Minzy From 2NE1 Gets Solo Debut With New EP

Minzy From 2NE1 Gets Solo Debut With New EP

Minzy, who was once a member of the hit K-pop girl group, 2NE1, has just reached another milestone in her career as she just managed to successfully pull of her debut as a solo K-pop icon.

Just a year after the infamous split of the girl group 2NE1, Minzy had immediately moved on from it and successfully released her very first solo album entitled, “Minzy Work 01 Uno” last Monday, April 24.

The lead single of the album is entitled as “Ninano”. Reports have it that the theme of Minzy’s recently released album is more on how she managed to shift and transition into becoming a solo artist. It was also said that the album’s intent was to change her identity as the youngest member of the group, into now becoming an independent and strong woman.

According to Billboard, the lead single “Ninano” is all about how Minzy has managed to have a successful career, both becoming a talented dancer and singer at the same time.

The lyrics of the song also show how Minzy has defied all the odds and continue to strive for her goals of having more success in life. Surely, “Ninano” is more than just a song, but is a story of Minzy’s career and personal life.

Meanwhile, its accompanying music video also is one of the biggest factor in the success of ther recently released album and single. It has also been reported that Minzy released a statement where she says that she is already moving on from YG Entertainment, her previous management company. Now, she is in the next stage of her career in the K-pop world.

Let’s wish Minzy the best of luck. Hopefully, she will accomplish more milestones in the next stage of her career as a solo K-pop artist in the K-pop industry.