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miss A's Jia says "Kpop star has to be good at everything...."

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miss A's Jia posted a photo where she showcased a skill where Koreans are well-known as one of the best.

She posted a picture where she showed her archery skill with a caption, "Idol came to practice archery for the Athletics Championships ~! ... Did I do well!? ㅋ ㅋ"

아이돌육상대회를 위해~ 양궁연습하러왔어요!~저 잘했죠!?ㅋㅋ pic.twitter.com/RPtSC3KtOs

Jia (@missA_jia) August 31, 2013

She also posted a photo on her Instagram saying, "Kpop star has to be good at everything...." .

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miss A’s Min Featured on Billboard for ‘Harlem Shake KPop Style’

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miss A’s Min Featured on Billboard for ‘Harlem Shake KPop Style’

With one fun event leading to getting featured in a music magazine, miss A’s Min was interviewed by Billboard on her recent participation in the ‘Harlem Shake Kpop Style’ video, featuring 2AM’s Jo Kwon, f(x)’s Amber, and more.

On February 28, Billboard posted an article titled, ‘K-Pop Stars Do the ‘Harlem Shake’: Miss A’s Min Explains.’ In the article Min talked about how she’s been following Harlem Shake since the summer.

‘When I saw it was going viral, I wanted to create one of my own right away! It was relatively easy to shoot as it was just a matter of calling my friends and hanging out.”

Min also added that she hopes she can help K-Pop stars to become more active in different SNS platforms.

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miss A's Suzy cries about her oldsters on 'Entertainment Relay'

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miss A's Suzy cries about her oldsters on 'Entertainment Relay'

miss A"s Suzy cried sending a video message to her parents at the November 14th episode of "Entertainment Relay".

Suzy mentioned the hit film "Intro to Architecture", sharing, ""Intro to Architecture" replaced my life. My parents saw the motion picture too. What was once funny is that my dad saw a scene in which my sunbae and I are nearly touching lips. I heard that my dad clenched his fists and didn"t know what to do."

The reporter asked Suzy to send a video message, and she said, "I"m sorry," crying immediately. Suzy continued, "I don"t communicate to my dad often, and I believe I"ve done a huge number of things to be sorry for. My dad at all times worries about me, yet I"m doing smartly so don"t concern too much. I'm hoping you still cheer me on and be healthy like now. I haven"t stated it a lot, but you know i admire you, right?"

miss A Member Fei's Popularity In China Lands Her Global Modeling Deal With Skincare Brand

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miss A Member Fei's Popularity In China Lands Her Global Modeling Deal With Skincare Brand

Skincare brand MEDIHEAL recently chose Hallyu actor Hyun Bin as the face of the new Fall/Winter 2015 mask pack line. Now, miss A"s Fei (Wang Feifei) has been chosen as a second global model, because of her international appeal and great popularity within the Chinese market.

According to the brand, MEDIHEAL"s premium mask pack professional brand has gained popularity overseas and sales exceeded over 300 million units in August alone. In particular, Chinese consumers have accounted for nearly one in three of the sales and they are fans of over 25 duty-free shops that provided the product.

Fei has promoted in China with her band miss A and the group even released a Chinese version of their debut album A Class. She"s also been highly active in variety shows such as Fists of Shaolin Templeand Gourmet Road. The brand representative believes she will bring "awareness and favorably" because of her charming personality.

The campaign slogan is "MEDIHEAL Cares!" and one of the new products is the N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask. The mask moisturizes skin, to prevent dryness, while tightening pores. The product can be yours HEREand can be seen below.

Fei and Hyun Bin also starred in a dramatic commercial for the mask, that takes place in a desert. Check out the video below!

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miss A's Suzy finds The Face Shop CF

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miss A's Suzy finds The Face Shop CF

miss A"s Suzy unearths new CF for The Face Shop, take a glance at Suzy in action below

Introducing A KPOP Task – the following movie You’ll Must See

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Introducing A KPOP Project – a higher Film You’ll Have To See Hey Soompiers! I have some cool news about an upcoming project this is eager about bringing K-pop to the hundreds – yet unlike Soompi’s news-oriented focal point this project is all about thinking bigger, like, big screen bigger!

