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Minho and Park So Dam speak about their deep kiss scene in 'My First Time'

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Minho and Park So Dam speak about their deep kiss scene in 'My First Time'

The press convention for "My First Time" happened on October five with major actors, SHINee"s Minho and Park So Dam. the 2 discussed their kiss scene together.

Minho said, "I wonder whether this could be my private kiss scene out of my acting promotions. Please glance very much ahead to it."

Park So Dam then said, "Honestly, Minho and I are same-age friends, so we were happy with each and every other. As we were given closer, I saw there was once a kiss scene, so i used to be a little bit nervous. I had a massive number of considerations because my friend Minho changed into an idol friend. However, it if reality be told came about in a a laugh way. I was in a position to experience filming thank you to Minho."

Fans take into consideration that paintings is work! Or they will have to anyway. They"re most likely excited to look Minho"s charms and the candy kiss scene once the drama starts airing on October 7!

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Minho readies to kiss his sleeping Jonghyun?

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Minho readies to kiss his sleeping Jonghyun?

SHINee members love to prank!

Recently, Key has been uploading photos titled "Don"t sleep in front of me" featuring the prank duo Minho and Jonghyun. In the photos, it seems like Minho is up for a prank revenge after Jonghyun posted his derpy photos.

Minho piles stuff on Jonghyun"s chest while sleeping and on the last photo, Minho tops him in a push up position. Poor Jonghyun never had a clue what happened. Fans seem to love this exchange of revenges.

Minho has become the poor victim for Lee Ji Hoon’s ‘Three Level Kiss' when he attended the show called "Radio Star"

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SHINee’s Minho Falls Victim to Lee Ji Hoon’s ‘Three Level Kiss’ on “Radio Star” SHINee member Minho recently stepped up as a special one-day host for MBC’s variety talk show “Radio Star” in place of Super Junior’s Kyuhyun on the June 10 broadcast.

On this ‘Musical Star Special’ episode, Ock Joo Hyun, Lee Ji Hoon, Shin Sung Rok, and Kim Soo Yong appeared as guests.

During the broadcast, actor Lee Ji Hoon showcased his ‘three level kiss,’ of which the youngest MC, Minho, became a victim.

Lee Ji Hoon, who is also called the ‘lip king’ due to his plump lips, was asked, “Do you really kiss during the kiss scenes in musicals?” to which he answered that he does.

The MCs then requested that Lee Ji Hoon reenact his kiss scene with Minho. After the reenactment, Minho shared, “I couldn’t breathe. It made my heart beat fast. There’s a reason why women fall for him,” causing laughter.

6 Kiss Scenes By Lee Minho From Your Favorite K-Dramas

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6 Kiss Scenes By Lee Minho From Your Favorite K-Dramas

As one of the most famous actors in Korea, Lee Minho has been in his fair share of Korean dramas. Hes also done his fair share of kissing scenes, causing fans to swoon! Check out our list of 6 Kiss Scenes By Lee Minho From Your Favorite K-Dramas!

1. Personal Taste - The Game Over Kiss

2. City Hunter - Surprise Club Kiss

3. Boys Over FLowers - Snow Kiss 4. Faith - This Is The Only Way Kiss

6. Boys Before Flowers All Kissing Scenes

Park Shin Hye was scared to kiss Lee Minho?

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Park Shin Hye was scared to kiss Lee Minho?

Park Shin Hye revealed her true feeling while filming a passionate kiss scene with Lee Minho.

She said in an interview,"I was scared because I have a little experience of kissing in drama, so I was really in panic. The result turned out I couldn't help but grab Lee Minho's clothes"

She then added,"When we filmed the kiss scene, because I was really scared so I grabbed Lee Minho's clothes. It was written in the script that he had to hold up my chin and I was feeling embarrassed at that time","When the director said it's time for the kiss, I didn't know what to do so I just stood there staring. Fortunate that I didn't have any NG".

Sunhwa and Minho have an indirect kiss on ‘Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2′

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Sunhwa and Minho shared a kiss on Lets Go! Dream Team Season 2!

Thankfully for fans of both of these stars, the kiss wasnt quite realit was more of an indirect kiss. The members of SHINee were guests on the May 12 episode of the variety show. Since Sunhwa was also a guest MC, she was one of the athletes for the Face-Soccer match where the players were only able to use their heads to score.

Onew popped up the ball first, but it hit Minhos lips and bounced away. Thankfully, Sunhwa was able to catch the ball without handing it over to the opposite team, trapping it between her lips. She passed the ball to Minho, who was directly behind her and he caught the ball within his lips immediately.

Of course, the MC couldnt just let this golden opportunity pass! He yelled, Youre holding it at the same exact place Sunhwa did! and emphasized the indirect kiss. The audience shrieked at his comment, and Sunhwa was embarrassed for a second before she shouted, Put it in the goal behind you!. Minho, of course, didnt let anything falter him from winning, and he pulled the game to a 5:1 victory for his team.

