahn Jae Hyun who is also known for his good looks told that he was asked to get plastic surgery.

When he was asked about how people praise him for his looks, the actor responded jokingly with I like (how they give praises) because first of all, I really like receiving them. I think Ill still like receiving it in the future.

Ahn Jae Hyun went on saying: I think Im not a very handsome person but I think Im nice to look at. I think the really handsome people are Kang Dong Won, Won Bin, Hyun Bin, Cha Seung Won and a lot of other senior actors. Honestly, when I first debuted, a lot of people told me that I should get plastic surgery. They told me to get a double eyelid surgery and to get my nose done as well. Ive been repeatedly told to do that for 5-6 years but lately, I dont hear it anymore.

Kim Min Jung Says She Is Not Interested in Getting Plastic Surgery

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Kim Min Jung Says She Is Not Interested in Getting Plastic Surgery

Actress Kim Min Jung defiantly said that she has no interest in getting plastic surgery.

For the upcoming episode of food-travel show Have You Eaten, Kim Min Jung travelled to Geochang, Gyeongsangnam-do with the shows MCs Lee Young Ja, Lim Ji Ho and others.

When Lee Young Ja asked Kim Min Jung if she would like to get plastic surgery anywhere, Kim Min Jung answered, saying never.

Kim Min Jung debuted in the entertainment industry at the young age of eight, modeling for kids clothing lines. On her long career, she also humbly added that she wanted changes in her life as she has been an actor for over 25 years.

The next episode of Have You Eaten featuring Kim Min Jung will air on July 27.

Plastic surgery clinic found guilty of using Baek Jiyoung’s photo without permission

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Plastic surgery clinic found guilty of using Baek Jiyoung’s photo without permission

Last year, singer Baek Jiyoung sued a plastic surgery clinic for using her photos without permission on their clinics blog. Now, the results of the lawsuit have been finalized.

Filed last year, the defendant plastic surgery clinic has been found guilty and has been penalized a charge of 3,000,000 Won (around USD $3000) for infringing on Baek Jiyoungs portrait rights.

Similar incidents have risen in the past as well with other celebrities. What do you feel about beauty and plastic surgery clinics using celebrity photos without any permission?

“Roommate” Song Ga Yeon Opens Up About Plastic Surgery Rumors

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“Roommate” Song Ga Yeon Opens Up About Plastic Surgery Rumors Song Ga Yeon, the resident fighter of SBS’ “Roommate,” recently opened up about her face and plastic surgery.

On July 9, through her agency, Song Ga Yeon touched upon the high chance of hurting her face during her upcoming MMA (mixed martial arts) matches. “I received that question from a lot of people. However, I’m not worried. If my face scratches up in the middle of a fight, then I’ll just have to stitch it back up, and if it bruises up, it will disappear with time.”

When asked if she’s really natural and didn’t receive plastic surgery due to her nickname ‘beauty fighter, Song Ga Yeon shared, “I didn’t touch a single place on my face. It’s embarrassing to say it with my own two lips, but I’ve heard that I’m pretty since I was young. I’ve never thought about getting plastic surgery because the money spent would be such a waste.”

Song Ga Yeon, who was a ring girl, will soon make her MMA debut on July 17 through ROAD Fighting Championship 17, which will be held at the Seoul Olympic Hall in Seoul.

'K-Pop Star 2's Jeon Min Joo releases jacket photos for debut + addresses plastic surgery suspicions

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'K-Pop Star 2's Jeon Min Joo releases jacket photos for debut + addresses plastic surgery suspicions

Jeon Min Joo, who got her name out through SBS survival program "K-Pop Star 2" in 2012 and was affectionately nicknamed "Little BoA", will be debuting with a single!

On July 7, agency Music K Entertainment said, "On July 15, Jeon Min Joo"s debut single "Good Bye Rain" will be released... It gives off a mature vibe as it unravels the subject matter of the pouring "rain" that is lovers" pain."

The agency also released two pictures along with her debut news, but these images have caused suspicions of plastic surgery from netizens who noted her changed appearance from when she was on "K-Pop Star 2."

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The rep stated, "She definitely did not do plastic surgery. She got prettier through maintenance over a long period of time; in addition, as the released pictures are her jacket photos, they have been photoshopped, which must be why people are misunderstanding like that. It can probably be confirmed when seeing her in person... At the time of her participation in SBS survival music program "K-Pop Star 2," Jeon Min Joo was a 19-year-old high schooler. Afterwards, to debut as a singer, she went on a diet and lost more than 10 kg (22 lbs) as well as the baby fat in her face, which may be why it appears as though she underwent plastic surgery."

T-ara’s Soyeon Responds to Recent Rumors of Plastic Surgery

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T-ara’s Soyeon Responds to Recent Rumors of Plastic Surgery On July 2, T-ara’s Soyeon left a message on her personal Twitter account, speaking out against plastic surgery rumors.

These rumors seem to have come about when people began to point out that there is a drastic difference in the T-ara member’s appearance recently, after seeing the selcas that were posted on her Instagram account. Unlike her past cute image, she showed off a more mature beauty, drawing people’s attention.

In the explanation, Soyeon wrote, “It appears that many people have a misunderstanding due to one picture I pulled out of the fifty that I take. I chose and uploaded a photo that I looked good in, but doesn’t look like me at a glance even when I look at it, which is why I think people seem to have misunderstood. I will be careful and try to work harder to prepare better news and updates instead of selcas. I hope there will be no more misunderstandings. Also, please show a lot of interest for Hyomin’s solo album!”T-ara’s Soyeon Responds to Recent Rumors of Plastic Surgery

Kim Sun Ah Wins Lawsuit Against a Plastic Surgery Hospital

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Kim Sun Ah Wins Lawsuit Against a Plastic Surgery Hospital Actress Kim Sun Ah has won the lawsuit she filed against a plastic surgery hospital in Busan.

She sued the hospital after they illegally used her photos to promote their hospital. Seo, who was in charge of the hospital’s online marketing, posted pictures of Kim Sun Ah on the hospital’s blog in December of 2012. Along with the images, they posted, “Busan plastic surgery hospital recommended by Kim Sun Ah,” and “Kim Sun Ah has contacted us about visiting us sometime soon.”

Kim Sun Ah sued the hospital, claiming that they have breached her publicity rights by spreading falsity with her name without her permission.

On July 1, Kim Sun Ha won her case in court. She will be receiving 25 million won from the hospital.