What occurs whilst you pluck a best idol out of Seoul and drop him off in small-town America? the beginning of a really, truly amusing romantic comedy that would incorporate the slick choreography we’ve come to be expecting from K-pop and a tale that every one people K-pop fanatics might be ready to attach with. The story, subsidized via Wilmer Valderrama, is planned for a feature film – hitting theaters across the united states and introducing more audiences to the entirety that K-pop has to offer.

We’ve synched up with Briana Frapart (the film’s writer and producer) and Aimee Lee Lucas (producer) to determine precisely how you can sign up for in the making of the film and make your voice heard. PSY could have presented K-pop to track listeners and Youtube aficionados, but this project goals to introduce K-pop to filmgoers everywhere.

Being produced with a team of professionals in the box of K-pop music and dance (from Lydia Paek, Keone + Mari Madrid, Quest Crew, and Ellen Kim to call a few), the film is going to turn K-pop how it used to be intended to be shown – and may come with some wonderful cameos as neatly as the stellar cast!

The KPOP Project team introduced a website just the day prior to today to get fans concerned with the making of the film, yes, but also to give back to the fans that experience been supporting K-pop in the US these sorts of years. It’s thank you to determination of fans like you that we are spoiled by super acts coming to the states just about each month. Enroll this stream and bring some great acts, and genuinely-earned recognition, to theaters around the U.S.!

Some of the perks you'll be able to get keep of from their crowdfunding campaign include: tickets to the film’s 2017 L.A. premiere, walk-on roles, the opportunity to be a further throughout the concert scenes (free concert!), a commute to Korea for filming, dance classes from the film’s choreographers themselves, film swag and way more!

We’ll be keeping you up to date with the film’s news and bringing you some exclusive policy on production, so remain tuned for some exciting announcements! Let us know your mind under in the comments section, we’d love to grasp what you’re thinking!

For more updates at the project, practice their respectable Facebook page here.

Miss A's Suzy to unencumber her first pictorial ebook 'suzy?suzy.'

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Miss A's Suzy to unencumber her first pictorial ebook 'suzy?suzy.'

Suzy will submit her first reliable pictorial e book "suzy?suzy." since debut.

It was once stated that Suzy without delay participated in the planning, gown selection, duvet designing for this pictorial book. The photoshoot spanned for 8 months from February to October so as to capture her each and every charm.

With the motto "familiar yet unfamiliar atmosphere", the photoshoot happened around Itaewon and Yeonnam-dong. In particular, all of the footage are said to have taken through movie cameras in order that they may bring out the uncooked feelings that Suzy exuded.

Meanwhile, Suzy"s new film "The Sound of a Flower" will premiere on November 25th.

miss A's Suzy thank you fanatics for her birthday gifts

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miss A's Suzy thank you fanatics for her birthday gifts

miss A"s Suzy thanked fans for her birthday gifts! The idol superstar grew to become 21 on October 9, and she"s now taken care of thru all her gifts.

On October 27, Suzy posted the video underneath on Instagram with the message, "Thank you. It"s just a little late, yet thank you such a lot congratulating me on my birthday. i used to be very touched by potential of each and every gift and letter you all sent me. I believe it all. I"m very happy."

In the video, Suzy displays off all her gifts and provides all her fans a bow.

In other news, Suzy"s film "The Sound of a Flower" is due out in theaters on November 25.

miss A′s Suzy to Put up Photo ebook ′suzy?suzy.′

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miss A′s Suzy to Put up Photo ebook ′suzy?suzy.′

--> miss A′s Suzy may be publishing her first photo book, titled suzy?suzy.

Suzy was once excited about all of the process, from making plans to the cloth cabinet in addition the canopy variety for her first-ever private photo book.

The photo e book became shot over the process 8 months, from February to October, demonstrating how much went into the project.

Suzy was photographed at Itaewon′s Usadan-gil and Yeonnam-dong with the theme ′A odd yet familiar atmosphere.′ The footage have a other feel from other spreads as they were shot with a movie camera, bringing natural, uncooked feelings to life.

The photo book will also come with text conveying Suzy′s truthful talk, and a lot of are taking a look ahead to seeing ′The genuine Suzy.′

Suzy′s photo book may also be pre-ordered by way of With Drama, Yes24 and Interpark.

Meanwhile, Suzy stars in upcoming film Dorihwaga, which hits theaters on November 25. The film marks Suzy′s go back to the massive screen after 3 years since starring in Architecture 101, which earned her the nickname ′The Nation′s First Love.′

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