The indirect kiss clip starts at 30:56 below!

SHINee's Minho and Secret's Sunhwa Share an Indirect Kiss on "Dream Team"

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SHINees Minho and Secrets Sunhwa Share an Indirect Kiss on Dream Team It doesnt really count but Secrets Han Sunhwa and SHINees Minho shared an indirect kiss on an episode of Dream Team.

On the May 12 episode of Dream Team Season 2 the four promoting members of SHINee and comedian No Woo Jin, who was Jonghyuns replacement, competed against a female soccer team. 

In the show the celebrities and the soccer team played a competitive game of face soccer, a Dream Team favorite. In the same, Sunhwa, who was on SHINees team, trapped the ball with her mouth and then passed it to Minho who took it in his mouth. Their indirect kiss caused a lot of screaming from his fans in the soccer team. 

With any other male celebrity, suspicions could have been raised that it was done on purpose but knowing Choi Minho, Dream Teams Ace, he probably just really wanted to win. 

In the same episode, SHINee danced with their fans and Onew showed his gentlemanly manners. 

f(x)’s Sulli and SHINee’s Minho Seal It with a Fountain Kiss

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f(x)’s Sulli and SHINee’s Minho Seal It with a Fountain Kiss

With only one episode remaining, SBS’ To the Beautiful You released teaser photos of what is expected to be a happy ending for the drama series.

On October 4, a series of stills were shown with f(x)’s Sulli and SHINee’s Minho kissing in front of a beautiful fountain under the moonlit sky. It’s said that Tae Jun (Minho) leaves school to participate in a national track and field event, whereupon Jae Hee (Sulli) goes to find and reunite with him at the fountain.

To film the sweet kiss scene, the staff used 105 matrix cameras to make sure to capture every possible angle of the kiss.

Sulli and Minho completed the scene after three different shots.

To the Beautiful You will end on October 4.

'To the Beautiful You' Minho - Sulli Fountain Kiss

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'To the Beautiful You' Minho - Sulli Fountain Kiss

Beautiful You, Minho, Sulli

SBS Weds/Thurs drama 'To the Beautiful You' saw a happy ending by portraying the sweet romance between Minho and Sulli.

On October 4th, the last episode of "To the Beautiful You" aired, showing Tae Jun and Sulli as they confirmed their love for each other.

Tae Jun had left the dorm for a little while in order to attend the National Competition. While accompanying Tae Jun, Jae Hee gave him a surprise kiss. Tae Jun, whose heart began to beat faster, wasn't even able to say goodbye properly. He then called her from training camp in order to tell her that he misses her.

However, while he was gone, the whole school found out that Jae Hee was actually a girl and she had to go back to the US. The night before she had to leave, she went to find him at training camp. He then took her hand and they went to a park where they biked around one last time.

Jae Hee says "Tae Jun, you're like a miracle for me. Everyday that we were together was actually a miracle." To what sounds like a goodbye, Tae Jun got nervous and said, "What happened?"

Jae Hee forced a smile and turned around but Tae Jun stopped her and surprise kissed her. At the right time, the fountain started going off and it was a beautiful kiss scene.

Tae Jun was given news that Jae Hee left for the US 10 minutes before his match. Tae Jun was about to pack his bags and go after her but he found his diary in which Jae Hee tracked his every dietary move and also how he has been doing. He couldn't give up the match.

In Nationals, Tae Jun set a new record and he and Jae Hee met up again a year later in the US.

[Spoiler] "To The Beautiful You" Minho and Choi Seol-ri kiss and hug to a happy ending

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"To The Beautiful You" ended with Minho and Choi Seol-ri's love.

The sixteenth episode of the SBS drama "To The Beautiful You" on the 4th came to a happy ending with Kang Tae-joon (Minho) and Koo Jae-hee (Choi Seol-ri) sharing each other's feelings.

Koo confessed to Kang that she was a girl and they became a couple. Kang confessed his love for her and they spent good times as roommates. Koo kissed Kang suddenly on the lips before he left for his match and said bye.

While Kang was away on a sports meet, Koo Jae-hee fainted from the pressure of the bandage around her chest. It was soon out that she was actually a girl. She had to move to a new school and she went to see Kang. They rode on their bikes together.

This time Kang kissed Koo Jae-hee on the lips in front of the fountain. They parted at the bus stop and Koo Jae-hee hugged him tight since she knew she was going to leave by herself.

She left on the day of his match and he tried to follow her but stayed and made a successful comeback after reading her diary. He felt how much she wanted him to return as an athlete. He went to see her in the States a year after his return.

Meanwhile, Ji Seong, Song Chang-ee, Ji Jin-hee, Kim So-yeon, and Lee Yoon-ji's "The Great Seer" will be aired for the first time on the 10th.